tagInterracial LoveChloe Ch. 01

Chloe Ch. 01


Chloe stretched as she awoke, pushing the covers down off of her warm, nightdress covered body. It really wasn't a nightdress! It was actually a very large man's tee-shirt that seemed like she had forever. Old and worn, little frayed around the neck and sleeves, but she loved it! It was comfortable and kind of made her feel secure. She didn't even remember where it came from; maybe it had belonged to one of her brothers or even her father, probably not a High School boy friend! She doesn't remember either of them being that big?

She slowly lowered herself out of the raised king-size bed and kind of dropped onto the softly carpeted floor, this being one of the small aggravations to Chloe. Why the hell had Jeff, her husband, wanted to raise the bed, she would never understand. At only 5'-3" it was almost like she needed a stool to get into it and him at 5'-9", it wouldn't make sense that it was suited to him either! Well, deep down she really kind of knew, Jeff was kind of an insecure man, and the raised bed probably heightened his feelings of security.

She assumed that Jeff had already left for work at his accounting job, as his pajamas where laying in front of his Wardrobe and the door to the master bath was open and she didn't see him. She was very agitated that he hadn't woke her to say goodbye or wish her luck, knowing that she had to go out of town on business for 3 or 4 days!

Chloe stretched and peeled off her nightshirt, putting on a sports bra, a pair of black Lycra yoga pants, socks, and running shoes. She grabbed a towel and proceeded into their workout room to run on the tread mill for 30 minutes like she did every morning, followed by 20 minutes of stretching, and yoga that loosened her up!

Chloe and Jeff lived in a new, very big house that had everything anyone could ever wish for in a house. The house didn't come from Chloe's salary although it could have, and most certainly not Jeff's. The house had been one of their wedding gifts from her father. Her father was the CEO of a large software company and she had always been his 'little girl', although she was their only daughter, there was no doubt that dad always had a special place for his 'little princes'!

Chloe finished her routine and then jumped in the shower! She loved her morning showers after her workouts. The hot water running over her body seemed to have both a physical and mental soothing affect on her, kind of a way of wash off the sweat from her run and to relax before taking on the stress of the day.

She washed her hair then continued on soaping up her body using a scented body wash that she loved the smell of. Like everything else in her life, there was a routine to this, of course starting at the top and working her way down!

As she soaped her breast, she couldn't help but be amazed at how firm they were. Jeff always was bugging her about getting implants, but she adamantly refused too! She thought they were perfect the way they were, being a B cup, but very proportional to her body style and size. They were very firm, with slightly upward pointing nipples that probably protruded out ¼" or more when she was excited. Her areolas were very pinkish and quite puffy when not aroused, but became very dark and extended when excited.

However her most stunning body feature, apart from her 'Girl Next Door' beauty, was her ass and legs and Chloe knew it. She had even hired a trainer to develop a program of exercises to help maintain and enhance their looks, and had been doing it since before collage! Twice a week she would do a routine of weighted squats, leg lifts, and calve raises as an in-home program, then once a month visit her trainer at the gym for advice and improvements to her routine.

After finishing her shower, she dried and styled her somewhat short, auburn colored hair. Tactfully applied make-up, that enhanced her beauty but that was still very respectable and business like. She then proceeded into the small apartment she called a walk-in closet.

Chloe loved clothes and fashion, and her closet did nothing but scream that fact. Everything was in order, and there were appropriate spaces for everything. From the huge selection she chose a black pencil skirt, a white ruffled blouse, a black matching business jacket, white bra, sheer neutral colored pantyhose, and classic Louboutin black heels.

After dressing, she ran down stairs, grabbed all of her bags from their office area! She had packed the night before, which for Chloe's style was a major endeavor, and then rushed out the door, getting into her, daddy bought, Mercedes for the trip to the office. Along the way she stopped at her local coffee shop. Got her coffee and then onto office to be briefed by her assistant, do some quick phone calls, before having to leave for the airport and her10;00 flight.

Chloe was on her way in the company to becoming its first female Executive Vice President, a fact known by everyone in the company, just hadn't been formally announced! Chloe was very proud of what she had done, and how far she had come within the company in the short time she had been with them since graduating college. She knew that her father probably had a huge part in her getting the job, but she knew that she had risen through her skills, work ethic, and business savvy that her father had taught and instilled upon her!

Chloe had been assigned to go out of town on business to handle meetings and problems with projects that were going on in the same city for two new stores. One was a mall outlet and the other was a new build-out that was having some cost overrun issues.

The flight had only lasted a little over an hour, after which she picked up her rental car at the airport, and drove to the hotel to check in and drop her bags off. Her main meeting schedules weren't until tomorrow morning, but she wanted to stop at the Architect's office as a 'meet and greet' before their meetings tomorrow and she also wanted to stop by one of their Clothing Stores, to meet the manager that would be overseeing the two new stores when up and running!

The meeting at the Architect went well, an older man that briefed her on some possible cost overruns with the new build. At the store, Chloe had gone in and kind of browsed before introducing herself to the employees she had never met! She wanted to form her own opinion on how the store was laid out and selection of clothing before possibly being influenced by their opinion. She also wanted to see how the employees acted and reacted with customers, with them not knowing how she was.

One of the girls came up to her as she was browsing the skirt rack, and asked if she could be of assistance? Chloe said that "she was just browsing to see their selection", when the girl noticed Chloe's Louboutin shoes, she said, "Nice shoes, be nice if I could afford something like that"!

"Is your manager in? If it's not too much trouble, I would like to speak to her!" Chloe retorted after what was said.

"Are you mad that I liked you shoes?" the girl relied.

"Not at all mad you liked my shoes; let's just speak with the manager!" Chloe replied.

The girl led Chloe to the counter where the manager was standing. "Sue, this lady would like to speak to you! I may have offended her by saying I liked her shoes!" She said smiling.

As Chloe gave the girl a cold stare, she reached her hand across the counter, "Sue my name is Chloe and I am ----!"

"My god ---Chloe---! Jen sent me an email that you may be stopping by, but I would have never thought --- guessed --- ah, Ann, this is Chloe!" She said turning towards the sales girl, "Chloe is the new Executive Vice President of the company!" with an expression of "I hope you didn't fuck up"!

"Maybe we could have a little conversation over at the Skirt Rack!" Chloe said to them!

As the two walked in stunned silence, totally disbelieving that anyone so young or attractive could be anyone's vice president, Chloe said to them, once reaching the rack, "Ann I am not made at you, just upset, so don't go thinking you're fired---! Everyone thinks I am a cold, heartless, bitch ---! Not true --, I do my job and I do it well, otherwise I probably wouldn't be where I am today! Now, why don't you tell Sue what you said to me after you asked if I needed assistance?"

"Ah ---, I said I liked your shoes!"

"Then what?" Chloe asked. "No wait, let me tell you what you said!" she continued, you said; "Nice shoes, be nice if I could afford something like that! Now ---, I can't tell you in how many ways that's wrong! First it's not an issue with your liking the shoes, everyone loves Louboutin! We love them because of the style, who they are made by, and because they make us look good. Men could care less about who made them, all they care about is that they are heels and that it makes our asses and legs look sexy!"

"The issue is the 'be nice if I could afford them' part! Not that you can't afford them, but when you say it that way to a customer, you're kind of implying that you're mocking them because they have the money to be able to afford them! The second thing that it implies is that maybe the store isn't paying you enough! So from now on, I want you to think about what's going to make the customer happy so you can sell them something and what's going to make the store look good! OK, we got a deal?"

"Sorry ma'am ---! You're totally right ---, I should think before I say something! I am really so sorry --, and yeah, we have a deal!"

"OK then ---, just don't call me Ma'am again though! Just Chloe, let's just keep it Chloe! She got both Sue and Ann's numbers and arranged to take Sue to dinner that night and Ann the following night!

Chloe went to dinner with Sue that night and they discussed Ann and the possibility of making her an assistant manager of one of the new stores. Chloe, although a little upset with Ann for what she had said, had this underlying feeling that she had potential to rise within the company ranks. The meeting the following day didn't go well for the new build project, though!

The new build project was on schedule but there was an issue with cost overruns with the mechanical contractor. The mechanical contractor was claiming that some of the work being required wasn't what had been set forth at the bid process! At the meeting the mechanical contractor and the architect got into a heated discussion on the issue with Chloe stepping in and kind of taking the architects side of there should be no extras warranted, but really not understand the scope of the issue.

Her involvement had really irritated Dewayne the mechanical contractor and he had sternly told her that she should stay out of things she didn't know about and that her time may be better spent selling clothes or something she actually knew about! This really pissed Chloe off; "How dare this brute say something like that to me!" She thought to herself, then telling the architect; "There will be no extras granted before I have had a chance to fully access the issue!" She said while at the same time giving Dewayne a mad evil stare!

Chloe had contacted Ann and they had met for dinner that evening! She had talked to Ann at dinner letting her know that she understood her mistake about the shoe thing and that she had seen potential in her and that she would be in consideration for the AM of one of the new stores. They had a long discussion on company policies and her need to learn to resolve issues and interact with customers, Chloe even relating the story off her issues and the meeting she had earlier.

After dinner they had gone next door to a little dance club that Ann suggested and where sitting at a small table having drinks and just some girl talking! Chloe had noticed Ann keep looking towards the bar when Ann finally said; "I have to tell you something! I don't think I have ever been around anyone that garnered as much attention as you do! All night long guys from the restaurant and here have just been continually staring at you! But now, there is this big, very handsome, black man that just keeps staring at you from the bar!"

Chloe turned to see who she was talking about, when her jaw dropped; "Oh my god ---, that's the guy from the job! The guy that wants the extra money! Oh please don't let him come over here and make a scene!" She whispered to Ann as she turned back around, putting her hand up to her face, like she was trying to hide!

"Too late ---, here he comes! God girl, he's cute and it looks like he's bearing drinks too!" Ann laughed.

"Well --- well --- well, look who we got here! Miss fancy girl!" Dewayne said as he approached the table. "Out with another very attractive young lady I see!" He said smiling at Ann as he sat their drinks on the table.

"Please I don't want any trouble ---!" Chloe started saying before being cut off by Dewayne.

"No trouble just happened to notice you! You all dolled up with them fancy shoes and I thought ---!" He was saying before being cut off!

"Oh my fucking god, what is it with you people in this town and my shoes?" Chloe retorted before downing the rest of her drink!

"Louboutin! Her shoes are Louboutin, aren't they to die for?" Ann said to Dewayne while smiling at Chloe.

"The whole package is something to die for if you ask me!" Dewayne replied to her.

"Hello ---, I am sitting right here! What I am some package now? What like some kind of piece of meat or something? God ---, you are some kind of barbarian!!" Chloe sternly retorted, but at the same time kind of agreeing with what Ann said and thinking; "He was handsome, in some kind of animalistic way!"

"I was paying you a fucking compliment lady! Don't be getting all politically correct because you don't think I used the right words and start pulling that rich girl diva shit on me! Man ---, you really know how to piss someone off! First I do work for you and you screw me out of money, and now I pay you a compliment and you call me a barbarian! What's next ---? You going to have me hanged cause I am black?

"Wait ---, I didn't know you were paying me a compliment by saying something slang like calling me a package ---!" She responded.

"Now rich girl thinks the word package is slang? What the fucks wrong with you? In the context that I said package, it was meant as, you as a whole! Your style, the way you look, the way you dress, but after dealing with you, I sure as fuck am not including your personality into this package deal!" Dewayne said cutting her off, then turning to Ann saying; "You know what I am talking about right?"

"OK ---, I am not getting in the middle of this little lover's quarrel! Matter of fact you two work this out, I am leaving!" Ann said picking her stuff up to leave!

Both of them simultaneously yelled at her; "We are not lovers!!"

"That's probably a good idea Ann; I really didn't want you to hear any of this! I will give you a call later and let you know I am OK, but thanks for coming out with me!"Chloe said.

"What ---, you think you need to call her cause she left you with a black man and you have to check in and let her know your OK? You really are a fucking piece of work!!" He interjected.

"Oh my god ---! Let me leave before the police get called!" Ann added smiling as she left!

"That's not what I meant! This whole conversation has gotten out of control! Can we just calm down and talk like civilized people here!" Chloe said, then adding; "I didn't screw you out of money and I really don't appreciate you saying something like that in front other people!"

"OK you did screw me out of money; you're the one that jumped into it at the meeting saying that I wouldn't get the extras that are due me! So explain to me how that's not screwing me out of money?"

"OK, you prove to me that they are justified and I will authorize the extras! I can make time tomorrow to meet with you and the architect and see if this is justified!"

"I can't meet tomorrow, I have to be at another job all day for an important delivery and I can't miss it! Besides this customer pays their bills, so they come first! If you can't authorize then I will just lien the job! But I have an idea, the job is only two miles from here and I have all the documentation at the job! We can go there and get this settled right now!"

"Are you fucking kidding me with this paying bullshit? And there is no way I can go to the job dressed like this, I would ruin my clothes and shoes walking around there!"

"The office is right inside the door to the job, you're not going to ruin anything and we can get it straightened out tonight! He replied!"

"OK---!" She reluctantly said. "I going to tell you I have my phone pre-dialed to 911, all I have to do is hit send if you try anything funny ---! You walk out first; I don't want you staring at my ass on the way! Chloe mockingly said!

"I am the one that should be calling 911 for you robbing me!!"

"Ha-Ha, very funny! You making jokes doesn't eliminate the fact you're still a barbarian!" She smugly added.

On the way out, Chloe was actually watching him from the back! "Big broad shoulders, kind of shaped like a wedge, nice butt ---!!" She started thinking, and then came to her senses, wondering "what the hell am I doing?"

Dewayne helped her into his car, a sports model that had a low seat! Even with her low stature her knees were pretty high up, making her dress ride fairly far up her thighs! As he got in he noticed; "Nice legs! No wonder you wear million dollar shoes!"

"Aren't we a bundle of laughs now with your cute little smart remarks? Just don't get any ides, the leg show isn't for you benefit! Let me ask, did you get this car just so that you could get cheap shows when women ride with you?"

"Now who's being funny ---, miss fancy girl? And nope, never needed a car to get shows from girls before and really don't think I need one now or in the future either!" he retorted.

After they got to the job he showed her the drawings and documents supporting his point! Chloe had to admit to herself that he was right, but she needed to be reserved in letting him know to save face! As he reached across in front of her to flip some drawings open his arm brushed over her breast!

"Don't touch me you barbarian, I knew that you brought me here to cop a feel or something!" She said pushing him!

"Are you kidding me bitch, that was an accident and you know it was!" He yelled!

"Fuck you! Now I will give you the money for the extras when I feel like it!" She screamed.

Dewayne pushed her face first into the wall! "Oh my god what are you doing ---, you don't have to manhandle me, I am sure that we can work this out! Let's sit down and we can talk about it!" Chloe said. "You don't have to get physical ---, or don't you know how to handle things in a civilized way --?" As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she knew she shouldn't have said that!

"Shut the fuck up bitch! You got the worst attitude I have ever encountered, and on top of that you're fucking clueless as to what the issue is --! You need some fucking attitude adjustment and I know the cause and the cure! You are in need of some cock and that's what I am going to give to you!"

"Well, you're sadly mistaken if you think you and I are having a relationship ---, so just get that thought right out of your head!" Chloe retorted.

"Relationship --- what the fuck is wrong with you bitch? I not talking bout a relationship, you wouldn't last ten minutes with me before your fucking ass would be thrown out on the street with a fucking attitude like that!"

"Well, I wouldn't be in one with you either!! Your mean, and crude, and dirty, and bl ----, well I wouldn't be in a relationship with you!"

"You fucking cunt ---, what the fuck were you going to say ---? Black ---right!! You fucking racist bitch, you were going to say black ---!!!"

"No ---, I ---, well I was going to say ---ah ---, I forgot what I was going to say, but I wasn't going to say that! I ---, I am not racist ---! And don't call me that dirty word!!"

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