tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChing Gao Ch. 02

Ching Gao Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. No resemblance to persons, living or dead, is intended or should be inferred.

Roy Bane knows that he must have a carefully orchestrated plan to snatch Ching Gao from her efficiency apartment. This cannot be done by robots, it requires a human touch. Her grandfather's gynoid is older technology and susceptible to a Trojan Horse. Such a malware component will enable Roy and his accompanist Jikka Omicron access to the building and her apartment. Timing it correctly and Roy will find Ching bound and gagged by the gynoid “Sharon.” Her abduction would be clean and easy. Roy and Jikka would enter as delivery men with a dolly and a large box.

There is always one possible random variable in the plan. From time to time a contracted security company checks the building for signs of illegal entry or suspicious activity. The security bots are not the service androids or gynoids or even the armored android escorts. They are combat-ready cyborgs. Once human, these creatures are truly the undead.

Human beings, stripped from all except brain matter and a spinal chord, they enjoy the protection of the law. Their state of being causes them to have no compassion, feeling, or remorse. They never pass an opportunity to engage any being with mortal combat. They will even fight to the death with their own kind. The death or “retirement” of a cyborg is considered the ultimate honor. They are armored and contain a variety of lethal weaponry, military grade. They never shoot to wound, only to kill. Caught in the act of abduction, even a hostage would be of no value. The cyborg security is the true “undead terminator.” Killing a hostage means only collateral damage to the cyborg.

Roy and Jikka are able to hack into Ching's computer and study her behavior. Most of her day is spent studying on line or chatting with friends. From time to time she will go shopping with friends. Her shopping outings are sporadic, sometimes impulsive. None of her friends knows of her dark fascination with Shibari! Some have Shibari masters or mistresses, but none confesses or intimates practicing self-bondage. This is a “forbidden topic” in most social circles.

From the arrival of Sharon the gynoid, Roy estimates one half hour until Ching is totally bound, receives her enema, and expels her ejecta into the toilet. While Roy might like to embarrass Ching by appearing while she was in process of defecation, the most opportune moment is exactly as she is being cleaned by the gynoid. Roy and Jikka make their entry and load the bound and gagged girl into a large cardboard appliance box. Sharon is disabled. The get-away is successful. Some time will elapse before Sharon is missed and Ching is reported missing.

Late in the evening a confused and frightened old man calls the police---missing robot division. They take the information. Gynoids should not be loaned, but it is common. And it is also one reason why gynoids and androids find their way to a “chop shop” to be made over and have their memory erased. The police make a routine stop by Ching Gao's apartment, expecting to find Ching sans gynoid. But it is not the gynoid that is missing, it is Ching!

A forensic robotics programmer is called in to examine the dysfunctional gynoid. The low-budget gynoid soon reveals the Trojan Horse subroutine that allowed in Jikka and Roy, disguised as servicemen, and the disablement that permitted abduction. The police canvas the building. Several coeds remembered seeing two men with a large appliance box on a dolly, but paid them no mind. The sensors on the gynoid had been disabled. The unflushed toilet indicated the point of abduction, as well as a near time. This is clearly a professional snatch job. The fact that Ching lived alone with no close family and only an elderly grandfather made her a prime candidate for slavery.

Ching would have asked Sharon gynoid for help, but her Shibari gag did not permit. The abductors---Roy Bane and Jikka Omicron---wasted no time in disabling the gynoid and ensuring neither data collection nor time stamp was present.

Back in the warehouse where human trafficking is done, Roy and Jikka bring the bewildered and confused Ching. She had been so confident in the protective alarms and security of her apartment house that the very thought of being abducted never entered her mind. Now she finds herself naked and being bound to a bed. She is in the prone position, that is on her stomach. Her arms and legs are spread eagle and she fears the worst. She assumes that she will lose her virginity; however, human trafficking puts a premium on virginity. Her anus and rectum are another matter.

“She has a tight ass,” Jikka tells Roy.

“Yes she does,” Roy answers. “I want to be the first to butt fuck this beauty.

Ching moans through her gag. She expected rape, not sodomy. She tries desperately to pull her legs together and clenches her buttocks tightly together.

Roy is angry: “Don't try and resist Ching. This will happen one way or the other. If you don't cooperate, you may be injured.” He begins to remove his thick leather belt. Ching catches a brief glance as he prepares to whip her across her tight, firm buttocks. She tightens up all the more.

Roy makes two trial runs before striking across Ching's derriere. She tries to scream but her ball gag won't let her. She convulses. Her eyes pour out tears and phlegm runs out from her nose. She urinates. Despite all that she keeps her ass cheeks firmly clenched together.

Roy brushes the hair from Ching's shoulders. She looks around with pleading eyes as she realizes where he will strike again. She doesn't have to wait long. Roy strikes her finely arched back with a sharp crack of the leather against flesh. Ching continues to resist.

“Enough,” says Jikka. “We will use the injection.” Ching is petrified with fear and apprehension. She knows the drug that Jikka is talking about. There were two drugs common in the Twentieth Century, GHB and Rohypnol, which could be used to yield a girl compliant with short term memory loss. The futuristic drug induces suggestibility as well as submissiveness. Ching twisted and squirmed to avoid the injection to no avail.

“Give it ten minutes,” Jikka exclaims. “She will relax that carved ivory derriere and ask for penetration while she is having sexual orgasm after orgasm.”

After a brief hiatus, Roy removes Ching's gag and whispers to her: “Beg us to butt fuck you, Ching.”

She is unable to resist. She says: “Please sodomize this girl, Master.” Roy obliges her followed by Jikka.

Ching endures several assaults. The next morning she is swollen and sore. She recalls everything and is depressed at the very notion that she was induced to climax while begging obscene abuse.

16 June 2013

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