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Chocolate for Supper


You come back from a long day at work. As you walk in your eyes meet mine then trail down my body that is only covered in your unbuttoned shirt. There's a string of chocolate sauce starting between my tits leading down to my cunt. I walk towards you and start unbuttoning your shirt kissing each bit of skin I reveal. I move over to your nipple and slightly tug on it with my teeth then run my tongue over it before I pull back and blow on it.

Before I can move over to the other nipple you grab both my wrists and pin me up against a wall and crush our lips together, your tongue dancing with mine. You reluctantly pull away leaving me breathless, as you move down my neck and start to lick the chocolate sauce from between my tits. You suck on my nipples swirling your tongue around with my hands still pinned against the wall. You give my nipple one more lick as you move onto the other lightly biting the breast. That's gonna leave a mark. I think you did that on purpose

You move down my body licking the chocolate sauce to my pussy finally letting my hands go but instructing me to keep them against the wall. You drop to your knees and lift my leg over your shoulder as you run your tongue over my pussy lips while you squeeze my thigh in your hand. I feel your fingers part my pussy lips and your tongue sinks into my pussy careful not to touch my clit. You run your tongue around my inner pussy lips as you slip your finger deep inside me. I beg you to suck on my clit but you just carry on sliding your finger in and out of my pussy

You slowly withdraw the finger that's covered with my pussy juice. I feel your hands spread my ass cheeks and your finger circle my asshole spreading my juices around. You start push your finger in and I pull away a bit as it hurts, you hold me still and push your finger further in and suck my clit to distract me from the pain. I rock my body against your face as the pleasure and hint of pain sends me over the edge. My hands drop to your head trying to balance on shaky legs as I cum all over your face.

I join you on the floor to catch my breath.

I finish unbuttoning your shirt and pull it off moving down to unbutton your pants and pull them off along with your boxers, releasing your hard cock. I lick your pre cum spreading it around with my tongue then sucking on just your head. I won't let anymore than that into my mouth as I run my nail down your inner thigh. I look up to your face, your eyes begging me to take more into my mouth. I smile up at you and totally pull away; the look on your face is priceless

I wrap my hand around your cock stroking it while I run my thumb around your head spreading your pre cum around making it glisten in the light. Then dip my head down and take your cock into my mouth deeper until I feel you slip into my throat. I slip my finger into my pussy getting it all wet as I fuck your cock with my mouth. I move my hand to your ass and slowly push my finger in as I massage your balls in my other hand. Your body starts to buck against me as you fuck my face harder and faster. I feel your cock about explode and pull my finger out your ass and drop your cock out of my mouth.

I give your raging hard on one last kiss and get up and walk away.

You pull my hands behind my back and bend me over the couch and slam your cock up my cunt. "You're gonna pay for that." You hold still for a few seconds for my pussy to adjust to the size of your prick.

You start to move in and out of my pussy at lightening speed reaching over and pinching my clit. I scream for you to fuck me harder my pussy muscles start squeezing your cock as I'm about to cum. You completely pull out and I look back to curse you.

"Payback is a bitch." as you slam your cock into my ass. I scream into the pillow. You lean over and bite into my shoulder as my muscles convulse around your cock I feel so full and it hurts. I feel something spread my pussy lips as it sinks deeper into my cunt. I realise you've got two fingers pistoning in and out. I feel stuffed but oh so good. I push my ass back against you and moan getting you deeper in my ass. You start to fuck me hard against the couch. There's no mercy. I've been a bad girl "fuck me harder Barry, make it hurt!"

That sets you off you hold my hips in your hands and start fucking my ass into oblivion all you hear is our heavy breathing and the sound of skin slapping against skin. You reach down and flick my clit as my ass starts milking your cock for all its worth. I start cumming, the feel of your cum filling my ass just intensifies my orgasm even more.

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