tagIncest/TabooChoices Ch. 01

Choices Ch. 01


Hello wide world, my name is Monica Summers and I thought it was time to share this story. This is the story of the best and at the same time the worst year of my life. In order to fully understand this story and the year itself we have to start a little sooner. So, I will begin at the beginning, where all true stories begin.

June 2010.

The summer of 2010 I had just ended my final year at USC, The University of Southern California and had returned home to the family. Every year in June my brother Brandon, our mother Samantha, our father Tom and little ol me all try and take a family vacation. These vacations had come to be known as "Camp Hell" because come hell or high water, something always went wrong.

Like in 1999 when I was 11 and Brandon was 7. We had been there a whole day when Brandon and I went for a nature walk and both ended up with horrible cases of poison ivy. Or in 2004 when I was 16 and Brandon was 12. We had been there a few hours, when my father walked through the trees and caught me innocently kissing some of the boys from the next camping plot over. I swear it was only kissing, but my dad overreacted and....home we went. Then again in 2006, we parked and car and saw that Uncle Randy, my mothers brother was there with his wife Catherine and their two children.

You see, my father hates my Uncle with a blind passion. As soon as we saw them, he turned the car around and drove straight home. So, our June vacations are always a disaster and this one....well my dad said it went very well, and part of me has to agree, but at the same time Camp Hell has a reputation to keep doesn't it?

This year the four of us were joined by two of Brandon's friends from High School, they all had just graduated and also two of my best friends Kimberly and Vanessa. We arrived at the park in the middle of the afternoon, unpacked and truck and all was well. We all shared a late lunch of hot dogs and chips, which we girls ate very little of and Brandon and his friends gorged themselves on.

Now, let me tell you all something about me and my friends. I am 5'6 with long strawberry blond hair and a slender figure I tried very hard to keep. I had a average and very respectable 36C bust. I am the "priss" of the group as they call me, but I cannot help it if I like to dress in nice clothes and dresses. Now Kimberly is smaller then me if you can imagine it. Around 5'4 with a body even tighter then mine. She weights 110 pounds soaking wet. A 34B cup was all she was graced with, but she is one of those girls who had legs to kill for and a ass begging to be grabbed and long brown hair. She and I are polar opposites when it comes to clothes, as she prefers a more punk/goth look and has been a friend of the family for as long as I can remember. Vanessa is a mixture of us both, only bigger. She is 5'11 with long legs like Kim but a 38D cup, like mine. Her ass is beautiful, tight and round and has long blond hair.

Now my brother and his friends are....not at all our types. I will admit, I had a little chubba bubba for a brother and his two friends were as chubby if not chubbier. I hadn't really seen my brother since I left High School four years ago but I cannot imagine much has changed. Brandon was taller then I remember when I saw him in late May. He now towered over me at 6'3. He has short dirty blond hair and is completely clean shaved. His other two friends were....as far as us girls were concerned as equally unimpressive as my brother.

Well, we made it through the first afternoon of Camp Hell when me and my girlfriends slipped away. I would have lied about this years ago, but we had to sneak out to have a smoke. We stood next to the small river access around the bend from the camp having our smokes when the rustle in the bushes made us all freeze. We all breathed a collected sigh of relief when the boys burst through the bushes to our left and walked on to the river. We watched with a snicker as Adam and Jamie pulled off their shirt and pants to go for a dip in their boxers.

"Come on, let's blow this place. If I wanted to see a whale I would have gone to sea world." Vanessa snickered at us.

We all agreed and were just about to turn to leave when something caught our eye. Brandon pulled off his baggy t-shirt and all three of us sucked in a gasp. Brandon was.....ripped. He wasn't big, but was defined in ways I never at the time knew were possible. His back carved at the shoulders and slid down in a big V to his slender waist.

"W...what the hell happened?" I whispered

"Oh, it must have happened when I started playing football a few years ago." Kimberly whispered back, but her eyes were devouring my brothers form hungrily. "I never thought to give him a second look."

"And ink." Vanessa purred and I looked back quickly.

Sure enough, across his entire shoulder blades from one side to the other was a big tattoo of what looked like a tribal design and I also spotted a tribal band armband around his large bicep. Brandon pulled off his baggy jeans and his legs were just as slender, now nicely muscled.

"....Come on girls, enough staring at my brother." But even I was having trouble looking away. Finally we were able to pull ourselves away and go back to the camp. I noticed that all the young ladies of the camp, and even a few at the surrounding camps were all starring when the boys came back. Brandon had left off his shirt.

"You see baby, you should stop wearing the baggy clothes. You look great!" Our mom said with a big smile. "Doesn't he look great honey?"

Dad looked up at him with the same expression he always had on his face when he looked at Brandon, blind dislike. Sometimes I thought it would be better if dad ignored him. "Whatever. You still look like an idiot with those things all over your back and arm."

Dad and Brandon didn't have what you would call a stable relationship. Dad hated him for some reason, but mom made up for it. She doted on her only son. Dad ignored his birthdays and didn't buy him anything for Christmas. When Brandon graduated, I heard dad didn't even go to his graduation. Brandon did have a male role model though. Uncle Randy always made sure and call him on his birthday and send him presents on Christmas. That may be why Dad hated Uncle Randy so much. Back then, I didn't understand it like I do now.

"Dad, will you lay off?" Brandon snarled.

"What did you say to me? I agree to let your friends come with you and this is how you talk to me? After I put a roof over your head and food in your mouth? Dad growled back.

"Mom does all of that and she insisted I bring friends, you didn't even want me to come!" Brandon said with tears standing in his eyes.

Here it comes, I thought bitterly, Camp Hell at last but mom intervened by shooting dad a dirty look that said "Someone isn't getting any tonight" and that ended that. After we all ate and retired to our tents the girls all sat up talking. Or well, Kimberly and Vanessa talked about Brandon and I pretended to be deaf.

It was a little after midnight when we heard a zipper quietly sliding and a rustle in the tents. We all peaked out and saw Brandon slipping out of his tent leaving behind his snoring friends and sneak off into the darkness.

"Now where could be be going?" Kimberly asked curiously.

"Why don't we follow?" I answered.

The three of us nodded at one another and slipped out behind him. When your wearing no shoes it's easy to follow someone, but considering it was pitch black and we were a bit behind him we did get lost a few times. When we did find him again it was at the picnic area with a handful of barbeque's and a lot of picnic tables.

We all slid to a stop when we saw him, but more, we saw HER. A young petite blond was with him. I recognized her from the camp next to ours. She was lying on her back with her legs hanging over the edge of the table. Her bikini top was on, but her large pale breasts were hanging out to each side of it. Brandon was kneeling at the edge of the table with his blond head between her opened thighs.

"Oh my...." Kimberly whispered.

"Listen to her." I said in a hushed tone.

Blondie was almost vibrating on the table she was moving so much. We could all hear her moans from where we stood and hear the cries of pleasure she was issuing as he worked his tongue on her. Her hands moved down to his hair and began to massage, and from the way his head was moving he had to be licking up and down the length of her lips and the hood of her clit.

"Oh....my god I think I love you!" We heard her scream as her whole body began to spasm. My brother had just made a drop dead gorgeous 18 year old cum hard and....i had watched. I would never have admitted it to my friends, but I was soaking wet beneath my little silk sleeping shorts as I heard the shrieks coming from the young woman.

Brandon suddenly stood but none of us could make out what he said from where we were, but we heard the girl moan out "Oh....yes please. I don't care....just put it inside me!"

My mouth opened at this and I noticed next to me Kim was gently rubbing her nipples through her top. Brandon opened his zipper on his jeans and what came out was both shocking and impressive. We could make out the dark shape of 6 inches of cock flesh, and it was limp. All three of us gasped loud, and this time he heard us.

Brandon's head spun around to find the source of the sound and he stared at us. ".....Sis?" He stammered, shoved his cock back into his pants and took off running back toward the camp. The young blond sat up and ran after him but when she reached us she was pissed.

"What in the hell was that about!?" She said in frustration. "Stupid bitches!"

The girl shoulders passed us but all of us were too shocked by what we had seen to really do anything about what she said. After we returned to our tent we all laid down and didn't talk. We were all too numb. I laid there, pretending to be asleep and listened to Kimberly moaning. The last thing I heard before sleep took me was my best friend of ten years softly moaning out my brothers name.

The next day my brother avoided us and our dad assumed he was being mean to his "little angel" and the fight started there. To his credit, even after all the insults and wishing he had never been born our father slung at him Brandon said nothing about us peeping at him, but that ended our vacation.

Dad said later it was a good trip, except "him" and next year he won't bother to take the bastard. It was a good trip, and yet a bad trip. I felt my pussy tingle at the thought of the sounds my brother forced from that blond. Damn you Camp Hell.

August 12th 2010

My brother and I didn't speak of what we had seen and life returned to normal. I told mom and dad that I was going to spend the summer at home before trying to find a job in my field, psychiatry. They were both ecstatic. Mom to have me home and dad to have someone besides "the boy" around the house. Over the course of the next two months I learned that my brother didn't just have Tattoo's, but he gave them. He even owned his own shop, Uncle Randy had given him his start up loan. Dad from what I hear, blew a gasket.

This morning I got up late and found mom and dad had already gone off to work and because I knew that Brandon left for his shop before either of them did I knew I had to house to myself. With this knowledge in hand I decided now would be a perfect occasion to break in a new bra and panties set I had recently bought.

After changing I walked back downstairs and laid on the couch watching TV. The bra and panties set was bright pink, lace and fit me snugly. A nice bra and a pair of boy shorts panties. As I flipped through the channels barely paying attention a ad snuck up on me. It was a ad for the camp which we came to call "Camp Hell"

This took me back to the river side and the picnic table. The blond and that amazing looking cock. I felt a strange but familiar string inside me and before I knew it, I was running a hand down my toned stomach. What was the harm?

The boy shorts were getting a real work out now, as they stretched around my hand and wrist. Two fingertips found my little button and began to rub slowly in circles. Before I knew it, I had two fingers buried inside myself and was feverishly forcing them in and out. Had I opened my eyes, I would have found Brandon standing at the top of the stairs with his mouth open.

I was oblivious of anything around me as I slammed those fingers in harder and deeper. The wetness was so intense you could hear the squishing sound across the room and my pussy was so tight they gripped my fingers tight enough to pull them back in whenever I tried to pull them out.

"Oh god...it was so big....please touch me....oh god touch me." I moaned and then the sudden image of that cock pushing into me flashed through my head. My eyes snapped open and my whole body went absolutely rigid. I let out a piercing scream and came hard around those fingers, but I saw nothing.

Brandon had returned to his room and set silently on the bed considering what he had seen with his face in his hands. He had spied on his sister during her most private and intimate time. He felt like a sick pervert. He felt dirty. The only thing he could think to do was take a shower.

Around the time he was turning the shower on, I was screaming in orgasm. After the orgasm I realized what most women did when they come that hard. I had to pee. I snuck upstairs and froze at the bathroom door when I heard the water. Someone was home. Someone has to have heard that scream. Shit.

I peaked into the bathroom and sighed heavily. The bathroom showers doors. Yes! They were made so you could see in, but not really see how. My dad hated it when mom peed while he was in the shower, so he made it so she could and he wouldn't have to see her. So, after sneaking into the bathroom and sitting down I looked up.

Brandon was leaning forward with his arm on the wall and his back hunched over. My heart began to pick up speed. My brother was crying?! Why was my baby brother crying?! Then I heard a faint whimper and I looked closer. One forearm was on the wall and the other....was down by his....oh god my brother was masturbating.

How would I feel if he saw me, I thought silently and then I heard something that changed my life forever. "Oh...god Monnie."

My heart, which had picked up when I thought he was crying began to race now. Had he just moaned my name? His he turned a bit and I saw it. His hand flying over the length of a soaped up cock. It was around 8 inches long, maybe a bit longer and as thick as my wrist. My mouth hung open as I stared and then I heard it again. "Oh god Monica....more...please I want more."

Images flashed through my mind at that point. My wet hair plastered to my shoulders. My knees on the warm shower floor and my mouth sliding in the rhythm of his hand. In my mind, I was sucking my baby brothers cock like a hungry whore. In my mind I could hear myself moan around that big shaft and in my ears I heard him moaning for more. Telling me he wanted me to go deeper. He wanted me to take more.

I had no idea he was picturing me fingering my own pussy, but when I saw him freeze I thought I was busted again, then he let out a throaty growl and a shiver went down my spine. He was cumming. I sat and watched him cum, saw the outline of the large shots flying from his cock, then I quickly crept out, threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt and bolted from the house.

That afternoon I had the first of many choices that many people would make that year. Let it go, forget about it and go back to the way things were...or.....fuck my brother.

October 31st 2010

Over the next month and a half I tried to get him alone, but it was like he was avoiding me. So I put a plan into motion. The plan all started when I was walking down the hallway and overheard a conversation.

"Yeah bro i'll be there."i heard Brandon say. "You have no idea how badly I need to pound something. So, will I be at the Halloween party? Hell yes. Yeah, see you in a few days."

I raced back into my room with my heart in my thought. I picked up my phone and checked the caller ID. Wilson James. Willie was one of the boys I went to school with and I knew where he lived. Plan in motion.

When Halloween finally came I went over my plan in my mind and then got dressed. When I walked into my brothers bedroom he looked up and smiled. "Well, if it isn't the sexiest little kitty cat."

I offered him a wink and then gave a little twirl. "Kim offered me a spot at her party. What are you being tonight?"

"Hopefully something tight?" He whispered but I ignored it. Oh Brandon, you'll be in something tight alright. "What do you think?" He asked and put on his mask and turned around.

My brother, in his new body made a amazing Phantom. The Phantom of the Opera complete with mask and cape. "Classic baby bro. You look amazing. Well, I have to go or I'll be late."

I gave him a quick hug and then raced back to my room. There I hid until he left for the part and I changed. I wiggled out of my cat costume and put on my real costume. A little deviless with a short black skirt, black nylons, black high heels, a little tail, a black corset and a full mask complete with horns. This costume was my greatest idea and also almost resulted in my whole world never coming to be.

Once I was redressed I left the house and hurried to the party. Wilson Jame's house was a big ugly thing across town. The entire block was thick with cars which only helped me. The more people the better. Once I parked and made my way inside I began to mingle and look for my Phantom. My destiny. I found him across the living room flirting with a red head in a strawberry shortcake costume.

I made my way over when the little tart left to get a drink and leaned in next to him and whispered. "You can do better."

The Phantom turned and looked down at me, his eyes stayed on the large amount of breast I made sure peaked out of the corset. My baby brother was checking out my breasts and I felt my nipples harden. "Really, can I now?"

"Oh yeah. Everyone know that cakes are prudes." I answered with a hushed giggle.

"And Devil's aren't by any means are they?" He shot back at me playfully.

I saw the redhead looking over and realizing someone was moving in on her Phantom so I took his hand and began to pull him toward the dance floor. "Come dance with me Phantom."

He offered a shrug and followed me to the dance floor. As soon as we entered the crowd of people I got a little more bold. As soon as we got there I turned my back to him, arched myself until my arms were around his neck and began to wiggle my ass into his lap. I felt his hands slid around my sides to my stomach and the butterflies in my stomach began to flutter. We danced like this for a few minutes and when I heard a female voice say "Can I have a dance Phantom" I panicked a bit.

I leaned my head to the side and whispered into his ear. "I see you looking at my breasts, go ahead and slid those hands up and touch them."

I heard him mutter something about already having a date and then felt his hands slid up my stomach to cup those round globes of flesh. As soon as his big rugged hands cupped my breasts I moaned softly which only encouraged him. When I felt him gently tugging on the strings of the corset I slapped his hands and turned around. "Hey now, just because I let you touch them, doesn't mean everyone in the room gets to see them."

"Then let's go somewhere private." He said boldly.

Now I can tell you, something inside me roared in happiness when he said this. I took his hand and led him through the crowd and to one of the side rooms on the first floor. I had been here enough when Kim was dating Wilson that I knew the place. The room was a billiard room with two large leather chairs and a bar across the length of the back wall. Two men were playing pool when we entered and I heard my brother chuckle and point toward the door. "Guys, I need this room."

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