Kitten looked up at Master a little scared. They'd never done this before; but when kitten confessed her dream to Master he got excited, almost taking her right then. Master stopped himself though. He immediately started teasing Kitten. He sat her on his lap and slid his hand down her stomach slowly, into her panty and cups his hand over her pussy.

"M-master," she moaned looking up at him pushing her hips toward his hand. he took her clit between two fingers and rubbed gently just the way she liked. Immediately she dug her nails into her palms moaning desperately.

"Please Master may i cum?" Kitten begged him as he slowly trailed a finger up from her dripping pussy and over her clit then circling it slowly. Master didn't respond and instead just withdrew his fingers from inside of her lace boy-shorts, bringing a whimper from her lips.

"Kitten is not allowed to cum until I fuck her tonight," he whispered nipping her neck softly, a groan escaped her lips, Master had brought her so close. Right to the edge of orgasm and then forbid her from cumming.

"Master always knows just how to torture his kitten," she thought nuzzling against his chest.

Kitten squirmed on his lap; going an hour without cumming was an achievement for her. But master had been teasing her all day, and Kitten's thighs were glistening with juices from him. She purred when he slid his hand in between her legs. His fingers invading the tight space, sliding over her g-spot, his other hand teasing her clit and going in circles around it, carefully to make sure she doesn't cum.

"M-masterr please I need to cum, I c-can't wait any longer please Master," she begged about to scream in frustration almost unable to think clearly at this point.

"I'll let my slut cum once just to help her hold over ," He smiled and pushes two finger into her pussy slowly as she arched her back kisses his neck and chin.

"Thank you Master, thank you," she screamed as she came hard, soaking her panties and her masters lap with her cum...

Kitten was sitting on the edge of the bed looking up at her master a little fearfully, He placed his hand on her cheek and smiles reassuringly, leaning down and kissing her softly letting his lips brush over hers. Their heartbeats quickened and they kisses more deeply kitten wrapping her arms around him hesitantly nervous about what to come. Master pushed her onto her back gently and looked in her eyes.. so beautiful light blue.. shining brightly he could see the slight fear on her face, the excitement, the joy at being near her master.

"Kitten," he started in his deep soothing voice "this is the first time we've played like this, how about we don't use the handcuffs the first time." Master was worried about his kitten, he didn't want the handcuffs and blindfold making her more scared than she already was. But Kitten smiled up at master trustingly.

"I'll be fine master, I promise." She smiled shyly and master handcuffed her to the bed grabbing the blindfold and sliding it over her eyes.

"I love you kitten," Master whispered softly as he slid his hands down her body causing her to arch her back against him gasping softly as he tweaked her nipples. Kitten felt the bed shift as master climbed onto the bed and smiled happily as he kissed her again, lifting one leg up over his shoulder and t he other around his waist. she felt his cock slide against her clit softly and shivered clenching her fists.

"Please, take me master fuck your kitten."

"As you wish my slut," he whispered pushing his cock in deeply hitting her cervix and bringing a scream to her lips. he slowly worked his hips in circles teasing his kitten as he leaned down to kiss her throat nipping gently. Kitten moaned eagerly thrusting her hips up to her master.

"Please Master fuck me, fuck Your cunt hard," Kitten groaned in his ear and whimpered as he complied slapping her across the face as he thrusts in hard fucking her deeply. Kitten threw her head to the side and purred deeply hoping her Master would do it again. he back handed her this time making kitten yelp in surprise and pleasure.

Master looked down at the beautiful girl writhing on his cock tied to the bed begging to be hit and used roughly, it was now or never. he quickly reached down and grabbed her by the throat choking her roughly. she coughed and dug her nails into her hands hard struggling not to cum. master let go and slapped her hard again a few times making her yelp each time then chokes her again making her gag.

Master started to slam into her painfully hard she was sure that she would be bruised tomorrow but she didn't care, as she struggled under master, pretending to hate what he was doing, trying to breathe. Kitten was so close master let go to let her breathe again and she coughed. "Please master let me cum. please?" Kitten was about to lose it she saw master nod to her and she screamed loudly cumming hard and covering her and master with cum her throat raw and sore.

He uncuffed her from the bed and dragged her roughly down to her knees back against the wall.

"Open your mouth slut," he growled softly but was smiling at her. She nodded and did as she was told. her cheeks were sore from the slapping too sore to continue getting hit. Master's cock quickly shoved into her mouth and her raw throat. She moaned and gagged on his cock, the contraction of her throat making him moan in ecstasy. he grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth violently.

"I'm going to cum Kitten!" he screamed and suddenly exploded in her mouth filling it completely and then some causing cum to drip out of the corners of her mouth. She quickly swallowed licking her lips and nuzzling his cock.

"Thank you Adam, I love you so much."

"I love you too Sarra."

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