tagRomanceChores with the Neighbor

Chores with the Neighbor


It was a balmy day. The dew was thick on the lawn and visibility was almost null through the thick fog. Rachel sipped her hot cup of coffee and looked out her window waiting for her cat to come home from his morning hunt. He meowed at the door and she let him in. Purring, he was a happy kitty today. He rubbed his long fur against her sculpted legs as she stood and observed the outdoors. There were chores to get done so she better get ready for the day.

She took a hot shower, washed her hair and gently soaped up her curvaceous body. Rachel moisturized her entire body with vanilla scented lotion and paid extra attention to her freshly shaven legs, mound, and smooth round ass. While choosing undergarments, she still wanted to feel sexy during her chores. Rachel opted for a light blue lace set. The panties were a delicate lace that rode low enough in the front to reveal the majority of her mound. The string rubbed along her tender little pink clit all the way deep between her ass cheeks. It basically served no purpose but to stimulate the entire area between her juicy pussy lips. The matching bra was underwire, and had delicate lace. Rachels natural 36C cup breasts were held up nicely in the barely there lace material. Her big puffy areolas spilled over the top half of the cups allowing her thick nipples to be pressed against the lace edge. Rachel chose a heather colored thin tank top with spaghetti straps. You could tell she was wearing a bra underneath but could also make out the outline of her big round areolas and prominent nipples.

Rachel started with a couple of loads of laundry followed by cleaning her bathroom. She scrubbed the shower, toilet, and counter. The floor needed extra attention so she first emptied the garbage to the outside. Her titties had a nice bounce to them as she walked outside. Her neighbor was out mowing the lawn and gave her a pleasant wave. Rachel waved back. He thought he seen her breasts shake but wasn't too sure so he decided to cruise on over and double check.

He was a nice man, mid forties, never married and lived by himself. He was kind of a dork, he rarely had friends over let alone women. He came over occasionally to help with some yard work and have some beers but mostly left Rachel alone. He thought Rachel was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen but didn't think he'd ever have a chance to ever ask her on a date. He was so intimidated her, being around her made him anxious. He was very nice to her though. Today he was mowing his lawn, maybe he'd take care of hers too.

"Hey Rachel, taking care of the house today?" Asked the neighbor.

"Yeah... Gotta take care of some big girl chores..." Replied Rachel as she lifted the dumpster lid and tossed a bag of trash in. Her movements allowed her round breasts to bounce up and down. From the side the neighbor could make out the outline of a bra. She smiled and put her hands on her hips. His eyes followed her pouty lips to the curves of her cleavage all the way to her unbuttoned shorts. She looked mighty fine. And her body made his cock twitch in his shorts.

"Well I'm just out mowing today, want me to take care of your grass too?" Asked the neighbor.

"Sure that would be so sweet of you!" Chimed Rachel.

"Cool, see you later" replied the neighbor as he watched Rachels round bubbly ass walk back in the house. Man just for once if she would give him some attention he thought. And he rode away on his mower.

Rachel made a pail of soapy water and got a sponge out to begin scrubbing the floor. She was on her hands and knees scrubbing her bathroom floor. In this position the string of her panties rubbed ferociously against her aching clit. It made her pussy throb. Rachels fleshy breasts hung against her flimsy tank top and beads of sweat gathered along her collarbone down to her cleavage. She enjoyed cleaning all while being sexy. She was getting warm but decided to take a break after she was done. Ten minutes later, the task was complete, Rachels upper body moistened the thin tank top. The straps were stretched down and the neckline just a half inch from her areolas. She checked herself out on the mirror, wow she looked hot! She dumped the pail and decided to hose it down outside and have a beer. As she made her way outside, her neighbor showed up again. It excited her to see him. Rachels pussy was creamily moistened and she had the deepest desire to seduce her nerdy neighbor. Rachel wanted her neighbor to see how her tits were falling out of her top and it made her pussy gush to play coy with him.

"uh.. kind of a muggy day huh... got one of those beers for me?" He stuttered at the sight of Rachel.

"Sure be right back" she went in and fetched another can for him.

They opened their beer cans together and took the first refreshing sip. The first sip is the best. She sat down on the front steps and motioned for him to sit next to her. He couldn't keep his eyes off her chest. Her big round nipples were tenting her tank top and the way she hunched over a bit allowed the tops of her areolas to finally reveal themselves. He didn't know what to say so he just obeyed her hand signals.

"Hey thanks for mowing the lawn for me! You know how I hate to do that" said Rachel

"We are neighbors, anything to help out" he replied dryly.

"I need to hose off this bucket, do you mind turning on the hose?" Asked Rachel as she smiled at him.

"Not at all" and the neighbor stood up and opened the faucet like a robot.

The water gushed out the end of the hose splashing on Rachels legs. She hosed off the inside of the bucket while leaning over purposely to let the neighbor get an eyeful of her round tits lightly encased in lace. The neighbors eyes widened! He thought to himself, does she know what she's doing to him? He felt his cock twitch in his shorts. Oh shit he thought, he's going to have a raging boner standing there. But he couldn't go home now, he just opened his beer. He was so nervous he stood frozen.

Rachel gave him a sexy side glance and noticed his bulging shorts. Wow she thought, doesn't take much to get him going, this could be fun she thought. She splashed the water in the pail at an angle purposely wetting her entire front. The cold water made her nipples harden and goosebumps formed on her skin. The soaking wet tank top hung very low now and clung against her wet skin. Rachel looked up at her neighbor who had his mouth wide open.

"Oh god... You're all wet" said the Neighbor dumbfounded.

"You don't even know..." Whispered Rachel.

She brought the hose up and directed the stream directly at her chest. The water gushed down her tank flooding her jean shorts and drenching her entire body in ice cold water. The weight of the water made her top hang heavily exposing her lace bra. Her prominent nipples were now peaking over the edge of the bra. The neighbor did nothing but stand there like it was his first time seeing a wet woman. Rachel took a sip of beer and the neighbor did the same. His cock now standing at full attention, he pushed on it with his hand trying to adjust the discomfort.

Rachel walked towards him while pushing her breasts together with her arms and placed her hand on his and turned the faucet off. He was pushing away from her with his back against the exterior of the house. He was breathing shallow breaths and his heart was pounding out of his chest. Her long fingers found his and led his hands to the hem of her cold tank top. She pressed her perky breasts against his lean chest and guided his hands down the inside of her shorts. He felt her soft fleshy ass and moaned. Rachel smiled.

"Help me out of these wet clothes, yeah?" She held his hands and guided him inside. He obeyed like a little puppy.

They were in the living room and she put her lean arms over her head gesturing for him to lift her tank top over her head. He had never taken off wet clothes for such a gorgeous specimen before, hell he had never taken wet clothes off anyone before! His hands trembled the entire time he pulled Rachels top off. She pushed him down on the couch. She turned around and inched her wet shorts off wiggling her ass at him. She bent over and spread her round ass cheeks for him. She inched two of her fingers down to her pussy parting her lips for him to see the fleshy inside of her pink. His mouth was utterly dry but his hard cock was throbbing in anticipation. She unclasped her bra and released her perfectly round breasts topped with wide tan areolas. Rachels nipples were the biggest he has ever seen, they were long and thick.

"Well I'm wet, naked, and cold... want to cuddle?" Cooed Rachel. She sat down next to him and placed his arm around her shoulders. She snuggled under his arm and against his chest feeling his lean body with her hand. Rachel slid her hand over his chest and down his firm abs to his hard cock, she rubbed the helmet through his shorts and heard him moan quietly.

"You know Rachel, you do feel cold. We should cover you with a blanket?" The neighbor asked as he lightly rubbed her shoulders.

"Yeah you know, I keep one behind the couch" so Rachel got on all fours and gently crawled over his lap. She flipped her hair and looked back at him making eye contact so he looked away at her shapely ass that was right in his face. She wiggled it around a little bit. She grabbed the blanket and draped it over her shoulders. Rachel then straddled him making sure to give him in eyeful of her firm tits and hard nipples. His hands caressed her thighs and squeezed her round booty. She hugged his face into her cleavage and began to hump him through his shorts. "You're right, I feel warmer already." As she continued to dry hump her neighbor she felt her pussy throbbing and begin to lubricate the material that separated her hot pussy from that raging hard on. Rachel was moaning and felt his hands creep up her back and make their way to her breasts, he gave them a soft squeeze and lifted her puckered right nipple to his lips. He engulfed her big long nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around the sensitive flesh.

Rachel backed off a moment and lifted his shirt over his head while he unfastened his shorts. He hurriedly scooted out of his shorts and revealed his monstrous cock, a full throbbing piece of man meat that was long enough to reach past his belly button. A glistening of precum lured Rachels mouth to lap it up, it tasted sweet. She placed both her hands around his thick cock and lunged her mouth around his dark purple helmet. Saliva was dripping down his thick cock while she was stroking with both hands.

The neighbor could feel his balls tighten up in preparation for cum to shoot out. He resisted and motioned for Rachel to release his cock from her amazing mouth. Rachel leaned back and rested on her elbows on the carpet, she held up her tits and rolled her long nipples in a tantalizing way while throwing her head back and arching her back. The neighbor grabbed both her strong limbs and spread them open to dive into her engorged pussy. Rachels scent engulfed the neighbors face and he lapped up every inch of her wetness. He spread open her lips and dipped his tongue deep inside while he massaged her clit with her hood. Rachel moaned and released more of her fragment juices. He got on his knees and slowly inserted his monstrous cock into Rachels tight little clam, he felt her powerful vagina grab at his shaft pulling it in further. He pushed as far as he could go and squished his hot hanging balls against her ass cheeks. He flexed his cock.

"Argh! Ahhh... wow... fuck me baby!" Rachel demanded.

The neighbor thrusted his cock in and out of Rachels pussy in long deep motions. He would slow down every now and then when almost at his peak, which was very often. He reached for her swollen tender nipples and rolled them how Rachel was doing to herself. He leaned down to put one of her long nipples in his mouth and bit down just enough to pull on it with his teeth causing Rachel to slap him. That's just what he needed, a little pain to forget about cumming. He did it again but to the other nipple, and Rachel screamed and slapped him again.

"Ok we're done here" yelled Rachel.

"No no I'm sorry, I'll be gentle. Please Rachel, you're so fucking sexy!"

"Ok lets change it up." Rachel took his hand and led him into her bedroom.

The neighbor followed her enjoying the way her hips swayed left and right as she walked. She crawled on top of the bed and dragged her turgid nipples gently across the sheets and planted her cheek against the top of the comforter. Her hands between her legs spread her pussy lips with a couple of fingers inviting the neighbor to take her from behind. His cock now uncontrollably dripping precum all over the carpet, he stood behind her and placed his hands on her firm butt. His fat cock head dribbled clear precum onto her asshole and he thrusted his meaty cock into her pussy. His thumb rubbed her little pink asshole in circles. He was able to keep up the thrusting for a very short period of time until he felt hot cum fill his shaft and he pulled out to shoot steamy cum all over Rachel's asshole. The neighbor grunted four times and each was paired with a thick spout of sticky cum. Rachel felt hot cum drip down her thighs.

"Oh, well that didn't take long." She said with disappointment.

The neighbor flushed bright red, "I haven't had sex in a very long time, sorry. I've never felt a pussy like yours before I couldn't help it... I ... I ..."

"Shhhh... lay down. You can watch now. " as she patted the top of the bed and pulled out a pink vibrator from under her pillow. The thick shaft was studded and there was a double clit tickler that doubled as an asshole fondler. The neighbor rested against the headboard while Rachel laid her back against his body. Rachel flipped the vibrator on low and a dull humming noise came alive. She slid the thick vibrator into her waning pussy and enjoyed the full feeling. She closed her eyes and nestled comfortably against her neighbor. He massaged her shoulders and moved down to grope her round breasts. Her flesh was warm to the touch and her areolas had widened. He lightly ran his palm over the tips of her nipples sending chills through her body and Rachel let out a moan. Rachel turned the clit vibrator on and flexed her thighs.

"Keep playing with my big sensitive nipples. The tips of my long nipples are directly connected to my clit. So just keep playing with my body." Moaned Rachel.

The neighbor happily obliged. He cupped her tits and wiggled his pointer fingers just over the top of each thick nipple. They stood long and erect but were still soft and tender. Each meaty nipple thicker than pencil erasers. As he continued to stroke Rachels long nipples, Rachels thrusting hips gained momentum and her sexual movements caused the neighbor to regain a solid cock. Rachel could feel his hard on and plopped the vibrator out from between her thighs. She gingerly turned around and straddled his thighs so she could handle the monster cock with her hands. The neighbors penis was still sticky and wet from earlier, she rubbed just the tip against her vulva remoistening it with her warm fluids. She leaned her body against his and held the back of the headboard nestling her velvety nipples against his cheeks. Rachels pussy lips parted around the firm cock and she glided up and down his shaft slowly paying extra attention to insert only just the tip.

The neighbor began to raise his hips trying to thrust inside Rachel but everytime he did so, Rachel would raise herself up. She continued this sensual cock tease all while breathing heavy into the neighbors face, leaning the weight of her breasts on his face. The neighbor couldn't take anymore and grabbed Rachel by the booty and slammed her pussy over his throbbing cock. He did it again, and again, each time he reached deeper and deeper in her vagina. He moved one hand up her defined back and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled it down. Rachel arched her back and thrusted her tits forward. The neighbor engulfed her areola and long nipple in his mouth as he continued to crush her pussy. His thrusts were so powerful he was being slapped in the face with Rachels fleshy breasts. He felt his balls tighten up and Rachels pussy clench down hard on his member.

"Ahhhh yeah, keep fucking my pussy hard, I'm cumming!" Screamed Rachel.

"Yeah baby, juice on my big cock! I'm cumming too" grunted the neighbor.

The neighbor and Rachel both reached mind numbing orgasms. The neighbor let go of Rachels hair and she flopped forward on him, resting her moist body on his. The heat from their radiating bodies was too much. She slipped off his thighs and nestled onto her pillow quickly drifting off to sleep. The neighbor took one last glance at her sweet body and admired every inch of her. He pulled the sheets over her body and tucked it under her arms making sure to have one final grope of her tender nipples before gathering his clothes and making it back to his house.

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