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Chloe's Daydream


The morning light creeps through my window, it warms my skin as it hits my leg. I stretch my arms above my head and take a breath. The air energizes my exhausted body. I was out late again last night. Pushing the covers aside, I scan the curves of my form, remembering the night before. Somehow I managed to change into a wife beater and panties before climbing into bed. I roll toward the center of the mattress, stretching the entire length of my body. My eyes slowly begin to adjust to the soft glow of sunlight now washing over the room. Despite my lack of sleep, I feel anxious to begin my day. My skin tingles against the soft fibers of my bed sheets. Last night's encounter wet my appetite for desire.

It was my third date with Seth, my latest lover. He's a regular at my store and we've been flirting feverously for the past two months. The date itself seemed pretty standard, dinner followed by cocktails at the latest trendy bar. But the connection between us was electric. We couldn't keep our eyes off one another let alone our hands. His gaze made me want to pull him across the table and tear his clothes from his body.

My hand begins to explore my body through my clothes. As I daydream about last night, I'm reminded of how Seth grabbed me suddenly outside the restaurant and our lips locked in a passionate kiss. I wanted to fuck him right there. As I remember how his tongue gently teased mine, I feel a rush of fluid against the fabric of my panties. My clit swells and I squeeze my tits hard. His body was pressed tightly against me and I could feel his member through his pants, bulging against my thigh. My mind filled in the details of his form. Our bodies became more entwined with each passing moment. As he moved his caresses down my neck, his hands pawed my ample backside. I gently tossed my head back into the cool night air, gasping for a breath.

My heart is racing, breasts heaving. I feel my temperature rising as my thoughts about Seth playfully wander. Remarkably, we pulled ourselves from each other's embrace and strolled to our next destination. As we walked, I craved him more and more. I needed to be filled by him. I took his hand and slid his index finger slowly into my mouth. My lips wrapped around its shape. My tongue danced across his finger, slow then fast, exploring every inch. I wanted to show him what I could do but my need for him still wasn't satisfied. I pushed his finger into my mouth without a single reflex. Seth stopped short in his tracks, hypnotized as he watched me suck on his finger. My pussy gushes wet with desire while my mind races about my lover.

Fueled by my lust, I spring to my knees, the mattress bouncing gently beneath me. I rip the tank top from my body, exposing my perky breasts, my nipples hard with excitement. I can't stop craving him. I slide my panties down past my knees, the fabric tickles my skin. As I lean back into the plush pillows, I push one hand into my crotch while grabbing my tit with the other. I feel the heat from my cunt radiating against my hand. Thinking of my lover, I move my fingertips softly against my pink lips. The skin feels like silk to my touch.

I continue my daydream, recalling Seth's playful little game with me at the bar. The place was jam packed with bodies moving furiously about, the way bees do in a hive. We were able to find one open stool at the bar. As I took a seat, my lover slowly peeled my coat away from my shoulders and down my arms, gracing the side of my breast as he did so. My senses continued to rise. Hanging directly above the bar across from us was an oversized mirror. We stared intensely at each other's reflections. After we ordered our drinks, hardly a word was spoken between us. Since the bar was so busy, Seth stood behind me pressing his body close to mine. As we gazed at one another through the mirror, he secretly ran his hands across my body. First, tugging at my skirt, then sliding his hand slowly up my bare thigh. He briefly brushed his fingers against my clit before dragging his hand back down my leg. His touch was warm through my panties.

As I stared at myself in the mirror, my cheeks began to flush. Seth floated his hand over my breast and gently pulled my v-neck blouse to the side, exposing part of my hard nipple. He stared at me through the mirror, smirking with eyes that dared me not to fix my clothes. As he slid his hand down my ribcage, my heart pounded. The danger of someone catching me with my exposed breast excited me even more.

My blood pluses quick through my veins as I remember Seth's mischievous eyes staring at my reflection. I'm restless as I tease my clit closer to climax. I push my body up and lean back into the pillow, spreading my legs wide. Remembering my excitement of leaving my breast exposed for all to see, I grab my tit and sigh deeply. My cunt throbs with anticipation of my climax. I push my hand hard into my crotch. My lips are warm and moist against my fingertips. I tease my cunt with the tip of my middle finger, sliding it in just a little. My pulse quickens as I penetrate myself. As I slowly fuck myself, I dream of Seth's cock shoving into my tight cunt.

We left the bar in a hurry, anxious to jump each other's bones. Seth could barely keep his hands off me as we raced back to my place. We entered my apartment tearing at our clothes. The door slammed shut behind us. Before I knew it, Seth had my skirt up past my waist while tugging at my panties. I sucked on his lip with force while grabbing at the raging bulge in his pants. I wanted his cock crammed in my cunt. We stumbled our way over to the bedroom. He gently lowered me down onto the bed, his hands cradling my ass as he did so. I dangled my legs over the edge as Seth explored my body with his lips. His mouth quickly found my pussy and his tongue began to softly tease it. I arched my back and pushed my cunt into his face as his tongue danced quickly across my soft lips. I circled my hips with each flick of his tongue. Sliding two fingers deep into my twat, he slowly began to fuck me. I squealed with delight.

I continue to fuck myself as I dream about Seth's fingers inside me. I push a little deeper and faster, getting closer to my climax. I roll to my stomach, arching my backside high into the air. Pulling my finger out, I wet my clit with the juice from my cunt and shove my finer back inside me. I rub the palm of my hand against my clit as I move my finger back and forth in a circle. I just wish it were Seth's big cock inside me. I breathe quickly as I cram my finger into my twat. In and out, I feel my pussy lips tighten around my finger. The skin is warm and silky inside. A little juice from my pussy drips onto my sheets as I fuck myself harder. I'm getting closer.

I imagine Seth's tongue moving fast against my clit as he tickled my g-spot with his finger. I feel a rush of fluid and my temperature rises. The muscles in my pelvis contract and release as a tingling sensation takes over my body. I fuck my cunt harder than ever as I begin to cum. A wave of heat fills my body as I uncontrollably cry out in pleasure. My orgasm seems to last for minutes as I writhe in my bed. I come down from my high and my body is once again exhausted. Lying there, basking in the morning glow, my muscles are relaxed and I am calm, but still not satisfied. I breathe in deep and stretch my body out. Maybe tonight I will have Seth's cock.

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