It doesn't seem to matter how long you're with your partner, there's always something that you don't know - sometimes you find out, sometimes you don't. This is about one of the ones I did find out about.

We'd been together for quite a few years and there wasn't much we hadn't tried sexually - and usually enjoyed. I'm quite willing to be proved wrong but I think we've made love in every position that two normally built people can comfortably get themselves in. While anal sex isn't a regular occurrence, when we do go there it is really good and before anyone says "ya, but you've never been on the receiving end" - yes I've had each of our toys up my ass at least once (some a lot more) and quite enjoy it.

Oral is something else that we both really enjoy. Laurie always gets very wet and I learned very early in our relationship that she is one of those special ladies that can actually squirt so anytime I go down on her I know I'll need a towel to dry off my face and she has no more problem swallowing my cum than I do hers. Over the years, we've experimented with mild bondage & she loves being restrained and blindfolded while I tease her with fingers, toys, tongue and anything else that excites us. I don't mind being tied but I don't get the same thrill out of it as she does.

Over the years, I noticed that she never took me orally after I'd been in her and one night after some very hot sex I casually mentioned it to her. I was kind of expecting either a 'not going to happen' or 'that's gross' so it was a bit of a shock when she said, "it's not something I'd least not by choice". Now some of you might think that means she'd have to be forced but then again you don't know her the way I do.

I'd gotten the same kind of answer several years before when I'd asked her about anal sex but we'd only been going out for a few months at that point so I didn't know her that well yet and let it drop. A couple of months later she was bent over the back of the couch with her hands tied to the front feet and I'd been teasing her with a vibrator for quite a while before I slid my hardon into her and was soon banging her to cries of 'harder, harder'. Every so often I'd slow down to catch my breath and it was in one of these slowdowns that she said, "tied up like this I wouldn't have much choice if you decided to take me anally."

Well that certainly got my attention and it wasn't long before one, and then 2 lubed up fingers got her backdoor attention. I can still remember the feeling of my head parting her well lubed pucker for the first time and then popping inside, the slow progression as I worked all 7" into her and the exquisitely tight feeling as I slid in and out, going a little faster each time. Her moans and whimpers told me she was enjoying it as much as I was. When I knew it wouldn't be long before I came, I reached around and massaged her clit with a couple of fingers sending her into a crashing orgasm which set me off right away, filling her ass with spurt after spurt of cum.

We talked for a bit afterwards and it turned out that it wasn't the idea of anal sex she didn't like (she was actually quite turned on by the thought) but she'd been brought up to think that it wasn't right so if she didn't have any choice then she could enjoy it. We eventually got to the point where she'd enjoy anal sex without being tied up but her strongest orgasms from backdoor sex were still when she was restrained.

Now that you know that, you'll understand why I perked up at her answer to oral sex after I'd been in her! A few weeks afterwards, our son was away for the night (have to leave the kinkier stuff until we're sure we're alone) so Laurie was tied hand and foot to the bed and the sheets under her were already soaked from several squirting orgasms courtesy of my fingers and tongue. I'd finally agreed to her requests to quit teasing her and fill her and had been thrusting for several minutes when I pulled out and buried my face between her wonderful legs again.

The sudden change in sensation brought on a really strong orgasm & I did the same thing several times over the next 15 or 20 minutes with the same result each time. She was right on the edge of yet another orgasm when I pulled away, but this time I turned around before putting my mouth against her soaking wet pussy. I'm not sure if she noticed the difference right away but I know she caught on when she felt my cock against her mouth. I could feel a bit of hesitation but then her lips relaxed and I slid my cock into her mouth still covered in her juices. We licked and sucked each other for a few minutes until I pulled away, turned around and re-entered her pussy. After several minutes of alternating fast and slow thrusts, I pulled out again but this time I didn't even turn around - I just moved up over her chest and slid my cock into her mouth for her to lick her juices off. I repeated this several more times before I reached the point of no return and blew a huge load into her pussy.

We've repeated that scenario several times since, each time with her licking her cum off my cock and then more thrusting until I either cum in her pussy or mouth - we both enjoy it either way.

Last weekend we had the house to ourselves as our son was at a camp so she was free to tease me to no end. Laurie had been keeping me on edge all day - brushing my crotch, letting me know that she wasn't wearing anything under her housecoat, flashing me her breasts or freshly shaved pussy, - well you get the idea. She even ran her fingers under my nose so I knew she'd been playing with herself when I wasn't looking but always stopping me from actually undressing her and taking her right where she was. After supper, she suggested we go to bed early which I was fine with - ok, more than fine with as I'd been pretty much hard all day and there was a mark on the front of my pants from the pre-cum. When we got to the bedroom, I found she'd already laid out the soft ropes and the blindfold and told me she wanted to be in control.

As I said earlier, I don't get a huge thrill out of being tied but Laurie likes to be in control sometimes so I've got no objection to being restrained because it means that she's going to be hotter than usual. It wasn't long before I was laying there on my back, blindfolded with my hands and feet restrained and my erection being teased and pleased by her talented mouth. After a few more minutes of teasing, she climbed on top and slid her pussy down over my shaft. It felt like forever but I'm sure it wasn't more than 10 minutes until she lifted off and I could feel her shifting around. I wasn't sure what she was doing until I felt her mouth envelope my shaft again - this was the first time she'd ever taken me in her mouth after I'd been in her when she wasn't tied so I knew it was going to be some extra hot sex. She kept up the ride/tease treatment for a while; sometimes sliding a lubed finger into my ass while she sucked on me which she knows makes me cum even harder.

Finally when she was back on top riding me, she leant forward and whispered, "I'm playing with my clit while I fuck you, this is it, no more teasing - I'm going to cum & I want you to fill me with your cum ". Well I was more than ready to do just that so it wasn't long before I let go and filled her just as she'd asked. It must have been the full day of teasing but I'd swear I came at least twice as much as I usually do. As soon as I started cumming, I could feel her contracting and her hot juices running down the inside of my legs. She kind of collapsed on top of me for a few seconds and then she said "I've never tasted you after you've cum in me" and I could feel her rising off of me. Normally I'd have been softening by now but the thought of her sucking my cock after I just came in her kept me hard as a rock. Imagine my surprise when instead of her mouth on my cock, I heard her voice from above me say "maybe I'll try it sometime"

It took a few seconds to realize what she was doing and by then I could already feel the first drops of cum I'd pumped into her starting to drip onto my mouth. Tentatively I licked it up just as her pussy came the rest of the way down onto my face. The taste wasn't at all what I would have thought and instead of being turned off, I couldn't believe how turned on I was! Soon I was tonguing and sucking her bald pussy for all I was worth and between her juices and mine there was a lot there. Just when I thought I was reaching the end of our secretions, I could feel her whole body tense, her pussy went into spasm and I heard her start to scream in orgasm as a fresh wave of her cum drenched my face.

She lay down beside me for a few minutes before she could find the energy to untie me. We hugged each other tight and the last thing I can remember before going to sleep was her saying, "I don't know if I could actually suck you off after you've cum in me - at least not by choice!"

Needless to say, it wasn't too many weeks afterwards that she found herself tied to the bed with my cum covered cock parting her lips so she could clean it with her tongue.

We both enjoy this new turn on so much that we've already done away with the ropes and often climb into a mutual 69 right after my orgasm so we can clean each other up.

Boy do I love choices!

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