tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChloe's Internship Ch. 11

Chloe's Internship Ch. 11


Chloe woke with a jolt Thursday morning and noticed her right hand had strayed down to her pussy. She had started playing with her little clit chains and the sore pleasure nub had sent her a strong message, not entirely unpleasant, but she wasn't too keen on repeating it. She looked around and realized she was alone in her bed, lying on her side. The back chain made it a bit uncomfortable to lay on her back and she didn't like mashing her tits as she slept.

Jeff, good man that he appeared to be, had bailed and left her all alone. It made her feel low. She rationalized that he had taken to heart the message that their little outing was a meaningless pleasure fling, and that she was open (committed?) to making the rounds of the guys at work. She thought that one over. How had she gone from a regular California girl to willing office slut? Had she made a conscious choice? Had it just sort of happened? She rolled over and buried her head in her mattress thinking that one over. Something about having her face pressed into something soft helped her think and she'd been doing it forever. With the back chain though, she had to keep her back arched and it caused her to stick her butt up and rest her weight on her knees. Her legs spread slightly, letting air get at her pussy lips that had been clamped closed between her legs all night, and the clit chains brushed down on the vinyl mattress. She gasped and drew her legs together sharply, arching her back up further. The high heels, still on from yesterday, pointed upwards behind her.

The feelings in her pussy rolled over her body as she tried to unravel how her life had changed over the past few days. She also wondered when she would get around to getting herself a pillow. She had the money Mr. Stevens had paid her on Monday, now she just needed to find the time to go shopping. It was crazy that the only thing she had by way of furniture was a mattress. She didn't even have sheets!

Back to the slut thing. On Monday everything had been pretty much normal, and she figured it all started to change when she walked in wearing those short shorts and that tight blouse. Then the date with Craig, then Sanjay, then Jeff. She thought about her life over the past few days: modeling clothes for an old man, answering the phone, keeping the office clean, taking lunch orders, playing games on the smart phone, looking pretty, going on dates and fucking. A nice guy like Jeff wouldn't leave a lady all alone the next morning, but then, was she a lady? She was the office bicycle. On the other hand, the guys she worked with made some very high value products, and she was contributing to that in a big way by boosting their self confidence. She was being a slut for a valid purpose. Plus, she smiled to herself, she was kind of having fun. She pressed her legs together over her over-sensitized vagina. As long as she kept things on those terms, she would own her sluttiness.

She would be fucktoy for SofTec because that's what the company needed, and that was the best way for her to get a glowing recommendation. She wasn't whoring herself out, she was legitimately driving up the company's performance.

Fine, but she should still be learning something. Chloe was giving SofTec a tremendous service, but she wasn't so sure she wanted to spend her life fucking nerds. She had started up to learn the trade. Chloe reminded herself to talk to Mr. Stevens about it before the end of the day.

She saw the clock read 5:36 and thought about going back to sleep. After yesterday and last night she was pretty bushed. So tired she hadn't even remembered to take her shoes off before going to bed. She ran a hand over her taught, stomach and passed her fingers easily under the narrow waist chain. It came to her then that she was actually still keeping the posture forced on her by the slender chains. Her neck felt a little sore, but not too bad, and there was barely a mark around her waist. Arthur's technique actually worked. Arthur! If she wanted to get her exercise in, get to Arthur's and not be late again she had to get moving.

She took off her big heels and slipped on her running clothes. A pair of panties, sports bra, t-shirt and shorts. The chains were a bit of a dilemma. With the bra pressing in, her back went into a sharper arch, causing her to stick her butt out even more. The nipple piercings were pretty sensitive, but the clit chains were the biggest challenge. Chloe couldn't find a fastener on the rings to pull them off - Arthur must have bonded the links together somehow. She tucked them into her pussy and pulled her panties up tightly to keep the chains from coming loose, but now the panties pressed up against her stretched little nub. She put a bandaid on it and over her nipples to keep them from rubbing too hard (finally the first aid kit she always kept around came to some use).

Finally she was out the door. For the first time in days she felt she had her own space. Running on the wooded roads around the apartment complex let her relax and plan her strategy for the day. She would flirt her ass off. Whatever they wanted, she would give. She thought about letting the guys do whatever they wanted to her, treat her like a fucktoy. Getting past all the lessons she'd every absorbed about the correct way to behave, the situation wasn't all bad. These were good guys, she liked sex, and, she was surprised to admit it to herself, she kind of liked being bossed around. She'd be their little cumbucket, the thought made her clitty tingle, their little butt slut. She would own the role, and as long as she didn't let her hangups screw with her, everyone would be happy.

Her back and neck were a bit sore from holding the posture on her run. Coming back, Chloe found a glass pint bottle of milk on her doorstep. It was an old style container, more like a carafe, with no cover. It had a little paper bag next to it. It certainly didn't smell like milk, and the color was off. She opened the bag and found pictures in it of her getting fucked at the bar. There was another photo size envelope inside addressed to her parents. Her knees shook.

Everything she'd been thinking about earlier turned upside down. Until now everything she was doing seemed otherworldly. The link to her parents brought home the reality of what she was getting herself into. Whoever this was, how did he, or she, know where her parents lived? It had to be someone from work. Then again, it wasn't hard to track down people in this day and age. She read the note. Congratulations, this is your first bottle of milk! Step 1: Set up the camera on a flat surface, point it to you, and start recording a video. Step 2: Stand in front of the camera. Step 3: Tell the camera who you are and where you're from. Step 4: Take off your clothes. Step 5: Cut them up into little bits. Step 6: Drink the bottle all the way down in two minutes. Step 7: Smile at the camera. Step 8: Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Step 9: Email the video to chloefucktoy@msn.com

P.S. Wear something nice for your next run : )

For a moment, Chloe felt like breaking down. It hadn't been a week and she was already being blackmailed for doing things she didn't entirely want to do, but had committed herself to anyway. Or did she want to do them? A moment ago she felt like she had everything figured out and now it all got twisted around again. She took a deep breath.

Okay, number one: she was committed to being a slut. If she was a slut, then wouldn't she drink a bottle of cum anyway? There was something kind of funny about being blackmailed into doing something she would have done anyway, but the blackmail drove home the fact that she couldn't really back out at this point. She had picked up an identity and she couldn't do it in half measures. She took another deep breath and focused on her dilemma. Dilemma? She hadn't been drugged into fucking anyone. She had made the choice. She had known in the back of her mind that this could get back to the people she knew back home. So deep down, she had to be okay with that, right? The only issue really was the timing. She knew she would have to tell her parents about what she was doing at some point, but the possibility coming up this soon just seemed so fast.

She looked at the camera, and slowly she smiled. She was committed. She had to own her actions or they would own her.

Other than her mattress, she didn't have any furniture in her apartment, so the only surface she could place the camera on was the kitchen counter. She hit record.

"Hello, my name is Chloe Petit and I'm from San Diego," she smiled big for the camera. Her body was starting to relax into all the endorphins from her run and thinking about what she was about to do got her adrenaline going, "I just got back from a nice long run, and I could really use a refreshing drink."

She peeled off her sweaty shirt and shorts, then stripped off her bra. When she took off her panties, her clit chains swung down and she almost collapsed from the sensation. The camera saw her flush and shudder. She was performing.

"These clothes are nasty, and I've just about had enough of them, now where are my scissors?" She honestly couldn't remember. After a minute she dug them out from under her bed where they'd fallen after she had modified her outfit for Craig.

She came back in front of the camera, brandishing the sheers with a wicked grin and started in on her sports bra. What a waste. She didn't have very many sports bras and they were hard to find in her size. She smiled thinking at what deranged take on a sports bra the old man would dream up if she could talk him into making her one. If nothing else, her journey towards becoming a loose woman was kind of original.

Bra, then shirt, then shorts, then panties. Shredded into little bits and stuffed into the paper bag. She'd leave that out for the milk man to collect.

"Well, now that we've got that out of the way, here's the moment you've all been waiting for!" She reached towards the bottle sitting next to the camera on the kitchen counter and gave the camera a nice close up of swaying boobs. Conscious of the bonus show, she gave them an extra shake before picking up the bottle with a flourish and more tit jiggle.

"So, two minutes. I don't have a timer, so I guess that means I just chug this down as fast as I can, huh?" She pouted at the bottle. "Okay, one pint, ready, three, two, one!"

She upended the bottle into her mouth. She never had gotten the hang of chugging beers, and she'd only deep throated a cock once, with Craig. This was thick goop. She got a mouthful towards her throat and choked, cum shooting back up through her nose. She couldn't help laughing at herself. Semen was running down her nose and around her mouth. She wiped some with her hand and licked it clean.

"Oh, shit, time's ticking. Okay, second attempt."

This time she took measured gulps. The cum was a little cold. Who knew how long it had been sitting out there or whose it was. The thought didn't make it taste any better. What if it was from a farm or something? Ick. She could feel her stomach start to turn and forced herself to think about teddy bears. So plushy, so cute. On the up side, a pint of jizz might not be a milk shake, but it probably had more protein. Perfect follow up to a long run. Maybe next time she could mix it up with some fruit and granola.

"All done!" She announced proudly at the camera and then stuck out her tongue and said, "Ahhh!"

She went over to her computer and loaded up the video, hitting send. As she waited for the video to transmit, she did her crunches and pushups, feeling pretty damn wicked. Nothing wrong with getting naked and drinking a bottle of cum. Hell, how many girls would go through with this sort of thing? Wearing cum, drinking cum. Oh yes, she was doing this one hundred percent and she was going to look good while she was at it. Twenty pushups, one hundred crunches, three miles. Every day.

It was 6:42 when she was ready. If she hurried she'd catch the 6:50 bus. She looked down at herself. Arthur had given her stockings to wear and she hoped he wasn't too upset that they had gone missing. Her creamy white legs looked good stretching naked from the three inch black pumps to the bottom curves of her ass, flashing out under the high hem of the shorts. She remembered how skimpy these shorts had seemed on Monday. Now, by comparison to some of the stuff she had been walking around in, it was practically a habit. She giggled to herself and wondered how many women would wear a shorts like this and think of them as conservative.

She put on the sleeveless linen blouse from Monday and buttoned it up only to nipple level. Slutty, she thought. But she was super slutty. She unbuttoned the one below, then the next. Three buttons held the blouse together now, all of them below her diaphragm. The opening of the blouse was narrow from her neck to the low button, but with each step, her tits would sway and flash their inner slopes through the opening. Not bad.

She made it to the bus, jogging the last fifty yards to catch it before it left and catching the eye of half the riders. The amount of bounce the movement put into her tits gave her serious concerns about running without sports bras. At this hour, she was thankful it wasn't all that crowded. She was in a frisky mood, though, and sitting down didn't feel quite right. She took hold of one of the poles and thought about her day. So she was committed to fucking all her coworkers, huh? She imagined them all taking her at once. Why wait till work was over? They were clearly horny enough all day to make a zillion trips to the bathroom. She found herself idly stroking the pole up and down.

She became aware of her audience. Standing there with her long, bare legs spread for balance, stroking a pole and swaying. No doubt she was showing off all the goods downstairs. She must look like a stripper warming up. Maybe she could throw her clothes at them... Arthur would kill her.

Maybe she could do something else. She figured putting on a little performance for her commuting admirers (the dirty perverts) would be a great way to start the day. Plus, a little more exercise wouldn't hurt. After all, a super killer slut needed a super killer body. She picked one guy and focused on him, looking over her shoulder, then bending down to place her clutch purse down. The lucky man's eyes goggled as the hot blond stuck her tight ass right up in his face. She was close enough that he could just raise up his hand and grab her. Damn, how he'd love to lick that.

As she straightened up slowly she crossed one leg sensually in front of the other, stroking the pole, strutting around it. The bleary eyed commuters were waking up. She put her hands up above her head with her back to the pole and legs spread, and slid down the pole, bouncing a little on an imaginary cock as she hit the bottom. She ran a hand down, stroking her crotch over her shorts, She slid back up the pole, running her hands over her boobs as she looked at her chosen guy, She strutted back around. As her hand strayed over her blouse, she absentmindedly undid a button. It just seemed like the thing to do. She stopped with her back to the pole and pressed her cheeks against it, letting the metal shaft rub between them. The cool metal felt good against her partially covered ass cheeks, and her hypersensitive pussy craved the pressure. She undid another button as she rubbed herself on the pole. With a sly grin, she opened up the next one.

Her blouse was fully undone. She held it together with one hand and spun around to face her target, then kept turning away, teasing him. In her head, she kept telling herself that she was a slut. She was in a world surrounded by men and she really did like to fuck. Fucking was part of her life, part of her job, and deep down, part of her nature. She shrugged the top off her shoulders and turned, pressing the bar between her tits, between the open halves of her shirt, and wrapping her right leg around the pole. Her hands pressed her tits around the pole, keeping her shirt over the nipples, and she stroked her body up and down around it. She kept her eyes on her target and gave him a lusty look, mouth slightly open.

She licked the pole as she shrugged the shirt off. Turning around the pole, her tits still pressed around it, she dropped the shirt next to her little bag. Then she got back up and arched backward till her breasts pointed straight back at her man. Her decorated nipples finally on full view. Her audience was quiet this morning, too early perhaps, but they definitely looked appreciative.

Upside down, looking out the window, she saw that her stop would be coming up soon and realized she had to give the man some kind of finale. She grinned evilly at him and spun out away from the pole, putting her feet on either side of him, wide apart. She leaned forward with her hands on the window behind his head and moved one knee, then the next to seats on his right and left. His hands went instinctively to grab the bare skin of her tight ass, his fingers slid right up under her shorts. Chloe lifted his chin up, tearing his eyes away from her 30 F tits and looking him straight in the eyes with her best hungry look, and she plunged her lips right down over his mouth. The lucky commuter kissed right back. That got the bus clapping!

She looked out the window over the man's shoulder and realized time was about up. The commuter was having a great time fondling her. His right hand had traced up over her back, trailing over the silver chains to her tits. She could feel his hand shaking as he mashed away. The man knew he'd never feel tits like theses and he was going to get his fill. Wordlessly, she pushed away, lips parted. A strand of saliva continued to link their mouths and Chloe licked his lips like she was scared it would go to waste.

Chloe moved off him quickly before he came to his senses and kept her from getting away. She grabbed her things and ran topless out of the bus. She was surprised at how much fun she was having and wasn't sure if her fellow commuters were more disappointed than her when she got off. Maybe she should go work as a stripper next. She had just played stripper on a public bus and no one had said a word. They had all just clapped and hooted. There was something dreamlike about the whole thing. Like she was an animal and surrounded by animals.

A catcall made her realize she was walking through the center of town topless. Phones were out taking pictures and she wasn't even trying to cover up. She smiled and waved at her admirers. Chloe was running fully on her slut instincts. As she neared the shop, she remembered her past exchanges with Arthur and remembered to get "properly" dressed. It wouldn't do to not have on one of the garments he had so painstakingly crafted for her. It was bad enough she was missing the stockings.

"Hello, Arthur!" Chloe strode into the store, genuinely cheery. She was happy she had turned the cum breakfast and the bus ride into golden opportunities to get into her slut zone. The great sex with Jeff last night had helped, too. "I'm ready for my closeup!"

Arthur picked up on her good mood. Seeing the beautiful girl glowing in his shop as he walked out from the back made him smile. "Hello, Angel. It's good to see you in such good spirits. You look splendid! Please, turn around, I love to look at you."

Chloe complied and did a pirouette, her arms out, "Arthur, I'm so sorry, the stockings got ruined at work. I know this outfit just doesn't look the same without them, and I'm so so sorry."

"Ah yes, it's a shame. They really emphasize your legs. I know you're just a slutty girl and you have accidents, but please be careful. It would look much better for the photographs if you had the stockings, and sadly I am completely out."

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