tagGroup SexChris & Sylvia - Jason & Blair Ch. 03

Chris & Sylvia - Jason & Blair Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 3. Ménage 'a Trois, with Sandy

"Do you do it with women too, Sylvia?"

Chris knew that under normal circumstances if a man approaches a woman, the woman will think he's coming-on to her behind his partner's back. Even if the man discusses a threesome with his partner sitting beside him, the female candidate will most likely be too embarrassed to speak freely.

On the other hand if he got Sandy to discuss the pleasures of a threesome to Sylvia, all the residual issues might be dissipated, with no further come-on from himself, no misperceived cheating, and with no one being embarrassed.


When she failed to respond after a decent interval he spoke again, softly, urgently.

"Her name is Sandy, and she's my wife. I think the three of us would be sensational together in bed."

"Married . . . you're married?"

"Yes . . . yes I am married. We rather like to have others join in with us from time to time. It adds to the excitement you know."

"I didn't know you were married . . ." she went on as if not having heard him.

"Of course you knew, or at least guessed that I was. You wanted to get laid. You got laid and I'll bet . . . c'mon now, be honest with me, wasn't it the greatest?"

"It was. . . I mean I did want to get laid. I really needed it and it was very gratifying...but I had no idea you were married, really and I...."

"But you don't do threesomes," he said finishing the sentence for her.

"I never have. And I never . . . I've never been with a woman either. That was your question, wasn't it?"

"It was," he said, staring into her eyes. "You know . . . its Sylvia, right?"

"You remembered, how sweet," she said, trying to wound him.

"I remember more than your name," he responded quickly trying to regain the advantage. "I remember you kept coming so fast and so often I thought I might have to call 911 in to resuscitate you."

Sylvia laughed at that; then arched an eyebrow at him. "You're serious about your wife?"

"Certainly I'm serious about Sandy. Her name is Sandy, he said throwing the name game right back at her. And she's a lovely blonde. A real blonde, mind you, not a peroxide blonde. If you thought I sent you to the moon when I fucked you, you can't imagine how far out Sandy will take you. Why not give it a chance?"

He saw a slight hesitation in her manner and quickly followed up by inviting her to have dinner with him and his wife. "At least come meet her. We'll go to a nice Italian place; you want to run away afterward, okay, you run. But I think you'll stay and play."

Sylvia was reluctant to agree to his proposal, but she was still tingling from the fantastic fuck he'd given her and she wanted more of him. He was the best hunk she'd ever had and if she had to share him . . . well.

"Let me think about it," she said. Chris accepted this, for it meant that she was leaning in that direction.

"I've got your cell number," he said, a tacit reminder that he would be calling.

Sylvia smiled; then licked her lips. "Oh, but I want you to call. I'll probably have to jill off after talking to you."

He laughed.

"I'm serious," she said, waving two fingers in the air; then joined him in the laughing.

"I know," Chris said and his husky voice set her aglow.

"I know you have to leave, Chris, but . . ."

"But what, sweetheart?"

"Can I suck you a little before you go back to her?'

He unzipped his fly, removed his cock and tendered it to her.

Sylvia pounced on it like a cat on catnip. He let her blow him for five minutes and then feeling his testicles stirring, gently removed it from her mouth, saying, "Got to have something left for my Sandy, baby. You do understand, don't you?"

"I guess," Sylvia responded forlornly.

"Tell you what," he said, trying to placate her. "We get it on tomorrow and I'll let you have all my loads, inside or out. However you want them."

Sylvia's eyes lit up and Chris was positive then that she'd join him and Sandy in the sack.

"You promise?" She said sounding very much the little girl.

"Of course I do," he said. He kissed her softly, squeezed her left nipple and left.


Sandy Hutchins was delighted to learn that Chris had been successful in his trolling for pussy and fired a dozen questions at him as she sat before her dresser mirror removing her eye makeup.

"How was she dressed?"

"I thought tastefully enough. There's room for improvement, you'll see."

"Was she a good kisser? "

"Not compared to you, Lover."

"Did she really come that many times?"

"I saw no reason for her to lie about it."

"Is she experienced with women?"

"She said not."

"Is she willing to try? Oh, right, she's meeting us for dinner . . . Antonio's?"

"Yes, Antonio's. He has those dark corners you like."

"I can't wait to taste her."

"I don't blame you; I think she'll prove to be a squirter."

"Why? Did she...?" Sandy turned to look at him. Her eyes shone with accusation. "You made her squirt already?"

He held his hands up, placatingly. "No, I said I think she's a squirter. You'll be the one to find out if she is or not."

Sandy plucked a tissue from a nearby box and rubbed her lipstick off. She frowned momentarily then asked, "Does she use a lot of make-up? Oh, never mind it doesn't matter."

She rose from her chair and flopped on the bed, her negligee fell open and she spread her legs invitingly, wantonly.

"I'm so excited, honey. Please hurry... go down on me, baby, yeah, get down there."

He fell between her thighs, tongue lapping at the juice already seeping from her thick folds.



The dinner was a mere formality; with both women eating with gusto while Chris practically toyed with his fettuccine. Then Chris drove everyone back to his place, leaving Sylvia's Mercury in Antonio's parking lot.

Experience caused Chris and Sandy to strip as quickly as possible, and then Sandy assisted a willing, but cautious Sylvia out of her clothing too. They were in the master bedroom with only a dim light from the master bath throwing any light into the bedroom.

Chris lay between the two women and started things off by asking the women to start on him. Sandy knew the drill and allowed Sylvia to take her husbands member into her mouth and suck him.

Chris moaned appreciatively, then said, "This is where we left off last night, honey."

"Mmmm," Sylvia groaned before laving her tongue around his corona. Then popping it from her mouth, she spoke directly to Sandy. "Doesn't he have a fantastic cock?"

"He sure does," Sandy readily agreed as her eyes swept over Sylvia's curves. "Save some for me now."

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Sylvia replied, "Here, you take him for a while."

Sandy accepted her husband's cock with a nod to Sylvia and engulfed some five inches before coming to a halt. Opening her eyes, Sandy discovered Sylvia appraising her breasts and gave Chris a hard suck, then handed him back to Sylvia.

As Sylvia sucked merrily away on him, Sandy scooted down on the bed and began to kiss and fondle Chris's balls, drawing an appreciative groan from him. A minute or so later, the women switched, with Sandy deep-throating her husband and lover as Sylvia looked on, obviously impressed. Deep-throating was something she had never got the hang of. Her gag reflex always kicked in preventing her from taking more than four inches, if the man had a reasonably thick cock. With a thin cock she could handle another inch without gagging.

"Okay, okay," Chris said as he gently removed his member from Sandy's throat; let's try something different, ladies."

Sylvia, moved away, revealing her apprehension about entering into a lesbian encounter and to his credit, Chris was looking for just that possibility. He surprised her, saying, "Sylvia, how 'bout getting on your hands and knees, doggy-style for me?"

"Err," there was a quick glance at Sandy to see if she objected, but Sandy was also ready for this and touched Sylvia for the first time, with her fingers gliding over her flank to demonstrate how her husband wanted Sylvia positioned.

Sylvia promptly loosened up a little; secure in the knowledge that Chris was to fuck her. The longer she could put off his wife the better; and she grew wet as she felt his hands on her ass, caressing her flanks as he knelt behind her.

Then she felt his cock begin to probe her opening. "Was she wet enough?' She wondered and then realized that of course she was; she had been wet since earlier that afternoon just thinking about the night before, and then of the evening before her.

She admitted to herself that she had found Sandy to be a very attractive woman as well. But still, doing it with a woman was a taboo for her and overcoming taboos wasn't easy.

As Chris entered her, Sylvia realized that her first orgasm was already close at hand; this came as a great surprise to her. Then with a start, she panicked, wondering where his wife had gone, only to breathe a sigh of relief on finding Sandy behind her husband, tickling his balls.

Sylvia gave herself over to the pleasures of Chris's humping; grunting each time he thrust ever so deeply into her. Then as the married couple had agreed previously, Chris drove deep into Sylvia's pussy and held it there. And when Sandy's mouth found her pussy a split second later, Sylvia erupted into a magnificent orgasm.

She had had no time to protest. No time to react other than the way she had in climaxing. The woman's mouth and tongue had felt divine and brought her to an instant come. And as was her nature, she kept coming, especially now that Chris was moving in and out of her again.

The couple began working in tandem, caressing Sylvia's soft breasts at first; then moved down over her stomach to her thighs. Sylvia had closed her eyes when the first of her climactic waves had swept over her. Now she was gladly giving herself up to anyone regardless of gender. Chris had one hand on a breast while Sandy's fingers were closing in on her crotch. They moved slowly, but their aim was clear.

Sylvia's breathing became faster and she began to shift a little. Chris pinched her nipple and then waited for Sandy to move the final few inches to Sylvia's triangle of dark hair.

Big and puffy, Sylvia's outer lips were unable to cover the inner and her arousal was obvious. Chris looked into Sandy's eyes and she smiled wickedly at him and then nodded. Their hands moved up on either side of Sylvia's glistening pussy, with Sandy the first to touch them.

"CHRIST!" Sylvia swore as Sandy pressed them together.

"OH, MY GOD!" She gasped, at the anticipated but still sudden sensations. The Hutchins spent the next several minutes in a slow foreplay, massaging her outer labia, spreading them and taking turns in squeezing them, especially the upper region.

By this point, Sylvia's legs were spread as much as they possibly could; and as her excitement mounted she kept trying to spread them more. Finally she tried to pull them up and around the couple. It was awkward, but after some shifting around Sandy and Chris were sitting between Sylvia's legs, which were spread more than Chris thought possible. He knew Sandy could manage to part hers a great way as she was gifted athletically and he was relieved to learn later that Sylvia had been a gymnast in high school and still retained some of her former flexible abilities.

Thus Sylvia was completely open when Chris let his finger dip into her slippery folds; and she moaned loudly when he stopped about a quarter of an inch short of the spot she wanted him to touch.

Sandy was attacking her as well; circling a finger around Sylvia's wet entrance; then meeting her husband's eye and giggling wildly as she sank a long finger into her. Chris chose that moment to move his finger the last fraction of the way to Sylvia's G spot causing Sylvia to jerk as if his finger had been electrically charged.

Sylvia entered into another series of silent but devastating orgasms that had her shuddering and twisting as if in the throes of a mighty earthquake. The Hutchins personified teamwork, stroking her thighs and calves as Sylvia slowly came down from the heights of her multi-climaxes. The Hutchins enjoyed a sensuous kiss and gradually abandoned Sylvia to revel in the joys of each others flesh.

Eventually Sylvia sat up and they broke their kiss to kiss Sylvia. Chris did the honors first and moved off so that Sandy could replace him at her mouth. Sylvia responded to Sandy's kisses with equal ardor and Sandy began caressing Sylvia's breasts as the darker haired woman moaned under the touch.

With the kiss ended, the girls were sitting so close that their nipples touched. Chris thought Sylvia was blushing, but then considered that it might be the flush from her orgasm. He smiled as their faces moved closer until their lips met again and they began a long, deep kiss. He thought they looked beautiful together. When they broke it was as if they had agreed on what to do next. They turned to Chris and pushed him back on the bed. He was half expecting that Sandy would be the next center of attention but the two women had decided that it was going to be him. He did not resist their attack and lay back on the bed as four hands moved up along his legs.

Things moved quickly when they finally reached his erection. Sylvia's tongue enveloped him while Sandy sat back and watched. A few moments later, Sylvia took a deep breath before taking Chris back in again, this time slowly lowering her head, trying to stuff everything into her throat. When his member hit the back of her throat she gagged and had to release him to stop choking.

"It's too big," she gasped.

"One more time," Sandy urged her. Sylvia tried again and this time Sandy put a hand on her head and pressed down. Sylvia gagged but Sandy kept pressing even though Sylvia fought to get away. Her head bopped up and down a few of times before Sandy let go. Sylvia coughed and gasped for air.

"You were trying to choke me," she yelled accusingly.

"Sorry. It was just for fun," Sandy said.

"Well, it wasn't funny," Sylvia snarled.

"I'm really sorry. Look it's not so difficult. It's a matter of overcoming the gag reflex. Watch me," Sandy said, unkindly. Then took Chris's cock into her mouth and eased it well down into her throat. Sylvia watched as Sandy's throat suddenly acquired an Adam's apple; then lost it as her husband's erection moved even further into the depths of her throat.

"UGH! Gonna Come, baby!" Chris groaned and extracted himself from his wife's mouth. "I promised Sylvia she'd get this load. I'm sorry, lover;" and he tendered his meat to Sylvia's already opened and ready mouth.

She simply devoured him; sucking and slurping away, encouraging him to empty his load into her mouth. A few scant seconds later, he did just that, spewing several mighty gobs of hot jizm into her mouth and Sylvia greedily swallowed the first of them. Then, remembering that Sandy had done most of the work, Sylvia offered his member to her and Sandy readily accepted it as it jerked and spat forth another thick gob, this time into her mouth.

When Chris finished coming, the two women giggled and played a little game by stringing his jizm between their mouths. Chris watched as the women kissed on the bed for over ten minutes, swapping his load back and forth and caressing every inch of each other. Sylvia spit some on Sandy's nipples and then licked it back into her mouth. Eventually, Sandy did the same to her.

Chris was surprised to find that Sylvia had adapted to such perverse acts so quickly, and then recalled that women never failed to surprise him with what they would and would not do sexually.

In short order, he was lightly rubbing his fingers over Sylvia's labia and using his thumb to occasionally tweak her clit while Sandy went down on her.

Soon, Sylvia was bucking and jerking as she came hard once again.

They lay panting on the sweat soaked sheets hugging each other for a while until Sylvia and Sandy resumed their kissing, sucking on each other tongues and exploring each other's mouth for a while. Chris joined in, licking their ears and necks in turn.

Sandy began rubbing his cock to get it semi-hard and then squatted on him. She was slowly rocking her cunt back and forth as he grew solidly erect for her. Sylvia laughed lewdly and caressed Sandy's breasts. Sandy picked up the pace, sitting straighter and grinding down with her pelvis to ensure Chris's entire manhood was inside her; then she began using her muscles to squeeze him.

Both Chris and Sylvia were massaging Sandy's nipples as she continued with her slow rocking motion. Chris smiled up at both women and said, "Isn't this great?"

"Yeah, baby!" Sandy grunted, clenching him with an extra burst of strength.

"I didn't know . . ." Sylvia said before kissing Sandy and then laying alongside Chris, said, "Thank you for this," and kissed him passionately. When they ended the kiss, Sandy disengaged herself from her husband's cock and told Sylvia to mount him.

Sandy kissed Sylvia as she straddled Chris and Sandy kept her hand around his member stroking it, then helped put in into Sylvia's pussy.

"Fuck him harder, Sylvia. Make me come while I watch you, sweetie." Sandy split two fingers and began running them up and down the sides of her cunt, but not actually touching it. A few seconds later, the palm of her other hand was grazing over her clit. And all the time her eyes were riveted to her husband and Sylvia.

Sylvia fucked Chris faster and faster, moaning incoherently as she leaned forward with her breasts hanging over his face.

Chris attacked each nipple in turn; sucking hard on each as she bounced upon his bone. Sandy continued to rub her clit, and now had the two fingers sluicing in and out of her cunt.

"Suck her nipples harder, baby," Sandy gasped. "Make her cum just from sucking them!"

Sandy put her head down to watch his cock go surging in and out of Sylvia. She then placed her hand on Sylvia's crotch so that her fingers could feel him sliding in and out of the other woman's cunt.

It served to make both women hotter. Sandy's hand became a blur as she strummed her tortured clitoris; and Sylvia had begun to fuck Chris with wild abandon, very much as a dog in heat pumps against one's leg.

Then Sylvia was gasping and panting, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

Chris knew without a doubt that Sylvia was coming again and taking a glance at his wife he saw that she had the fingers of both hands jammed into her cunt and was caught up in the throes of a tumultuous come herself. Sandy groaned mightily and then pleaded with Sylvia to give her his cock, "Only for a second baby, only for a second!"

With her eyes rolled back into her head, Sylvia acquiesced. Still Sandy was moaning, "I want him in me baby . . . I want my hubby now . . . ."

And then he mounted her, slamming his throbbing, pulsating prick deep into her swampy cunt.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me baby! Fuck me!"

Chris rolled over, placing Sandy on top of him; then signaled Sylvia to sit on his face. Sylvia had her hands on Sandy's tits as she settled down on his thrusting tongue; Sandy sent a hand to her cunt and fingered her clit as Chris steadily drove his prick into her at a good although not rapid pace.

A moment later the two women were frenching each other as Chris increased the suction on Sylvia's twat. Instinctively, she ground her cunt into his mouth and then came, spewing a copious amount of fluid onto his face and mouth. Sandy gave a wrenching moan, came hard and rolled away from her husband to offer her spread eagled cunt to Sylvia.

Chris sat up and gently stroked Sandy's hair. Her face was buried in Sylvia's neck and he could not see if she was crying. After a while she raised her head and looked at Sylvia. Then, looking each other deep in the eyes, they entered into another prolonged kiss.

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