Chocolate Chip Cookie Surprise


Falling back onto the bed, he rested for a moment, trying to get his thoughts straightened out again. That had been the most mind shattering experience of his life! He wanted to always remember what it had felt like to have her mouth on his cock, sliding over it, sucking on him, teasing him. A moment later he sat up and saw her still on her knees, his cum drying on her face. He told her to go wash.

Checking his watch, he saw that he still had two hours. He was definitely going to get another blow job before it was time to leave. Yes, indeedy! Next time, he'd have her start with the blow job then he'd fuck her pussy and let his cum spill out over her ass. In the mean time...

More pictures. If he would never have the opportunity to have her at his disposal, doing whatever he told her, he was going to have pictures to look at for later. Lots of pictures!

When she emerged from the bathroom, he had her get naked again. Then he had her position herself in various poses, some blatantly sexual, others less so. He knew his favorites were going to be the pictures of her fucking herself both with her fingers and with the dildos she had taken from the drawer beside her bed...and of course, the pictures showing him fucking her with his fingers and the pictures of him biting her tits.

She had seemed actually pained by the biting, which made him feel momentarily bad. There would definitely be some bruising on the inside of her tits and she might not feel comfortable wearing her low cut shirts for a few days, but that didn't matter to him. He had the pictures and the memories. Besides, this wasn't about pleasing her... it was all about him!

It was a turn on, however, to have watched her getting herself off. Her moans of unadulterated pleasure as she played with her clit and fucked herself, putting her fingers in her pussy and then licking her juices off each individual finger while using a dildo to continue fucking herself. The look of sheer bliss on her face as her hands rubbed over her tits, clutching them, pinching her nipples. She had balked at first when he told her to slide the wet juice covered dildo up her ass while she played with her clit, but she had done it, fucking her own ass as she screamed out when the orgasm overtook her body. Those were going to be some great pictures to look back on, yes indeedy!

According to his watch, he had only an hour left. Watching her, his cock had become harder than he had ever had it before and there had been several times he had had to look away and think about something else so he didn't cum over himself. He knew yet again that it wouldn't take a lot for him to spew, so the question loomed: blow job or fuck? Despite his previous fantasy, he knew he wouldn't last through a blow job to be able to fuck her.

He had her stand at the end of her bed, bend over and grab her ankles. Then he spread her legs, grabbed her hips and pushed her pussy down onto his cock while he watched their reflection in the mirrored doors of her closet. Every time he pushed her down, her tits jiggled, sometimes slamming against her chin. He could see his ball sack slapping against her spread pussy lips. He wasn't sure what turned him on the most... the visuals or the feel of her pussy tightening around his cock. He reached to the bed, picked up his camera and took a picture of the reflection in the mirror. Then feeling himself about to explode, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and let himself cum on her ass...getting a picture of that too.

Nearly forty five minutes left. Not sure he'd be able to cum again so soon, but wanting desperately to feel his cock in her mouth once more, he turned her around to face him and instructed her to suck him clean. She was able to put his entire flaccid dick in her mouth at once, rolling her tongue around it, sucking on him. He didn't care if he got hard again, it still felt great! Then she moved her mouth off his cock and began to suck on his balls, taking one then the other in her mouth and OHGOD! He had never imagined that could feel so fantastic! To his surprise, he could feel that familiar stirring, felt his cock coming to life again. She stopped after five minutes, informing him she had 'cleansed' him as instructed.

Opening his eyes, he happened to glance toward the bathroom, reminding him of two more fantasies he wanted to see happen while he still had the time. Taking his camera with him, he walked into that room and called for her to join him. He had her sit on the toilet, spread her legs, and told her to pee so he could see it. Other people might find it an odd fantasy, but he didn't care... he wanted to watch all that liquid pouring out of her pussy, hear it hit the water below. He took his cock in one hand, slowly pumping it, while his camera captured her as she pissed.

When she had finished, he told her to shower. Leaving the curtain open, he instructed her on how and where he wanted her to wash herself, taking more pictures. Fifteen minutes later, his cock hard again, he took off his shirt and shoes and stepped into the shower with her. One last blow job before he had to leave.

"Mmm," he moaned as she expertly licked his shaft while it was in her mouth. "One more thing I'd like to impart. Every time you see me you're going to have an intense desire to have me fuck you. Sometimes your mouth, sometimes your pussy, sometimes both. You won't be able to stop yourself. You're going to feel yourself getting all moist and hot and the only way to satisfy it will be my cock. You won't know why. Do you understand?"

The movement of her head bobbing in agreement while she still sucked on him was enough to send him over the edge. He told her to swallow.

Toweling himself off quickly, he then dressed and told her to get out and go clean her bedroom up. Not wanting to be in her apartment when the effects of the cookie wore off, he left just before the four hours was up.

As soon as he got back to his little flat, he uploaded the pictures onto his computer. He doubted his instructions about wanting him to fuck her every time she saw him would work, but he had at least a hundred pictures of her now and could relive every minute of those four hours anytime he wanted.

He'd spent most of the following afternoon doing just that... keeping his little waste basket nearby, taking a break every now and then. It was during one of those breaks he heard someone pounding on his door.

No one came here to see him. He wasn't even sure anyone knew where he lived, so he was very surprised when he saw LaRain standing in the hall. Before he could say anything, she had pulled her arm back... then he felt a fist hit him in the face, just below his eye. Another blow knocked him to the floor.

"You manipulative little cock sucking son of a bitch! Did you think I wouldn't remember any of what you did to me?! Do you think you're going to get away with it?!" Staying down, he began scooting across the floor away from her. This was something he hadn't considered. Of course, the crone hadn't told him there would be no memory, he had just assumed it would work rather like the pills he'd used in Carla's drink. This might cause problems.

She took a step into the apartment, closing the door behind her. He could tell she was still quite upset, but there seemed to be a change in her attitude. Her breathing changed. Then she began to look at his crotch and he watched as she began to squirm somewhat.

He backed up against the sofa sleeper, using the arm to pull himself up. Taking a chance that his subliminal type message had worked, he unzipped his pants, watching her face as he did so. She licked her lips. He took his flaccid member from his pants, letting her see it. She took a step closer.

"I hate you!" she said as she touched her breast, rubbing it through the material of her blouse.

"But you want me to fuck you, don't you?" he asked, his hand manipulating his cock, making it hard.

She took another step forward, then one more, standing in front of him. She went down to her knees, taking his cock in her mouth.

Leaning against the sofa for support, he smiled to himself. Did it really matter if she hated him if this was his reward?

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