Chocolates for a Scorpion


He blinked, "What do you need to get ready?"

Scarlet Sting didn't answer in words. She was already at one of the tables alongside the room, scooping up a double armful of the plastic wrapped packages of money. Prowl watched with bemusement and arousal, his cock having never softened one bit, as she threw them onto the floor, her tail slapping down on them to burst the packaging. More and more handfuls of cash went down and were smacked open, until there was a large mound of it on the floor. She turned and grinned at him and then let herself fall onto the pile, bills fluttering up from her landing. She arched her back and looked up from the makeshift mattress. A fantasy come true! She was going to be fucked on a bed of money! Prowl strode over to the pile and sank down beside it as she moved yet again, rolling over onto her front and then rising onto all fours. He blinked as she spread her legs wide and lifted her ass up, giving a full view of her soaked sex, wetness glistening on her thighs and even down near the puckered rosebud of her asshole. Her tail was raised high and she looked back at him over her shoulder, her tits hanging beneath her. "Well?" Prowl growled as he sank to his knees behind her, his hands running over her ass and down the outside of her thighs. Fuck, she looked so damn good! "You sexy little bitch," he purred, "You look fantastic."

Scarlet Sting giggled, "Make me feel that way." She wiggled her ass, "God, I want to feel that big cock in me so bad. Please, Prowl!" Her breath caught as she felt him moving up behind her, "Ohhh, yes, please," she whimpered. They gasped together as he rose up on his knees and the head of his cock stroked over her gash. "Scarlet," he slid his hands up her body, one slipping down to stroke up her tail, the other about her waist, "Are you ready?"

"Oh, I am, I am, hero." She licked her lips, "Just take it slow at first. It's been a while, and, well, I've never had a cock as big as yours."

God damn, he felt great already, but that? "I'll take it easy, Scarlet, how could I do any less for my Valentine?" Before she could answer, he pushed his hips forward and the swollen head of his needy cock pressed against her lips for a moment before slipping past and sinking into her glory. "God!" Her breath burst from her and she drew in a staggered, ragged lungful of air as she felt his hot, hard member push into her with delicious friction and deliberate slowness. She tensed and spasmed, her cunt gushing in a mini-orgasm just from the sinful feeling of his rod entering her, spreading her open. "So fucking big! Oooh, you're, hnn, splitting me open, and, nn, I fucking love it!"

"So tight, you sexy, clever, gorgeous girl," he groaned. She felt like molten silk wrapping over and stroking his cock; perfectly tight, slick, clutching and sliding, all at once. Prowl had to focus his will, mastering the instincts that made him want to drive in and just start fucking the hell out of her, mate her like a good bitch. Instead he fed himself into her, slow and steady, inch after inch. "So fucking good, sweetheart, absolutely incredible." She was smiling, eyelids fluttering as he filled her more and more, driving deeper into her body, his cock caressing parts of her sex that had never been touched before. And there was still more! "AhhHN! Prowl!" Scarlet Sting bit her lower lip and cried out, her body starting to tremble as a familiar tightness suddenly wrenched down in her core, "Do it! The rest, ram it in, now, PLEASE!" Her eyes snapped open as he complied, driving the last few inches into her all at once, his balls slapping softly against her skin. "FUCK," the word burst from her lips before her voice became a wordless, whining cry and she felt electric pleasure shock through her from her stuffed cunt; waves of it assaulting her as she creamed around his cock.

Prowl held her as she shook and quivered through her orgasm, her pussy seeming to crush down on his cock even tighter. Already? God damn, this was just insane! It was like they were just...made to fit each other, to perfectly pleasure each other. "Oh, Scarlet, that's a good girl, cum for me, Valentine, cream all over my dick." "Hahhh, hnn, yuh, yess!" She was beaming as she panted, her eyes joyous and disbelieving. Fuck, just from him entering her! "Creamed like a slut, want to do it again. Fuck me, Prowl, fuck me right God damn now!"

He answered with a snarl that sent a thrill through her and drew back, half of his rod sliding free of her with a wet, slurping squish before he drove back in. Then almost all the way out, only the tip of his head inside her, holding it a moment, and then drilling back in with one solid thrust. Prowl started to pound her then, growling as his hips bucked, lancing his cock into her again and again and again. "Fuck! Yes! Pound me, ravage me, you bastard!" Scarlet Sting crowed out, her head throw back, back arched as her enemy and lover screwed her with wild, delicious devoted abandon. "God, I love it! Love this big cock in me, love feeling you taking me!" She pushed back against him, whimpering at the feeling of his thickness plowing her open with furious, relentless joy.

Prowl leaned forward, pressing his weight onto her a bit more. The hand about her waist moved to grope her tits, making her cry out anew. He cupped and squeezed one, then the other, moving back and forth between them, mauling them in the most delightful way. His other hand was pumping her tail like it was a dick, using the same rapid, feral rhythm he was using to plunder her pussy.

"Oh, oh, ohhh, shit!" Her fingers flexed, nails clawing at the concrete floor and scoring it with shallow cuts. "So good, you fucking animal! Plowing my cunt, teasing my tits, ahnn, stroking my tail, you dirty, nasty fucker! Ahh! GOD!" She shrieked and her eyes rolled up towards the top of her head, her mouth gaping wide as her body seemed to explode with sensation. The pleasure that rocked her was white hot, seeming to scorch and burn her out as it rocked through her. Her cunt trembled as well, her juices almost squirting out from around his pistoning cock as she came again. Her tail quivered and the stinger popped out of the head of it and there was a whishing, squirting sound as a jet of lavender fluid sprayed from it to rain down on the money, rose petals, and floor in front of the two of them.

Prowl chuckled, "I'm the dirty one? Look at that, cumming all over the money, all over the floor!" Fuck! "You amazing woman, never felt like this before, with anyone, never had such a lover!"

Scarlet Sting was staring, her body rocking forward with each of Prowl's mighty thrusts. "Ahh, hhh, fuck, that's, nn, never happened before." She'd cum from her tail? Kind of? ...It had felt fucking great, whatever had just happened! "Oh, fuck, make me do it again, hero!"

He grinned wildly, the expression almost a snarl, far more of his teeth showing that would on a normal human. "Oh, yes, Scarlet, lover, my villainous Valentine, I'll make you shoot, make you fucking cum again before I do!" "Not before," she gasped, "with me! Fuck, cum with me, Prowl! Cum with me, and, and in me! I want it inside, want to feel you filling my God damn womb, making me your bitch, you fucking wolf!"

Prowl snarled, her words driving him on, slamming into her with force, speed, and fury that would break a normal woman. His cock speared into her, driving deep into her core with each primal thrust, and she cried out louder, wild joy in her voice. She took it, loved it, her body, her scent, her words, all urging him on. Endlessly, relentlessly, he pounded into her over and over, more and more savage, sensual pleasure coursing through the unexpected couple. Pressure built within him, within them both, as he drilled home again and again. Finally, he felt his balls tightening, "Scarlet! Now! Cum with me!"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK, YES!" she wailed. His voice rose in a howl as he buried himself as deep into her as he could go, as any man had ever been, his head penetrated into her womb itself and his hot cum exploded into her body. The feeling of it painting her insides sent her over the edge; she shook like a leaf in a gale and her stinger shot her aphrodisiac toxin straight up into the air to rain down on them both as her cunt clenched down on the maleness breeding her, her cream pouring down onto the once crisp cash that made up their bed.

They continued to buck and move together for long moments, riding out their mutual joy. Then they slowed, stilled, and slowly collapsed down into the pile of money. Their raspy, ragged breathing accompanied the rustle of the bills under them as the two shifted while their pleasure drenched minds and bodies basked in the intoxicating splendor that they had filled each other with.

Prowl kissed the back of her neck as he half rose, looking down at his longtime foe. "Scarlet...that was beyond incredible. No one's ever been that good, ever made me cum so hard. You're the best lover I've ever had."

She chuckled and turned as best she could onto her side to look up at him. "Yeah, I am." The younger villain grinned up at him and then laughed, reaching up to run a hand along his neck and up into his russet hair, "And you...I never would have thought you would be like that. was the best I ever had too." Scarlet Sting then winced and let out a long, low moan as he pulled out of her and she felt his load shift within her body, "Ohhh, that's delicious and terrible all at once."

The green haired, buxom beauty rolled onto her back and propped herself up on her knees as Prowl moved to a kneeling position. They both watched as a thick stream of white, greasy cum slid slowly out of her pussy and onto a spread of hundred dollar bills. "...Fuck, that looks just as hot as it feels."

"God damn, it sure does." Prowl looked over her and licked his lips. His cock glistened, covered in their mingled cum, and started to rise.

She blinked. "...Are you...getting hard again?"

He flushed and looked a bit sheepish but there was pride in his golden eyes. "Wolf is known for endurance, after all."

Scarlet Sting stared at his surging cock and then back up at him. Then she grinned, "My hero."


The bank was quiet as Rampart strode down towards the vault. Once the guards had regained consciousness, they'd called the cops, who had, called him. Scarlet Sting was in the vault and so was Prowl, his friend and teammate. The powerhouse had made sure the bank was empty and the police were pulled well back and away from the building.

He was worried. Prowl'd been in there with her all night. He was a skilled fighter and powerful, but so was she. And she was dangerous to Prowl in ways he didn't even know. Rampart had noticed how his comrade looked at the lush figured young super villain.

He was also a little annoyed that Prowl hadn't made it to his date. Those chocolates had taken a lot of time to make! Rampart had been so excited to see if they'd gone over well or even helped him seal the deal!

He came to the vault door and halted. He was strong enough that he could have just ripped it off its hinges but instead, he waited. The manager said it would automatically open and unlock any minute now. Rampart crossed well-muscled arms over his chest. He was a big man, standing over seven feet tall and had a broad shouldered build that would have looked stocky if he wasn't so tall. His costume consisted of a pair of speedo-like briefs, knee high boots, armored gloves, and a full mask that left his mouth exposed.

There was a series of clicks and whooshing sounds from the door in front of him and Rampart stepped forward as it started to swing slowly open. He stopped suddenly as a very familiar smell rolled out from the vault. "What the hell..." It smelled like cum and sex; a lot of cum and sex. The towering hero pushed the door open the rest of the way and stepped in. The vault was a mess; money was thrown all over the place, mixed in with...rose petals? And he spied the box of his chocolates open and empty near a large pile of cash. The pile moved and Rampart blinked in surprise, walking around the door to get a better look.

Prowl was naked, which Rampart liked a lot actually. Damn, that ass! He was holding an equally naked Scarlet Sting in his arms and his golden eyes were clear as they looked up at his teammate. The villain stirred a bit, yawning cutely, her eyes starting to blink open.

"Prowl," Rampart shook his head, "What happened? You know who that is, don't you?"

"Yeah." Prowl looked down into Scarlet Sting's face and he leaned down to kiss her, the girl responding with enthusiasm. Their lips parted and he looked back up at Rampart, "My Valentine."

Rampart blinked. Then he laughed, "The chocolates really did the trick, huh?"

Scarlet Sting grinned, "You don't know the half of it, big guy."

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