tagBDSMChloe, Working Lunch

Chloe, Working Lunch


Most Wednesdays my wife Mary would join Chloe and me for lunch. It became a bit of a tradition and we often took a long lunch. Since Chloe and I work long hours and are seen as fast rising stars in the organization a long lunch on a usually slow day was not a problem. We all looked forward to a relaxing chat and friendly camaraderie during these lunches. I live about half an hour’s drive from work and we often plan to leave for lunch together at about 11:30 am so that we would be finished between 1 and 1:30 pm.

At just before 11:00 am on that particular Wednesday, Chloe came into my office. She sat on the corner of my desk as she has a habit of doing so that she could cross her legs and swing a foot. She does this so that I will take notice of her fabulous legs. She doesn’t need to do this since I always notice her legs.

Chloe leaves nothing to chance when it comes to teasing and arousing me. She always wants me crazy hot and out of control like a wild stag in rut. She never fails to accomplish this. At almost exactly 11:00, my phone rang. As I reached to pick up the receiver, Chloe slid off my desk and walked over to close my door. I thought I heard the door lock click.

Before I could think about what was going on Mary was asking, “Ross, is that you?”

She sounded a bit frantic and I asked, “What’s wrong honey?”

“Oh Ross, I just can’t get the car started! When I turn the key nothing happens. I was so looking forward to lunch with you guys today. I am so disappointed.”

I was telling her, “Don’t worry, honey. We can all have lunch together another day. I will look at the car when I get home tonight.”

Mary wasn’t happy but she seemed mollified for the moment and began to chatter about her morning and how she was really looking forward to seeing Chloe since we hadn’t gotten together in a while. “You don’t need to tell Chloe, I called and told her myself just before I called you. You two should go out anyway and enjoy your lunch.”

The light bulb went on. Sometimes I am a bit dense but now the closed door and lock made sense. “I’m kind of busy today. I think I will just work through lunch.”

“Oh good! We can chat while you work.” Oh no! This is going to be a problem.

At this point Chloe had come over to me and was standing behind my chair, playing with my hair and kissing my neck. I tried to shoo her away by waving my hand but this only made her more determined. She whispered in my ear, “I am going to fuck you for lunch today, Ross.” Chloe has a very sexy, husky voice. Her talking to me like this always arouses me. This time was no different. My cock was immediately hard.

She was doing all this with Mary asking me, “What’s wrong, honey you seem distracted?”

Chloe bent over my shoulder and her big, soft tits brushed up against my face as she reached down to slowly unzip my fly and release my rock hard cock and balls before they burst through my pants. I managed to compose myself enough to answer, “Nothing’s wrong honey. It’s just some annoying problems at work that I can’t get out of my mind.”

Mary responded, “Well at least we can talk for a while. Maybe it will take you mind off your problems.”

“Sure, honey.”

I put my hand over the receiver while Mary chattered on and whispered to Chloe, “I can’t do this. We can’t do this.”

To which she replied, “You are my personal fucktoy. You promised to fuck me anytime, anywhere and anyway I want.”

The situation was driving me crazy. I was embarrassed, nervous and incredibly aroused all at once and Chloe knew it. She is my best friend, Bob’s, wife and my wife’s best friend as well and here she is getting ready to fuck me in my office while I am talking to my wife on the phone.

The worst part is that I simply can not resist her. If I ever refused her, I would never be able to play with her again. She has made this abundantly clear. I have never been able to muster the control to refuse her anyway. Chloe took the receiver from my hand and turned it on speaker phone. She then pushed my chair out to the middle of the room.

Mary asked, “What was that, Ross?”

“I just put you on speakerphone so that I could get some things done while talking to you, honey.”

“Good idea!”

As Mary talked away, Chloe knelt between my legs and started to play with my hard cock. Play is the best way to described what she does with men. One would think that kneeling between a man’s legs would be a submissive position but not for Chloe. From this position, she is giving your cock her complete attention. Once Chloe is attending to your cock, she has complete control of you. Nothing else matters.

She is a very sexy woman and such a wicked tease. Her caresses are so soft that you have to concentrate very hard just to feel them. She flashes her body and uses every part of it to make you hard and wanting her so badly. She gets you so aroused and excited that you are willing to satisfy whatever urge she has at the moment and then beg for your release. If not then she just won’t give it to you. It is always worth the sweet torture she puts you through. Chloe knows how to make a man feel so good in so many different ways.

I answered Mary’s questions as best as I could and voiced agreement when necessary to hold up my end of the conversation. All the while Chloe played with my cock and balls protruding from the fly of my pants.

Chloe let go of me for a moment to slowly unbutton and remove her blouse. I watched in rapt fascination. Chloe’s big, soft tits always fascinate me. She reached back behind her and released her lacy red bra and let the bra cups slide from the pillows of my desire.

As she leaned forward and wrapped her soft, warm pillows around my throbbing cock, Mary asked, “Ross, you haven’t said anything. What do you think of that?”

I gulped and answered, “Sure honey, if you think its best” while watching Chloe take my throbbing, cock and lightly rub it over her big pink, puffy nipples using the precum leaking from the tip as a lubricant. It was all I could do to stifle a moan from the feel of her soft nipples on my cock and the raunchy display she was giving me.

Mary was telling me, “I’m glad Saturday will be okay. I know you really can’t stand Bill but the Rands are our neighbors and Sally is a close friend.”

I groaned as Chloe smiled and started to titfuck my cock earnestly upon hearing what Mary had just said. She knew just how much I hated Bill Rand. He is an arrogant, self absorbed asshole.

Mary took my groan as a direct commentary and said, “It will only be one afternoon and evening. We can spend it by the pool.”

Chloe bent her head down and licked the tip of my cock as it emerged from between her big tits. This is a bit of a feat since her tits are so big. I am very well endowed, long and thick. Chloe may have control but she truly loves to fuck me. She tells me that my big fills her and stretches her like no one else.

Mischievously, I asked, “Hey, why don’t we invite Bob and Chloe over as well? That will soften the sting a bit.” Chloe bit my cockhead hard enough to make it hurt as Mary answered, “Good idea. I will call Chloe tonight.” Chloe hates Bill as much as I do and isn’t particularly fond of Sally either.

I reacted to Chloe’s bite with a loud, “Ow, that hurts!”

Mary immediately asked, “What’s wrong honey?”

I answered, “I just gave myself a paper cut.” But despite the pain, I was smiling to myself with the thought of Chloe teasing Bill just enough to get him hard so that he had to stay in the pool all afternoon and whispered this idea in Chloe’s ear.

Smiling brightly now, Chloe stepped up the teasing to a new level. She began licking my hard cock up and down; stopping to dance her tongue on the sensitive underside of the head each time her tongue passed over it. It was all I could do to keep from whimpering and moaning while listening to Mary and answering her.

I am required to tell Chloe before I cum. Since I enjoy all the teasing that she gives me and the way she tortures me so sweetly by keeping me balanced on the edge of orgasm, this is never a problem.

I leaned forward to whisper in Chloe’s ear, “I am about to cum in your mouth.” I was expecting that she will do the usual, which is stop her play for a few moments and let me cool down so she can prolong the tease and start again.

At this time Mary is talking about how long it has been since we have invited Bob and Chloe over. Chloe never stops licking and sucking my cock, she increases the intensity as much as she can and still not be heard over the speaker phone. My balls are rumbling and the thick vein on the underside of my cock begins to throb. I am going to cum. Chloe quickly pinches off the vein at the base of my cock to stop the flow but she never stops the licking and sucking. She is tickling my balls with the long; red nails of her other hand. The cum in my balls continues to build and I can feel the boiling cum in my balls pulse against the constricted vein like waves pounding the rocks in the surf. I am not sure how much longer she can stop the eruption.

Just as Mary tells me, “Chloe and Bob are our best friends, we really should see more of them and enjoy their company.” Chloe released the base of my cock and the eruption started. I blasted my cum, fast and furiously into her mouth, onto her dancing tongue and all over her lips and swaying, bobbling tits.

It is all I can do to shoot out all this cum and not make a sound. I am alternately biting my lips and tongue. I would bite on a knuckle but my fingers are hopelessly tangled in the platinum blond hair on Chloe’s bobbing head. I hope that Mary won’t hear. Chloe’s tongue is flashing up and down my cock as it continues to pump my load.

Chloe’s bright red fingernails continue lightly tickling my balls and my asshole causing me to produce and pump even more come, tempting me to groan out loud in my release. She is spreading my sticky, gooey cum all over the length of my cock and her heavenly tongue. She isn’t trying to swallow anything, just make a sexy mess of her pretty, innocent looking face and my cock.

Chloe knows that there is nothing that arouses me more than seeing my cock in her mouth with my cum coating her tongue and dripping from her sensuous, full lips and puffy nipples. She is doing her best to paint herself with my cum and let me watch her do it. She knows that this will keep my cock hard so that she can continue to use it.

Mary finally tells me, “You still seem preoccupied. I guess you have a lot of work to do so I will let you go now. See you when you get home honey.”

Chloe stands up and places the phone back on the cradle, severing the connection. With a huge smile playing on her sticky lips, she asks, “Did you enjoy that, Baby? Does my little fucktoy like having Chloe suck and lick his cock he’s while talking to his wife on the phone?”

Not waiting for me to answer, she pulls me up out of the chair and into a kiss. We twine our tongues and I taste my cum on hers. I know what to do. My Mistress has trained me well and I have been a very willing pupil.

After we break our kiss, I lick her lips and chin. I clean her beautiful face of all my cum. Chloe tells me, “Don’t forget my big tits, baby. A good fucktoy should completely clean his Mistress’s tits of his nasty, sticky mess.” She pushes my head down but she doesn’t need to. I want to clean her tits of my cum. I need to clean my cum off her tits.

After she has let me fondle, lick and suckle on her wonderful, soft tits for a while, after they are clean, Chloe pushes me away and then turns and sits in my office chair. As she sits, she pulls up her knee length skirt and spreads her legs wide, showing me her skimpy little, red, silk panties.

From this position, she beckons to me by crooking her finger and tells me, “You know what to do, fucktoy. You know what I require now.”

I take a step forward and kneel before her between her lush thighs. For me this is my position of complete submission. I worship at her womanhood.

Chloe is wearing a pair of sheer, tan, silk stockings and a white garter belt. Her panties are the type that tie on the hips. Staring at her womanly beauty, I untie one side of her panties and pull the crotch aside. It is such a sexy sight, her panties dangling from one thigh, her legs encased in smooth, sheer silk with the upper parts of her thighs bare and inviting. Her smooth, shaved pussy is wet and dripping the nectar I crave so much.

She slowly moved her legs up and over my shoulders, locking her ankles behind my neck. This is the way she always does it, drawing me in and taking charge but even now teasing me by slowly, ever so slowly bending her knees and pulling me irresistibly to her hot, wet pussy.

As my lips make contact with her pussy, I begin to lick just like the good little fucktoy that she has trained me to be. First I lick the outer lips of the dew droplets that glisten there and then my tongue parts her sex. I plunge into her molten hot, tangy and sweet pussy. Relishing and savoring her taste. My tongue glides up as she laces her fingers in my hair. She moans as my tongue finds her swollen and needy clit and begins its dance.

It is the dance that will make my Mistress rock and wail with pleasure. Her thighs close around my head, squeezing me and holding me tight to her pussy in this soft, sexy vise until her needs are met. Chloe pushes her pussy up against my face rubbing it up and down as her hips heave and roll. Her breathing comes faster and her moans deeper and louder.

My tongue flashes faster and her thighs squeeze me tighter. I can just barely hear her husky, sexy voice coax me on between moans, “Yes baby! That’s it! Lick my hot pussy! Keep me cumming on your face!”

I live to please Chloe and her wonderful body. I continue licking her for an eternity, never slowing the pace or tiring. At last she relaxes, melting into the chair and trying to catch her breath.

She tells me, “You really know just how to please your Mistress, fucktoy. For that you will get a reward. Stand up.”

I am beaming a big silly smile. I love it when Chloe rewards me. She can excite me and make me feel pleasure like no one else. She knows this as well as I do and uses it to both our advantages.

Chloe moves around my desk and reaches into my bottom drawer. It is the drawer that holds my personal possessions. From inside the drawer she pulls out a pair of fur lined handcuffs and a black silk scarf. She knows that these items are in the drawer since she put them there telling me, “Just in case.”

Chloe puts one of the cuffs around my right wrist and then reaches down to rub my cock and feel it throb. She reminds me, “You do love being at my mercy, baby. Don’t you? You love it when I tease you and use you before letting you cum.”

My answer is strangled in my throat as she uses my hard cock as a leash to lead me to the chair, “Yes Mistress, I love it when you tease me and use me for your pleasure.”

Once I am in the chair, Chloe moves behind me and cuffs my hands so that they are behind the backrest. “Now baby, the real fun begins.” she whispers in my ear as she leans forward.

The silk scarf covers my eyes and is tied tightly around my head. I can make out a few shadows but not much else. Chloe’s mouth returns to my ear. She nibbles and licks my ear as her hands move slowly down the front of my shirt. Gently the buttons pop open and her nails glide across my skin. The scratching sound they make seems amplified in my blindness. Her fingers find my sensitive nipples, squeezing and tweeking them, causing them to stand out even harder. I feel a warm, soft tit press up against my cheek as a hand reaches my cock. The hand strokes me teasingly. I turn my head to try to capture the nipple pressing against my cheek between my lips. Chloe giggles and pulls away with her hand leaving my cock.

“Nice try. You only get what I want to give you, fucktoy. Remember your place or I will leave now and just leave you like this!” is the comment. My cock twitches at the thought of being left bound and blindfolded to my chair waiting to be found.

Chloe spins my chair around a few times to disorient me and make me dizzy. She stops the chair so that she is directly in front of me. Her hands find my throbbing cock. As the fingers of one hand lightly caress the underside of my cock, she kneads and rubs my balls with the other.

It is a game she plays with me. She is trying to get me to admit my pleasure and my need for her by whimpering and moaning. I pride myself on my self control so I am holding back as hard as I possibly can. Chloe just loves it when I finally break and let her hear just how much in control of me she is.

One of her long finger nails reaches under my balls and rubs my asshole. She then scratches lightly along the sensitive skin between my asshole and balls. I tremble at this touch and nearly whimper. I can feel Chloe smile and then I feel her warm breath on my cock. She keeps her mouth close to build my anticipation. Her mouth then slowly engulfs my cock head and her finger slides slowly into my ass.

I can not hold back any longer and let out a long low moan, “Oooooohhhhhhh!”

Chloe stands up and tell me, “Now for the finale. I am going to sit on that big, thick cock of yours and fuck you until we both cum. My juices and your jizz will be dripping all over the front of your pants. You will have to spend the rest of the afternoon at work with a big wet cum stain on the front of your pants. I hope it dries before you have to go home to Mary.” My throbbing cock lurches at the thought.

Chloe straddles my lap and brings her pussy down so that the hot, slick lips just kiss the tip of my cock. She laces her fingers in my hair and pulls my face to her big tits, burying my face in the smooth, soft valley. She slowly begins undulating her hips so that my cock tip rubs up and down the crease and all over her pussy lips.

My whimpers are drowned in the soft cushions surrounding my face. Chloe’s hips suddenly begin to move faster, back and forth. She is now rubbing her swollen and sensitive clit on my lubricated cock tip, masturbating herself with my cock.

I think of what it would be like to cum now, to pump my cum all over her clit as she cums. I want to drown and coat her clit in my gooey cum. It is not to happen. Chloe must always cum first and she does. Her body stiffens and she pulls her tits from my face as she arches her back letting out a long low moan, “Oooohhhh Ross! Your cock feels so good on my clit. I love using you as my big dildo. You are just another fucktoy for me but you are my favorite fucktoy.”

My cheeks glow warmly from the praise. Chloe’s body relaxes and she slides slowly down my throbbing cock. I can feel the last spasms of her pussy as it engulfs me. Once again this almost makes me cum.

There is nothing that I enjoy more than pleasuring my Mistress, making her cum. Chloe pulls my head down to her pink, puffy nipples and has me start to suckle on them. Her hips began sliding up and down my length.

She whispers, “Remember fucktoy, you must tell me before you cum. Be a good little fucktoy, Ross. Hold back as long as you possibly can so I can cum all over that big cock of yours but don’t forget to tell Chloe before you make your nasty, gooey, sticky mess in my sweet little pussy.”

Chloe then leaned back and moaned, “I’m cumming., baby! I’m cumming on your big cock!”

Her orgasm triggered a reaction in me. My balls began to rumble and churn as my cock started to pulse. I remembered my place and told her, “Oh God, Chloe, I’m going to cum.”

Chloe quickly stopped her movements and reached down between our joined sexes and squeezed the big vein on the underside of my cock to staunch my release. I could feel my cock pulsing deep in her hot, tight, slick pussy and I could feel her teasing me by squeezing her pussy around my cock. As my body relaxed and the tension released from my loins, she began to move again this time using a different motion.

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