Just so you know, UK English is the rule: if the spellings Mum, arse or colour annoy you, don't go any further, for the rest of you enjoy.


The car had circled the block two or three times before it stopped. She had noticed the same car slowing everytime it passed over the last week or so. She huddled down in her cardboard container, listening to the footsteps crossing the pavement. She shivered as the tall athletic figure walking casually yet directly towards her. The figure wore jeans, a shirt and loafers, even though the weather was cool and especially now the sun was going down. Cold descended swiftly at this time of year, yet he seemed impervious to the cooling day.

Reaching her flattened box he squatted down on his haunches and unleashed a dazzlingly perfect even toothed smile at her.


She ignored him and hunkered down, pulling her thin clothes round her, then panicking, reached to hold her cardboard home tighter.

"Can I get you a tea or coffee? or a sandwich perhaps, would that be preferable?" he remained unfazed by her indifference, she looked into his deep blue eyes with her own dull brown cows eyes, feeling them watering. She shook her head, then looked away. She glared back at him suddenly, as if to unnerve him, determined not to be frightened by his presence.

"What do you want? I don't do any of that mucky stuff and I'm clean, no drugs, just go away and leave me alone."

"I don't want to do any of that mucky stuff either, I want to help you, really I do."

His voice trailed off and he looked away, his smile vanishing, he looked back, the deep blue pools of his eyes reflecting remorse, pain, anger, what? He stood and eased the kinks from his muscles. His smile returned.

"Come with me and I'll tell you a story and change your life." He held his hand out.

"Fuck off right now or I'll scream and they'll be trouble," she snarled and her fists bunched by her side.

"Okay, but it's a genuine offer, come with me, have a bath, a meal and clean clothes, then I'll fuck off, if you still want me too?"

"Why are you doing this?"

"Humour me and I will tell you."

"You won't try to fuck with me?"

"Scouts honour,"

"You don't look like a fucking boy scout to me."

He grinned and she laughed. He held his hand out, this time she took it, not knowing why. Maybe it was the cold, or his smile, or those bright blue eyes. Or maybe it was the feeling of trust and calm that seemed to emanate from him. He led her across the pavement and into the rear seat of the opulent Jaguar. Climbing in he flipped the car into life, engaged drive and pulled away.

"By the way I'm Tony, what's your name?" He asked over his shoulder. She looked away and thought for a moment. Turning back she met his eyes in the rear view mirror,


"Is that your name or what you want to call yourself now?"

"It's my name."

"Fair enough, can I ask where you're from and why you're out on the streets?"

"No, oh! yes, NO! I don't know!" she paused, "I'd prefer not to answer that." She shrugged and wriggled in the leather seat, making it emit a soft farting noise.

"That was the seat," she exclaimed angrily.

He grinned then laughed, wriggling in his own seat, producing a louder deeper noise making her laugh too. After the laughter died away they continued in silence. She gazed in awe at the neon and LED lit shops, the crowds struggling through the city streets and the underground entrances. The place was so vast compared to the small backwater she came from. The reflection caused her to think of her past and she allowed herself a grin and a shudder of pleasure.

"Are you warm enough?" he asked in a concerned voice.

"Keep your eyes on the road Tone, wouldn't do to have an accident, might take a lot of explaining," she teased, he grinned and looked forward intently. Soon they arrived at a prestigeous hotel, he slowed and turned into the covered entrance way. He pulled up and opened the door, a liveried boy appeared and Tony tossed the keys at him. He opened the rear door and help his hand out.

"Come on princess supper beckons." She held his hand and stepped out of the car, mouth open in amazement.

He moved through the entrance door held open by a red liveried Commissionaire. Pulling her after him he strode towards the lifts. Her head whipped left and right, taking in the opulence of the building and the well dressed patrons, the staff and the general bustle of a large five star hotel. Reaching the lifts he stepped in, almost dragging her after him. He grinned at the lift monkey and placed his hands on her shoulders, pointing her at the young boy.

"Chloe, George. George, Chloe."

"George, if Chloe needs anything, get it, order it or have someone sent out for it, understood?"

"Certainly Mr Tony." he said with a slight inclination of his head.

"Chloe, this is George, he's your man in the Hotel, ask for what you like, he will get it for you."

She nodded slowly, and shuddered as the lift stopped.

"Eight sir, your suite, have a good evening." George opened the door and stepped back, Tony palmed a ten pound note into his hand.

"Thanks George, be good." Tony pulled Chloe gently towards a large oak door, bearing the inscription "The Park Suite". As they approached the door it opened and a tall willowy woman in a form fitting wool dress appeared smiling. She was in her forties but looked at least ten years younger. Her hair, a honey blond, was perfect, her makeup understated and very flattering.

"Good evening Tony, how was your day?"

"Eventful Eve, I'll tell you all about it later, now how about you, are you well?"

"Perfectly and all the better for seeing you, how was South America?"

"Very fruitful. By the way Eve, this is Chloe, a friend. She's been living rough, needs a bath, clothes and a decent meal."

"Leave it with me, there's a Martini waiting for you, and your papers have arrived."

"Thanks Eve, right Chloe, please go with Eve, she'll sort you out and I'll see you for a meal in say an hour?" Eve nodded.

"Anything you fancy, steak? lobster? Foi Gras? Caviar?" he wiggled his head in anticipation a knowing smile tracing his lips.

"I could murder a Maccy D!" she exclaimed.

"Large fries, milkshake, apple pie?"

"Oh yeah," I'm fucking starving."

Eve grinned and turned her away with a shake of her head. Tony laughed and headed for a small round table with a large cocktail glass on it. Standing staring out over the skyline, he sipped and relaxed. Phase one had begun. Meanwhile Eve walked Chloe to the bathroom, taking her in, she explained how the walk in shower worked and asked Chloe to undress.

"Why, I can do that when you go?"

"I know but I want to take your clothes with me."


"In all honestly young lady, to dispose of them. You'll never wear these ever again."

"I'm not walking around stark bollock naked either!"

"Quite, but I do have a selection of clothes to suit you. I need to check the sizes though."

"What the fuck is going on?"

"I'm sure Tony will tell you everything as you eat. But I will say this, you're lucky, bloody lucky, so I would hold your tongue a bit, okay?"

"Why do I get the feeling I'm in a dream?"

"Maybe you are, if so, lie back and enjoy."

"Okay, here."

Chloe took her clothes off and stood naked, she had a thin waif-like body, pale and taut, her breasts barely discernible, with a flat almost concave stomach and a layer of grime evident all over. She turned slowly to the shower stall and walked in, soon the water hissed down hot and strong and she felt the grime slowly easing off her. She found soap and a cloth and scrubbed till her body tingled. Half an hour later she stopped the water and emerged into an empty steamy bathroom.

Finding towels she wrapped a large one round her slim body and the smaller one she used to cover her hair. Feeling relaxed she strode out and walked back to the entrance area, a trail of wet footprints behind her. Looking around she spotted Tony sitting on a richly upholstered sofa reading a set of papers. He glanced up and grinned,

"Hi, your bedroom's that way," he pointed behind her, she grinned and reached for the edge of the towel. Before she could loosen it, he was up and had his hands on her bare shoulders. Spinning her round he gently pushed her back the way she came.

"That way young lady, hmmm! Eve, you're protege is here."

Eve appeared and reddened, walking to Chloe she propelled her into a bedroom. On the largest bed she had ever seen lay the clothes for her to wear. Underwear, a dress and jacket. On the floor a pair of court shoes, low heeled, black leather awaited. Chloe marveled, dropping the towels she reached for the underwear, delicate silk or satin based, flesh coloured, it felt so wonderful in her hands. She dropped the bra back onto the bed and pulled on the knickers, which fitted her like a glove. Turning she looked at Eve.

"Perfect, although we may need to do a little maintenance on your lady garden, it definitely needs to be trimmed a little."

Chloe looked down and reddened, emitting a little oh! of surprise, then grinning. Picking up the bra she pulled it on and snapped the hooks together, loving the soft but supporting feel. She bypassed the tights and pulled the dress over her head. Eve expertly slid behind her and zipped her in. Slipping the shoes on she walked to the mirror. She almost didn't recognise herself. Her clean clear skin and sparkling eyes showed a young attractive girl, who could be an actress or singer, or anything one imagined she could be. A grin split her mouth and showed her teeth. Turning she twirled and felt the dress lifting out slightly, she stopped and grinned at Eve.

"You'll do, I think Mr Manners will be pleased with the transformation, time to eat."

Eagerly she followed Eve out of the room. Tony now had his shoes off and was sipping a second aperitif. Papers covered the sofa and he had a pair of glasses, black rimmed, on. Hearing them enter, he pulled the glasses off and stood, his mouth opening.

"Well, well, well, you scrub up nicely, how was it?"

"Good, now you mentioned food, I'm famished, proper hungry, well?"

"Well! Aren't we the pushy one, I took you at your word by the way, tray's over there, let's eat. "

A large glass topped table stood by the window, three places had been laid, a number of silver salvers stood ready to be uncovered. Tony directed Chloe to the end chair, held it it out and pushed it under her as she sat. He repeated this for Eve, who pulled a napkin from the table and flipped it open onto her lap. Chloe tried but failed, grinning as she opened it with her two hands. Tony laughed and reached for the salvers. Under the one nearest Chloe he uncovered three Styrofoam packages bearing the well known logo, together with a large milkshake container. He lifted the two containers onto her plate, then placed the drink by her wine glass.

Lifting the other, he uncovered a plate of rare beef surrounded by roast potatoes, mini Yorkshire puddings and baked parsnips. There was a small silver dish which Eve lifted to reveal vegetables. Tony heaped three large slices of beef onto Eve's plate, followed by the potatoes, parsnips and Yorkshire puddings. Meanwhile Eve distributed vegetables on her and Tony's plate. A gravy boat disgorged a thick meaty gravy onto their meal and the two looked at Chloe, who sat eyes wide in astonishment.

Tony poured three glasses of wine, lifted his glass and offered a toast, Eve raised her glass and they drank. Chloe took a long draught of the milkshake. Hungrily she opened the containers and piled her fries onto the lid of her burger container.

"Dig in, don't let it get any older," Tony advised with a twinkle in his eyes.

With that he sliced into his beef and added small portions of vegetables before plunging his loaded fork towards his mouth. Eve ate with smaller fork loads, but they would both finish their food at the same time. Chloe meanwhile had grabbed her quarter pounder and applied her mouth to it. Face full she sat back with a small moan of pleasure, causing the other two to grin. Mayo tracks showed on her rounded cheeks, forced out by the size of the bite she'd taken. She looked content as she enjoyed her first meal in four days. Next she attacked the fries, looking around the table eagerly.

"something missing?" Tony asked solicitously,

"Ketchup," she managed between mouthfuls.

"Ah!" he stood and moved a small silver salver towards her. On it stood a variety of familiar, red, yellow, blue and brown sachets.

"Brilliant," she said with a mouthful of food. Grabbing two red packets and opening them together she sent a thick stream of ketchup over the fries.Then tossing the empty containers down her slim fingers plunged into the pile and a further wedge of fries, dripping red disappeared into her open mouth.

"Whooa, slow down, you'll end up with indigestion," Tony said concerned.

Chloe slowed her hurried chewing, then nodding she grasped the milkshake and sucked furiously on the two straws. Pausing she emitted a small burp, blushed and looked around the table. She saw two amused faces staring at her.


"We have a lot to do, we really do." Tony sighed, before resuming his meal, a slight grin on his face.

Chloe looked at him curiously before ramming the last piece of her burger home. Eve winced, but carried on eating unhurriedly. Chloe eyed the salver hungrily as she finished the last of her fries. Tony grinned and reached for a wrapper that was very familiar to her. She eagerly grabbed the offered container, ripping it open and plunging the end into her mouth.

"MMMMMMMMMM, fucking love these." she intoned flecks of pastry and apple flying out of her mouth.

Tony put his knife and fork down, Eve followed. As Chloe finished she grabbed her napkin and rubbed her face in it, followed by her hands. A last pull on the straws produced a slurping sound, the sound of an empty container. She sat back and patted her stomach, which now bulged slightly in the material of the dress.

"Happy now?"

"More than. Right you said you'd explain everything, go on then!"

Okay, shall we go sit in the lounge, the chairs are comfier."

"Suit yourself, I'd be happy here." She patted her stomach.

They moved to the lounge area, Tony packing away the papers to provide room. He and Eve sat in comfy wing chairs, Chloe on the vacant sofa.

"Okay Chloe, here's the deal, I am a very rich man, I have several houses, including a country estate, Business connections worldwide but now it all means nothing, because I lost the one person I really cared for."

"your wife?"

"No, my sister, she would be around your age, what are you, seventeen, eighteen?"

"I'm nearly nineteen,"


"No, Nearly eighteen actually."

"OK, we'll take that as gospel. Anyway, what I want to do is provide a young girl with everything I failed to give my sister."

"What happened?"

"She died, on her own, unloved - well she thought so. Anyway, she died from an overdose, in a squat, in Camden." Each phrase was picked out and hurt him as he spoke them his manner awkward, less assured.

"She was a druggie?"

"Yes, she picked up the habit at school."

"But didn't you get her to detox or rehab, or whatever?"

"I was too busy, how I hate that phrase now, but I was younger, insensitive and arrogant,"

"making money?"

"Yes, "Making Money", exactly. Now I have more than I need or could ever spend, and it all means nothing because what I don't have is my sister."

"What do your parents think?"

"They're dead, a long time ago. It was a car accident."

"Fuck, bit dangerous to know you then? Know what I mean?"

"Thanks for your sympathy, I needed that."

"Fuck you, I get it, you want me to be your sister right, little role play eh?"

"Not exactly,"

"well that's how some people get their kicks." She saw his eyes widen but she plunged in.

"Do I look like her? Is that it?"

"No not at all, that isn't it at all!" His voice rose and he stood hands clenched.

"Wait! don't tell me, you want to fuck me while I'm pretending I'm her? That's it isn't, isn't it." Her voice rose shrilly. All her common sense left her as she stood. His face darkened and he stepped towards Eve.

"Get her out, get her out Now!" Tony pointed at Chloe, eyes blazing at Eve.

"Tony, please, wait, let me try."

"Ten minutes, or she's out and back in the gutter."

Tony stood and glared, then stalked off, towards a bedroom. They heard the door slam. Eve winced then looked at Chloe,

"Chloe, he's not interested in you sexually, he does really want to help. He feels it would be a way of atoning for what he allowed to happen to Claire. Please listen, before you get all arsey. Tony lost everything, he's been a shell for the last two years, we've all tried to help but he's lost. He carries on his business but it brings him no pleasure."

"OK, I get it, this is his gesture to make him feel all fluffy and nice, but I'm warning you, he tries anything and I'll stick him like a pig."

"Lower your armour young lady, he needs taking care of, not beating up. He's done enough of that all ready. He hates himself more than you ever could. Now how about you go apologise, please!"

Chloe nodded and walked to the bedroom door she thought might be his. Tapping she walked in, he sat at a seat by the window.

"I'm sorry Tone, honestly, I've had a lot of guys hitting on me recently, I..."

She faltered. He looked at her tears streaming down his face. Her heart skipped and unhesitatingly, she moved to him cradling his head on her chest. He let go, the tears coming hot and hard. She held him, kissed his forehead, soothed him, rocked him until his tears ceased. Realising he needed a few minutes, she stood and walked out the room. Ten minutes later he emerged, face washed and a neutral expression on his face.

Chloe sat next to him on the sofa, her hand found his, he smiled and squeezed it gently. Eve had arranged for the table to be cleared and a pot of coffee stood on the small table. She poured three mugs and handed them round, taking hers to her chair.

"So," he began, "My proposition is this, in return for your agreeing to live here as my guest, I will fund your schooling and a programme to teach you etiquette and manners, additionally you will receive an income of a hundred thousand pounds a year, excluding a clothing allowance. You will attend events as my cousin, you will try at all times to remain discreet and act like a lady. You will tone down your language and attempt to become an asset to me. Supporting my charities, perhaps adding any that you want me to support. Are we agreed?"

"Fucking regular Professor Henry Higgins aren't you?" She grinned,

"Eliza?" he intoned with a grin,

"Alright Henry Higgins, I'll give it a shot, what have I got to lose,"

"Awesome, I promise you, you won't regret it. I think we need something a little stronger to celebrate."

Eve stood and went to a cabinet, she took a small glass out and a decanter, pouring a measure she took the glass to Tony.

"Chloe?" he inquired,

"I don't know I've never really liked them poncy flash drinks, you choose?"

"Right, well how about a small Calvados, an apple brandy, yes."

"You're the boss,"

Eve returned with two glasses and passed one to Chloe. Raising her glass she took a sip, Chloe followed.

"Whew that's nice, I could grow to like that, thanks." She up ended the glass, shooting the remaining liquid into her mouth, her eyes bulged as she swallowed. Gasping for breath, she coughed and tears rolled down. Eve patted her back and found her a glass of water.

"Lesson number one, small sips not mouthfuls." Tony said with a grin.

"thanks mate," she managed before coughing again, her thumb raised up acknowledging his help.

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