tagFetishChris & Miranda Ch. 2

Chris & Miranda Ch. 2


Miranda had just walked over to Chris who was tied down on the floor. She smiled as she had him right where she wanted him.

"Chris don't go anywhere I got plans for you" Miranda moaned. "Boy these heels are killing me I hope you don't mind I have been in them all day and I just gotta slip them off" Miranda purred as she bent over in the tight skirt she had on.

She removed a heel very slowly as she tugged and squirmed the heel from over her toes, watching Chris whose mouth was taped shut in complete agony as the heel dangled from her toes right in front of his mouth and with a tug the heel dropped to the floor with a thud.

"Bet the feet must smell huh Chris? Just let me know" Miranda teased as she let her foot go right over his nose.

Watching his cock grow inside his tight jeans Miranda knew this was driving him mad and she was getting so wet. Watching the cock try to free itself from the jeans was quite a sight.

Miranda reached over and rubbed the inside of her other heel as she removed it and turned it inside out and put it right over Chris's mouth as she walked away.

"Chris I have been in them all day hope you don't mind the smell" Miranda purred as she slide her black stocking feet across the floor.

"I'll be back I hope street isn't too dirty" Miranda complained as out the door she went.

15 minutes later

Miranda opened the door and went over and got a chair. Before she sat down she unzipped her skirt and took off her blouse as she removed the tape off Chris's mouth.

"Hope you didn't mind" Miranda said as Chris's hard on was still visible.

"I can see you didn't" as Miranda lifted a leg high in the air and slide 2 fingers under the black stocking.

"Should I take this off Chris? My feet might be really dirty just how you like it huh? I think we need to find out and see where I walked huh?" Miranda teased as she lowered the stocking a bit and gave an air kiss.

She slide the stocking down to her knees and then over her calves as she let them dangle a bit and then the stocking fell to the ground.

Taking the other foot she let it rest right over Chris's nose as she slid the stocking down and off her foot and then revealed a very dirty sole.

Moving the other over his mouth 2 soles were inches away.

"Too bad you can't lick them Chris cause I can't go home like this" Miranda complained as she rubbed her soles.

"So dirty huh Chris...kinda the way you like it?" Miranda purred.

She then went over and grabbed the stockings and moved down and unzipped Chris's jeans and let his hard on spring free. She gave it a few tugs and then pulled his pants all the way off and spread his legs.

Moving on her stomach she laid down with her feet in the air as she began to lick Chris's balls and cock. Feeling naughty she took the stockings and tied them around Chris's balls and then began to suck him hard and fast.

She could feel the cum begin to build up so she slowed the pace down and hearing Chris groan was music to her ears. She then picked up the pace as she re tied the stockings nice and tight around his balls so he couldn't cum.

She began to jerk him off up and down her long fingers wet as she saw the balls build up and were ready to burst with cum, but couldn't due the stockings.

Miranda then decided to let Chris cum. She untied the stockings.

After letting his cock go free from her hands she took both feet and began to foot fuck him.

"Chris think of my soles and how good they would taste in your mouth right now" Miranda said as she picked up the pace.

Faster and faster her feet went as she could see his balls building and she went even faster as Chris cried so loud that the tape blew off his mouth and 5 seconds later his cum shot a blast of white cum that must have went 10 feet high.

Wave after wave of cum flew out from the head and landed on her feet and his stomach as she continued to stroke his cock with her toes.

When the last drops fell on her toes she scooped up the first blast off his chest and moved her fingers to his mouth.

"Taste it and lick this off" Miranda demanded as she watched as Chris sucked off his cum from her fingers.

"Mmmmmm good boy" Miranda said.

"Now lick my feet" Miranda said as she moved both feet over and Chris began to lick off the dirt and his cum.

Miranda watched his tongue get busy as it lapped off the dirt and his cum much to her surprise.

Chris was like an expert down there as his tongue moved from her toes, down her sides, over the arches and then to the very bottoms.

Once her feet were clean from the cum, but not the dirt, Miranda pulled her feet away. "

"That is enough little foot boy" Miranda said as she got up and put her heels on.

She jammed her stockings in his mouth.

"oh one last thing since I am the boss from now on I am going to kick my heels off every day at work and you will never, ever touch or lick them again. And god knows where I'll walk come lunchtime huh Chris" Miranda laughed as all you could hear was her high heels leaving the office.

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