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Chloride! Love for the Ages


This story is about cheaters, swingers, and whores. Don't like that? Click somewhere else.


"Go ahead and take her up there. You could do a good deed and make seventy five dollars."

My mouth was half open. I had a partial smile of disbelief on my lips. Fear was in my eyes. You had to know my wife to know how dangerous this moment was in my life. Throughout our twenty odd years of marriage and life in several states around the country the underlying problem was that even a smile from a store clerk would turn into the accusation of me having a full-blown affair. Hang up phone calls and robo-marketing attempts were always a cover-up for some nonexistent liaison in Jeanie's mind.

Before I tell the story of my bat-shit crazy wife and how badly this idea could end I need to tell you more about Chloride. First of all my wife and I had retired here, bought a little place and pretty much kept to ourselves. Chloride is considered a ghost town that first began as a mining town in 1866. From a high of over 3,000 people between 200 and 300 now call Chloride home. Waves of mining activity have seen the town come and go.

The tourist part of town is pretty much gone with little remaining but run down buildings, vacant houses, and unexplainable junk. Out of town visitors come look around and shake their heads. Most realize they are about 25 years late in seeing any kind of tourist attraction. With no gas station or related services the one store in town serves as a Tourist Information spot, general store, and souvenir shop.

If you need anything like gasoline, groceries, or a doctor it's 25 miles away in Kingman. If you want anything anywhere decent or upscale its 80 miles north in Henderson/Las Vegas. But, rent is cheap. Several slum lords with houses that should be condemned rent them to people that no one wants anywhere else. The most of the town is either retired, on welfare, or hiding out from warrants. Most cell phones don't work here and the internet is at dial-up speed on a good day.

So, one might ask why we stay here. Well, housing is cheap. The weather is cooler than most of the area because we are up against the Cerbat mountains and if someone pisses any of us off there are always hundreds of open mine shafts we can push them down after we cut their throats.

Now, back to Jeanie and that bat shit crazy jealous streak. That $75 good deed came about because I saw a couple a strangers park a rented RV along the road in front of our house and just start walking around our lot. The wife posed with some boulders while the husband took photographs. Although we are friendly people there are boundaries. I went out to confront them and found out that that they were college professors from Berkley on a Visa from England to teach some stupid ass college courses. Normally that would have gotten them a visit down one of those mine shafts. The one redeeming value being their English accents. My wife is nuts about English accents. Anything on TV with an English accent Jeanie would be glued to the set even if it was a narration about where rats go to die. I often told her that if an English guy showed up in town, first off all she'd fuck him on the spot and then run off with him. Well, now I had one in the yard.

I invited them closer and hollered in the door that there were a couple of tourists visiting Chloride that I wanted her to meet. First she greeted me with a look of "What the fuck is wrong with you?". Then when they spoke to say hello she had a look on her face like someone had just handed her gold.

He introduced himself as Donald and her as Olivia. The moment he spoke I swear that Jeanie's nipples instantly pressed through her bra and into the fabric of her shirt. In a dozen heartbeats she had invited them inside and very hilariously offered them tea. Everything was going great and my purpose was yet to be decided as everyone seemed to have forgotten I was there.

The conversation went on to the tourist value of Chloride of which Jeanie told about driving up to see the murals painted on rocks by an artist during the time a hippie commune existed up there in the 1970's. There was the seldom mentioned payroll robbery where in the 1800's men robbed a stage at Cerbat and were captured in the desert on their way to Chloride. The money was hidden, $80,000 in gold at the time, and supposedly never recovered as two robbers were killed and the third died in prison.

So, there was much laughing and shrieking as the three of them got acquainted. Jeanie was locked in focus on the English couple. Donald keep checking out my wife and she hadn't missed that he seemed to keep readjusting his cock in his pants. I was feeling uncomfortable.

With Donald and Olivia asking what they could do if they camped at the local campground for a few days Jeanie told them that if they were daring they could perhaps get their rented RV up to Windy Point Campground for a few days. Quickly exiting to the outdoors Jeanie pointed high on the mountain where the road crossed over to the campground.

"There's a local guy that takes people on off road rides. He can probably take you up there so you can see for yourself."

Well, they made a call and apparently the guy was out of town. Jeanie was disappointed.

"Bill can take you up there, but there's only room for one passenger on the ATV."

All of a sudden I became the center of attention.

"Could you?" Donald asked me.

"We'll it's rough and I could only take one of you at a time."

"Take me first. I want to see!" Olivia practically screamed at me.

That's what set it all in motion. Jeanie was giving me a look like I had to take her. I knew there would be hell to pay if I did because I knew that Jeanie would swear that I fucked her .

"I don't know. It's about a 24 mile trip up, over, and down. The road has broken many a Jeep and left dozens of ATV's damaged and stranded when someone makes a mistake up there."

"What would the guy charge to take us up if he were here?" Donald asked.

"I don't know. Fifty to a Hundred Dollars." I muttered.

"Great! Why don't I pay you Seventy-Five to take Olivia and if I want to go I'll pay another Seventy-Five."

"I meant $150 if I made the trip I grumbled."

"Oh, Bill. You know you can take her up there for that. What would gas cost? Four or five dollars?"

That's where the story started. My wife Jeanie told me to take Olivia up the mountain. Before our retirement I would have thought that Jeanie wanted Donald alone to fuck him. The last few years of retirement we spent every minute together and I didn't think I would have to worry about that shit any more.

Knowing that this would all end badly I pulled the ATV from the shed and filled it with gasoline. Jeanie made sandwiches and put them and some drinks in a cooler for us knowing it would be a two to three hour trip. Everything was set and I couldn't think of a way out of it. I looked at Olivia and motioned her to the ATV. As, I drove off I looked into my mirror and I swear it looked like Donald was standing beside my wife with his nasty English hand on her ass. I looked over my shoulder at Olivia and she just smiled.

The road took us past the Murals painted on the rocks. Olivia wanted to get out and look around. This part of the trip could be driven in a car. With my mind on the clock I was wanting my English companion to get on about it and get back on the ATV. As she walked around looking at the paintings I did notice that Olivia had a very nice ass. That part made me squirm a little as she got back on and we started up the mountain.

"The road is going to get really rough at places. You might fear we are going to flip or overturn, but we will not. It's important that you hold on tight. This isn't a motorcycle ride. You can be thrown off and severely injured or killed. If you feel yourself slipping grab onto whatever you can."

A couple of times the road got a little rough and Olivia gripped my shoulders. Then we got to the Big Wash turn off. The first thing that greeted up was a wall of rock. I could tell that suddenly the plucky little British wife was having second thoughts.

"Holy shit! Are we going up that?"

"You can get off and climb if you want, but hang on tight and I won't let you get hurt."

It didn't take much for her to decide. It was a long and nasty climb on foot. Her arms gripped around my chest and I felt tits press against my back. My mood changed a little. That was a woman with a nice set of knockers back there. I enjoyed her softness and her scent. Having her legs spread on either side of me reminded me that her pussy right there, too. Had it been high school I would have pictured her cunt lips part to move tight up against me. And like a high school boy I got a boner.

The road was Big Wash Road now. If you aren't from the West a wash is a dry stream bed that floods with the accumulated water from rainfall in the mountains. With a name of Big Wash you probably get the picture. The road is a rutted almost impassable mess in places, especially the Eastern part of the trail that we were approaching. Below some steep rocks are lots and lots of tire tracks where the less brave, or perhaps, the less stupid turn around. I edged towards the rocks.

"We really aren't going up there, are we? Is this part of a joke?"

"Well, I drive up there and haven't wrecked yet."

Her grip tightened. Somehow she got even closer to being wrapped around me. The vision of open cunt lips struck my mind again. The boner continued.

"I guess I'll trust you."

I nursed the throttle and we moved forward at awkward angles with twisting and bouncing as I attacked the most rugged part of the whole trail. At the end of the worst part Olivia asked to get out for a minute. I had certainly scared the daylights out of her. She stumbled a little and grabbed for my arm again. I saw the movement and actually caught her in my arms. We were face to face for a few seconds as I looked into her eyes.

I thought of my wife down the mountain on flat ground with Olivia's husband. Olivia was quite the women. Her build was much like Jeanie's, the main difference the reddish hair and freckled skin on Olivia. I pictured her Donald with my wife. Did he really have his hand on her ass when we drove away?

My wife and I had both been married before. I had no other sexual experience until Jeanie broke up my marriage with an incredible blow job. Not just the blow job. The woman is also an amazing fuck. My first wife didn't have a chance and I left three children to be with Jeanie.

With all the accusations about me having affairs in was really Jeanie that had the history. Four husbands before me and her personal admissions to five other guys before we met. I think everyone knows that a woman admitting to fucking five men outside marriage makes the true figure hard to imagine.

Although I never caught my wife with cum in her crotch, bite marks on her tits, unexplained times when she could have been fucking someone I knew she was fucking around on me. I mean absolutely. There we times the only thing missing was me catching her in the act. Jeanie was a cheater. I just couldn't catch her. But, we were older now. We both had lost interest in sex. Me, mainly I didn't want to fuck her after knowing she had fucked so many others during our marriage while watching me like a hawk.

Olivia and I stepped apart. I decided I could trust Jeanie. She wasn't going to let Donald fuck her. Whatever stirrings Olivia was giving me needed to be put aside. It was owed to me. In over twenty years I had never cheated on Jeanie. I had every reason to fuck this English woman if she gave any hint of interest in me. I'd feel so shitty cheating on Jeanie now though and finding out that her cheating days were behind her.

I had Olivia get on the ATV and stepped in front of her to take my position. The road wasn't as rough now. Olivia stayed plastered to me and would squeal at the slightest rough spot. I was loving the tits pressed into my back. I could feel hard nipples now. I thought of the bumpy ride making her pussy wet.

Even where the road smoothed out Olivia kept her nipples buried in my back. I had no doubts that I could probably fuck her if I wanted. We came up to an old mine site. Olivia wanted to look around. It gave me a chance to check her out other than just the tits in my back. True, she had a pretty nice figure, very comparable to Jeanie's. All the years I knew how good a fuck my own wife was which made it difficult to want to cheat even with an equal match.

Olivia was giving me other ideas as she pranced around the old mine site showing off her ass as she climbed and then a deliberate tit shot right down her shirt. No wonder I felt her nipples so well ... no bra! She had me interested and I was considering playing the get even card against my wife. What was really going on down the mountain in Chloride? My thoughts about my wife fucking Donald were climbing to 60% that she would. Olivia caught me watching and smiled.

At about the two hour mark we had crossed the length of the mountains and were on a maintained road. After all the bouncing and twisting it was good to be on a real road. We rode along at about 15 MPH past the communication towers and cruised into Windy Point Campground. As usual there was no one in any of the eight or so spaces.

Windy Point is a Bureau of Land Management campground. That means minimum services. Each space has a camp spot, picnic table, and fire ring. There are two nice dry toilets in a building. I showed Olivia the view to the West and South from the rocky, boulder strewn section that overlooks Chloride. Down in town I could see my house and the Motor Home where Donald had parked it. I wondered what my wife was doing.

In looking at the other spaces Olivia chose the one that was down under trees. Not so much view, but nice shade. We unpacked the lunch my wife had made us and sat at the picnic table. The look on my face must have told my story. I was a farm boy that didn't get laid until I was 19 and about to marry my first wife. Even though I had never caught Jeanie fucking around on me it bothered me a lot that she had. Giving her the benefit of the doubt I estimated an 85% chance that Donald had his cock in her.

Olivia and I were setting side by side on the bench at the table. She had given me several tit shots down her shirt unpacking lunch and brushed against me several times when she got up, stood behind me, and hugged me with those nice tits in my back again.

"I'm beginning to think I am losing my touch. You know he's fucking her, don't you?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure."

"Didn't you see the way she was looking at him. She was fucking him before we were out of sight."

She dialed Don's cell number and laid her phone on the picnic table in front of me as she learned over right next to my ear to speak. She push speaker phone.


"Are you fucking her?"

"Oh, hell yes! Second time. I just turned her over and am fucking her from behind."

"Give it to her good, Honey!"

"How about you?"

"Not yet. Wish me luck!"

I could hear Jeanie making noises I've not heard her make in a few years. The English guy was definitely fucking my wife. She was getting quite vocal. Olivia pushed the mute button rather than disconnect the call. I heard a little rattle as Donald laid the phone down, probably on my nightstand by the bed. From my wife Jeanie I heard her enjoying his cock.

"Fuck me with that thing. Harder! Harder! Harder!

Then the noise she makes when she cums, almost as a scream.

"Keeping fucking me, keep fucking me, keep fucking me. Oh God! Keep fucking me.

All we heard from Donald was grunting. From Jeanie it was:

"Are you cumming in me again? Are you cumming in me? Oh, fuck! Cum in me."

"He's just getting started. Donnie loves the little blue pill. That commercial that mentions a hardon lasting four hours? Donnie does that. Your wife is getting the fucking of her life."

I was just staring at her phone with my wife's cries coming from it as Donnie fucked her.

"Still feeling guilty? Are you going to fuck me now?"

I looked at Olivia. She was taking off her shirt. God! Those were nice tits. Her pants came off. She wasn't wearing underwear. I had a naked English woman standing in front of me.

"Come on Bill. Fuck me!"

Everything rushed through. Yes, the naked woman part and being asked to fuck her in an English accent had me going. I reached for the bottom of my T-shirt and paused.

"You can't change you mind now, Bill. Come over here and fuck me."

"Sorry." I stammered. "Twenty years she cheated on me and I never had sex with another woman because I wasn't positive she'd screw around on me."

"Well you have no doubts now." Olivia motioned towards Jeanie's cries of passion coming from the phone.

"Oh, Jesus Christ! Fuck me! Pound that hard cock into me!"

"He's not telling her about his Viagra. She's probably confused, but thrilled Don's fucking her so much. It affects most wives that way. They want more and more and Donnie gives it to them."

How could I not have sex with this woman? She's cute and sexy as hell. She smiled at me before turning to lean over the end of the picnic table. She bent over and exposed her puffy cunt to me. I hated to admit to myself, only the third pussy I'd even seen that I was going to fuck.

What a perfect place. The mountain setting. The pine trees, the rocks and boulders. The mountain air. Off came my shirt and shorts. Olivia peeked back over her shoulder and let out a little giggle.

"Oh, it's nice. About the size of Donnie's"

That was good news. With all the noise Jeanie was making through the phone I figured Donnie must have a foot of cock on him.

Olivia looked back at me again.

"Come on. Put it in me!"

The head went in and I waited, feeling the warmth and softness of English pussy. Olivia moved back on me and I buried myself the rest of the way. It was good. The most empowering feeling flooded me as I realized that I was finally cheating on my wife.

I didn't want it to quit. Neither did Olivia. I held myself really well. Olivia had cum twice and there was no way she was faking it. As I felt that tingle in my groin she was working in to another one. A huge one as it turned out as she orgasmed just as I sent my seed spraying into her unprotected cunt.

Maybe shocked was what I was feeling. That sort of finished the deed. Cumming in her was the end of it. Olivia looked really content. My first fuck outside of marriage in over twenty years. As my dick softened and slid from Olivia's cunt Jeanie cries of pleasure still echoed out of the phone on the picnic table.

"Fuck me, Donnie! Fuck me more, deeper, harder. Cum in me again!" Then my wife's gasp that turned into sort of a scream.

I nodded towards the phone.

"There's no way I could keep up with that."

"I wouldn't expect you to. Remember Donnie gets all inflated from the Viagra. Sometimes he fucks me until I pass out. Lord knows what he does to other women. I liked what you did better. He's just perpetually hard and pounds into women."

"Jeanie seemed to enjoy getting her cunt pounded."

"Well, now. But, the difference shows up. It's not passion, it's not sex, it's just fucking with Donnie."

Olivia was going through the bag Jeanie packed with our lunch. She used the napkins to wipe my cum from her pussy.

"Let's get back. I'll have you fuck me in the Motor Home."

"But, my wife will be there." I protested.

"I don't think she is going to care."

We put the napkins and the sandwich bags in the trash and walked towards the ATV.

"Hey, it's mostly all good road on the way down. Do you want to drive?"

"If you going to ride behind me and play with my tits?"

"Of course not!" I acted offended.

"Then you drive!" She mocked.

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