It felt monstrous, I was already stuffed, I let out a long moan as he pressed again and slid fully inside. My hips were thrashing upwards as I pressed my clit against his pelvic bone with each thrust. Both of his hands were on my breasts, busy. I felt the beginnings of a crashing climax, so I let my legs spread as wide as they could go. He pressed against me as he came, grinding and pressing into me. That was it, I had a blinding explosion that just went on and on.

Finally I felt him relax, he tugged my body towards him as he rolled over on his side, keeping us joined. Then he held me, kissing and nuzzling at my neck. I don't remember when he softened and slid out, the next thing I knew the morning sun was shining across the floor. Ben still lay there wrapped up in my arms, his soft snores close to my ear.

I just wanted to stay there, just like that.

A few minutes later he stirred and woke up.

"Good morning, beautiful!" He smiled at me. Then he rolled over and walked naked towards the shower. I watched him as he went, the muscles on his legs and behind were strong and firm.

He stopped at the door to the bathroom, looked back.


I hopped out of the bed and also naked climbed in the shower stall with him. He got a bar of soap and scrubbed me from the top of my head to my toes, I felt him harden, the end of his penis bumping against me as he moved. Then I took the soap and washed him, feeling his cock grow and harden even more as I carefully soaped him up.

We rinsed and he took me in his arms, squatted slightly and slid inside me as the warm water flowed over our bodies. I orgasmed again, over and over, he had to hold me up or my knees would have failed me.

Then we washed again, Ben used a towel to dry me off, opening my legs to carefully get to every area. He even spread my cheeks and dabbed at my rectum, sliding a finger across the opening and making my body shudder as he did.

Then we went and laid on the bed. Ben was half hard so I reached down and stroked him some more. He firmed right up, he sure didn't lack in the virility department.

"Hey, did you have any headaches?" I thought to ask.

"Just a little bit, not bad at all." He told me, his erection once more probing at me. He reached behind and pressed one finger against my rectum as his penis began to slowly probe inside me.

"What are you doing?" I giggled.

"Hey, you had your finger in me, I am returning the favor." He laughed, sliding the end of his middle finger inside. I lay on top of him as he fucked me deeply, his finger probing in and out at the same time. It was too much, I couldn't stand it, my body went rigid in waves of pleasure.

Once again, he rolled over, tugging my body with him, keeping himself inserted as he held me close. We lay like that for a long time, finally he slipped out.

I looked at the clock, I was going to be late for work.

"Ben, I have to go to work." I told him, jumping up and heading for another quick shower. I dried off quickly, gathered my clothes that were still in the living room. There was no time to go home and get fresh ones. I would just have to change into a smock at the office. Ben was dressed by the time I came back into the bedroom. We left quickly, and got to my office barely in time.

Ben kissed me and told me he would give me a call. I was humming to myself as I went inside.

"Morning, Sally!" Cheryl said with a grin.

"I see your van was here all night, did you have a heavy date?"

"Yes." I blushed slightly, then grinned at her.

"Hey, good for you!" She laughed. I went into the back room and got a fresh smock, peeled off my outer clothes, leaving just my panties on underneath.

I retrieved and checked my charts for my first client of the day. It was a 30 year old male, I grinned to myself. 10 minutes later I had him standing there naked from the waist down, his nice 5 inch long penis in my latex glove covered hands.

"How has this been working for you?" I smiled sweetly up at his bright red face.

"F-f-fine." He mumbled.

"OK, turn around and lean over the table." I told him.

He obeyed, I looked at his nice tight puckered hole as he bent over and spread his cheeks at my instructions. His hairy testicles hung down in view, too. I knew his cock was getting hard because it was up and out of sight from behind.

I dabbed on some lube and slid my finger inside. I held it there for a moment, feeling his body adjust. Then I stroked it in and out a few times, letting my knuckles bump his groin. He let out a stifled groan. My mind flashed back to what Ben had done to me and I almost orgasmed myself. Then I felt the young man's body give, a spurt came out of his penis onto the table.

"OK, all seems normal." I told him, pulling out my finger and stripping off the latex glove.

"You can get dressed now."

I checked my list again, the next one was a 50 year old female. Oh well.

By the end of my day I was actually on time for a change. I hurried home, made a quick dinner and waited for the phone to ring. Around 10 PM I knew it wasn't going to, I went to bed. The next day went the same, so did the day after that.

By then I knew. I was just another woman to Ben, another conquest. I went home that night depressed, then I realized.

I wasn't in love with Ben, I had only liked having sex with Ben. In fact, it was wonderful, and something I knew I would do again if the situation came up.

I wasn't Ben's conquest. Ben was mine. But something happened that night with him.

I remembered what my friend Lee had told me once.

"Sex is always good, just with some it is damned good!" Then she had laughed. Lee was such a sexual woman, she would be with men if she liked them, and for the sheer fun of it. Her husband Ted was exactly the same, strange to some, wrong to some, but fine for them.

Lord I missed that woman, she would know what I should do.

I sat there in my house in the dark, thinking.

Perhaps somewhere out there was a man who would want me, want to be with me. I wanted to be in love, I wanted sex and cuddling.

I guess I had that once, even with the flaws I had everything I really wanted when I was with Tom. But Tom wanted me to do things, help him satisfy his fantasies. I couldn't just do that, at least I had thought so.

But what if it was with someone I liked? What if that situation came up? What was the difference, I had been with two different men in the last few months, one unsatisfying and one wonderfully so.

Neither one really wanted me other than for a good time. Tom wanted me for me.

What was the difference?

I reached for the telephone, dialed the number. Tom picked up on the third ring.

"Hi, Tom. You need to come up here."

"Sally! Hi! Why?"

"You just need to, Tom."

"Oh. Well, OK, it will take me about four hours."

"Good. Just one thing, OK?"

"What's that?"

"Everything, and I mean everything...on my terms."

He hesitated, I could tell he wasn't understanding.

"I will explain it when you get here. Hurry up!"

I hung up, grinning to myself.

Who knows? We shall see. I have just a few minutes left now, Tom should be here in about 30 minutes or so. Tom wants a sexual woman, I can be one. In fact, I happen to know I am one.

New partners? Maybe, if that is the way things go. But on my terms, when I say so, when I decide.

Meanwhile, Tom is coming. I am excited, I sit here wet with anticipation. I will open the door wearing...nothing.

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