tagErotic CouplingsChocolate, Raspberry, Caramel Treat

Chocolate, Raspberry, Caramel Treat


I roll over and reach for you in my sleep, only to find an empty and cold bed. I sit up and run my hand through my short hair, my cock twitches at the thoughts flickering through my head.

Your body under mine...your soft moans in my ear...your mouth on my cock, it makes me instantly hard as hell as I swing out of bed and set out to find you.

I walk down the hallway to the kitchen to see you standing there, leaning against the counter top with a spoonful of iced cream on its way to your mouth.

I groan low as I watch the spoon enter your mouth. You tongue flicking out and licking the back of it as you lose yourself in the creamy concoction. My cock jumps as I stand in the shadows and just look at you for a few minutes.

Your long brown hair spills over your shoulder, my t shirt that you had obviously picked up off the chair on your way out of the bedroom is a little wrinkled but looks sexy as hell, the cotton stretched over your soft rounded breasts and snug over your curvy hips as it ends at mid thigh.

As I watch, your mouth makes love to the spoon. You lick it clean each time it comes out of the pint of Ben and Jerry's, you little pink tongue darts out and I have to bite down, remembering the feeling of it on my cock. You turn away from where I stand and give me your back, my eyes move down over your rounded ass and I move behind you quietly.

You jump a bit as I press my front to your back, my cock pushing against the soft cheeks of your ass. I grab your hips and pull you back against me, rubbing my length against you.

"Hungry baby?"

I purr into your ear, inhaling your sweet smell, pulling you back against me and rotating my hips to let you know I'm hungry as well, but for something entirely different.

I hear your short gasp of air as my body rubs against yours, my hands drift up your sides and close over your big breasts. I pinch and pull your nipples through the material, my teeth biting lightly at the tender skin of your neck.

You turn in my arms, the iced cream all but forgotten as my hands slip under the hem of the shirt. I run my fingertips lightly over the soft skin of your thighs, dragging the t shirt up with my hands as I trace the contours of your body. I pull the shirt over your head then grip you by the hips, lifting your bottom onto the cool countertop.

I hear your gasp as your warm skin comes into contact with the cool tile, I step between your legs and kiss you, pushing your body back until you are all but laying. You are laid out for me like a feast as I lean back and look down at you. Out of the corner of my eye I spot a few things that you had obviously pulled out to have with your late night snack, I decide with a sly grin, to use them for mine too.

You watch me as I lift the bottle of chocolate sauce and pop the top, a small grin on your lips as I tip the bottle and watch the thick, dark confection seep from the bottle and drip slowly down onto your light skin, I hear your sharp intake of breath as the cool liquid trickles over your breasts leaving your nipples hard as pebbles.

I lick my lips and direct the stream, leaving a long trail, from breast to breast. I move if down your body, leaving a chocolate stripe in my wake then squeeze the bottle just above your pussy and let the smooth gooey fluid coat the folds of your mostly hairless sex.

I lean over you and you groan as I take my first lick, the sweet chocolate coats my tongue as I lave you, starting in the valley between your breasts. I lick you like a kitten, small licks, working my way up to your nipple, but not touching it. I grip both your breasts in my hands, god they are magnificent, big but not too big, and so soft they spill over in my hands as I knead the pliant flesh

I lick circles over your areola, teasing your nipples into stiff peaks until your hand grips my head and pulls me closer. I open my mouth and take the hard tip between my lips and suck, rolling your nipple with my tongue, letting my teeth bite down lightly then as your moans increase, I move my mouth to the other, teasing it while my fingers keep pinching and pulling, rolling and tugging.

I slide lower, my tongue rasping over the soft skin of your stomach, nipping playfully I work my way down your body. You slide your legs wider and I can smell your excitement mixed with the heady smell of the chocolate as I get closer and closer to your center.

I stop at your belly button and dart my tongue playfully inside as I look up at you, shifting so I am hovering over where you I know you want my mouth the most. My blue eyes lock with yours. You look wild, messy and sexy, and so fucking sexy with your breasts smeared in chocolate, your nipples tight. I push my cock into the hard counter to try and calm down a bit as I lean up and reach for another bottle just above your head.

I kneel between your wide spread thighs again and tip the bottle up and squeeze. The dark red liquid oozes out of the bottle and mixes with the chocolate, dripping over and down the velvet folds of your pussy. The raspberry sauce mixed with the chocolate and your juices make one of the most delicious aromas that I have ever smelled. I breathe deeply as I put down the bottle and put my hands under your legs.

I flick my tongue out and lightly lick you. One long lick, teasing lightly over the length of your slit. I moan at the flavors; chocolate, raspberry and your own special tang. I smile as your legs move over my shoulders, your hips lift and press your pussy harder against my mouth, but I keep the licks light, sliding between the folds, exploring and tasting you, but not paying too much attention to your clit.

I let my tongue move down away for your hardened nub, your groan of disappointment is amusing as your breathing gets faster and you pull your legs up, placing your feet on the counter top beside your hips. I push my tongue inside you, wiggling it and getting as much of it inside you as I can.

You lift your hips and move them against my mouth.

I reach up and pluck at your nipples as you move your body, fucking my tongue. I let it wander, exploring every fold, every dip of your pussy as your hand comes down and tries to lift me to your clit. I smile as I work slowly, not missing a centimeter as I slide my tongue through your folds, working slowly up to the prize.

I flick once against your clit, your legs flop open while your hips lift against my mouth. I close my hands over your thighs and hold you open as I circle. My tongue moving against the sides of your nub, stroking it and flicking lightly over the tip.

"God....please baby....please."

You pant the words out at me, your head whipping back and forth as you try and grind your pussy against my lips. My hands hold you in place as I tease you, I keep licking you slow and light until I feel your body tensing under my hands. I move quickly and push two fingers into you, pressing hard against your gspot as I suck your clit hard into my mouth.

You scream out as you come in waves, your cunt clamps down tight on my fingers as I rub you inside, my mouth locked over your click and my tongue flicking against it inside my mouth. I groan as I feel your juices coating my chin and running down my fingers, I don't let up as I start to push my fingers in and out, adding another and stretching you as my tongue keeps stabbing at your tender nub.

You come again, on the tails of the first one. Your hips grind your pussy into my lips, working your sex against my hand as you take your pleasure. You scream my name as you ride my fingers, your hands gripping your breasts and tugging hard your stiffened nipples.

I groan as I stand, my cock almost hurts I'm so fucking hard, shaking with the need to be inside you. I pull your legs over my hips and sink slowly into your still pulsating pussy. I groan loud as your muscles contract around me, spasm up and down the length of my cock. I start to move, pulling out almost all the way and slamming back into you hard.

I growl, I can't help it, your pussy is so hot and wet, your juices and the remnants of the sauces coat my cock as your fingernails score my back. I push harder and faster, slamming into you over and over, watching your breasts bounce in time to my thrusts. I dip and head and bite down on one nipple as my hips piston in and out of you, loving your cries, the way you lift your hips to meet my every movement.

Grunting, I feel it start, my knees almost buckle as you come again, gripping my cock so tight it feels like its locked in a hot, wet velvety vice. I half grunt and half cry out as I feel the come race up my shaft and shoot out into you, filling you. I thrust hard as my cock jumps, crying out loud as I bury myself inside you feeling every spasm ripple up and down my shaft, making my whole body shudder and contract.

I collapse against you, your fingertips tracing lightly over the skin of my back as I catch my breath.


I sigh the word into your shoulder then move and kiss you, long and hard on the lips.

You grin playfully up at me and push me up, my cock slips from your sopping pussy as you sit and reach beside you.

"I wasn't quite done my snack baby," You smile at me as you wave another bottle in front of my face, a mischievous glint in your eyes, "I guess I get to try the caramel?"


I take his hand and shift him, changing places, wedging him between me and the counter as I lean close and press my body flush against his.

His little intake of breath makes my body clench as I lean up to kiss his lips, tasting myself, the chocolate and the raspberry sauce.

I moan into his mouth as my sensitive nipples brush against his hairless chest. My hands move slowly over his body and down his arms. I take his hands in mine and place them on the countertop behind him, trusting him to leave them there I reach for the caramel.

I step away from him for a moment and turn on the taps, running hot water over the bottle and warming the gooey mixture inside. I move back and push against his shoulder, he moves his arms bracing himself against the countertop as I drizzle the heated syrup over his chest, making sure I got both of his nipples and then run a stream of caramel down his tight stomach over his already half hard cock.

I smile up at him as I put the caramel down beside him and lean in. I dart my tongue out and lick over his breast bone, groaning as the sweet, buttery sauce coats my tongue. His taste mixed with it is heavenly; I wish I could dump him on my iced cream.

I smile at the thought, an idea forming as I reach for the spoon still sitting in the pint of iced cream beside us on the counter. Its mostly melted but still cool as I dump a little glop.

It starts to run down quickly as he sucks in his breath and I lean in quick, running the flat of my tongue over his nipple, cleaning it in one sweep. I smile and lower my lips to him, sucking then biting down lightly on his small nip as his breathing comes faster.

I repeat the process, dribbling a spot of the melted iced cream against his chest then slowly licking it off, the warm caramel then the cool iced cream makes his nipples tight under my tongue as I flick them with my tongue. I lick a trail slowly down his torso, my tongue cleaning off the sticky trail as I go, my hand reaches down and cups his sac, teasing him, rolling his balls in my hand as my tongue laps at his skin, my teeth sink into his hip as I move lower and lower until I'm kneeling in front of him.

His blue eyes stare down into mine as I first daub a bit of iced cream on the head of his cock then wrap my hand around him, lifting the caramel covered shaft to my lips. I lick him like a lollypop...long slow licks from the tip to the base.

I smile as his hips buck, pushing his cock against my tongue. His hand tangles in my hair and he tugs lightly, trying to set the pace...but I don't let him.

I take my time and cover every inch of his cock with my tongue, then drop my head lower and lave the rough skin of his sac, sucking the tender skin between my teeth and nipping lightly. His hand clenches hard in my hair as I lift my head and flick my tongue over the tip of his sticky cock.

Smiling up into his eyes as I open my mouth and wrap my lips around the engorged head...then slowly slide him into the hot wetness of my mouth.

I moan low, slipping his even length further between my lips...inch by inch...until I feel the head of his cock in the back of my throat and the tickle of his coarse hair on my chin. My lips lock around his shaft and I taste him...me...chocolate...raspberry...and the buttery smooth caramel. I glide slowly back up, moaning and sliding my tongue all over his shaft in my mouth. I know he loves to see his length disappearing into my mouth so I keep the pace slow, taking him as deep as I can while I look up at the intense expression on his face.

His hips start to rock against me, matching my rhythm, sliding between my lips, creating the sweetest friction and fucking my mouth slowly. His head lolls back and a low moan comes from his chest.

"Oh fuck baby," his voice is a low, almost tortured, whisper, "God...stop teasing me...I need to be inside you...please."

I take pity on him and release his cock, not before placing a chaste kiss on the purple tip as my mouth slides off him.

He grips me under the arms and lifts me up quickly, his mouth coming down on mine hard and kissing the hell out of me before turning me so my stomach is pressed against the countertop. I arch my back, feeling his heat along the length of my back as I push my ass against his cock and move a bit, rubbing my cheeks against the underside of his cock. I hear him hiss in my ear right before he moves and then I feel the head of his cock stroking up and down the length of my sopping pussy. It bumps my clit, causing a low cry to escape from my lips.

He pushes into me hard, filling me with his thick cock in one stroke as I grip the countertop for leverage. He starts to pound into me, just like that...hard, deep and fast. Just perfectly fucking me. I cry out as his thrusts almost lift me off my feet, pushing back against him I meet his rhythm, clamping down hard as he adjusts his angle and starts that delicious friction deep inside me. His cock rubs against my gspot as his fingers skim over the strip of hair above my pussy and his fingertips start to strum my clit.

The sensations spread out from my pussy like a wildfire and I scream his name, laugh in abandon and see stars as my body shakes, then clenches and I come harder than I think I ever have before all over his still moving cock, my knees lock, my pussy grips him so tight he feels like a part of me.

His hands come up and cup my breasts, pinching and rolling my nipples as his hips piston, drawing out my pleasure. I cry out again as he brings another explosion rolling out of me, his fingers move over my body, playing with my breasts as his cock slams into me. I let my head loll back as he buries himself deep and grips my hips tight, holding me to him as he finds his own release. His teeth nip my soft skin, shouting his pleasure into the hollow of my shoulder as his cock twitches and throbs deep inside me.

I all but collapsed on the countertop, my breasts flat on the cold tile as my breathing comes in heaves. I feel his cock soften and slowly recede from my body; his juices mix with mine and seep out of my body, slipping slowly down the inside of my thighs. I turn and smile at him as he rubs a sticky hand over his short hair.

"Gawwwwd...Aren't we a mess!" he grins playfully as he looks at my body...then down at his, "Shower time, iced cream girl."

I laugh out loud at him as he pulls me close and kisses me softly then takes my hand and pulls me down the hall behind him toward the bathroom.

I wonder to myself as I my eyes travel over his broad shoulders then down to his slim hips and tight ass, if they make fruit flavored, lickable soap.

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