tagLoving WivesChoices Ch. 05

Choices Ch. 05


Hello everyone. Here is Chapter Five of Choices. I certainly hope you enjoyed the previous chapters. Thank you for continuing to read this story.

Thanks to my friend Jim for simply being there and offering to listen and help when I call. Also for beta reading for me.

It is self-edited, so any mistakes are my own. But please don't let any errors you may find distract from the story. Also, this story can fit under multiple categories, so please simply read it for enjoyment and try not to stress over the category.

Please read and comment. Your thoughts are welcomed and I really want to know what you think. So now, on to the story "Choices, Chapter 5".

Chapter 5

Tom lay in his bed feeling guilty. He blamed Stephen for hurting Terri, but in all honesty what happened in their marriage wasn't his business. Then his mind drifted to earlier tonight and how bold Terri became once she drank.

He recalled how aggressive she was their first time over a year ago. He wasn't negating the fact that Stephen was wrong for trying to maintain two households. He was truly an idiot, making a boneheaded choice like that. However, he, Tom, slept with his brother's wife. What did his actions say about him?

The first time he was with her, he could ask for forgiveness and maybe Stephen would forgive him, but the time after, was all him. But he wasn't alone Terri was a willing participant.

Stephen took his wife for granted, which led her to seek satisfaction elsewhere. He didn't satisfy her and made her to talk and she, in a drunken stupor, talked to Tom about it. She was very horny, very lonely, and very bored and it showed. But these facts didn't excuse or justify his actions. He owed his brother an apology and prayed that once he confessed the truth that Stephen could forgive him.

Meanwhile back at the flat, Charlotte lead Terri to their bedroom where they both undressed each other swiftly. This time Charlotte was dominant one pushing Terri to the bed.

Lottie pulled Terri's thighs apart knelt down to scent her shave pussy, which was so very wet. Charlotte dropped to her knees, pulling her pussy lips open and watched her pussy juices running out down into the crack of her ass.

Terri cried out as Lottie started to finger her pussy, then she proceeded to lick her deep inside. It made Lottie both very hot and horny knowing Terri was so close to cumming hard. Lottie stopped, and Terri pleaded.

"Please, Lottie, don't stop. I need. Please, I need. " she pleaded as she wiggled uncontrollably on the bed.

Lottie loved when Terri was this close. She loved making her squirm.

"No, tonight, you're my bitch. You're my fuck toy. Understand me." Lottie hissed as she rubbed Terri's swollen pussy.

Terri was a mass of sensations, feeling, she needed Lottie inside her.

Lottie stood, "Wait, my horny little cunt. I have a surprise for you. She then went into the bathroom to take out a surprise package.

Lottie reentered the room wearing a huge purple strap on that had a clit stimulator attached.

"Spread your legs baby. Open them wide. Open your pussy lips, for me." Lottie hissed stroking the huge protrusion. Terri's cunt was drenched. Lottie moaned.

"Good girl. Tonight, I own this pussy. It's mine. Say it, Terri. Tell me who this pussy belongs to." She whispered.

Terri complied immediately. "Lottie, please. It's yours baby, yours."

Lottie took hold of a tube of KY Jelly, covering the head of the huge cock telling Terri how much she wanted her. That she was hers and tonight she would know it.

Terri was on the verge of screaming, because she her pussy was ready for that big cock to ride it.

Lottie kneeled between Terri's spread thighs, massaging her slit and dripping cunt with the thick dildo. Terri moaned in pure ecstasy. Then, Lottie she positioned her cock at Terri's opening and pushed it deep inside. She filled her in one swift motion.

Lottie had to fight to stay in control, because the clit stimulator rubbed against her own pussy. The attachment stroked her clit as she made love to her partner. With each stroke Lottie was pushed closer and closer to the edge.

Then it happened, Terri went wild. She began to fuck Lottie with wild abandon. Lottie grabbed her hips to hold her still as she drilled her. Terri was a victim of her passion.

"Lottie, Lottie. Fuck me." Terri creamed "Make me cum."

Lottie was so close to cumming that one more wild stroke from Terri beneath her, and she'd lose complete control and cum. Lottie pumped Terri hard, as her wild lover lay beneath her groaning, writhing, and moaning. Terri loved the feel of a thick cock being inside her.

Then it happened. Her pussy clenched the big cock, as she climaxed hard and fast, grinding the base of the strap on onto Lottie's clit, pushed Lottie over the hill. Both women fell into the abyss of pure sexual pleasure, screaming, cumming, and finally collapsing in a heap of sheer exhaustion.

Lottie rolled off her and took a moment to remove the strap-on. She and Terri then held each other. Soon they drifted off to sleep.

"Lottie, I love you. You know that right." Terri whispered before she drifted off to sleep.

Lottie held her close, thinking, You love me, but you want him more. "I love you too Terri." She replied.

Terri continued, "We have to tell Tom the truth about us. He needs to know we're bisexual lovers. Don't want to lose him......." As she dozed off for the night.

Lottie knew she would go to Tom. That was a given, but it didn't diminish her pain. Watching her sleep, Lottie wondered, "What is it about you that makes so many people want you?" Soon, she too fell asleep.


Terri, waking from her night of sex with her bi sexual lover, Lottie, was feeling as if she had cheated on Tom.

She talked it over with Lottie who told her that she and Tom were not yet an item. Tom had only just returned from being away over a year, and was going back to Canada in a week.


So she shouldn't feel that way, but if she now wanted to move on with her life away from their relationship, then she would respect her wishes. Lottie knew she would go to Tom at some point, but it didn't lessen the pain that she felt and struggled to hide.

Terri paused. Lottie was right. Tom was just visiting right now, and he was just their friend. Terri looked at her lover, her best friend, and for a brief moment saw the pain Lottie tried to hide.

She knew that she was wrong. She was a user. Lottie deserved better than what she was giving her, but she loved Tom. If she could have a shot at a life with him, she had to take it.

"Lottie" Terri whispered, "I'm sor-"

"Don't, don't say sorry Terri. It doesn't fix anything." Lottie took a deep breath. "We both know where we stand. We're best friends. The sex was just a bonus."

Terri felt worse because she then realized that Lottie had more to lose than she did. When Lottie came out in college, her family disowned her.

She dated several women, and some were good, but eventually they moved on the new lives. They'd been best friends for years, and would remain so, but she didn't have the right to mess with her life like this. This realization changed things. It forced Terri to look at herself. She didn't like the callous, selfish, bitch that she saw.

Lottie really cared about her. If she left his time, she would not use her friend like this again. She would help Lottie find someone else that would love her completely.

Lottie stood and said, "I've got to get to work. So do you. We can talk more tonight." Then she left the room to hit the shower.

Terri felt odd. She decided to join her.

"Terri, don't" Lottie whispered when she entered the bathroom. "I need time alone."

Lottie had never refused her before. She'd never turned her away. Terri was shocked. So she walked back to their bedroom and sat on the bed.

Eventually Lottie came out of the shower and found Terri sitting on the bed staring.

"Lottie, why bother with me? I hurt you every time." Terri asked.

Lottie smiled, "I don't know. Maybe I like being punished."

Terri loved Lottie. She was her best friend, her lover. The one person she could turn to when her world fell apart.

What Terri didn't realize was that she saved Lottie. Years earlier when they met in college, this small wisp of a woman gave her life purpose, meaning. That was one reason Lottie never severed their ties.

Even when Stephen, tried to destroy their friendship during their marriage, she held fast to their friendship.

Terri reached out, putting her arms around Lottie's neck kissing her full on the lips, holding onto her and making her feel very loved. Even if it was bi sexual love, Lottie hugged her back.

Terri decided she would be truthful, telling Tom everything. There would be no hidden secrets between them. If Tom wasn't happy with Terri being bi, then he had made his choice. She would not lose Lottie from her life. They would stay friends.

Soon Lottie had to leave for work and Terri did her best to reassure her friend that everything would be alright.

She wanted to talk to Tom and tell him about her year that he was away, how unhappy she was.

She wanted to make him understand how important Lottie was to her. He had to understand. If they had a shot at a relationship, he needed to accept Lottie as well, but she feared he might not.

She'd give him time to think, and when he came back home for good, they could hopefully be together.

Soon she showered and headed to her job at the restaurant.

Tom woke up the next morning knowing what he needed to do. He had to call Stephen. Part of the reason he refused to stay with him, was he didn't want to admit his wrongdoing.

It was early and he knew Stephen was at his mom's house with April and Isis. Tom could see how his brother felt about that girl. She was at least ten years younger than him, but she was nobody's fool.

Stephen couldn't fool her. He did once and she cut him loose. Tom didn't know if April would give his brother a second chance, but he hoped that one day she might. Stephen was a great guy. He just got cocky and made some dumb decisions.

He'd call him later and see if they could have lunch together. At least he could then start to try and make things right.

Tom showered dressed and recalled the adventures he'd shared with his two friends the night before. Anyone with eyes could see that the two women were lovers, but he wanted Terri.

Despite everything that had happened, Terri was his heart. He didn't know when he fell for her exactly; he just knew he loved her. Lottie might be part of the deal. He didn't know how he felt about that.

Around ten thirty, Tom called his brother. Stephen's face lit up when he saw Tom's number on the caller Id on his phone. He was hoping they could at least hang out during his visit.

"Hey Tom," Stephen answered enthusiastically. "What are you up to today? Want to grab lunch or something?"

Tom smiled, despite everything he loved his brother. Yea he had his annoying points but he was still his brother.

"Yea, Stephen, that's why I called. I want to get together for lunch today. We can catch up." Tom replied

Smiling Stephens replied, "Great, can you meet me at Subway at noon?" he asked.

"Sure, Tom replied. See you then. Hey, has April, Edith, and the baby left yet"? Tom asked.

"No, not yet. But they are about to pull out." Stephen replied.

"Well say good bye and tell them to drive safely for me," Tom told him.

Tom's concern for April, her mother, and his daughter made Stephen smile even more.

"I'll tell them." He promised. "See you at noon." Then he hung up.

"Who was on the phone?" April asked, not that she was concerned, just curious.

"Just Tom, he wanted me to tell you two to drive safely." he replied pleased that she'd asked him about the call. It showed him that a part of her still held on to him. One day he'd earn back her trust and they could be a family.


Soon everyone had said their goodbyes and Edith drove off taking her daughter and granddaughter with her. April was very quiet during the drive and Edith believed she knew why.

Despite everything Stephen had done, April loved him. But she was afraid. The man cheated on his wife and used her. He deceived her and made her an unwilling participant in his treachery.

But, deep down, she believed he was inherently a good man. Last night she met his brother Tom. That guy's name came up a few times and she expected him to be a big as a giant and just as powerful. But he was genuinely a nice man.

Tom slept with Terri, and it was obvious that he wanted her back. If he could trust Terri, could she trust Stephen?

April sighed.

"Ok, little girl, tell me." Edith spoke.

"Momma, it's nothing. We..... No. it's nothing." April answered.

"He's not your father April. You shouldn't punish him for what your father did. Well, what you think he did." Edith said softly

"If I take him back, and he cheats on me Momma, what does that say about me? I'd look like a fool" closing her eyes, April tried to block the memory of that night so long ago.

"Wait, you said think." April queried. "Momma, what are you saying?"

"It's after eleven. Let's stop for lunch and we can talk." Edith explained.

They stopped a t a local Kracker Barrel in Mississippi, on their wait to Georgia for lunch. Edith took a moment to tell April about the past.

After being seated and securing Isis in one of the toddler chairs, Edith exhaled. She waited a little longer as the waitress took their order. She never thought she'd have to tell this story to her daughter, but she had too. Edith started her tale. "I know what you saw, but you don't know what caused it."

"Jon was the perfect man. He was kind, and generous to a fault. I wanted him when I laid eyes on him. He was a hard worker and an honorable man" Edith stopped smiling as she remembered a happier time with her husband.

We went out a few times and I fell for him. I couldn't lose him. On our third date, I knew he was going to break things off with me so I seduced him. Two months later, I told him I was pregnant. The truth is I was already pregnant when I met him." Edith stopped.

April stared at her appalled. She started to speak when Edith stopped her, "please, let me finish."

"He stood by me. His family was furious that he'd gotten a white girl pregnant. My folks were furious that I'd slept with a black man. But Jon stood by me and we married. His boss let him keep his job, and I got part-time work a local store.

Six months later, I went into labor. Jon knew I lied at that point. He knew it wasn't his child, but I was his wife and he stood by me. Soon you were born and anyone could see you were not black." Edith dropped her head in shame.

April reached across the table and took her mother's hand. "Momma, it's alright." She whispered. She didn't need to hear more.

"No, it's not." Edith whispered. "I made that man a laughingstock amongst his people. I heard what they called him, but he held his head high and worked to support us. For seven years he took care of us and not one time did he ever say you were not his child"

Edith stopped once more. This was a difficult story to tell. "One day he met Mary. She was young, beautiful, and she saw in him a man of honor and integrity. She knew he was married and never once did she make an advance at him."

Edith continued, "I met her by accident one day when I drove down to the shop to get some money from him for food. I saw this beautiful black girl smiling at my husband and I became furious. No one would take Jon from me; especially not some scraggly, little skank.

Jon looked up and saw me and a look of pure displeasure crossed his face. He walked over and asked me what I wanted. I caused a horrible scene. His boss ordered me off the premises or he could find work elsewhere."

Edith "I saw how he looked at her. He never looked at me that way. So I called the garage and told her to come over we needed to settle this.

She was so naive that she thought we'd just talk. I sent you to your room as soon as she arrived. I called her all kinds of names. Jon came home. He told Mary to leave, but I stopped her. "Edith looked at her daughter.

"I called her mother a whore and said she was following in her footsteps.' And that's when she slapped me to the floor. " Edith exhaled a final time.

Jon stopped me from attacking her because I was wrong and when he left that night, I knew he wouldn't be back.

I was vengeful and spiteful, I told him you weren't his and to never darken our door again."

April was speechless. She could not picture her mother being so cruel, so hateful to anyone. She had to ask. "Why? Momma, why?"

"Honestly, I can't remember my reasons. And one day I need to make amends to both of them." She looked at April.

"Stephen looks at you the way Jon looked at Mary. The man loves you. Don't throw that away based on something that happened so long ago." Edith pleaded.

"Momma, he was married. He..." April started to say.

"Yes, he was and you need to talk to him about it. If not for you then for her," she added nodding at Isis.

April nodded in agreement with her mother. "Momma, no matter what you've done I love you." The she grasped her hand across the table, as the waitress brought their ticket.

Soon the two women left the restaurant and finished their drive home to Georgia.

April resolved that when she got home, she had a phone call to make.


After the women drove off, Stephen reported to work and Tom took a cab to his Mom's home. He wanted to talk to her. Ever since he was a lad when he had a problem, he could always go to Mom.

"Hey Mom" Tom greeted her with a hug as he entered her home.

"So you're meeting Stephen for lunch today, right?" Patricia asked. She already new because Stephen told her as he left for work He was excited to be having lunch with his brother.

"Yea, Mom. I've got to tell him the truth about my affair with Terri." Tom explained.

Patricia looked pensive. "Tell him some place public. He'll be less likely to knock you out. Tom, I'm proud of you. I know leaving was a hard choice, but at the time

it was the right one. Hopefully, you and Stephen can talk, and maybe I can get my boys back."

"Now, since you're here I have a few things I need you to do." Patricia stated in her matter of fact tone.

Tom chuckled as she gave him the list of repairs she wanted him to start on. He was just finishing repairing item number four, fixing the screen door, when Patricia reminded him of his lunch with Stephen.

So Tom trudged upstairs, freshened up, and borrowed mom's car to meet his brother for lunch.

They both arrived at the restaurant at the same time.

They stood in line, ordered their sandwiches and drinks.

For the first time in forever, Tom was terrified. He had some news for his brother that might rip them a part, but he hoped it didn't

As soon as their order was ready, they sat down and Stephens started to speak. Tom stopped him.

"Um Stephen. I owe you an apology. I'm sorry. I need to tell you something, but I don't know how." Tom looked down at his food. How can I tell him this. He'll hate me

Stephen sat waiting patiently. He was scared now. What is going on with Tom? Is he sick? Oh God please don't let him be sick?Stephen prayed.

"Tom, whatever it is, just tell me. You're scaring me here." Stephen implored.

"Last year, before I left, I slept with Terri. I slept with your wife." Tom blurted out.

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