tagLoving WivesChoices Ch. 06

Choices Ch. 06


Hello everyone. We have reached the end of our journey. Here is Chapter Six, the FINAL CHAPTER, of Choices. I certainly hope you enjoyed the previous chapters. Thank you for continuing to read this story.

Please read and comment. Your thoughts are welcomed and I want to know what you think. So now, on to the story "Choices, Chapter 6".


Terri watched her go and her heart broke. She'd once again hurt her best friend. It didn't matter that she didn't mean to. She hurt Lottie every time and it wasn't right.

Lottie left the flat with no clear destination in mind. She needed air. She couldn't breathe. She knew what the end would be. Why was she prolonging it?

Soon she found herself at the local pub. It was a straight pub, gays and bi's avoided the place.

As soon as she walked in, she felt people glaring at her as if to say how dare you come in here. She ignored them and took a seat at the bar. She ordered a long island ice tea and took time to contemplate.

Soon she realized she wasn't alone. Someone had sat next to her and spoke. She'd recognize that voice anywhere.

"You know, Terri's great and all that but you should be with someone that wants only you." The deep melodic voice whispered.

Startled, Lottie looked up into the face of the one man she was sure would never offer her a kind word.

"Stephen you hate me remember, what do you care?" she asked, pissed.

"You're right. I probably shouldn't, but no one deserves to be used and discarded like that. Lottie, you are a good person and an even greater friend to Terri, but you shouldn't keep letting her drain you like this." Stephen said feeling guilty for mistreating this girl in the past. It was only now that he realized how alone Lottie really was.

"She's my best friend, Stephen, my only friend. I know you don't-" Lottie stopped. "Never mind, you don't really care."

Stephen chuckled, "Surprisingly, I do. I have treated you unfairly in the past. I called myself to be protecting my wife, but she was fine. You've suffered greatly from your friendship with her."

He gently reached out and rubbed her back slightly. Lottie was struggling to not cry. She wouldn't cry, not in front of him. Brushing his hands off of her, Lottie stood to leave.

Stephen stopped her and hugged her for a moment, then he whispered in her ear, "You are so much more than what you think. Many people care about you, Lottie, but you have to let them in."

"If it were that easy..." Lottie whispered into his chest as for a moment of weakness she rarely showed, she absorbed his strength.

She pushed away from Stephen and looked at him. For the first time since he married her best friend, she finally saw his true character. Stephen was a decent guy.

"Thanks." She murmured as she walked away in search of solitude.

Lottie started to go home, but she didn't feel like dealing with Terri. Stephen, blockhead that he was, had a point. She deserved better than being second runner up.

Stephen watched Lottie leave the pub and was concerned. It bothered him but there was really nothing he could do. He thought about April and the call earlier and smiled.

He hoped that one day Lottie would find someone just for her. His heart broke for her and the pain she was in. He hoped that if Tom and Terri did get together, they stayed.

Lottie didn't need to be yanked around by Terri anymore. He could see now why Tom was so concerned about Lottie.

So taking out his phone, he called his friends to see if they were still joining him. He also called Tom, and was glad he agreed to hang out.

Lottie walked away from the pub to a nearby park. Laughing, Lottie thought, Stephen, giving me advice, really. I'm the last one he'd try and help.

Tom hung up the phone from Stephen and dressed to head to the pub. He'd walk there because it was only a few blocks away. Just as he was leaving, the phone rang.

"Sir, a young woman, Terri, would like to come to your room?" the front desk clerk informed him.

"Ms. Long, tell her I will meet her in the lounge." Tom informed the clerk.

He felt that having Terri come to his room was not a good idea. There were issues that needed to be resolved between them.

Tom dressed and walked into the lounge, Terri was sitting on one of the sofa's thumbing through a magazine. His breath caught, for she was a vision of loveliness. Part of his brain screamed to take her to his room they needed to be alone, but the other half argued that he needed to do this the right way.

Terri saw him and smiled. He was everything she never knew she wanted.

"Terri, hey." Tom greeted her with a brief hug.

She hugged him back, "Hey, Tom."

"What brings you here? Where's Lottie?" Tom asked.

Blinking back the tears Terri sat, "Um she went out for a bit. She needed a break from me."

Tom sat listening. She had to tell him something and she'd let him take his time. "Lottie and I are more than friends Tom. We're lovers. We're both bisexual."

"Well, Terri, everyone knows that already." Tom explained softly.

Terri laughed a little. "I know everyone does, but they don 't know how much we need each other. Tom, I love you. I want a chance at a life with you. I need you to accept Lottie. She's a part of me and I can't lose her friendship."

Tom, grasped her hands. "Terri, I would never force you to give up your friend. I know how important she is to you."

Tom exhaled. "I'm stationed on this job for two more months. I may stay in Vancouver, not sure yet. If I call you will you be willing to relocate? Be with me in Canada?"

"Tom, I'd follow you any where, everywhere, but I have to be fair to Lottie." Terri explained. "I don't know-"

Tom covered her lips with a kiss. This kiss told her everything she needed to know. Her blood heated, heart pounded, heat cascaded to the apex of her thighs.

She wanted him, but he then broke the kiss. "No, no." Tom whispered. "I want you so much that at times I can't think straight, but I'm not sneaking around this time."

Terri was breathing hard, pulse pounding, heart racing. Her body was on fire and he was the only one that could cool off the burn.

"Tom, please." Terri whispered as she reached for him once more.

"No, end the sexual relationship with Lottie first. If you can't then tell me. But make a choice Terri, Lottie or me." Tom pulled her close and embraced her once more.

He then kissed her forehead and asked if she needed a cab to get home. "You need to think. You don't have to choose tonight, but baby, you have to choose."

I'm walking over to the pub to meet with Stephen and the guys, do you need a cab." Tom asked as he hugged her before he left.

"No, I can drive you to the pub. You don't have to walk." She offered.

Tom smiled, "No, I want to walk. It's not far. Go home and think." He kissed her gently. "Terri, as much as I love you. You need to make the best choice for you. Now, go home."

Terri hugged him tightly, once more. She didn't want to let go, but he was right. She needed to stopped procrastinating and decide.

Tom walked her to her car and waited until she drove away. He then, left the hotel and walked over to the pub to meet his brother and their friends.

Stephen was already at the pub drinking a beer with two of their childhood friends when Tom walked in. The guys hung out drinking and shooting pool.

The two friends wandered off the get some food and refills when Stephen decided to mention to Tom that he'd ran into Lottie earlier and how vunerable she appeared.

Tom felt bad because he liked Lottie and hated being one of the people hurting her. But like Stephen said earlier, someone would be hurt in this situation. It was unavoidable.

Lottie was sitting in a park swing when an officer walked up and asked her to leave.

"Miss, the park closes at nine. I need you to vacate." The officer addressed her firmly.

Lottie knew that voice anywhere. It haunted her dreams. Before Terri, that voice stole away many of her potential partners, Deanna.

"Fine, Dean. I'm moving." Lottie declared angrily desperately hiding her tears.

"Lottie, well, well, well. I should cite you." Dean declared.

She sniffed and Dean knew why, TERRI. That bitch. Dean didn't dislike Terri, she just didn't like Terri with Lottie.

"Hey, Lottie, look I'm almost off duty. Come with me we can grab a bite to eat and talk a bit." Dean suggested.

"Dean, that's nice of you, but I know I'm not someone you like being around. " Closing her jacket she walked away saying. "Sorry for trespassing in your park."

Dean was stunned, and she could not let her walk away. So she followed her trying to convince her to at least hang out.

"What the great Charlotte is afraid to have a drink with me?" Dean teased. One thing she knew about Lottie was if you teased her, she'd react.

Lottie stopped walking, she hated being called by her name. She preferred "Lottie".

"Let's go Deanna, you're paying." She declared.

Dean then led Lottie to her car with a smirk on her face. She knew she'd get her to go on a date with her. Even though, this wasn't officially a date, it was pretty close.

She'd take this time to treat Lottie like the Goddess she was and should be treated as.

Hopefully, after they'd eaten and hung out, Lottie would see her as more than competition at the club.

Meanwhile, Terri drove from the hotel back to the flat she shared with Lottie. She sat in her favorite chair and contemplated her predicament. Really, it wasn't much of a predicament, more of a conundrum.

She had to end things with Lottie, because she knew she wanted a future with Tom. He told her she had time, but it wasn't fair to keep going. Both she and Lottie had discussed this and agreed to end it at an opportune time. When Lottie got home, they'd talk.

Lottie rode with Dean to her apartment. "Um, Lottie, come on in. It's a bit of a mess, but let me freshen up, and then we can head to Toro's or someplace else.

Lottie got out of her car and had a seat in the front of her small house. The house was just like Dean, plain and simple. As much as she grated on Lottie's nerves, Lottie had to admit she was down to earth. She never pretended to be something she wasn't, kinda like, Tom.

Lottie shook her head. How did she end up comparing Dean to Tom? Soon the shower stopped and Lottie heard Dean enter her bedroom. A little longer and she emerged from her room wearing a dark pair of jeans, white wife beater, and her custom plaid shirt. Her long dark hair was hanging loose around her broad shoulders. The woman was handsome and she knew it.

Walking over to Lottie, Dean flashed her most persuasive smile and held the door as she walked out, "After you my lady." She whispered.

Lottie walked as Dean placed her hand in the small of her back and led her to her Altima. Dean opened the door for her, helped her inside. Then she reached across her giving Lottie the chance to smell the enticing cologne she wore.

It wasn't a fragrance Lottie had scented on anyone else, only her. Dean drove and didn't try to engage her in small talk, She simply turned on the radio, and the two enjoyed soothing music as they rode to their desitination.

Soon they arrived at Anna Marie's Restaurant. Dean, ever the gentleman, got out of the car and walked around to open the door for Lottie. However, Lottie had her door open and was climbing out of the car as Dean reached her side.

"Wait, Dean. We can't eat here. I'm not dressed; besides we don't have reservations." Lottie began to protest.

Smiling Dean assured her, "Don't worry about it. I've got this."

As they walked in they were greeted by the hostess, "Deanna, oh goodness. Oh, I can't believe you're here. Wait until Nana sees you." She gushed.

"Hold up Little Sis, I'll speak to Grandma, but first can we have a seat." Dean asked smiling at her sister.

"Sure, this way." The girl replied.

After showing them to a secluded area, Dean took a moment to introduce the two women.

"Sis, this is my friend, Lottie. Lottie, this is my sister, Deloris, or Squirt, if you prefer."

Deloris face lit up as she smiled even bigger, "So you're Lottie. It's so nice to meet you, welcome. Please the waiter will be here in a moment to take your orders. Lottie don't worry about the cost; it's on the house." She said hurriedly.

Soon a waiter came and took their orders. Lottie and Dean settled in to enjoy their meals.

"So, Lottie, you want to talk about why you were upset earlier?" Dean queried.

Looking down, Lottie replied, "You and everyone else knows why I was upset. Stop playing Dean. If you want to gloat, go on."

Dean reached across the table and grasped her hand. "Lottie, I wish..."

Lottie looked up into Dean's face and for a moment she saw something. Then it was gone. "Listen, I want you to know that I'm here if you need to talk or time away."

"Thanks Dean." Lottie said looking away as a much older lady came to the table.

"Deanna, it's about time you came." She greeted Dean with a big hug ans kiss.

Then she turned to Lottie, "Ah, you must be-" Dean interrupted.

"She's a friend. Lottie, this is my grandmother, Nana." Dean interrupted before her grandmother revealed too much.

Lottie smiled and went to say hello when she was pulled into a big hug. "You're hungry. I make food for you." Nana stated as she hurried to the kitchen.

More members of Dean's family came over to greet them, but eventually the visits lessened, but only because Nana forbade anyone else to bother them.

Soon the waiter brought their meal. Before long Lottie wasn't engrossed in conversation with her companion and laughing at the antics of Dean's family.

"So, Dean. Why do so many members of your family seem to know my name?" Lottie asked.

Dean actually blushed and for a moment she was speechless. "Well. I might have said some things about you."

Lottie laughed and for the first time it felt free. Not guarded, with thoughts of anything but simple enjoyment.

"Really, Like?" Lottie asked. It felt strange, but in a good way, that Dean mentioned her to people that were so close. A part of her wished that she could call her family."

Dean watched her and smiled. She seemed so free; Dean liked this side of her. She liked seeing her really free and happy.

They ate dinner and drank iced tea. Soon Lottie needed to go to the restroom and Dean started to escort her when one of her cousins stepped in and decided to show her where the family restrooms were in the back of the restaurant.

As soon as Lottie was out of sight, Nana pounced, "Deanna, why don't you invite your friend to join the family Sunday for dinner after Mass." Nana walked over to the table addressing her granddaughter.

"Nana, she's involved with someone else. I can't ask her out to a family dinner." Dean tried to explain.

"Pish posh" Nana replied, "Deanna, this girl. She's special to you. I've never heard you mention anyone when you visit. But her, Lottie, you talked about all of the time. And tonight, you bring her to meet us."

"Nana," Dean exhaled, "she's going through a difficult time right now. She needs a friend more than anything."

Nana looked at her and smiled, "You like this girl. I dare say, you could come to love her. Don't be afraid to take a chance, Deanna."

"Listen, Nana. She's in love with someone else. Even if she wasn't, I'm not sure she likes me like that. Pretty sure she just tolerates me." Dean confided in her grandmother.

Nana smiled thinking, Ah, Dean, you are just what that girl needs. I can see she needs someone to just love her as you do.

"Listen to me. Be yourself Deanna. Be true to who you are and she will know that you are someone worth getting to know. She likes you, Deanna. I can tell." Nana declared as Lottie and Trisha, Dean's cousin returned.

Dean stood as she returned to the table and held her chair for her. Lottie was taken-aback for a second, but she loved the treatment. "Ah, Charlotte, care to tell me what's so funny?" she teased. Usually she did these little things for Terri. She never had anyone do them for her.

Their waitress returned and refilled their tea and told them Nana was sending out dessert for them. While waiting for dessert, more family members came by to speak, meet Lottie, and tease Dean.

"You don't visit home much, do you?" Lottie asked as a twentieth cousin left them alone.

Dean laughed, "No, do you see how nosy my folks are? I never have privacy."

"Your family, they accept you. They accept that you're lesb..." Lottie stopped. "I'm sorry. You have a really nice family Dean." She concluded.

"Yea, they accept me as I am. My dad had a problem at first, but Nana threatened to kick his butt, if he didn't get his head out of his ass." Smiling, Dean concluded. "I'm lucky."

"Yes, you are." Lottie nodded in agreement. Her family disowned her, She calledfor the lastime sixteen years ago when her father told her she was dead to him. After that she met Terri, and they became best friends.

Soon they finished and Lottie wanted to go home. They couldn't leave without Nana making sure Lottie was full and had gotten her promise that she'd return for dinner with the family soon.

"Dean, you have a terrific family." Lottie stated, "Thank you for sharing them with me tonight." Dean smiled. She was happy to have spent this time with her.

Dean wanted to say something about Terri and Lottie sensed it. "Dean, she's my friend. She's my best friend. You don't understand." Lottie whispered.

Dean didn't reply at first because she was driving her home. As she pulled up at the apartment Lottie shared with Terri, Dean spoke her mind.

"She's not good for you. She uses you, Charlotte. You're too good for her." Dean whispered.

Lottie's breath caught. No one called her Charlotte, but when Dean said her name this time, it affected her on a primal level.

"Thanks for spending time with me tonight, Dean. I really appreciated it. It was fun. Good night." Lottie moved to open her door.

"Lottie, wait. Let me get the door for you." Dean offered.

Then she walked around the car, opened the door for her, and held her hand and helped her climb from the car. She then stood by the car until Lottie was safe inside her home. Then she went home thinking about the amazing time they had.

"Hey, Lottie you're home." Terri greeted her moving to embrace her.

Lottie hugged her friend before she spoke. "Terri, we need to talk. Let's sit in the dining room."

Terri dreaded this. She knew that a decision had been reached, she just didn't know how to tell her best friend, her lover.

"Lottie, I love-" Lottie touched her lips.

"Terri, let me say this or I won't. I can't do this. I can't play second fiddle anymore." Lottie inhaled. "It's over Terri. I love you but I can't be with you anymore."

Terri was shocked. We can't be with each other? I know that already, but this sounds so final. What is Lottie saying? "Lottie wait. What do you mean? You're my best friend."

Shaking her head in disagreement, "No, I'm your crutch. You come to me when there isn't anything better around. I won't keep being used like this. You are my best friend. You will always be my best friend, but we can no longer be lovers. Not now or ever again."

Terri was stunned. She knew they had to end it, but she didn't expect Lottie to be the one to call for the end of their relationship. And she was saying, never again. Terri agreed because if Tom accepted her, she was being faithful to him.

Terri remembered that someone brought Lottie home. She was curious. "Lottie, where did you go. Who brought you home?"

"An unlikely pal treated me to dinner and made me feel special for once. I liked it, Terri. I liked being treated that way. I should always feel that way. Not like I'm second best." Lottie explained still marveling at the way Dean treated her earlier tonight, like she was precious, loved.

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