tagSci-Fi & FantasyChocolates for a Scorpion

Chocolates for a Scorpion


Cody Cross breathed deep as he stepped out of his apartment building into the night air. God, possibly the best thing about this holiday was the smell. The city in winter normally just smelled like dirty snow, air pollution, and urine, but today it was different. His superhuman sense of smell picked up the aroma of flowers, of perfume and cologne, of warming chocolate, oil, and cheese, of champagne and wine, all covering up the stink of Neo City in February. Valentine's Day was superficial in origin, sure, but he didn't mind the effects one bit on a day like today.

He hadn't always thought of it so positively. As a shy and awkward teenager, he'd hated it; always seeing the girls he had a crush on get buried in valentines and gifts by admirers and their boyfriends, then knowing what happened that night, it made him resent the commercial holiday. All it did was rub his face in being alone. But that had changed over time, he's started to actually grow into his body and features and started getting noticed a little despite still being an introvert and a geek and then Wolf had chosen him and everything changed.

That had been eight years ago now. Had it really been so long? He'd had so many adventures since then, first as a teen hero and now at twenty-five, a card carrying member of one of the world's premier teams and being part of the mystical guardians of Earth.

He still didn't care for Valentine's a great deal but he sure appreciated the break it gave his nose. This Valentine's Day though, today, he felt very good about the holiday. He had a date with a girl he liked and he felt it had a good chance of ending with them both at her place. He felt a little bad about hoping for that, wanting it, but hell, he was still a young guy. And it had been a while. His life wasn't exactly conducive to a love or sex life of any kind despite being surrounded by the ridiculously beautiful women and men that made up the super set. He couldn't count the number of times he'd returned from an adventure so turned on by his comrades, or even enemies, that he'd had to pleasure himself before he could start thinking straight. Along with realizing just how much of the world smelled like piss that was another down side to his powers; his desires were stronger and more animalistic.

But there wouldn't be any of that tonight! It would be romantic, sweet, and blessedly normal. He had a dozen roses and a box of homemade chocolates, his nicest, well, only suit. The city was quiet, nothing was going to stop him from-

Cody stopped in mid-step, turning and breathing in, his nostrils flaring. Among all the smells of the city, its people, and the thankfully cloaking aroma of Valentine's Day, there was one scent that was standing out. A young woman's, younger than him, smelling a bit of sweat, of excitement, mild arousal, but offset with the musty scent of chitin and an acrid chemical tang. "Fuck!"

He ignored the questioning looks and the way people hurried past him or just moved wide as he shook his head, shifting the bouquet to his left hand and stuffing the chocolates under the same arm. Then he turned and made an easy leap that carried him up a story and a half, his right hand reaching out and taking hold of the side of the closest building, his feet pressing against it and bracing before he leaped again, up to the top and out of sight, people crying out at the inhuman feat. "She just had to show up now!"


"You just had to show up now!" The Scarlet Sting shouted, frustration in her vibrant young voice, as the heavy door slammed shut from the impact of Prowl's body against it; the powerful blow of her tail having caught him and sent the hero hurtling across the space of the vault. There was a series of thuds as thick bolts slid automatically into place around the massive portal of steel and titanium along with a whir of clicks as smaller locks engaged. Her red wine colored eyes went wide, the smooth, creamy skin of her face paling, plush pink lips falling open aghast and showing clean, white teeth. They were locked in? They were locked in! "You idiot! Now look at what you've done!"

Scarlet Sting, a name she usually preferred to her "real" name of Rachel Whitmore, threw her hands up in the air and stomped her foot in anger, making far more sound with it than one would expect from a woman of her size. The one time, the one time, in her nineteen years of life that she actually had a date for Valentine's Day and he had to show up and make her miss it! What the hell was he thinking?

Prowl, Cody's code name, watched his longtime adversary warily. "That's my line, Scarlet," he growled, already on his feet and watching her, his body tensed and ready to explode into motion at any moment. Shit! On his own, he wouldn't be strong enough to get through that door or any of the walls; and there weren't any vents that went in here that were large enough for anything but an insect. So much for his date. They were in here until the bank opened and the manager unsealed the vault.

She turned to face him and let her eyes look over her familiar foe. Even as many times as they'd encountered each other, she rarely got a really good look at him, he was always moving so fast! His eyes were not hidden by his timber wolf grey, sharp edged domino mask and they shone faintly in the dark like polished gold. His features were strong and sharp, almost rough but not quite, and clean shaven with a somewhat wild mop of russet locks that fell down to his jawline. His skin was the kind of pale that came with Nordic ancestry but was weathered and slightly tan from spending time outside. He was tall and lean but hardly skinny; that gracile frame was packed with hard, wiry muscle that could be seen flexing and moving under the body hugging costume he wore, almost every detail of his body showcased and clearly defined. It got less snug in the crotch area but there had always been a very large bulge there that she'd always been a bit curious about. It couldn't be that...he had to stuff or wear a big cup or something.

His costume did show off his ass however, and damn! He was her enemy and all but she loved to get her hands on it! It felt great and it always threw him off a step when she copped a feel during a fight. His costume was primarily that same wolf grey color with a stripe of a dull burnt yellow that started on the inside of the legs above his flexible boots and went up the middle of his chest to stop in a sharp "v" just below his neck, the gray resuming for his shoulders, the short sleeves, and the high neck of the bodysuit. His arms were bare below mid-bicep until the mid-forearm length gloves began, also gray with details of that burnt yellow. He wore no belt, leaving his lines fluid and streamlined, supple, sleek, and primal. He moved the same way; with an animal grace, power, and purpose that could sent a thrill through anyone watching as it set off that instinct buried in the human unconsciousness that remembers what it means to be hunted. He didn't usually have the box he had tucked under one arm and the bouquet of what had once been roses though.

Okay, so he was hot. And it looked like he'd had a date too. But he still fucked the whole night up! "You're the one who came in here all sneaky, picked off my guys, and threw us both in here. And shut the door!"

He grimaced, "You knocked me into the door; I didn't walk over and close it!" Prowl took a few steps towards her, golden eyes bright, "And you were the one robbing the bank in the first place."

"Sure, bring that up." She smirked then, "Though maybe you were looking for me, showing up with roses and chocolates...maybe I read this wrong and you were looking for a date." Her deep red eyes were warm as she looked over at him, pursing her lips just a bit, and running a hand over her hips to rest just above her ass. "You always look at me, Prowl."

He couldn't exactly refute that. Scarlet Sting was a pain to fight but part of him was always happy to see her. She was a young woman of average height and with a body that would make a blind man see. Her long, shapely legs met round hips and a magnificent double handful of ass that looked like you could bounce quarters off of it, a waist that was narrow but without looking as though she might snap in the middle, a taut stomach that was shadowed by a glorious pair of high, pert, plush breasts each almost the size of her head. Her shoulders were slender and the arc of her neck graceful. She had a lovely face with fine, clean features, high cheekbones and those temptingly kissable lips. She wore a scarlet mask that covered her forehead and cheekbones, curving inward in a pseudo-pincer like design but that left her dark red, sensuous eyes visible. Her hair was an outlandish yet fetching hunter green with a slight wave to it, currently pulled back into a thick, loose braid that was draped artfully over one shoulder. Both of her shoulders were bare; the super criminal wearing a halter style top that cradled her large, sweet tits in a pair of straps that hid her nipples but left a great deal of the side and under side of her breasts exposed, coming together around a thick collar that went about the base of her neck. Her athletic toned arms were bare save for elbow length gloves of scarlet leather that ended in vaguely hooked finger tips. A red sash wrapped about her waist several times, knotting just about the thick base of her tail, a pair of sleek and scandalously tight scarlet pants hugged her ass and legs until they met her ankle high boots, each with a two inch heel. How she could run, jump, and fight on those was beyond his imagining.

Of course, when she was, he was rarely looking at her feet. The way her face lit up when the action was on was...inspiring. As was the way her breasts bounced and heaved. But most of all, he watched her tail. It was like a scorpion's tail; segmented with plates of chitin the color of dried blood and topped with a large rounded head from which she could extend a short, sharp stinger. It was fully twice her body length when fully extended but she usually had it bent and partially curled; all the better to spring out and batter an opponent or dart out with a quick sting to deliver whatever toxin she currently had in her system. She could change them, though it was a slow process, to achieve various effects and though her body generated the chemicals she only had a finite supply and could run out if she overused it. The tail was as thick as her forearm and emerged from her spine just below the small of her back and above her bubble butt.

God, she was gorgeous. He could feel his body responding to her and growled low, and though it made her step back warily, it wasn't meant for her but for himself. "I won't say I don't look, you've always been as pretty as you are dangerous."

She quirked an eyebrow and her lips curved from the smirk to a more sensual smile, "Always? I was jail bait for most of our...acquaintance, you know. And you still looked? Mm, that's not so heroic."

"I'm on the side of angels. That doesn't mean I am one."

He watched Sherlock! He wasn't all bad, after all. "You totally stole that line."

Prowl actually grinned for a moment; a roguish, wild expression that showed just a bit more tooth than it should have. "It's a good line. So...what now?"

She sighed and shrugged, making her chest do delightful things, "Well, we can't exactly get out, can we? I'm not strong enough to rip that door open and without your super buddies, neither are you." Scarlet Sting had been fighting Prowl long enough to pick up on the fact that he grew more powerful when he had allies. "I don't see any point to fighting...I'm tempted though. I had a date lined up for tonight and everything! And you had to go and spoil it."

"I didn't want to end up in here with you either," he retorted. He felt a bit of sympathy though; her tail did make it hard for her to find acceptance, he knew that. Prowl sighed as well and visibly relaxed, shaking his head and setting the box he'd been carrying on one of the heavy steel tables that was along either side of the vault. The walls were lined with safety deposit boxes and there were neat stacks of cash along the tables; millions of dollars all just sitting there. "If you had a date, why the hell did you break in here?"

She flushed but couldn't help but blurt, "Because my holo projector hides my tail but it's still there! If things went well...he'd feel it, and he'd totally freak out! So I needed to get a dose of Norm, you know? And old Doc Alchemy doesn't take credit cards." Scarlet Sting suddenly felt exposed and she looked away from the hero, angrily glaring up at her tail.

"Is that so?" Prowl watched her, smelling and sensing the tension and embarrassment, as well as the disappointment, and the faint whiff of her arousal. She'd wanted the same thing he had from tonight; a romantic, sexual night like a normal person. He crouched down, resting his elbows on his knees, never taking his gaze from her. She really was something else...he'd noticed before but it seemed so much clearer now. Why was that? He was feeling more attracted to her than ever before and oddly warm as well. What was going on? "...I'm sorry."

She blinked and looked at him as he'd just sprouted a fin from the top of his head. "What?"

He shifted uncomfortably, "I said I'm sorry. About your date, not about busting up the robbery." Prowl's eyes met hers, "I know how hard it is to have a relationship in this kind of life, that's all. So. Sorry you got stuck here with me."

Scarlet Sting blinked a few more times and then smiled again, "Yeah, well." Relationship? Well, maybe. Her plan had been to seduce this guy while the Norm had her all regular human and then in the morning after it had worn off, pump him full of aphrodisiac so he wouldn't care about the tail he'd be so horny. After fucking her that much, there's no way a guy wouldn't want more. Right? "Doesn't matter now though." She pushed herself up to sit on the table behind her, legs dangling, her tail moving to wrap about her as she felt disappointment and loneliness settling in again. "...I'm sorry for you too, I guess. Was she pretty?"

He gave a bemused sigh, "Yeah." Prowl rolled his shoulders. Damn, he was feeling hot now. Was it just the two of them being in this space? It didn't seem like it should get this warm so quickly. But he looked up at his enemy, "Not as pretty as you. I should really apologize to the guy you were going to meet." He came to a sudden decision and stood up suddenly, picking up the chocolates from where he'd set them down and walking towards her.

She jumped off the table, her tail whipping up, bent and ready to strike, sliding into a ready stance, her fingers pressing and stiffening knife-hand style. "Hey! I said we don't need to fight! Don't make me whoop up on you, Wolf Boy!"

He stopped outside of arm's reach, which was still within striking range of her tail. "Here." The confusion on her face was adorable as he held out the box. "For you. I'd give you the roses, but they're pretty much all over the floor, so..." During the fight, they'd taken a shot from her tail and the petals had exploded all over the place. The floor near the vault door was almost carpeted in them and more had been strewn about the inside of the space during their short struggle.

Scarlet Sting relaxed into a normal stance, her face surprised, eyes curious but soft. "No one's ever..." She reached out and took the box, bringing it back and holding it to her chest for a moment. Her cheeks were rosy and a smile of genuine pleasure was on her lips. "Thanks." She felt a strange glee in her chest; he'd given her chocolates! Her first ever Valentine's candy! Then her eyes narrowed, "Hey, this isn't just because you feel sorry for me, is it?"

Prowl held up his hands, "No. I do feel guilty for making you miss your date, sure, but it's more than that." He felt warmer still; and he was sure he was sweating, the back of his neck felt damp. "Even if none of this had happened, a girl like you deserves to get chocolate on Valentine's Day."

She eyes suspiciously for another few moments and then smiled like a cat over a bowl of cream, "Yeah, I do." Scarlet Sting hopped back up onto the table, her tail swinging back and forth, untying the ribbon that held the box closed and then pulling the lid off. "Ohhh, they look great! Where are they from?"

He took a half step to one side and turned to lean against the wall. "Rampart made them."

"What? No way!" She laughed, plucking up a likely bonbon that had a few crystals of salt embedded in the surface. That guy? He was the strong silent type, even a little scary, it was so strange to think he was a pastry chef or whatever in his spare time! She popped it into her mouth and bit down into the bitter glory of dark chocolate wrapped around sweet caramel with the sharp salty taste bracing them both. "Oh. Ohhh, God," she purred, eyes closing. She chewed the candy thoroughly, savoring it, before swallowing. "That's...wow. Is there a Mrs. Rampart?"

She'd looked good like that; eyes closed in rapture, pleasure on her face. God damned good. He took a deep breath and wiped his forehead with one hand. Easy, boy. "Sorry, but you're not his type. He plays for the other team."

"Really? Figures. You know, that does explain the speedo look though." She shook her head and bit into another, this one filled with custard, "Mm, fuck, these are soo good." Scarlet Sting looked over at Prowl. Funny, she'd never seen this side of him and she'd been running into him for years, since she was fifteen. So weird. "...Want one?"

He held up a hand, "I gave them to you."

"And so they're mine and I can share them if I want," she answered tartly. "Seriously, you need to try one of these." The teenage villain fished one out and held it out to him between her fingertips, "Come on." She wiggled it, "Be a good boy, now. For your accidental Valentine."

He hated the dog jokes, he really did. But he couldn't be mad at her. The way she was looking up at him, with that smile on those kiss perfect lips, eyes bright, the way he could see that heavenly body from this angle, her breasts rising with her breath, he didn't feel anything but affection and far more than that, desire. He swallowed, nodding, "How could I say no to that?"

Prowl stepped off the wall and stood in front of her. She was beaming, the offered treat in her dainty looking fingers, held out for him to take. His heart was beating faster, his body flushed. He leaned down and, startling the hell out of them both, opened his mouth and took it from her fingers directly. His lips brushed over her gloves and took her fingertips between them and held them for just a heartbeat before he withdrew, chewing the chocolate as the taste of peanut butter mixed with that of leather.

For a few moments, her face matched the red of her costume. Scarlet Sting goggled at him, then blinked, "Wh-what was that?" He'd just...had that really happened? And it had felt nice! More than nice; sweet in a rawly sinful way. She looked at him again. His breathing had picked up, his skin was flushed, and there was sweat on his brow. "Why did you do that?"

"It felt...right." He rolled his shoulders again and then moved his head to one side and then the other, as if stretching his neck. "Sorry if it was too much, but...did you like it?"

What was going on with him? She inhaled quickly and her eyes went wide; she remembered! When she'd hit him with her tail and sent him flying, her stinger had flicked out on reflex and...and she'd pumped him full of the aphrodisiac she meant for her unsuspecting date. But this...this wasn't just chemical, she was somehow sure of that. He actually was attracted to her; the drug was just making it so he couldn't push it aside or put it out of his mind. Which meant...

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