tagNovels and NovellasChoices Ch. 09

Choices Ch. 09


Saturday morning I walked around the house cooling down after my run. The grass was a little shaggy. With any luck today would be the last cutting until spring. I started up the mower and began the repetitious back-and-forth pattern that suburban squatters are familiar with.

The boring work gave me time to think about my social dilemma. Nan was wild and exciting and beautiful. She was willing to share her bisexual playmates with me and would even recruit new ones, as the inclusion of Jill had shown last night. I didn't know if she expected me to allow her to have other men.

Jean, on the other hand, was sort of stodgy. We had done anal, but for the most part straight, vanilla sex seemed to be her limits. Of course, I had to admit that compared to Nan, 99.9 per cent of the population might be considered stodgy. And Jean was enthusiastic. In the looks department, Jean had a striking face and had style, but her body was slim and girlish, definitely not like Nan's.

Kathy had been somewhere in between. She had never shown any interest in girls, although the girl-girl scenes in the occasional porn film we watched didn't turn her off. She had been daring, insisting on making love on the beach each night during a vacation to the US Virgin Islands. If we were out at night by ourselves, she would often pull my dick out of my pants and fondle it, once even sucking me. She had been very attractive with an average-sized figure, which she worked to keep in good shape.

Miscellaneous thoughts flitted around my head. Nan hadn't suggested any activities with Bobby. Since she was his teacher, she knew him well, but still I was slightly bothered. Being charitable to her, she might not want to get involved with him personally until the direction of our romance was decided. Then again, we had had vague discussions about her desires for children. She didn't see herself having a child for several more years, so she might feel saddled with Bobby if we got tightly involved.

To Jean's positives, as a parent she had more to think about and more to lose if something went wrong. I liked Rebecca and Jean seemed to like Bobby. During those we-really-aren't-talking-about-what-we're-really-talking-about talks, Jean had said that she had always wanted two or three kids indicating that there might be a hers-mine-and-ours situation for both of us to think about.

Jean and I talked on a deeper level than Nan and I. Nan talked about her friends and about celebrities. It was much harder to get her to talk about where her life was going, what goals she had, how she was going to get there. I tried to remember when I was unattached before my marriage. Had I been the same way?

I pulled out the weed-whacker and trimmed up around the bushes. What did I want for the next ten years? For the rest of my life? I pondered that through my shower and shave.

"Okay, Bobby, mind your manners," Linda admonished him as she zipped up his coat. Then she straightened back up.

"Jack, remember I'm going out tonight. I know you won't be home early, but Sally and I and the girls are going for dinner and then we're going clubbing."

"You're going clubbing?" I arched an eyebrow.

"They have clubs for us old fogies, too," she replied with a smile. "I'm sure I'll be back before midnight, but don't wait up."

"Have I met this boy? Do I know his parents? Do you have a quarter for a phone call? No parking!" I repeated all the parent lines I had heard in high school, but with more of a grin than was ever on the face of the fathers that I met.

"Oh, you," Linda replied. "Get on out of here."

Jean had relented on letting Rebecca see me. Today she had suggested that we take the kids to a movie. The showing we picked was at 3:30 and we decided to have a late lunch at a McDonald's Playland near the theater. Bobby and I picked them up about 1:15.

"Wow! You look good today," I greeted Jean with a peck on the lips and frank admiration. She was wearing a pink A-line dress that zipped up the front and set off her hair and complexion to perfection on this warmer-than-usual fall day. It exposed her gorgeous legs to about four inches above her knees.

"Well," she started. "Last week was sort of quiet, so I wanted to make sure you noticed me this week."

Last weekend had been the end of her period so we hadn't done more than snuggle and neck some. When I lifted an eyebrow, she shyly looked down.

"I notice you every week. How could I ignore someone so beautiful," I gallantly asked.

After we had gotten our lunches, we went outside to the Playland. The lunchtime crowd had thinned out and Jean was able to pick a table in the corner where we could sit with our backs to the fence and still have good view of the kids in the play area.

"Eat your hamburger, Bobby, and then you can go play."

"You too, Rebecca," echoed Jean. The kids had chattered to each other about their respective schools all the way over, so they were able to take a short break to bolt down the burgers and fries before dashing to the chutes and ladders.

"They seem to get along well, don't they" I asked.

"I think it's that age where they can carry a conversation, but they are not old enough to be shy around new kids," Jean replied.

Jean started telling me about a new study that her branch was conducting about medical services on Indian reservations. After that, I began telling Jean about a German officer who was working at the Pentagon with me for several months. "So, Dieter has this idea that he thinks needs a decision immediately --"

"Wait a minute, Jack." She got up and went over to look more closely at the kids.

"You two doing OK?"

"Yes, Mama."

"Yes, Ms.Marlowe."

When she came back she plopped down at a table facing me. I was a little surprised since I thought we were both enjoying having our legs next to each other, but I also liked being able to look at her without twisting around.

As I started talking again, she crossed her legs showing a nice expanse of outside thigh. As we continued to talk, Jean leaned back resting her elbows on the table behind her. She uncrossed her legs showing some inside thigh. The gesture seemed deliberately slower than normal and I began to wonder if she were teasing me. She lifted her feet to the bench she was sitting on and wrapped her arms around her legs.

"Are you cold?"

"No, just stretching a little. I didn't do any this morning after my workout."

I resumed talking about Pentagon politics when I heard a shriek. I hopped right up.

"Are you alright?" I counted two heads and I didn't see any blood spurting.

"Yes, Mr. Williams. Bobby just told me a funny joke."

I sat back down and resumed telling Jean about my week. I turned my attention from the kids back to her. Her feet had separated but her knees were still together. As a result, I could see her panties, but the panties didn't look quite right.

"So Dieter says to General ..." I stopped in the middle of my sentence. There weren't any panties. I looked up at Jean. She had a cat-who-ate-the-canary smile.

"Go on finish telling me about Dieter." She dropped her feet to the ground.

"Well, uh, well, so Dieter -- so Dieter goes to General Jones and asks him about the deployment plans." Jean crossed her legs slowly, but the angle was wrong. I couldn't see anything. Since most of my blood had gone from my big head to my little head, I couldn't think straight either. "Uh, Deployment says, rather Dieter says ..."

Jean moved from having her knees crossed to having one ankle on top of her knee. She began to bounce the other knee up and down. I just quit talking, wondering what she would do next. The knee elevated. Was that a flash of pussy? It dropped again. It elevated and she caught it in her hands. Now I was sure that I could see pussy, wasn't I? Her ankle slid off her knee and her skirt fell between her legs.

"Did I tell you about Emily's cat, a big, fat, furry kitty?" Jean started talking as my mouth continued to hang open. Emily was her next-door neighbor. "She lets it roam around the neighborhood. I've told her it might get lost, but she says that it always comes when called. What do you think?"

"Uh," I watched one foot rise to the plastic seat. "It'll probably come back to where it gets fed."

"But I worry about it getting EATEN. There are foxes and even coyotes reported around here. Those things get really hungry and fat pussies are probably delicious." The other foot joined the first one, but Jean had shifted so that her legs were pointed to the side. She paused in thought.

Suddenly, she swung around so that a foot was on each side of the seat. With her knees apart, I could see up to her belly button. "Would you worry about it being EATEN?"

"Well, I, uh, uh, I," I focused on her face and tried to sound coherent. Finally, I recovered. "Of course I'd worry about it being eaten. I have tasted cat before and I'd have to say that it is one of the finest tasting dishes I've ever been served."

"Oh, my," she fanned herself in Miss Pittypat style. "Well, I haven't tasted cat, but I worry about it being eaten properly. Do you know how to eat it properly?"

"I have it directly from the cat's mouth as it were. I was told that I could eat cat better than anyone else who'd ever tried. Do you believe that?"

"Hmmm," she looked at me speculatively. "Maybe I'll have to watch you and assess that skill personally later tonight." She dropped her feet back to the pavement.

Much to my disappointment, there were no further flashes while the kids played and we talked. About half an hour before show time, we piled the kids back into the car.

The theater was sparsely populated as befits an average kid's movie three weeks after the opening. We got seats about three-quarters of the way back. Jean put Bobby and Rebecca in one row towards the middle. We settled them in with popcorn and drinks. Then she pulled me to the next row. Just then the trailers started.

"I'm going to run to the restroom before the movie," she whispered.

She got back just as the titles started rolling. I took her hand in mine and rested both of them on her knee.

After ten minutes or so, she picked up my hand and swung it around to her shoulder, our fingers still entwined. About two minutes later, she pulled my hand lower. It slipped over fabric, the edge of an open zipper and onto bare skin.

I turned my head in surprise. She looked up at me with smoldering eyes and tilted her head to be kissed. I leaned over and our lips joined, tongues fencing with each other. At the same time she pulled my hand lower and it slipped under her dress and over a springy nipple.

She moaned into my mouth as I gently tugged on the protuberance. I rubbed across it lightly with the palm of my hand. She lashed furiously at my tongue and then I felt her tense and shiver. She collapsed back down to her seat, the movement dislodging my hand from her breast back to her shoulder.

"Oh I needed that, but it only whetted my appetite," she managed to say after several deep breaths. "Wait until I get you home."

She teased me with occasional flashes of her breasts during the rest of the movie and I snuck in several hot, wet kisses myself. As the movie drew to a close, she zipped back up.

When we got back to Jean's condo, she fixed a quick dinner of Mac 'n Cheese with a broccoli side dish. Sometime, while she was bustling around the kitchen, her zipper had again opened and I had several flashes of hard brown nips.

After dinner, the kids were cycled through the shower and into pajamas. They started watching TV, but the day had been too stimulating. Before the first half hour was done, they had both fallen asleep. I carried Rebecca to bed and then Bobby to the twin bed in Rebecca's room.

When I got back down, Jean had poured us each a glass of wine and had tucked herself up on the sofa. "Come here," she said patting the seat beside her. As I settled down, she brought her lips to mine for a tender, yet arousing, kiss.

"Jack," she started, "I really enjoyed today. Spending time with you and Bobby, having you two spend time with Rebecca and me. It all made me remember how wonderful a family is."

"I really liked it, too, Jean. Doing normal things with you and Rebecca, McDonald's, movies, other things," here I caressed her breast briefly and grinned. "But you've got a great daughter and you're a great mother." I pulled her into another kiss.

"You're so, so comfortable to be around," she continued. "I don't feel like I have to put on my best face all the time --"

"But you do have your best face on when I'm around and it's such a pretty face." I pecked her on the end of her nose.

"You know what I mean," she poked me on the arm. "We get along so well. We've got interests in common, the kids, our reading. I'm not as left wing as most of my co-workers. I guess what I'm saying is I really, really like being with you."

"I really, really like being with you, too, for all the reasons you just said. I feel that I can be comfortable, natural, with you and you'll accept me as I am."

"Me, too. That's exactly the way I feel. That I can act like me and that none of my wild and crazy side will offend you." Her smile lit up her face.

She reached for me again, pulling my lips to hers. This time she was more insistent, more like the vixen in the darkened theater. After a minute or two of kissing, I began to lightly run my fingertips over her bare arms. Up to her shoulders and down her back slowly caressing until I felt the swell of her hips. Then my fingers moved slowly back up until I was lightly teasing her neck. She finally broke the kiss.

"I was naughty today," she stated in a little-girl voice. She hung her head.

"What did you do," I demanded.

"Well," she paused seemingly afraid to tell me. "I forgot to put on panties today. Some man might have been able to see under my skirt."

"What would he have seen under your skirt?"

"Well, he might have seen between my legs."

"What would he see between your legs?"

"He would have seen my kitty."

"Did you let a man see your kitty?"

"I didn't mean to. It was an accident. I was trying to stretch my legs and he was right across from me and I didn't do it on purpose, really, really."

"Really, really? Are you sure you didn't do it on purpose? You must tell me the truth," I said in my best alpha male voice.

"Well, the first time was an accident --"

"The first time! How many times did you do it?"

"He seemed so surprised. I thought it was fun to surprise him and tease him again."

"That was naughty. What should I do to punish you?"

"Punish me? Oh, don't spank me. It hurts some when you spank me. Please don't spank me."

"Naughty girls must be punished. Get on your knees and lean over the back of the sofa."

"Please don't spank me. I promise I won't do it again. Please, pretty please?"

"If you don't obey me, it'll just get worse." She reluctantly turned and bent over the back of the sofa.

I pulled her dress up until it lay across her back. "Spread your legs and show me what you showed that man."

She separated her knees. I could see her inner lips pushing out and wetness on them. "Did you get wet when that man looked at your kitty?"

"Oh, I couldn't help it. He seemed to like looking so much."

"I bet he did. Well, I have to punish you so you won't do this every day. I think ten spanks is enough, considering this is your first time. I want you to count them out loud as I spank you."

I had never spanked a girl before. I figured to try for light spanks, maybe what it would feel like if you were clapping your hands. If she wanted something harder, I'm sure she would tell me.

Smack! "One."

Smack! "Two"


Smack! "Ten."

Both cheeks were pink. As I stepped back to survey the results, I could see her cream running down her legs. "You won't do that again will you?"

"I'll try to remember to put them on every day."

"You do that. I think I ought to do something to soothe where I spanked you." I had a sudden impulse to kiss her cheeks. I pecked once on each side. Then I licked and blew on each cheek. I loved looking at her skin so closely. I licked several more times. I licked slowly back and forth while I reached underneath to her clit. She shivered.

"Oh, Jack, that feels nice," she said as she spread her legs a little wider, giving me better access. "You're cooling my skin but making me all hot inside."

I turned around sitting on the floor with my back to the couch. I gently lifted one of her legs so that I could lay my head back on the seat. "Let me show you how to eat cat," I said as I pulled her hips down to my face.

"You really do know how to eat cat. Oh, you're teasing now." She was trying to press down on my tongue, but I kept turning my face away kissing her legs or tummy. When she let up, I went back to flicking her button with the lightest pressure. After several minutes, I pushed two fingers into her channel as I continued to lick.

"Oh god, sooooo nice. You make me feel so good, so wonderful, so magical."

Another few minutes of tonguing and stroking was all it took. I felt several spasms around my fingers. "Oh, oh, oh," she cried softly. Then she thrust down on my face and trapped me there for ten or fifteen seconds. "I can't stay up any more," she stated as she slipped sideways and fell into the corner of the couch.

I moved up beside her and gathered her in my arms. I kissed around her eyes, her nose, and her cheeks. "You are so wonderful."

She lay there relaxed for several more minutes. Then she wrapped an arm around my neck and pulled her face up to mine for a kiss, her tongue darting into my mouth. Breaking the kiss quickly, she washed my lips and chin with her tongue. "No wonder you were so good. I taste real good tonight, don't I?"

As she leaned up for another kiss, her hand outlined my boner through my slacks. "What do we have here, huh? Did you hide a banana from me?"

After the next kiss, she used both hands to unbuckle, unbutton and unzip me. "Just for little ol' me? You are so generous." She stroked it several times.

Suddenly, she hopped up and disappeared down the hall. I was surprised and didn't know what was going on. "Honey," I called.

Right as I started to get up she was back. "Just thought I ought to get some towels," she said dropping two on the coffee table. "Stand up."

When I did, she spread a towel on the couch. Dropping to one knee, she pulled down my slacks and shorts. "Okay, sit."

After I returned to the couch, she lifted one leg and removed my shoe, sock and the rest of my clothes from that leg. She continued with the same actions for the other leg. "Take your shirt off. Now I can get to you properly."

"I shouldn't be the only one undressed here."

"Fair enough," she said. Grabbing the bottom of her dress she pulled it over her head and threw it to the side.

"That's much better," I said while reaching for a nipple.

"Uh, uh, uh. You've had your fun. Now it's my turn."

I thought back and counted two, maybe three orgasms for her and none for me. As she began stroking me again, it didn't seem the time to argue.

She kneeled up and leaned in for a kiss. One arm went around my neck, but the other hand began to drag her fingernails over my chest.

"I love touching you. I love the feel of your muscles under your skin. I love the way you hold me, so strong and yet gentle in that strength." Her head dropped down and she began to nibble on my neck. Her hand began to tease my cock again.

She nibbled southward to one of my nipples and started flicking it like I would to a woman. Kathy had liked to do that also. It didn't do much for me, but I had learned to enjoy it as something she enjoyed. I moaned some from the nipple licking but more from one of Jean's fingers caressing my cock head.

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