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Chocolate Vampire


"Damn it, this is supposed to be a legitimate business, not some Willie Wonka fantasy!" Angel then tore the four page report in half and tossed it to the side. "Now then, I suggest that you make yourself useful and scrub all the toilets in this facility or find another job." Angel then stormed up out of her chair and past the devastated manager to make a round of her business.

It had been two years since Angel had realized her childhood dream of owning a chocolate factory. She had realized this dream by investing heavily in one of the many companies her father had owned, which turned out very successful. She then sold the stock she owned in that company and invested heavily in a struggling chocolate factory until she was the majority stock owner. Since then, she had turned the company into a thriving plant that distributed high quality chocolate across the United States.

Angel pushed her way past the dark oak doors and into a small group of the daily brownnosing ass kissers that she grudgingly called a management team. Angel would occasionally have fun by either firing one of them or trick them into saying something that they would immediately regret later. She tuned out the usual statements of "I love the way your hair shines" and "I love your tan looks." Occasionally, she would get "Miss Angel, as a member of this company for the two years you have been directing, I have to say I just love they way you have turned this company around." Each remark made the temptation of throwing herself from the fifth story catwalk into a giant boiling vat of chocolate all that much more tempting.

Angel looked down at the endless sea of chocolate that she had built from the ground up. There were twelve giant white tanks that each held one of four different types of chocolate. The first three tanks held your typical normal chocolate. The next three held the dark chocolate that had made her business famous. The next three tanks held the white chocolate that she would bring home to her family during the Christmas seasons. And then she came to the three tanks that her personal favorite, milk chocolate.

Before touring the packaging part of the plant, she performed the usual ritual of dismissing the gang of brownnosers back to work. She thought back to all of the managers that she had promoted simply because they stayed at work instead of following her around showering her with half assed compliments. After they had all left, she pushed the latch to make her way through the packaging facility. She watched intently as the workers there inspected the chocolate and wrapped it in the tin foil that the public would clamor for.

Angel however paid special attention to the screening process that would separate the good chocolates from the bad ones. Any misshapen piece would be picked out, unwrapped, and tossed onto a conveyer belt. She couldn't help but sway her hips just a little as each piece found its way into the recycling process. At the end of each day, she knew that the unused chocolate would make its way into the final part of the plant, the recycling process. She usually stayed and watched the belt until she couldn't suppress the small whimpering moans from escaping her closed lips. Then she would quickly make her way into the actual recycling plant itself.

Unlike the other two facilities, the recycling plant was dimly lit and was made up of several small tubs that contained the useless chocolate. She looked down at the small cluster of workers here constantly checking and filling the tubs, which were each just about the size of a large bath tub. The white coats would then place small signs on the tubs which would tell whether or not the chocolate would be fit to be molded again.

She stared deeply into a random tub of milk chocolate and silently purred. She could see herself tentatively lowering her body into the warm embrace of the sweet thick liquid. To feel the sticky addictive substance slowly fill her inside and out and to have the feeling of completely losing control to pure animal instincts.

Despite her excitement, Angel would calmly remind herself that closing time was only a few minutes away. After all, a good boss is always the last to leave.

As Angel made her way to her office, she looked down from the catwalk to see her employees gathering their belongings to head home. She looked out of a large window facing the horizon to see the sunset blare its final cry to her part of the world. Five o'clock had set in, and it would only be a matter of time until the final person would leave the boss all alone. She watched as the door watchman had stepped outside and locked the glass doors behind him. Angel breathed a sigh of relief and set her paperwork aside.

Angel casually strolled out of her office and into the factory itself once again. She kicked off her heels and carried them hurriedly down the catwalk to the recycling plant. She pushed the steel doors open and made her way past the packaging plant. She opened another set of steel doors which led to a stretch of catwalk and eventually an elevator. Her nipples jetted excitedly against her executive jacket, which in turn hid a white professional blouse and a black lace bra.

She hurried to the elevator door and jammed the button several times until a small ding opened the steel doors. She hurried inside and hurriedly pressed the ground floor button. When the door finally closed, she pressed herself back against the wall of the small compartment. She unbuttoned the professional slacks that she normally wore around the factory. By the time she reached the fourth floor, she was already twisting her panties aside with her right index finger while her left hand was fumbling for the jacket buttons that confined her breasts to a polyester prison. Her only witness was a de-activated security camera within the elevator and a tiny bat that had its gaze fixed on the heavily aroused boss.

A small bell rang to open the elevator on the ground floor. She couldn't escape from the confinement fast enough. She bolted towards a nearby tub of milk chocolate, which was marked as "fit for human consumption." She paused only for a moment to purr at the thought of the chocolate swallowing her alive as if it were some living bottomless pit.

Angel then snapped out of her hurried impatience. She untied her hair and let it flow over her ears. She then ran her fingers through her cherry red hair several times to give it a volume which could only sing in chorus with her arousal. She raised her head up as if she was looking ahead, only to lower her eyes to her chocolate lover. She quickly unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and paused to let her cleavage peek over the top. She purred at the liquid chocolate before unbuttoning the rest of the blouse. She then reached down to her slacks and unzipped them too. Angel then smiled and dropped the slacks around her ankles, now only clothed in a black lace bra and a pair of matching panties which were embarrassingly pulled to one side.

She stepped out of the slacks and kicked them over to the untidy pile of professional clothes. She placed a hand on the rim of the tub and tentatively traced a random pattern on the chocolate surface and purred "if you want more, you'll have to earn it."

Angel closed her eyes and purred in ecstasy as she felt her strength being drained from the chocolate's touch. Her whole body soon shivered in jealousy of her right leg's submersion. She appeased her body's jealousy by placing her left leg down next to her right leg. She bent down and checked a small gauge which read a temperature of 97 degrees. Angel purred appreciatively and imagined that it would be the typical hot tub temperature.

Angel then placed her hands on either side of the tub and let her feet slide down to the opposite end. Angel closed her eyes once again and purred as her upper body was swallowed more and more by the milk chocolate. Her hands rose up to grip the sides of the tub as the chocolate gripped the undersides of her breasts. Then, out of the reflex of the hot chocolate enveloping her hardened nipples, she pulled herself deeper until her feet hit the opposite end of the tub. The chocolate had then submerged her shoulders in its sticky embrace. Angel's hair was resting on the surface of the chocolate and the back of her head was resting on the back of the tub.

"Mmnn, that chocolate looks wonderful."

"I know, it's like being surrounded by pure ecstasy and..."

Angel jumped out of her fantasy and looked around with sudden alarm. She gripped the side of the tub once again and brought her head back up to examine the dimly lit facility. Whosever's voice that was had a low, sultry husk with a feminine touch to it. She snapped herself out of her state of arousal and began to stand up.

The feminine voice then spoke "careful, I wouldn't move too fast if I were you."

Angel then felt the chocolate suddenly thicken around her legs. She wobbled and struggled to get herself to stand upright. When she did, she found the chocolate had an unusual thick feel to it, despite the thermometer gauge on the side of the tub had indicated that nothing had changed temperature wise. Her legs were stuck fast in the chocolate and when she tried to pull her right leg out, she quickly discovered that her left had only sunk deeper.

"Didn't I tell you not to move too fast? You should try not moving at all."

Angel looked up to the balcony and found who was taunting her so. There, sitting on the rail, was a strange woman staring down at her. From down in Angel's position, she could only make out the crossed legs and the strangely seductive smile that peered over her knees. Angel called out at the strange woman for help, who responded by sliding off the rail and taking a five story plunge to the concrete floor below. Instead of hearing a sickening splat, the sound of a heavy footstep instead echoed through the facility.

The strange woman then walked over to the tub that Angel was hopelessly stuck in. Amazingly, she was unscathed by the five story fall that she just took. As she walked closer, Angel saw more of her stalker. Whoever this woman was, she was wearing her hair behind her ears with only a little volume to show the dirty blonde color. What struck Angel though was the out of place nightgown that the woman was wearing. It was a black satin gown with a crimson red v that rode across her breasts down to her navel. Although it was a strange design, Angel had to admit to herself that it was a nice contrast to the dirty blonde hair.

"Who...who are you?" Angel asked, noticing for the first time that the chocolate had risen to her thighs.

"Who I am is not important. All you need to know is that I am a vampiress."

Angel didn't know what to think. She had heard before that vampires really do exist, but was this strange woman really a vampire? Could she instead be a psycho stalker or some disgruntled former employee? The past two theories that passed through Angel's mind wouldn't explain how the chocolate bath she was in suddenly turned thick and somehow bottomless. Before she could respond with a question, the nameless vampiress spoke again.

"I've been watching you for quite some time Angel. Week after week you walk all over your employees for your own personal enjoyment. Then, once you're done trampling them, you send them out with barely enough to support their families while you waste hundreds of dollars of chocolate for your own personal enjoyment."

Angel stood stunned.

"How do you know my name?"

The vampiress simply lifted her hand and in turn brought her fingers together. Immediately, Angel gasped as she was suddenly lurched deeper. She was drawn down until the surface of her clit touched the surface of the chocolate.

The vampiress had reached the edge of the chocolate tub. The vampiress looked into Angel's eyes before smiling seductively. She then traced a finger across Angel's breasts and tasted the chocolate. When the vampiress parted her lips, Angel could make out two very definite fangs on the vampiress' upper row, which erased any doubt about the vampiress standing before her.

"Mmnn, this stuff is good. I guess since I already know your name it would only be polite for you to know mine. My name is Sakura."

Angel stood deep in thought, which matched her current situation of being deep in chocolate. What was she to do now, was she supposed to beg for her life or was she supposed to be patient and wait for the vampiress to get bored and let her go? Then there was the possibility of Sakura not letting her go at all and instead just disposing of Angel when the fun ran out.

All of these fears were dispelled however when Sakura placed a hand on the back of Angel's head and pulled her in for a kiss. Immediately, Angel's mouth was filled with a passion and intensity unrivaled by any human. At first, Angel responded by breathing heavily on Sakura's cheek before returning the passion. The whimpering moans returned to Angel as she moved her lips in unison with Sakura's.

"Mmnn, I've been wanting to do this for weeks." Sakura moaned whenever their lips parted.

The feeling of Sakura's fangs in Angel's mouth was incredible. Occasionally, Angel would run her tongue across the two pointy canines in what could be described as an erotic amazement. Angel was also amazed that the fangs didn't cut into her tongue whenever she made a pass.

"Mmnn, I just love what you're doing with your tongue."

This thought echoed through Angel's head like a gunshot in a hollow room. Arousal had now gripped Angel's body once again as her rear sank below the chocolate. Angel then began a slow labored thrust that resisted the viscosity of the thick sweet. Sakura replied to Angel's movements by simply reaching into the chocolate and saying "please, my sweet, it would be a shame if you tired yourself out. Let me take care of everything."

Sakura sunk her finger in into the milk chocolate and then pulled it free again. She took delight in watching the expensive chocolate drip from her finger into the tub that had entrapped Angel.

"But if you want more, you'll have to earn it first."

Sakura put her chocolate covered finger by Angel's lips, which she sucked and licked at in sexual frustration. Sakura then followed by sinking all of her fingers into the chocolate, which Angel desperately sucked at.

"So, how do you like it, my sweet?"

Angel replied by moaning "More...please..."

Sakura moved her hand back towards the chocolate and then stopped, as if to deny Angel's request. Angel replied with a whimpering moan. Sakura instead lifted a foot onto the rim of the tub and then let it slip into the chocolate itself. She lifted her other foot off the ground and placed it next to her submerged foot. The vampiress then raised her hand up to where it was level with the top of Angel's head. With one audible snap, Sakura sank down in the thick chocolate until she was level with Angel.

"Ooh, this is so fantastic, I can't believe that after 200 years, I have never tried this."

This time, it was Angel's turn to lock Sakura in a kiss. Both of them were now sinking endlessly into the chocolate. The thick hot candy was crawling up both of their ribs in a painfully slow climb. Angel purred "200 years? It's a shame then that I've only been here for 21 years..."

Both the vampiress and Angel tensed up in pure pleasure. It was like a giant wave of tsunamis had crashed throughout their bodies. The hot milk chocolate had now cupped their breasts and began devouring them in a systematic rhythm.

They both mourned in intense agony. Angel had visited the chocolate tubs dozens of times, but not like this. Not with someone to hold or caress her or even cradle her down to a bottomless abyss. She had never before been with a lover that could draw out her emotions and expectations in such a way that she begged and begged for her primal instincts to be set loose to writhe her body deep into ecstasy.

A red glow began to take it's presence within Sakura's eyes. She broke Angel's kiss and locked a stare deep into her eyes. Sakura then licked the chocolate off of both her index finger and her middle. She savored the expensive chocolate taste before she once again pushed her hand down to the chocolate abyss. She slid her hand past Angel's breasts, down Angel's flat abs and then reached Angel's hips. Sakura waited for Angel to start begging again before she let those two fingers find home in her clit.

Angel bent her head back to where her hair was once again dyed by the liquid chocolate. Her breasts had now been sacrificed to the chocolate goddess and now only her shoulders remained. As she mourned in ecstasy, Sakura saw Angel's exposed neck ripe for the taking. Sakura could only imagine just how much blood was flowing through Angel's veins at this very moment. Not being able to resist any longer, Sakura bore her fangs and drove them deeply into Angel's neck.

Angel's eyes were shut tight like a trap had suddenly gone off. The pain had made her body suddenly go rigid, but the pleasure that soon followed immediately made up for Sakura's bite. The pleasure intensified as Angel's blood flowed faster throughout her body. Angel's hips suddenly thrust against Sakura's fingers for the simple sake of driving them ever deeper into her throbbing clit.

Sakura's fangs soon felt like two sticks being thrust into a rushing rapid. Angel's blood was racing and all Sakura could do was drink the ever flowing blood. Even as Angel's body started to weaken from the blood loss, she still didn't give up on trying to catapult her body to the ultimate pleasure that had been denied to her for so long.

"You and I, we're both the same. You thrive on the labor that your employees for your money and I thrive off of the blood of my victims. We both need those to survive."

This recent truth reveled in the back of Angel's mind, which was only stifled by a clawing beast trying to tear through her threshold. Her limits were slowly being reached with every thrust of the vampiress' fingers. It was as if Sakura was baiting Angel's animal instincts to come out. The deeper Sakura thrust, the more Angel's limits were put to the test. The cage that kept Angel's orgasm was slowly breaking open. The latches on its doors were now only hanging on by a thread. The beast was slowly but surely torturing that last thread and it had no choice but to finally give.

Angel's screams reverberated throughout the entire plant. Her tortured cries had driven a vital part of her blood into Sakura's waiting fangs. The last of Angel's strength was expended by the powerful contractions of her sex. Angel's screams however soon turned to heavy breaths which also echoed through the recycling plant. Sakura pulled her fangs from Angel's neck and pulled herself back to admire the work she had just done.

Angel's neck was now being enveloped by the expensive chocolate, which was now ruined by the mixture of sweat, blood, and the sweet sexual juices trapped deep below the surface. Sakura then brought those two same fingers that had brought out Angel's sexual beast and gently tilted Angel's head back. She left one final message before disappearing into the night.

"I've always loved chocolate, but I never knew that it could be this fun too. I'm sorry I have to leave, you tasted so sweet too. Just be nice to your employees and be sweet until we meet again, which I promise will be very soon."

Angel woke up an hour later, which felt like several. She pressed her hands against the metal sides and felt her way down to the bottom as well. She looked down and could have sworn that this chocolate was thicker and bottomless. She figured she must have just dozed off and the whole vampire thing was just a dream. She stepped out of the tub and retrieved a nearby sign which indicated for the chocolate's disposal. She then retrieved a towel and began drying off the chocolate that had effectively covered her body like a latex cat suit.

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