Chris's Loft


My name's Marlene. I'm a transvestite. A crossdresser. My picture is on this site so you can see what I look like. I like both guys and girls although lately I've really been into cock more than "normal". I dress as much as I can but am limited by my work and that old enemy, time.

There's this guy I know named Chris. He's a few years younger than my 34 and is a very good looking seemingly nice guy. I knew him originally through my work (that's me being a guy). He works for a competitor of the company that I work for in a close to crossover position to me. There have been several situations where we've run into each other and seemed to get along. He's six foot and maybe 175. Brownish blonde hair, green eyes. Nice tan too.

A few weeks ago I was "out" with a guy that I've dated before. We're just friends now (one of the nice things about being a girl like me is that with that male sex drive we can be friends and still fuck each other!) But sometimes go out clubbing together as we're a good looking couple. We were at this gay/tg friendly club in the beach area doing some reasonable drinking and dancing when out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw Chris. Freaked me out! I looked again and didn't see him. Awhile later I thought I saw him looking at me. And then later again. Dressed I don't look a lot like my male persona so I wasn't really concerned. Then again what was Chris doing at that place?

I saw Chris at a business thing a week or so later. We shook hands and I told him it seemed like I hadn't seen him for months.

"I could have sworn I saw you the other night." He said to me. "Seemed like it was at some club in at the beach."

"Not me. Too busy to club it up." I replied probably somewhat nervously.

"Yeah you're right. Probably someone who looked like you." And that was pretty much the end of it.

That weekend I had the hots for something hot so I got dressed and went back to that same club to see if there was something interesting there for me. I had worn a shortish red skirt with black hose and three inch toeless strappies. For a top I had on a black silk undershirt. My nipples were already hard. I was at the bar sipping a Cosmo just looking around when I saw him. Chris. Maybe fifty feet away. I turned back to the bar but I thought he might have seen me before I did so. I moved away from the bar and kind of kept him in my field of vision as best I could. But then I lost him and found myself back at the bar thinking that he'd left. Whew.

"You look a lot hotter in that skirt than in one of those Armani suits you favor." Said the voice in my ear. I turned my head to find Chris at my side with a wicked grin on his handsome face. "I knew it was you that other night but I wasn't sure. Now I am. You're really hot looking------------what name is it?"

"My name's Marlene." I said to him in my sexiest voice. I figure if I'm busted I might as well play it for all it's worth. The crowd had pressed him close to me. He looked into my eyes and took my hand in his and pressed it against the front of his pants so I could feel his semi hard cock. "Oh yeah Marlene. I think we're going to get along well baby." I gave him a cold look and said "I have no interest whatsoever in getting along with you Chris. Just because you come across me dressed like this you think you can call some shot with me? Good fucking luck!"

"No problem. I'll just leave you alone then "Marlene"." He turned to walk away and then turned back to me. "Just be ready for everyone in both of our companies to know about your interesting little proclivity." He brought his hand up in front of my face and there was a flash as his cam phone took a pic of me in all my glory.

Well you can probably figure out the rest. I reached out and grabbed him. I begged him. And in the end I went with him to his place.

Chris lived downtown in a very cool loft. Big place. Really high ceilings. When we got there he got out his phone and made several calls. "I just called four of my boys to come over and party with us. You don't mind do you?"

I couldn't very well mind could I. (Blushblush) He told me he was going to go freshen up and left me in the main area for awhile. He came back wearing an undershirt and some black boxer shorts.

We sat around smoking some dope and doing a couple of shots each. We talked a little bit about nothing while he'd reach down and rub his semi hard cock. He kept pulling up the hem of his boxers on one leg showing me the head of his dick until a couple of guys got there. Chris introduced them as Mike and Vincent. Chris told me to stand up so they could see me so I got up and did a little pirouette for them. All three were doing guy stuff like whistling and giving a little cheer. Chris told Mike and Vincent that they might as well get comfortable so both of them stripped down to boxers (Mike) and briefs (Vincent). Just then the doorbell rang and Chris let in the last two guys: a Hispanic boy about 5'8" and 150 or so–very pretty. His name was Luis. The last was a black guy named Carl. Maybe 5'6" and 140. I'm taller than he is. They both see the way things might be going and strip down but by now the other three are taking off their bottoms and are all naked so the last two join in. My eyes locked on Juan and Carl's equipment as both were really big especially for their stature. Carl was an easy eight inches and really thick—nasty looking cock. Juan was a slender 10 inches. Swear. The other three boys were nothing to whine about either! All in all a lot of wicked tempting meat for me. I hurriedly stripped down to my heels. hose and panties.

Chris told me to look up at the high rafters. I looked and could see some pulleys with ropes tied off to the side. Chris untied the ropes and let down the cuffed ends from the pulleys. They were leather with sheepskin linings. Four of them. They tied off my ankles and wrists and pulled me up so I was parallel to the floor about three and a half feet high and spread as wide as they could spread me without dislocating something. My panties were tented cause this was making me hot. Chris came over and stood at my crotch and started rubbing my cock and balls. Carl was behind my head with his big cock. He was rubbing it all over my face.

"You gonna be our cocksucking cum whore? " He asked me as he poked the purplish head at my nose. "You gonna eat some nasty cum and get it shot in you and over you you fucking fag pig cunt." His cock was getting really hard the more he talked to me. He was hitting me on the face with the head while the other guys stood around stroking their dicks. "I want some of that cocksucking mouth pussy you bitch!" He said as he pulled my head back so I was almost looking down. He forced my mouth open and shoved his eight inch dick into my mouth sliding it all the way in til his hair was in my face. "Don't bite it you slut! Just swallow it like it's the candy you love to eat."

I was swallowing the head into my throat trying to milk it with my muscles. Every time I'd relax my throat he'd try to get it a little deeper into me making me gag and choke a little bit. "Oh yeah bitch! Gag your faggot pig throat on my meat! Choke on it til you die!" Someone had moved between my wide spread legs and was sticking what felt like several fingers into my ass. He had his fingers in me positioned so he could practically squeeze my prostate. I could feel cum leaking out of me as he rubbed me making me so hot! The fingers pulled out and I felt the head of a cock playing around at the entrance to my hot wet pussy hole. Carl pulled his dick out and started rubbing it over my face smearing his pre cum all over me. I could see that his head was all reddish purple and felt like a hot wand going over me. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum you mother fucking cunt!" And as he spurted jets of hot white cum all over my face and in my mouth the guy between my legs plunged his cock into my asscunt. The sensation of it all made me crazy with hot slutty lust for cock and cum.

Carl pulled away and Vincent took his place sticking just the head of his dick in my mouth teasing me with it. I was sucking and slurping it while the guy fucking me was pulling almost all the way out. Then wiggling the head of his dick in my slut hole and then shoving it all the way back in and fucking me really hard while he cursed at me and called me a whore. The guy in my cunt pulled out and started slapping his hard cock against my balls making it hurt just enough. He was holding my cockclit and his cock together rubbing them up and down while he squeezed my balls. All of a sudden his cock shot up three big spurts of white cum. The first one shot up and landed on my face and the other two he shot onto my clit and balls. It was so hot feeling as he did it. Vincent was still just barely fucking my mouth with the head of his dick. He pulled out and moved down so he could stick it into my ass.

"Oh baby your ass is so hot to fuck!" he said as he slid in and out of me. "You're so hot that your big stick pussy's all cummy and wet." He said as he reached down to rub the head as he fucked me.

"Shoot it in her ass Vincent!" Exclaimed Chris. "I'll catch it in a shot glass and she can drink it after its been in her cunt." I've drunk cum out of a glass before and if it's fresh and hot it makes a nasty cocktail. Vincent was moaning and really fucking me hard. He cried out and gave one final shove all the way into me and then tried to pull out before he came. But it was so upon him that his cock was still halfway in me when he got off his first shots of cum.

"Oh fuck yes you hot slut!" He cried as he shot off.

"Pull away from her Vince. I wanna get the cum." Said Chris as Vincent backed away from me. When his cockhead popped out of me I felt his cum oozing out of me. "Oh yeah Vince! You shot off a big fucking cum wad!" Said Chris as he collected the cum in a double shot glass. He waited while more came out of me and then moved up by my head. He held my head up and put the glass to my lips.

"Why dontcha kiss me with it in your mouth Chris." I said. "Taste Vincent's cum and then feed it to me baby." He licked his lips. Looked at Vincent and the others. And then took the shot glass up to his mouth and ate the cum in it. He bent over still holding my head and kissed me shoving the cum into my mouth. There was a lot of it and I swallowed the thick cum like it was champagne. Our tongues were dancing at eachother and I felt his free hand slide down my body til he encircled my cockclit with his fingers.

"You got three of my boys off baby. Just me and Mike left. But we're gonna fuck you up good and hot. With that he and a couple of the others let me down. They took me over to the couch and while Mike got on the couch so that his crotch was facing the arm. Chris bent me over the arm and shoved my head down so that my mouth opened around Mike's dick. I let it go into my throat and as it did Chris stuck his hot cock into me from behind. Mike was humping up into my mouth while Chris did a slow fuck in me. Sliding his big dick in and out of my well lubed cunt. He reached under me and took hold of my clit and started stroking it using the cum still leaking from it to lube me. I was so hot to cum.

Mike was now holding my head down so that his dick was buried in my throat. I was gagging and choking on it but he didn't care he was so lost in the moment. Chris was fucking me and jerking me off. My arms were flailing around and I was literally choking to death but at the same time I was so high. I was starting to see spots in front of my eyes when Mike gave a deep groan and came in me. His blast of cum was so intense and my throat was so blocked by the head of his cock that the cum shot into my sinus cavity and came out my nostrils. Hot cum leaking out of my nose while I gasped for breath. The cum was bubbling and drooling into my mouth. I gasped and cum flew off of me. Chris was so deep in me.

"Oh yeah Marlene! You're so fucking hot baby. I'm gonna cum oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" He cried out as the fifth load of the night went into me. It felt hot and so very wet inside of me. Chris pulled out of me and I felt his cum leaking out as I lay over the arm of the couch. Chris bent over me and kissed my cheek. "I'm so glad I found you out baby. We're going to have to do things like this some other time lover."

I looked around at the worn out guys. I was still so hot I could have fucked 20 guys. "What do you mean some other time Chris?" I winked at him as I said "There really is no time like the present is there baby?"

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