I couldn't see him, but I could feel him. I could feel his eyes blanketing me in a sultry stare. I knew finding him in the over crowded club wouldn't be easy, but I had to try.

I slowly made my way through the web of patrons, moving towards the dance floor. The sensation of his eyes on me continued, causing goose flesh to prickle my skin. He was close. My eyes darted around the room until landing on a dark figure standing in the corner. His was shrouded in shadow, but I knew it was him.

The DJ up on a slow, seductive number. My feet and arms started moving and swaying to the thunderous beat. A smoldering heat grew within my core as I slowly ran my hands along my hips and thighs, inching their way up my waist, along the lines of my full breasts and ending with a flip of my long, raven hair. The heat quickly built up between my legs as I danced for him.

Finally, he came to me wrapping his arms around my waist. His touch seared my exposed flesh. He pressed his body into mine, moving and swaying with me. He traced his hands along the lines of my body, leaving a burning trail in their wake.

His lean, muscular build, piercing pale blue eyes and perfectly chiseled features turned my knees to jello. I struggled to keep my composure but didn't make it easy. He had such a dominating presence about it. There was also something. Something... dangerous, yet I had the overwhelming urge to give myself to him.

His hand went to the small of my back, pulling e closer until our bodies seemed to meld together in the searing heat of desire. All I could do was stare deep into those hypnotic eyes. Everything around us vanished... the music, the people, the lights. It was just him, me and the unbridled passion between us.

His hand slid to the nape of my neck, his fingers entangling in my sweat dampened hair. Tugging slightly and sending a shiver skittering down my spine, he inched closer... closer... his warm breath brushing across my slightly parted lips before making contact. is tongue licked my bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth, gently nibbling on it.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, my tongue slipping between his lips. Our kiss started out soft and sensual, but quickly grew in intensity as the lustful fire burning between us raged into an uncontrollable inferno. I needed him and I could sense he needed me too.

Our surroundings came swirling back around us. The beat of high energy techno music thundered through my highly aroused body. My heart raced as he ran a perfectly manicured finger down my cheek. I saw a spark of something flash in his eyes, but it was gone before I could comprehend what it was.

He took hold of my hand, the warmth of it cascading throughout my body. He leaned down so his lips were barely touching my ear. "Come" was all he said... all he had to say. His voice was deep and rough. Another chill shot down my spine as I followed him through the crowd of people out the door and behind the building.

After a quick look to make sure no one was around, he shoved me against the wall, kissing me with a fierce passion. Low guttural growls came from deep within his belly. My own desire took hold of me and my hands fumbled with his belt and zipper.

He roughly groped my breasts, squeezing the tender flesh and pinching my hardened nipples. Ripping my shirt, he exposed my soft globes to the cool night air causing my nipples grow even harder as a breeze lightly drifted across them. He bent down, taking one nub into his mouth, sucking... biting.

I was so lost in the moment, I barely noticed the sharp prick to my flesh. A mix of mild pain and absolutely exquisite pleasure enveloped me. I'd never experienced anything like it and before I knew it, an unexpected orgasm rocked through me.

My head was spinning, my thoughts a jumbled mass. A dense fog settled around me for a few moments before being brought back to my senses by the sensation of him lifting my skirt and ripping my thong from my body.

He picked me up with ease and slid me down onto his hard cock. I let out a muffled moan as he filled and stretched me. I felt as if he were going to rip me in two but once he started thrusting, my velvety walls gripping him tightly, the only thing I felt was euphoria. Wrapping my arms and legs around him, I began riding him wildly.

Dipping his head to my neck, he licked and sucked, his thrusts quickening. Low moans came from deep in his chest as his climax quickly approached. My head flew back as my body exploded in the most extraordinary orgasm of my life, but pleasure was once again mixed with a sudden stabbing pain. His head nestled in the crook of my neck, I could feel his teeth buried deep in my flesh... sucking... sucking...

The lights started to dim, my body grew weak. My pulse that was thundering rapidly just moments ago was slowing... dropping to a dangerously low rate. Too weak to continue holding on to him, my arms fell limp at my sides and my legs dropped, my toes barely touching the ground. He continued to hold me tight against him... sucking... sucking...

I started seeing flashes of white, a whooshing sound filled my ears as he drained the life out of me. I could feel myself slowly slipping away. All thoughts, all emotions, all sensations faded into almost nonexistence.

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