I like fishing. It's relaxing. One of the few things where you can do absolutely nothing while looking as if you're doing something. I mean, if I sit around home with a beer and a book, I'm a lazy bum. But, if I'm sitting in a boat with that very same beer and book, I'm no longer a lazy bum but a man partaking of his sport. I have become a hunter, pitting my wits against those of the wily fish.

That gives you an idea of why I like to go on camping trips occasionally. Not because I'm a camping enthusiast but because I can take out the boat, beer and book and relax. I have even been known to catch the occasional specimen.

This weekend, something different had been added to the mix. A petty thief. A couple of the nearby campers had warned me to make sure I lock up anything of valuable, because some items had gone missing while they were away from their camps. Just little things. Loose change left lying around, a few odds and ends, some of their supplies. Not enough to make a formal complaint to the rangers or the cops, but a nuisance all the same.

So the next morning, when I was preparing to go and do my fishing, I made sure that anything of value was locked in my car. Not being used to having to do this sort of thing, I slipped up. I realised almost as soon as I pushed off. No beer.

I know what you're thinking. I don't really need a beer or two to do my fishing. You're an idiot. Of course I need a beer or two to do my fishing. You don't have to take my word for it, ask any fisherman.

So it was a case of set sail for the deep water and the large fish, spot the beer was missing, do an about turn and tie up again. Then back to camp to collect the liquid refreshment.

I received a surprise when I reached the camp. Because I'd left all my stuff in the boat I was able to return to my camp by one of the shortcuts that aren't really feasible when loaded with gear. So I arrived at the camp from an unexpected direction, and the three petty thieves who were going through my stuff and industriously trying to pick the lock of my car had no idea I was there.

It occurs to me that you may have got the wrong idea about me. Just because I like to be lazy sometimes, doesn't mean that I'm not fit. I've never really associated liking to read with being small and nerdy. I'm over six foot, large boned and well padded. And quite a bit of that padding is muscle.

When I appeared from nowhere and let out an angry yell those three sneak thieves must have imagined they were face to face with a bear. With the sun behind me, all they saw was a big roaring figure outlined by the sun.

What I saw were three attractive young women who'd been caught red handed rifling my things. Before they fully caught on to what was happening I was among them holding one in each hand while the third was trapped in my tent.

There were a number of panicky screams and cries, and then the girls caught on that it was only a man. They weren't scared of men it appeared.

I have to give them full marks for gall. As soon as they realised that it was just a poor little camper who'd pounced on them they were all indignant and on their high horse. It was a case of get my greasy paws off them or they'd report me to the cops for assault.

That's when they received their next jolt. I just calmly told them that if they wanted the cops they could just register their complaint with me. "Happy to be of service, and could I see some identification, please?"

They were suddenly a lot less happy, starting to protest their innocence.

I pointed out that there had been several instances of petty theft from campers in the area, and it wouldn't take me long to have them fingerprinted and then to check the raided sites for matching prints.

The three of them shut up at that point, looking rather worried.

I took out my smart phone and took pictures of the three of them, giving them a nasty look while I did so. I also switched it to record mode so I could tape everything they said.

I then asked them what the hell they were playing at. The petty thefts had been precisely that, petty. Not even worth the trouble of reporting. Why had they been doing it?

It turned out the answer was for fun. The girls had been feeling bored and had decided to snoop through some camper's stuff while he was out hiking. The petty thefts were trophies, rather than loot. They'd each take one item as a keepsake.

They apologised for snooping through my stuff and assumed that was that. I'd now let them go. Fat chance. They were stuffing up my break.

I pointed out to them that they had freely admitted to trespass, burglary and theft. It was the duty of any officer of the law to charge them and let the courts handle the matter.

It finally started to get through to them that they'd stuffed up. Right up until then they were treating it all as a joke. The problems that they'd caused the other campers had been of no concern to them. It hadn't really registered. I mean, they were just three young women having a bit of harmless fun. Right?


I asked for their identification and they reluctantly showed me driver's licences. A quick check of birth dates confirmed that they were all about twenty, which was what I had originally estimated.

I sighed, letting the young women know that the whole thing was thoroughly irritating me. Truthfully, I had no intention of taking them down to the station and having them charged. All that paper-work, and on my break, just to teach some idiots not to be idiots.

I stood there considering them, knowing one of them would break and seek a way out.

Naomi (I got their names from the licenses in case you're wondering) was the one who finally cracked.

"Is there any way we can sort this out without having to be charged?" she asked, pleading obvious in her voice.

I hesitated, and then shook my head.

"Easier for you to just come along and get it over with," I said. "You definitely wouldn't like any other suggestions I might come up with."

Glances flashed between the girls, sensing that an out was possible.

"What sort of suggestions would you make," Christine asked cautiously.

I looked at them and gave them the evil eye.

"I really don't want to interrupt my holiday," I told them, "Right now I'd rather be out on the lake with some beer and a book, not having to deal with three young idiots. I'll make a deal with you. One of you will have to have sex with me, a second will get a spanking and the third gets off scot free."

The girls looked at me with shock, but I could see three little minds working. Only one chance in three that they'd be the one who had to have sex with me, and a spanking wouldn't really worry them, and they might be the one who got off.

"Which one gets what?" asked Christine.

"I have a deck of cards in my car. If you agree you can draw a card each. High card had sex, low card has the spanking, middle card gives the low card her spanking."

That actually cheered them up. While one was still in for a quick screw, the one getting spanked would get off lightly as they wouldn't spank each other hard. Their error if they thought that, not mine.

Michelle nodded. "I'm in if you're in" she said.

Christine and Naomi nodded. They were both agreeable.

"I have your assurance that the person who gets the high card will have sex with me and won't run screaming off into the bush or try to persuade one of the others to take her place?"

The girls nodded. Reluctantly, possibly, but they nodded.

"I that case, why don't the three of you strip while I get the cards?"

That brought a shattered silence.

"Why do we have to strip," asked Naomi nervously.

"One of you needs to be naked because they'll draw the high card," I explained. "Another needs to be naked because she is going to have her bottom soundly spanked. The third needs to be naked because it wouldn't be fair on the other two if she was the only one who was dressed."

Appalling logic, I know, but the girls were too worried to really question it. I looked firmly at them, indicating that I was waiting. Naomi was the first to start undoing buttons. She was the impatient type, it seemed.

I unlocked the car and grabbed the cards. Christine and Naomi were undressing in an embarrassed manner, while Michelle was watching me and deliberately putting on a show. From the way she was subtly flaunting herself I suspected that she was hoping to be the high card. She was out of luck. She was going to be low card, with Christine the high.

I shuffled the deck as I stood there, watching the girls strip. They were all young, healthy and fit, with very nice bodies and firm bouncy boobs.

I spread some cards in my hands and offered them to Michelle, managing not to smile as she drew the two of clubs and her face fell. Another quick shuffle and an offering to Naomi, who went pale when she got the king of diamonds. That would give her a fright for a while. Another shuffle, and Christine found herself nervously looking at an ace.

I could see Michelle looking at Christine's ace and wanting to swap, but I wasn't having that. Before any of the girls could say anything I was ordering Michelle to get on hand and knees, holding her bottom high.

Fuming Michelle did as she was told, bending over, bottom up. I directed Naomi to kneel down next to her. Then I explained she was to spank Michelle, and she was to spank her hard. I pointed out that she could swat Michelle on her bottom cheeks, demonstrating with a couple of hard spanks of my own, which left red handprints and drew some startled squeals. She was not to spank her on the pussy. This time I demonstrated what she wasn't to do, my hand coming down sharply along Michelle's pussy, drawing a sharp scream from her this time.

I also warned Naomi that if she didn't do a thorough job on the spanking, she just might find herself across my knee getting one of her own for breaking the agreement.

I was right about Naomi's impatience. Now that she had something she could actually do, she set to with a will. With a potential penalty of a spanking of her own she was quite willing to give Michelle a proper spanking, with Michelle not taking long to start squealing and protesting. I stood watching as Naomi made Michelle's bottom blush, holding Christine in front of me, one of my hands playing with her breasts while the other cupped her love mound and played there.

I had Naomi continue until her hands were sore. It had seemed to me that Michelle was the driving force behind their little schemes, and I wanted to make sure she realised that things wouldn't always go the way she'd planned. As I observed earlier, I suspect that Michelle would quite have enjoyed being forced to have sex with a stranger. Naomi would have been petrified, but Christine would accept it. Reluctantly, maybe, but it wouldn't be that big a deal for her. She would go with the flow, sort of thing.

The entire time Naomi was paddling Michelle, I was playing with Christine. Her nipples were now tight, and she was pressing her pussy into my hand as I played. My fingers were now slipping between her lips, agitating inside her.

I casually moved around to where Michelle could see me playing with Christine, and I could see her watching my fingers dipping into Christine, in between squealing and closing her eyes when Naomi's hand bounced off her bottom.

I finally indicated to Naomi that enough was enough, and she sat back, happy that she'd done her job successfully.

I turned to Michelle and placed my hand on her love mound.

"I trust Naomi didn't accidently spank you here, did she," I asked, casually rubbing up and down her slit.

Michelle almost screamed again when I pushed a finger between her lips, but managed to shake her head.

"Then why don't you sit down next to Naomi while Christine and I finish off our part of the bargain."

Christine gave me a shocked look.

"Do you mean that they're going to sit there and watch?" she asked, horrified.

"Of course," I said. "How will they know if you fulfilled your part of the bargain if they don't watch?

I coaxed Christine down into the same position that Michelle had just vacated, rubbing her pussy lightly once she was in position.

I dropped my trousers and knelt behind Christine. I heard muffled sounds from Naomi and Michelle and glanced at them. Naomi was looking at me with a worried look on her face, while Michelle was practically licking her lips but also looking worried. Michelle, it appeared wanted me but wasn't sure she could handle me. Naomi just didn't want a bar of what I had.

From the way all three women were reacting, I strongly suspected that their sex lives hadn't been too adventurous to this point. While not virgins, I doubted they'd ever been in a sexual group of more than two, and this was probably the first time either Michelle or Naomi had seen another girl penetrated. From Christine's reaction when she found the other girls would be watching I knew that she'd never been on show before.

I trust they would all find the show entertaining. I knew that I would.

I slid a finger deep into Christine, hearing her gasp as I moved it around in her. The preliminary teasing I'd been doing had warmed her up nicely, and I could feel her lips closing on me expectantly as I touched her. Edging her lips apart I pressed firmly against her, seeing her bottom lifting and pressing against me. Then I was past her lips and pressing in.

Christine gave a gasp that turned into a squeak as I move into her. She was unprepared for my actual size which, while not enormous, was definitely on the high side of average. I took my time, just easing into place, hearing Christine's small gasps being matched by little gasps from Michelle and Naomi. Throwing a glance their way I could see them both watching in fascination.

Why do women like seeing another woman being taken reluctantly? Is it a sense of relief that it's not them, or a bit of envy because she's being mastered?

Finally I was inside Christine, my groin pressed firmly against her mound, and I could feel her trembling slightly against me, nervous about what would happen now that this cock had invaded. It would have been cruel to let her kneel there wondering, so I pulled slowly out and then drove firmly back, drawing my first real squeal from her.

I set about bring pleasure to her, moving so that she could feel me deep within her, feel me dragging slowly along her vaginal passage, feel me roughly pushing deep into her, agitating her nerves beyond bearing.

It didn't take long before her squeals became squeals of excitement and anticipation as I drove her quickly towards her initial climax. I was quite happy to take my time before climaxing, but I saw no reason to withhold one from Christine if she was ready for it.

Another look at our audience and I could see them staring, practically feeling what was happening to Christine. I almost laughed when I realised that the pair of them were absentmindedly rubbing their own mounds, apparently in time to the tempo I was using.

Christine was now breathing hard, making panting little gasps, little squeaks flying as her tensions built up. I reached around and slipped a finger between her lips, just ahead of where my cock was dictating what she must feel. A little wriggle and my finger was poised above her clitoris, and a little flick and it was attacking it and Christine exploded, her climax coming in a great rush that just swept her away.

I held her firmly in place as she convulsed under me, feeling her muscles clamping on my cock as she sought my seed. She'd have to wait a while longer for that. As she finally settled down again, breathing hard, I turned and looked at the Naomi.

"Christine has had a climax. If you like, you can now take her place."

Naomi paled.

"You said only one of us had to have sex with you," she protested.

"I did, and Christine is the one," I said, giving her a friendly poke as I did so. "However, as I said, she's had a climax so if you're interested in taking her place..." My voice died away suggestively.

"You mean I don't have to if I don't want to," said Naomi, relieved.

"That's right. The real question is, do you want to?"

Naomi's eyes seemed to get a lot wider. The thought of being forced to have sex with me terrified her. Now the thought of having sex with me because she wanted to was confusing her.

While I was talking to Naomi I was also moving gently within Christine, who was getting a little annoyed that she wasn't the centre of attention while she was being screwed. (It probably was rude of me, I'll admit.)

"Are we finished here?" Christine asked me, managing to put some ice in her tone.

Naomi was still dithering, both wanting to accept and afraid to. I shrugged.

"Apparently not," I murmured to Christine, drawing back and hammering home, causing her to scream in surprise.

Once again I concentrated on Christine, giving her my full attention as a way of apology for offering to have her replaced mid ravishment. From the way Christine started squealing again and frantically riding my cock, it would seem my silent apology was accepted.

I could hear Michelle muttering to Naomi, telling her she that was an idiot. She should've taken the chance while it was on offer.

I drove hard into Christine, not letting what might yet come to be distract me, or not too much anyway. It wasn't long before Christine was again approaching a climax, which was fine by me, as I was as well. This time I let my climax trigger Christine's, the hot spill of my seed splashing within her sending her into her second series of convulsions, but this time her clamping down on me let her successfully milk me.

Withdrawing from Christine I now faced a situation where I had three excited women on my hand. One sexually satisfied and the other two feeling rather frustrated. Too bad for them, as I wasn't going to be satisfying anyone else for a while.

I indicated that the girls might like to get dressed before someone else came along. I think that was the first that it had occurred to them that there might be other people around. Christine and Naomi dressed quickly, while Michelle took her time.

I told the girls that I was going back to my fishing but they had better make sure that they behaved themselves from that point on.

Christine and Naomi probably would, but I felt Michelle was ripe for more mischief, so I had a word with her before I left.

"Michelle," I murmured quietly. "I think the best thing you personally could do to enliven your camping trip would be to visit each of the camps you raided, apologise to the campers and offer them a quick screw by way of apology. Why don't you try it?"

Then I went fishing. With a bit of luck the girls would still be around when I got back at lunch time. If they were, Naomi had better hold tight to her panties.

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