tagLoving WivesChinese Wife Ch. 04

Chinese Wife Ch. 04


We just returned from an amazing cruise around the British Isles (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England) with my wife, our two children, and our friend, Dan who is divorced brought his son, while his daughter stayed behind with her mom. Dan was Lin, my wife's ex-boyfriend from years past. Refer to the first story in this series to find out more about Dan and Lin and their initial encounter.

We had one stateroom on Deck 10 and Dan had his on Deck 11. We pretty much did everything together amongst all of us, from meeting up for breakfast to getting off the ship on excursions. And when we did hang out at the pool, I noticed numerous times Dan checking my wife out in her bikini. When they were in the hot tub together, they sat next to each other and I am sure they were fondling under the water. I obviously didn't mind as I found it very arousing knowing another man was toying with my wife. Unfortunately, there wasn't any opportunity for them to do any serious since he was always with his son, and Lin was with us. We each had a cabin with nowhere else for them to meet up for sex. Except for one occasion where they finally had their unplanned encounter.

One of the ports the cruise ship stopped was Dublin where the Home of Guinness was located. Dan is a huge Guinness fan and for sure, this was one place he would not miss visiting even if he had to go by himself. So, he did just that, book a Guinness Storehouse tour for himself. Lin, on the other hand, had a different interest; she wanted to go into Dublin to shop. I on the other had no interest on neither so I agreed to stay back on the ship with all three kids.

Dan and Lin decided the best way for them to get into Dublin was to take the tour bus that the cruise ship was offering with stops at Guinness and downtown Dublin for those who wanted to shop. I thought it was a great idea and didn't think much of them travelling together. Dan had on a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and baseball cap, and my wife, a pair of low cut jean shorts, short-sleeved black blouse with coin-sized flower mesh patterns that was somewhat see through so one could slightly see the black bra she had on underneath.

After breakfast, Dan said bye to his son and Lin did the same with ours and I gave her a kiss before the two of them got off the ship together. I pretty much spent the day on the ship with the kids and didn't think a whole lot about them.

At about 3 o'clock, the kids were in the pool swimming while I was just chilling out with a pint of beer next to me, Dan showed up without my wife and sat next to me. I asked where my wife was and he said she went to the spa to relax from all the walking she did in Dublin. I then asked how was the Guinness tour and he looked at me with this huge smile before responding. Dan started to describe as many details as he can recall from the moment he got on the bus with Lin so here was his story.


Once I got on the bus with your wife, we sat together on the second last row of the coach bus. It was only half filled with empty seats in front, behind and across from us. The bus driver told us it would be around 20 minutes for the drop off at Guinness and then another 10 minutes after that to downtown. Not soon after the bus departed, I noticed Lin's blouse with the see-through flower mesh design that showed her skin and the bra underneath holding up her large breasts. The longer I stared at them, the hornier I got so I leaned over and whispered in her ear her bra was very sexy. She looked at me and said I was being silly. At that moment, I leaned forward and started to kiss her on her month and it didn't take long before our tongues intertwined.

She was sitting to my right at the window seat so I reached over with my left hand and started to gently fondle her left breast which was the closest to me. I eventually found the center of her nipple but was unable to pinch it because of the bra she had underneath. I snuck my right hand under her blouse and unsnapped her bra from the back to allow the bra to loosen a bit. It was somewhat challenging but I was successful in removing her bra completely while she still had her blouse on, first with one arm and then the other. Once she had no bra on her and with the slight flower mesh see-through, I could easily tell where her nipples were so I slowly played with them over her blouse which got her breathing even harder. The mesh fabric rubbing up against her sensitive nipples helped as well. The more I played with them, the larger her nipples got.

20 minutes sure went by fast when we heard the announcement we were just minutes away from Guinness of which where I had to get off. Without hesitation, I grabbed her bra that was just sitting on her lap and shoved it into my knapsack. She looked at me and asked what I was doing. I told her since we were in Europe and it was normal for women not to wear a bra; I wanted her to show off her larger than usual Asian breasts. She said the only time she doesn't wear any bra is at home and can't be walking around with a somewhat see-through blouse with no bra underneath in public. Unfortunately for her, the bus arrived at Guinness and I quickly gave her a kiss and got off the bus with her bra in my procession.

At Guinness when I did use the washroom, I did take out your wife's bra and sniff it which gave me an instant hard-on. I have always had a thing with the smell of another man's wife worn garment, it sent thrill through my spin.

Three hours later, the bus returned to pick us up at Guinness and then those shoppers including Lin 10 minutes away. We sat back on the same seats and I asked how her day was particularly walking around without a bra on in public for the first time.

She said initially she was extremely embarrassed about it and tried her best to cross her arms to provide the coverage her breasts needed. But eventually, she gave up and tried to be normal as if she had her bra on. She said what was weird and unexpected was that the more she walked the hornier she got. Because her breasts were slightly saggy, her walking caused her breasts to move around more than usual. That caused her nipples to rub against the mesh blouse which made her sexually excited. Also, the fact that men were staring at them when passing by gave her new sensation -- strange but in a good way.

On our way back on the bus, I could tell she was ready to for a good fuck but unfortunately, we had another couple sitting across from us so we couldn't do much except some minor touching like I had my knapsack on my lap with her hand underneath brushing the length of my penis.

Once we arrived to enter the ship, I gave her my knapsack to check in through the security scanner as I didn't want someone to wonder why I had a bra in it.

On the ship, we were both so horny and needed to somehow release our sexual desire. It was only 2:20 pm so we knew we still have time as you weren't expecting us back until later since the ship doesn't leave port till 5:30 pm. We couldn't go back to her cabin because you may be there with our kids so my cabin was the only option.

As we got closer to my cabin, we realized the door was opened as it was being cleaned. Your wife hesitated but regardless, I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the room and as soon as we entered the cabin, John poked his head out from the bathroom and told us it would be a few more minutes and he would be done. John returned back into the bathroom to continue with whatever he was doing. I could no longer wait so I quickly closed the front door, grabbed Lin by her waist and pressed her back up against the closed door. I leaned forward and started to kiss her but initially, she resisted likely because a stranger was in the bathroom. At the time, I couldn't care so I continued pressing my lips onto hers and she finally responded by kissing back.

As we kissed, I grabbed both of her hands with my left hand and lifted them high over her head stretching her body vertically. This caused her breasts underneath her blouse to slightly rise naturally, resulting to a set of less saggy breasts. I raised her blouse with my other hand just enough to expose her breasts. I could not take my eyes off that pointy dark chocolate like nipples surrounded by large areolas about twice the size of an America quarter. I just stood there and stared at them knowing they have been aroused for hours since I removed her bra earlier in the morning. Lin begged that I quickly suck on them but just when I was about to do just that, John came out and announced that he was done with the bathroom.

Oh my God, the look on his face was priceless. He was shocked to see a partially topless woman standing there with a set of nipples looking right at him. He just stood there and didn't know what to say or do. I don't blame him given he likely hasn't seen a naked woman for months let alone a beautiful mid-aged Asian like your wife. All of the sudden, an idea came to me.

I waved John to come closer and when he did, I grabbed his hand and planted on your wife`s left breast. He quickly pulled his hand back and said he has a wife back home in the Philippine. I responded saying she also has a husband and he is on this ship right now, so it was no big deal. I placed his hand once again on her left breast followed with mine on her right. I asked him to follow my lead, first, we massaged her breasts, we then grabbed her nipples and slowly pulled them outward, and once out we released and let them return back to their normal position. We repeated this process until her nipples was fully erected, which gave us better grips. We then held those nipples as far out as we could and using our fingers, we twisted them clockwise and counter clockwise to see who could get which nipple larger. By the look at your wife's face, she was enjoying every moment of it.

Finally, she had enough. She grabbed the back of our heads and pressed them hard against her breasts. Basically she wanted us to suck on them and we did exactly just that. I had no idea what John was doing with her nipple in his mouth, but I bit them between my teeth and using my tongue, I rapidly flickered the tip of her nipple. I decided it was time to check out how wet she was by unzipping her jean and stuck my hand inside her undie. Not surprising at all, she was very wet so I took my middle finger and gently inserted it into her moist pussy and left it there for a few seconds to soak. I pulled my finger back out and took a sniff and wow, it smelled great, the sense of your wife's pussy was amazing. I gave John a sniff as well and he too gave his seal of approval. I then took the still wet finger and made her licked it before stroking it in and out of her mouth. I asked Lin if she was ready for some pussy pampering and her response was simply yes.

With her blouse still pulled above her breasts and her shorts partially unzipped, I took her hand and led her to the balcony. I noticed John was still standing where we were at the front door likely confused about whether he should follow us or leave the room. There was no way I would have left him with a boner and not be looked after by your beautiful wife. I waved him over and he followed us out to the balcony.

The ship had not left the port yet and fortunately for us, our balcony faced the ocean so we had all the privacy we needed. Out on the balcony, I removed her short but left her undie on. I sat her on one of the two balcony chairs with her legs spread and her pussy just slightly hanging off the edge of the seat.

John was ready for my next instruction so I told him to go completely naked of which he did within seconds. He was about 5 feet 7 inches tall with a thin body built. His penis was solid hard averaging about 5.5" long once he removed his boxer. Without telling Lin what to do, she took John's penis and slowly licked it form tip to shaft and back the other way. She then opened her mouth wide and took his whole penis into her mouth. John was beyond thrilled and commented how Lin was so much better than his wife back in Philippine. He warned your wife that it wouldn't take long for him to cum since he hadn't had sex for months. Not soon after that warning, he held her head tight and jammed his penis deep into her mouth and released his initial load. Lin chocked slightly possibly from swallowing some of John's cum unexpectedly.

I was busy at the same time playing with Lin's pussy with her undie still on when I heard her choking. I did check to ensure she was okay, and she was.

John definitely needed a break so he can re-load. We switched position with John at your wife's pussy and me next to her mouth ready for her to such my cock. John did not want anything to do with her undie so he removed it completely. He spread her legs further apart and once he saw her pussy closed up, he commented how it reminded him of his wife when they first met, had minimal hair and lipless which made the clitoris easily locatable. Lin started to blow me while John planted his mouth on her pussy and sucked on her clit. After a while, he inserted his middle finger like a hook trying to find her internal g-spot and to my surprise, he found it and started to stroke it faster and faster. Suddenly she stopped giving me the blow job and her body started to tremble violently. Well, her bladder broke in the midst of her orgasm, and piss started to spray out uncontrollably. I was extremely impressed of what John just did and luckily for him, we were on the balcony so no clean-up was required. That really turned John on when he saw her warm pee shooting into the air.

John at that point did not need any more instruction from me and instead, he took charge. He pulled Lin up from the chairs and guided her to the balcony's railing. He had her faced the ocean with her back toward him. He bent her back down slightly which caused her butt to stick out at him.

I love watching others particularly like someone's wife being fucked by a stranger without her husband knowing.

John was beyond ready to insert his well-endowed penis into her at that point. He held her butt tight with both hands and without any warning; he jammed all 5.5" into her which caused her to instantly scream. She held on to that railing as hard as she could to provide some resistance as she was being fucked from behind like an animal. Lin's breasts hung like two large water balloons swinging in all directions. Near the end, John leaned forward and grabbed both breasts from behind and held them tight to anchor for his last few pushes before he exploded his second load of cum all in her pussy. He didn't immediately pull his penis out but left it in there as he rested. With his penis likely losing some of it hardness still in her, Lin straightened out her body and turned toward him and gave him what I think was a thank you kiss.

John got dressed and just before he left, he said thank you for the best experience he has ever had on a ship, and wouldn't mind repeating it sometime soon.

I told him to help himself out of the cabin while I brought your wife back inside the room from the balcony and finished her off by depositing my own load.

So, in nine months' time, if she has a baby, it could be John or mine. Or you better screw her tonight so the possibility could be yours as well. Thanks for sharing your wife buddy!


I had such a hard on listening to Dan describing the details of that day. I recalled putting a pool towel over my lap to protect my boner underneath. That night, I wanted so bad to screw my wife so that I can deposit another load of cum in her but with the two kids in the same cabin, it was beyond impossible. I ended up jerking off before calling it a night.

The next morning, the three of us along with our four kids went on to another excursion as if nothing had happened the day prior.

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