tagErotic CouplingsChloe's Sunday

Chloe's Sunday


Chloe was frustrated. Sexually frustrated. She hadn't been fucked since she and boyfriend split up over a month ago. As she stirred in bed, too early to be awake on a Sunday morning, she wished there was a man lying next to her. She imagined how he would wake her up by gently tugging at her nipples, making them hard before licking and sucking on them. She would take hold of his swollen cock and moan at it's hardness for her. Her fingers traced the line he would follow across her breasts and down to her pussy. She touched her pussy, feeling the moisture oozing out of her hot hole. She rubbed her clit, covering it with her juices. She imagined him doing the same, and could almost feel his cock teasing her pussy lips before plunging deep inside her. Her fingers pushed inside her, mimicking his actions. Her back arched, her breathing grew fast with desire pulsing through her. As she felt herself on the verge of tipping over the edge into orgasm the phone started to ring.

"Damn!" she breathed, relaxing back onto the mattress.

"Hi Chloe!" her friend's voice rang down the line as Chloe answered the phone.

"It's a bit early, Mel," Chloe answered with a sigh.

"I've been up for hours and you promised you'd come and help."

Chloe groaned inwardly as she remembered the promise she'd made to help Mel prepare for the huge barbeque she was holding in honour of her boyfriend's, Chris's, birthday.

"But it's only just gone nine," Chloe said as she checked the clock.

"I've got so much still to do!"

"Yes, but the barbecue doesn't start until four, you've got hours," Chloe reminded her.

"But everything has to be just perfect," Mel cried.

Chloe knew she wouldn't be able to get herself off the hook; Mel was one of those people who would never forgive herself, or Chloe as she had somehow been coerced into helping out, if everything didn't go exactly to plan.

"OK, what can I do to help?" Chloe relented.

"Thanks, Chloe. I owe you."

"Yes, you do," said Chloe, still frustrated from her unachieved orgasm. "Are there any sexy men coming?" she asked doubtfully, expecting is would be just their usual crowd of friends invited.

"Well, don't know if he's sexy, but Chris has invited Nick, someone who's just started working at his place. I think he's single."

"Probably just another computer geek," said Chloe, thinking of Chris, who was lovely and he and Mel were really great together, but just not her type.

"Guess we'll find out later. Anyway, I've got a shopping list for you if you wouldn't mind stopping off at the shops on your way over."


Chloe arrived at Mel's and Chris's place, a charming country cottage with a very large garden that Chloe loved. It had an immense lawn, bordered on two sides with beds of exotic plants and flowers. At the bottom of the lawn grew several huge, ancient trees, blocking the view of the rest of the enchanted forest-like garden beyond.

Chloe's car was laden with several bags of shopping she had picked up on the way. She couldn't believe that Mel had forgotten to buy so much, or more likely, she had just kept on adding to her idea of a perfect barbecue.

"Hi, Chloe. Great to see you!" Chris met Chloe at the car to help with the bags. "You look great!"

"Happy birthday, Chris and thanks," Chloe replied, appreciative of the compliment, but having spent next to no time getting ready, she wasn't sure it was warranted. Although she knew she was pretty, she viewed herself modestly and had little idea of how men would see her, dressed in a short, white, halter neck sundress that she had thrown on after her quick shower. The dress beautifully contained her breasts, showing a cleavage that most men would die for. Her long, dark hair made a stunning contrast against the whiteness of the dress.

"Hi, Mel," called Chloe, as she and Chris entered the kitchen.

"At last," sighed an agitated Mel.

"Calm down, I'm here now. What do you need me to do? We'll get everything done in time," Chloe reassured.

"Thanks, Chloe. You're a life saver!"


All the preparation was complete. The salads were made, the meat marinated, the drinks cooling in the fridge. Mel was still in a state of anxiety and Chloe could tell that she'd probably be glad when the barbecue was over. Chloe was trying to relax, lying on a sun lounger with one of Mel's fantastic cocktails. Now that all the work was done, her frustration at her interrupted orgasm returned. She almost couldn't wait for the party to end so she could get home to her favourite vibrator.

People started to arrive, the music was turned up to full volume and the drink began to flow. Soon the smell of barbequed meat filled the warm summer air, mingling with the sweet-scented flowers in the garden. Chloe scanned the familiar crowd - mostly friends of Chris and Mel, along with a few of their work colleagues that Chloe had met at a previous party. She spotted Cathy and Ben, a newly-wed couple just back from their honeymoon.

"Hi, guys!" said Chloe. "Sorry I couldn't make the wedding, family stuff... you know," she apologised.

"Hi Chloe, no problem," Ben replied.

"So, tell me all about the honeymoon," Chloe said.

Cathy proceeded to bore Chloe with every detail, everything but what went on in the bedroom. From exactly how late the flight was to how fantastic the food was, including describing the colours of the cocktail umbrellas (purple to match the hotel décor). Chloe switched off, but managed the odd "Really" and "That sounds fantastic" so as not to appear rude. Her attention was elsewhere. Through the open patio doors of the cottage came Chloe's dream. He was taller than average, well built, (Chloe was imagining running her hands over his muscular chest that there was a suggestion of through his tight shirt), with dark hair and dark eyes that drew you into his world. His eyes locked onto hers and she could feel the electricity that darted through the summer air between them sending tingling shivers of pleasure to her pussy.

Chloe longed to meet this mystery guy but she was too polite to extract herself from the conversation. She saw Chris approach him, shake his hand and introduce him to several people. Why weren't they coming in her direction? He must be Chris's new work colleague, Nick, but he was no computer geek.


It was dark by the time Chloe was finally introduced to Nick, although they'd been sharing furtive glances for a couple of hours. Nick had been wanting to meet her since he'd arrived, her simple, relaxed sexiness had made her stand out from the crowd of people trying to impress one another. Chris had been a great host, introducing Nick to everyone, making sure he wasn't uncomfortable fitting into his crowd of friends. But what Nick had really wanted was to meet this girl, not to chat to random strangers, most of whom he would never meet again.

"Chloe, come and meet Nick," Chris beckoned her over to where they were standing. Chloe was grateful for an excuse to extract herself from the group she found herself with, they were chatting about the wonderful holidays they were to take later that year, to places Chloe would never be able to afford to go to.

"Hi, great to meet you," Nick smiled at Chloe, shaking her hand.

"You too," Chloe said unable to stop herself staring into his deep eyes as his touch sent shocks of passion through her.

They made flirtatious small talk for a while before Chris, feeling excluded from the conversation, left them on their own.

"This is an amazing garden," Nick said. "Would you like to explore with me? As long as your not afraid of the dark, that is!" he teased indicating the inky blackness past the trees at the far end of the lawn.

I'd love to explore your body, Chloe was thinking.

"No, I'm not afraid of the dark!" Chloe retorted. "Come on, let's go!" she said playfully, grabbing his hand.

She crossed the lawn and passed under the great trees at the far side. Chloe's heart was racing with excitement. As they passed into the gloomy shadows of the trees, out of sight of the garden, Nick pulled Chloe to him and roughly kissed her. Chloe's legs turned to jelly at the feel of his hard body pressing into her, his lips soft and warm on hers.

"I've been wanting to do that all evening," Nick confessed as he pulled away from her and led her deeper into the trees.

"I've been wanting it too," she admitted.

Suddenly they emerged into a small clearing. If it wasn't for the sounds of music and laughter from the barbecue, Chloe could have imagined they were miles from anywhere in the middle of a dense forest. Nick leaned towards her and kissed her more gently this time, savouring the sweet taste of her lips and tongue. Kissing him back, Chloe responded with a small, involuntary moan. They lay down on the soft, warm grass; his body pressing down on hers, pinning her to the ground. He caressed her face as they kissed passionately.

"You're amazing, your body's so sexy," Nick exclaimed

Chloe could feel the hard swell of Nick's cock pressing into her as he moved his kisses down to her neck; blissful sensations spreading over her body. She kicked off her shoes and wrapped her legs around him. Nick kissed her again as he caressed her smooth thigh; pushing her dress up to her waist he then leant down to kiss the soft skin inside her thigh. His tender kisses stroked her skin with such heat and sensuality that Chloe thought she wouldn't be able to wait much longer to feel his cock inside her.

His kisses teased the satiny skin around her thong and up over her toned stomach. Chloe tilted her head back, moaning softly as Nick's expert fingers and lips continued to arouse her. She reached under his t-shirt and ran her hands over his smooth, hard chest. Nick broke his kisses and Chloe pulled his t-shirt off. She sat up and kissed and caressed his chest. Nick then pulled her dress over her head revealing her smooth, soft breasts with hardened, erect nipples. Staring admiringly at her breasts, he drew circles over their softness, then took a nipple between his fingers and gently pinched it and Chloe sighed in delight. He bent over her and took her other nipple into his mouth, sucking and flicking over it with his tongue causing her to breathe faster.

"God, that feels fantastic!" Chloe declared.

Chloe reached down and caressed Nick's cock through his jeans, he felt big and her pussy was aching to feel him fucking her. She unbuttoned his jeans and freed his cock to fondle it. She was entranced by its size and began stroking up and down his length. She wanted to taste him, so lowered her head and ran her tongue lightly over the head of his cock. She licked him up and down, making his hardness wet and shiny in the moonlight while she caressed his balls. Nick moaned with her teasings, wanted to feel her sweet lips sucking him. She took his thickness into her mouth, sliding up and down his hard shaft, slowly at first, then increasing the speed. His hands were in her silky hair, holding her onto him as he felt the tingling sensations in his cock increasing. He had a huge desire to fuck her right then, but wanted to repay her for the fantastic blow job.

Nick eased out of the rest of his clothes then pinned Chloe back down on the grass. He kissed her, savouring her taste and teasing around her mouth with his tongue. He trailed his kisses down her neck and chest, pausing to suck each hard nipple in his mouth. He continued his kisses over her belly and down to the inside of her thighs before his tongue parted her pussy lips, lapping up her juices.

"You taste so good!" exclaimed Nick as she pressed her back into the ground, pushing her pussy up to his face and groaned at the exquisite sensations as he flicked his tongue over her clit. He sucked her clit hard, enjoying her inhibited response to his stimulation. She made little whining and groaning noises as the pleasure built up and spread over her body. He plunged his fingers into her dripping cunt and she came hard, all the pent up tension of her earlier unfulfilled orgasm being finally released.

"Oh God...yes...fuck me now!" she demanded hungrily.

Nick slowly and tantalisingly inched his cock into her hot pussy. Slowly at first, he thrust in and out of her, enjoying her tightness wrapping around his shaft. Chloe matched his rhythm, moaning once again as he played with her nipples with his tongue. They fucked harder, both breathing heavily, Chloe grabbed Nick's arse, pulling him deeper into her. Their kisses were hot and passionate, their cries of exhilaration were unconstrained.

Nick's thrusting became harder and Chloe wanted him never to stop. She felt so wild and invigorated, his cock stretching her pussy felt fantastic, mind-blowing. The tingling built up inside her pussy, she concentrated on her pleasure, delighting in the sublime bliss. Nick was close to coming, he savoured the eroticism of such a horny, unexpected fuck. As he pumped hard and deep into her, Chloe came again, groaning loudly. Her pussy throbbed around his cock and Nick shot his spunk deep into her.

"God, that was good!" exclaimed Nick.

"I wasn't expecting today to be this much fun!" Chloe agreed.

They relaxed onto the grass, hot and breathless from their exertion.


Mel noticed Chloe and Nick returning to the crowd and went over to them.

"Everything's going really well, thanks to you, Chloe" Mel acknowledged, not noticing their post-coital flushes.

"I don't think I've been to a more exciting barbecue," Nick agreed, winking at Chloe and pinching her bum.

"Yep, I've had an amazing time," Chloe giggled. "And now I'm starving, hope there's some food left."

Chloe left Nick and Mel chatting and went to get something to eat savouring what had turned out to be a fantastic Sunday.

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