tagIncest/TabooChoices Ch. 02

Choices Ch. 02


The Choice. (The best and worst year of my life.)

Part 2.

The beginning of the year.

Note from the author.

Thank you all for your feedback. This is the second chapter of this story. It flashes between Brandon and Monica, as all these events are important to the overall tale. In the last story we saw the beginning of the union between Brandon and Monica. Now, Stella is claiming she was the one dressed as the Deviless and we see the aftermath of it.

-Foreword from Brandon-

Well, I wish I could tell you all that Monica had made up parts of this, or even exaggerated bits of it to make me, or herself look better or even to make parts of it seem less crass, tacky and tasteless but I can't. I personally don't think my cock is as big as she claims it is, or that I was as arrogant as she portrayed me, but the facts of the story are more or less true.

I want you all to understand the changes that had come over me while Monnie was off at school. Because to be honest with you, that plays a big part in why things happened like they did. Over the years I had grown tired of the name calling, the constant berating and being bullied, so I made it my mission to change it. I had to deal with enough of that bullshit from Tom on a almost daily basis so I was tired of it happening at school too.

Don't let Monnie fool you. I noticed she did leave one part of it out. While Tom did make my life a living hell since almost the day I was born, Monica wasn't much better. She was daddies little angel her whole life, and I was the annoying little kid who wanted desperately for daddy to notice him. So, she had a few nights of name calling and ridicule alongside her oh so loving father. Mother, bless her heart, always put a stop to it whenever she realized what was going on though. Through thick and thin, I could count on mom.

Now, when she left for College dad seemed to blame me. Like it was my fault she had accepted a college that was half a state away. Whenever mom was working Tom would find new ways to humiliate me. A few times he called over all the most beautiful girls in the neighborhood and then proceed to call me downstairs fresh from the shower. So, there I was, 5'9 and 295 pounds with a towel around my waist as they all laughed at the tub o. When I came downstairs one day and heard Tom berating my uncle Randy with such cruelty that mom was crying I had had enough.

I talked the couch of my high school football team to let me play the next year. My sophomore year. At first he didn't want to let me, but after I begged,yes I am not to proud to admit I begged, he allowed it. Third string offensive linemen. Then, after a summer of working out and him seeing how my body was progressing I was moved to third string middle linebacker. The first day of practice I was promoted to second string and by the end of the first week, I was one of the starting linebackers. I began to get more and more defined, and more confident when the cheerleaders started to notice me. All of Monnie's friends were out of high school so they would have no idea I learned what they saw me doing on that picnic table from two of the hottest cheerleaders on the squad.

By the time the summer of 2010 was rolling to a close, I had the body I always wanted, the confidence I realize now I deserved, a chip on my shoulder the side of Texas and a string of broken hearted high school girls in my wake. Then Halloween happened and I found myself with the hottest piece of tail I had ever seen. She did everything I ever wanted a girl to do and more. Then, when I came out of the bathroom she was gone. Just as I was about to leave the party I found her again. The beautiful goddess dressed as a devil. We danced a few more times but she wasn't as aggressive, sexy or flirtatious as I remembered, but she was interested. When the night was over we all pulled off our masks and my angel in a devil outfit was a woman who was without a doubt the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Long red hair that curled in ringlets. Blue eyes so dark and intense they looked like a endless picture of the deep blue sea. Her nose was small, but cute like something you wanted to kiss the tip of. Her lips were full, pouty and begging to be kissed. Her waist was a bit thicker then I remember and the ass was much larger, bubblier and bouncer then I remembered and I swear the woman I had slept with didn't have 38DD's but I wasn't going to complain. The two of us exchanged numbers and I went home.

-End of Foreword.-

~Brandon's story.~

I walked out of my bedroom and headed toward the bathroom for a shower and some alone time to think about everything that had happened to me over the last 24 hours, but I had no sooner entered the bathroom door when I heard the pitter patter of little feet behind me. "So this girl just comes out and says she that she was the same girl you had seen before?" Monica demanded.

"Well....yes." I replied with a little dumbfounded look on my face. "How many girls do you think were there with that outfit on?"

"There could have been more then once." Monica said with a tone that sounded defeated and a little hurt. Truth be told, I didn't understand it. "What would you do if you found out it wasn't the same girl. Would you still want this Stella girl or would you want to find the other one."

"Monica, drop it. It was the same girl." I said a little harsher then I intended and then looked up up and down the hallway. I knew what would happen if dad heard me talk that way to his little angel.

"....Just answer the question please baby br....Brandon." It sounded as if my sister couldn't call me her brother for some reason. Strange.

"Okay, I would want to find this girl okay?" I said with a little tone in my voice.

Then I heard the sound of the stampede. Dad's heavy footprints on the stairs. When he came into view his eyes were popping almost out of his head. "How dare you speak to my daughter in that tone of voice. No child of mine will put up with that kind of talking to."

I wanted to yell at him, and what am I? Chopped liver, but before I could Dad's eyes took in me in a towel and Monica wearing a little pair of silk shorts and a spaghetti strap top and his eyes seemed to budge out of his head. "Your going to stand there dressed like that in front of your sister! You pervert. You degenerate! I don't want you in this house a moment longer. Get out! Get out of my house!"

I took two steps toward him and all of the things he had done to me boiled over. I spread my arms, leaned forward until our faces were inches apart and hissed. "Fine. I am gone. I make enough money now to get my own house anyway. You know, from the business Uncle Randy paid for?"

Dad's face turned bright purple the second I mentioned my uncles name. He began to scream get out, get out, over and over again. I walked into my room and slammed the door. Quickly changed clothes and packed what clothing I wanted to bring with me, a duffel bag filled with my most prized possessions and my backpack which had all my tattoo design binders in it. I threw the door open and turned toward the stairs without looking at my dad. I couldn't. If I had seen the look of disinterest in his eyes it would have hurt too bad. Or, if I had seen the tears running down Monica's face as she mouthed "Please no" over and over it would have broken my heart.

When I got halfway down the stairs I pulled out my cell phone and hit the first number, Stella's from when I programmed it earlier. Surprised she picked up, a little buzzed but none the less. "Stella, it's Brandon. From the party? So listen, I need an elsewhere to be tonight, wanna continue our date? Good, see you in twenty."

When I got to the front door I slapped the phone closed and then slammed the door closed as hard as I could. I tossed all my bags into the backseat of my Camero and then gunned it out of the driveway. As I sped down the street I passed my mother coming home from her office party. She looked at me briefly and then I was gone.

~Monica's story.~

I stood there in shock staring at my father as I heard Brandon's car speed away. So many emotions were flooding through my mind at that moment. I should have told him. Even he felt something special when we had been together tonight. I should have told him! It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I didn't just feel satisfied, I felt loved. I could still remember the way his cock felt sliding over my tongue. The way I felt as I stretched around that thick length of flesh. All of those things seemed to crush down on me at once and I rounded on my father. "How could you say that to him? He is your son! My brother!"

"He is degenerate filth and we are better off without him." Dad snapped fiercely. Neither of us had noticed mom had come home.

She was standing on the middle of the stairs with her arms folded over her a blood soaked apron. I might add that mom went to her office party dressed as a serial killer meat butcher. Her long hair was pulled back into a sever bun and her eyes were just flat out dangerous looking. "What did you just say?" She hissed.

Dad seemed to freeze when he heard her voice and slowly turned to face her. "He was rude and disrespectful to Monica so I told him to move out. That is my final word."

"Well good thing it isn't mine. You can kiss your end of the year special blow job goodbye." Mom hissed.

"MOM!" I yelled in shock.

"And I can promise you that you will not enter me in any way again until my son is back in this house. Do you understand me Thomas?" My mother asked sternly.

"MOM! Gross!" I yelled, but neither of them seemed to notice.

"Go to bed Monica Renee Jenson" They both snapped in unison.

Now even though I was 23 years old I knew better then to argue with that tone from both parents. Anyone who claims they would react differently is lying. So, I spun on my heels and walked back into my room.

"i am going to call him and straighten this out. If you do anything to hamper me Thomas I swear to god almighty the next time you see me naked will be when we are being sponge bathed in our retirement home!" Was the last thing I heard mom shout before I closed the door.

~Brandon's Story~

When I pulled into Stella's driveway my phone lit up for the sixth time in ten minutes. Five calls from home and one from Monica's cell. Four messages. I knew everyone was okay, because if someone was hurt Monica would have texted me. I climbed out of the car and walked up to Stella's front door. Now, Stella lived in a one story ranch style house in the nice end of town. Was she rich? Her parents rich? I had no idea at this point.

I didn't even get a chance to knock when the door opened. "Hey tiger." Stella purred from the doorway. She had changed out of her costume into a lace white corset, white lace panties, a garter belt, white thigh high stockings and a pair of white hooker heels. She looked breath taking to say the least. "See anything you like?"

"Your god damn right I do!" I snarled with a fire now burning and a lump rising as my cock began to awaken.

"Then come in and show me how much." Stella whispered and held the door open.

I don't remember closing the door. The next thing I remember was her back pressed against the door and our tongues swimming around in one another's mouths. A part of ny mind whispered, too much tongue why isn't she doing it like she did before? That thought however, was gone quickly.

Stella placed a hand on my chest and pushed me gently back. One hand went to her shoulder strap and pulled the straps down on that white lace bra. The other began to pull the tight black T-shirt I was wearing up. I lifted my arms to help her and the next thing I knew we were both topless. Me, hard and chiseled from the curves of muscles and her, round and fluffed from the curves of her breasts. Though I liked the way I looked now, I liked the way she looked A LOT more.

The red haired goddess before me suddenly knelt and began to fumble with the belt of my jeans with her small fingertips. "I need to see this thing" she purred.

A eyebrow lifted suddenly and I said softly. "What do you mean? You've already seen it."

"Yea....but I need to see.....oh my god!" She was cut off mid statement when the length of my thick shaft came free of the jeans, slipped through the crease in my silk boxers and slapped her in the face. Her tiny hand raised and wrapped around the shaft and began to lift up and down. Her hand squeezed a bit harder then I like, and she stayed around the head a little more then I remember, but all and all I enjoyed it.

The next thing I felt was the warmth of a mouth wrapping around the thick red head of my cock. The little red head threw her head down with wild abandon and when she reached around the six inch mark her whole body shuttered as she choked hard.

About this time I thought that maybe my sister was right. The girl from tonight hadn't choked at nearly that length, but when she threw her head down and I felt my cock being forced into and down her throat all rational thought left my head. All I could do was growl softly in pleasure and lace my fingers through that mass of red hair.

"That's it baby, suck that cock." I snarled.

My fingers wrapped around the red locks and began to guide her. When she submitted to my tongue I let out a growl of triumph and began to move her head back and forth by the hair. Growling moans escaped me whenever I guided her back deep and entered her throat. The fact that my beautiful deviless hasn't allowed me to do this hadn't struck me yet.

The feeling of her vibrating moans around the base oh my cock went chills down my spine. When I looked down and saw her hand buried in those white lace panties I felt a familiar surging deep in my stomach. Some men claim to feel it in their balls, but I never did. I felt it deep in my stomach, the same place that hurts when your hit in the nuts. So deep in your stomach it almost feels like your back.

"That's it baby, suck that cock. I'm gonna cum and your gonna drink it all like a good girl aren't you?" I hissed.

She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and eagerly nodded. Her lips wrapped tighter around my shaft and with one final mammoth thrust I buried myself balls deep in her throat and with a rumbling growl I unloaded deep in her throat. The bursts of my seed felt like they came out in torrents and I watched as her eyes widened and little tears build in her eyes.

After a split second to calm myself down I pulled myself from her throat and she coughed in earnest and swallowed a few times to clear her throat of my spunk. When her beautiful sparking blue eyes lifted to me the look in them about made me weak in the knees. Any thought my cock had of deflating after the huge orgasm died and it sprang to renewed life. Her look was one of blind lust.

"Fuck me on the floor. Fuck me on the couch. Fuck me in my bed, but for god sakes, fuck me!" She yelled with need.

I didn't need to be told twice. I leaned down and picked up my new trophy and carried her through the house. When I found the room with pink sheets, pink curtains and little teddy bears I knew I had found her room. Like she weighted nothing I tossed her onto the bed and began to crawl up between her legs. I placed a single kiss to the center of her panty clad lips when I heard what sounded a lot like a sound of disgust.

"....Um....no lover. I don't like that." Stella whispered.

My head came up suddenly with a look of disbelief in my eyes. That's twice, how could any woman not like that?

"I don't like it.....please fuck me, I need to feel that amazing cock inside me." Stella pleaded.

The fact that I had done this hours ago and she had reacted like it was her greatest moment in life and now suddenly hated it wasn't lost on me, but if you have ever heard a woman begging you to fuck her, it tends to remove all thought from your mind. I slid up her body, not even bothering to pull off my jeans and began to rub my cock up and down the length of her lips outside her soaking panties.

"Oh god, stop teasing me lover!" Stella moaned out.

Without waiting for me she reached down and pulled the fabric of her panties. The lace slid to the side and when I pushed my hips to slid up her lip again, she arched her hips and I impaled myself inside her warm depths. The red haired goddess beneath my let out a ear piercing shriek of pleasure.

At that moment I was to lost in the feeling of that warm and wet opening I was now sliding in and out of to consider it, but in later weeks I would come to realize that Stella wasn't nearly as tight as my deviless was. Hell, even at that point I think I knew. That didn't stop me from pushing myself in a little deeper and pushing a little harder. When you can fuck a ten, you don't think.

I could feel the muscles of that tunnel gripping the length of my cock. The thick flesh now shining and slippery as it slid in and out. As I sped up I could feel as well as hear the sound of my pelvic bone hitting her own.

"Oh god, fuck me. Deeper! Give me more! Oh god it's SO DEEP!" Stella screamed.

With those screamed words her whole body seemed to seize. She went perfectly still and then like a bomb seemed to explode. She began to writhe on me those large mounds of flesh swirling around from the strength of the spasm. When she finally came down she smiled up and me, thats when I let her have it.

I grabbed both of her legs and pushed them back until her knees were touching the bottom edges of those beautiful mounds of flesh. I looked down just as I thrust forward and watched as my cock disappeared deeper into her then it had ever been before. The red headed beautiful let out another piercing wail as another orgasm ripped through her tiny frame.

By the time she had been forced into her third orgasm of the night my body was covered in a thin layer of sweat and I had four bleeding claw marks down my sides. My thrusts had become like pistons with such force my cock slamming into the wall of her womb slid her up the bed toward the headboard. When her body began to tense for her fourth her eyes locked on mine.

"Come for me baby. Fill me up with that cum." She moaned. "I am on the pill, it's safe."

I have to tell you, that was a life safer. Then is nothing that can ruin the mood for me like finding out a woman isn't on any kind of birth control. When she told me this and asked me to fill her up I leaned forward on the edges of my shoes and began to drive myself into her as hard as I could. The sound of our bodies slamming into one another filled the room around us.

"That's it, take it all like a good little girl. Oh....I'MA....I'MA...."

And with a mighty thrust I buried myself and exploded in four large spurts of cum. The amount of spunk that erupted from my cock inside her caused parts of it to begin to leak out around my cock. Exhausted, I collapsed next to her.

"Oh god baby....you were amazing." I whispered.

"You weren't so bad yourself." Stella purred. "Now, get your shoes off my bed." It surprised me how quickly she turned off the after sex bliss, but I did as she asked.

Throughout the night we had sex two more times before passing out in her bed. The next morning it would be me who was faced with choices. Do I give in and have the first morning after talk or do I leave while she slept and avoid it? The choice was simple, while she slept I left her a note explaining I had to work and I would call her later.

When my Camaro pulled into the lot where my shop was I got one hell of a surprise.


After Brandon left that night Me and my mother had combined to call him ten times and not one time did he answer or call them back. I knew it was my father's fault, but a bigger part of her knew it was because he was busy with Stella. For the first time in my life, adult or otherwise I felt jealousy when it came to my brother. I went to bed and fell asleep wondering why he didn't call me back.

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