tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChris's Revenge

Chris's Revenge


Trina never imagined that at the age of 24 she would be engaged to a man 17 years older than her or about to become the step mother to a son so close to her own age., but here she was living in a beautiful home with a successful lawyer and about to be married in 3 short months. Chris, her soon to be step son, resented it very much. He had seen her before around town a few times before her and his father had started dating. In his opinion she did not belong with someone like his father. He hated how she flaunted herself in front of him, especially now that his girlfriend of 3 years dumped him for trying to take their relationship further.

He was 18, in his prime and extremely sexually frustrated. Her prancing around in very little did not help matters much. He often found himself dealing with the uncomfortable tightness of his jeans and trying to hide the affects of seeing her half naked body sunning out by the pool. He had thought many times of making her pay for her actions, but never had the opportunity to follow through.

She had noticed him watching her a few times. She thought it was rather fun to tease him. She had suspected him of peeking in on her when she was in the bathroom changing and such, though never could catch him. The thought excited her a bit, knowing that this attractive young man lusted after her.

It had only been a week since the break up when his father announced that he was going on a business trip for two weeks. Chris assumed that he would be taking Trina with him and was unpleasantly surprised when he found out she was staying with him. She snidely remarked "Don't worry about us Honey. Chris and I will manage."

He forced a smile as he tried to hide his disdain. Who was she to think she could boss him around. She wasn't his mother. After dinner he went to his room to plot out what he would do in his father's absence. Nothing would please him more than knocking her down a few notches. Thoughts plagued his mind of releasing all that sexual anger he held in for so long. He decided that he would stay home and play sick in the morning.

That night before he went to sleep he laid there fantasizing about Trina. He would have to find a way to get her exactly where he wanted her but he was determined she would learn not to tease him. He stroked his cock and shot a massive load thinking of what he intended to do to her. The next morning his plan went of without a hitch. After making a brief appearance at breakfast he returned to his room and lounged about. His father came in and checked on him before he left for the air port with Trina.

Later that afternoon Trina told him that she had made plans to go out with a few of her friends and wouldn't be home until late. She made sure he would be ok and went out to run errands before she came home to get ready to meet the girls. She walked into his room wearing a very skimpy black skirt and a low cut red velvet shirt that clung to her curves, coming only to tease him before she left for the bar. After she had been gone a short while he went downstairs to watch a movie, but couldn't find anything he liked so he popped a porn in the vcr. He sat there visualizing all of the things he wanted to do to Trina, not knowing that tonight would be the night all of that would change.

It was a little after 1 a.m. when she returned home. He was so engrossed in the movie that he didn't even notice her pull into the driveway. She came stumbling in the living room, giggling slightly as she walked in front of him. She plopped down on the sofa next to him, not noticing what he was watching. He quickly shut the TV off but not the VCR.

She just looked at him and laughed. He laid the remote down on the table at the end of the sofa, well out of her reach. He watched her, noticing that the cool night air had caused her nipples to stand out even more against the material of her shirt.

"You need to go upstairs and go to bed." He snarled. He struggled to control himself. She just laughed and shook her head.

"Awe come on Chris. I just want to watch some TV with you. What's the problem?" She leaned across him to get the remote and lost her balance causing her to land against his lap. He could feel the warm soft curves of her breasts against him through the cotton boxers he wore. He was rock hard against her.

She didn't seem to notice as she reached for the remote. She sat up and smiled as she clicked on the television just in time to see the picture fade out at the very end. She assumed he was watching cable, too intoxicated to realize the VCR was still running. She sat back for a moment and looked to him.

"Find something good on. I am going to get a drink. Want one?" She stood up, a bit wobbly at first. He shook his head and watched her. He flipped through the channels as she disappeared into the kitchen. He could hear her rummaging around in the kitchen. She returned with two glasses. He could smell the Jack Daniels as she held the glass out to him. "here a coke for you and a jack and coke for me" He didn't correct her, he just took the glass and nodded. She sat down to him closer than before. He took a few drinks before setting down the glass. She hadn't realized her mistake. She sipped the soda and was about to set the glass on the floor in front of them when he stopped her.

"No you will spill it on the carpet if you put it there. Give it to me." He took the glass from her and sat it down next to his. She sat back against the sofa. Out of the corner of his eye he watched her. Her hand brushed against his leg as she watched the movie.

She seemed to be quite into the action on the screen as the couple on the movie began making out. She leaned down to get her drink before realizing he had taken it from her. She looked to him "Give me my glass please"

He laughed. "No you had enough to drink." He turned and looked at the screen again. She let out a exasperate sigh and starts to lean across him. He lets her get halfway across his lap and grabs her arm. His fingers were tight around her wrist as he held her there. She tried to sit up but only succeeded in rubbing against the bulge in his boxers. He let her pull back and let go of her hand, which dropped into his lap.

She looked down at her hand and the rock hard muscle that had his boxers pulled tight over it. She could not believe how big it felt against her small hand. The alcohol clouded her mind and her better judgment as she started to rub it through the taut fabric. She could feel it throbbing beneath her hand. He let out a loud gasp. His hips lifted slightly off the cushion as he pushed against her palm. That was all the invitation he needed. He pushed her back against the sofa roughly as his mouth attacked hers. She resisted at first. He was much stronger than her, pinning her down with ease.

His tongue forced into her mouth as she tried to get out from under him. Her leg slipped off the sofa, allowing him to get between them. He could feel how firm and muscular her body was. He reached down between her legs as her skirt slid up around her waist. The fabric was quickly beginning to dampen as he roughly rubbed it, pressing it harder against her tender pink flesh. She let out a soft moan as she started to grind against his hand. He pushed the fabric to the side and slipped his finger beneath her thong.

She felt incredible. He forced two fingers into the wet slit, causing her to tense up. She didn't stop him or even attempt to. It felt too good, and with the alcohol in her she couldn't have stopped him if she wanted to. He began to move them in and out hard but slow. She began to buck against his fingers.

His hormones were going into overdrive. He reached up and pulled at the velvet top. The thin straps gave way with just a slight tug. He quickly yanked it down to her stomach, letting her voluptuous breasts spring free. He began to grope them as his fingers continued to drive deep into her hungry cunt. He repositioned himself slightly as he pulled his fingers from her sloppy wetness. He broke the kiss brought his lips to her breast, taking the pink nipple into his mouth and sucking it hard. She arched her back as her eyes closed. She was starting to breathe heavier with his every touch. She was oblivious to the fact that he was undoing the button on the boxer's fly and slipping his painfully erect cock free.

He barely grazed her swollen pink lips with the tip of his cock before he thrust in hard. A single stroke and he was buried to the hilt in her pussy. She sprang up from the sofa only to have his hand push her back quickly, taking her nipple between his teeth as he began to move his cock back and forth inside her. She was so tight and wet. It was better than he ever imagined. He continued to nip at and suckle her breast. She moaned louder as she began to push into his thrusts. She was amazed at his size. He was just as long but thicker than his father. His cock stretched her tight little cunt with every penetration.

Before she knew it she was christening his cock with her cum. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Her hips bucked into his with a feverish pace, driving him deep inside her. He decided not to cum inside her for now. He wasn't through with her yet and he wanted a taste of that sweet wet hole. He pulled out abruptly as her thrashing calmed slightly. He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her to him, forcing his drenched cock into her mouth as she gasped.

He began to thrust violently as her lips wrapped around him. She immediately started to suck her juices from his engorged member as he forced it down her throat. He loved what a slut she was turning out to be. He tightened his grips on her as his balls slapped against her chin. He could feel them tightening quickly, signaling his eminent release. She began to suck harder, her hands moving to his hips as she steadied herself. She knew he was about to explode.

He groaned loudly as he drove his cock in again deep. It pumped out shot after shot into her. She drank it down quickly, the soft wet gulping sound making him spray more into her. He pulled back as the last of it was about to fire out of him, pushing her away enough to let it land on her flawless face, the other hand vigorously milking his pulsing cock. . He laughed as he slapped his cock against her lips. She was shocked by it. "Now there Trina. Get your ass upstairs, wash your face and get undressed. I will be up in a minute I am not finished with you yet." His tone was so cold and uncaring.

She just stared at him in disbelief. She started to protest, but as soon as she opened her mouth he drew back. The back of his hand came crashing down against her cheek, the red imprint marring her soft complexion. She retreated like a scolded child and obediently got up. Her hand covering the stinging flesh as she ran up the steps. She thought to herself about locking the door of the bathroom and hiding but it would do no good. He had already went this far what would stop him from breaking down the door and hurting her worse. She knew she had to appease him and in the morning she would get away.

She did as she was told, taking as much time as she could before she emerged from the bathroom to find him laying naked on the bed she and Bill shared. His cock in his hand and already half erect. She stared at him for a moment, standing in the doorway as she watched him. "Get over here and lay down. I want those legs spread wide. " She hung her head and nodded, walking over to the bed and laying down. Her head was still spinning from the alcohol. She closed her eyes for a moment, only to open them wide as she felt his tongue dragging along her clit. She shivered as he made long slow passes over it.

He forced the tip of his tongue between her puffy lips on the next pass. She fought the urge to moan but his tongue felt so good against her. Each time he pressed a little harder against her wet slit until finally he pushed his tongue inside her. She could not hold back any longer and moaned loudly. His tongue darted in and out as he reached up and began to rub her clit. His thumb crushed against it as he was grinding faster. He could feel her muscles moving around his tongue as they had when he was fucking her.

He knew that she was enjoying this as much as he was. The fucking slut was loving it. She was dripping wet, gripping the sheets on the bed as she struggled not to buck her hips. A battle she would surely lose as he continued to lap at her. It wasn't long before he broke her resistance. Her hips began to move in rhythm with his tongue, smearing his face with her juices as she bucked into him. It was driving him wild. His cock was once again rock hard and ready for her tight little hole. He waited though. He had to feel her sweet honey rush out of her spasming hole and cover his tongue with her sticky sweetness. He didn't have to wait long. He pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger, and gave it a tug. This sent her over the edge quickly. She was soon moaning loudly. Her hands were moving over her breasts, massaging them as she squirmed in pleasure. Her hot wet cum pouring out of her as he eagerly lapped it up.

She cried out "Oh god don't stop" He didn't care if she had wanted him to. He was not about to end the tongue bath until he was satisfied. He began to pull harder on her clit, feeling it throb between his fingers. She whimpered loudly as another wave of pleasure came crashing down upon her. She jerked and moaned loudly as a second rush of liquids came from her. He drank it all down and kept licking. Her hole convulsed around him as he pulled his tongue out of her slit. He began to suck hard on her clit, biting it softly as he drove two fingers into her quivering cunt again and violently thrust.

It blew his mind how amazing this all felt. He couldn't take much more. He had to be inside that velvety warm cunt again. He released her clit and pulled his fingers out, ordering her on all fours. She rolled over quickly. It felt too good to stop now. She knew that once he had what he wanted she would be ok. He drove his cock deep inside her once again causing her to jolt forward. He reached up and gripped her shoulder and pulled her back into his thrusts as hard as he could. She tossed her head back and screamed loudly as he slammed into her deepest recesses. She was trembling as he fucked her hard and fast. His two fingers that had been inside her dipped down and gathered some more of the juices that were seeping out of her.

He smears some of the slick fluid over her tight puckered hole, pressing slightly against it at first. His thrusts become slightly slower as he starts to penetrate that dark little hole. She jerks trying to pull away having never had anal before. He pulled her back hard, forcing the two fingers to break past the tight ring of muscles and rip into her virgin hole. He groaned loudly as she tightened around him. Her entire body shook as the pain of entry gripped her. His brutal thrusts into her pussy returned to their prior rapid pace. His fingers began to move in and out with the same momentum. She cried out loudly as each thrust hit home. The pain slowly subsided. He could feel her muscles starting to accept the fingering. He thought as he looked down at her, impaled on his cock and fingers.

He pulled his cock free from her abused fuck hole. His fingers churned in her stretched ass a couple of more times before he slid them out. She was panting, a thin sheen of sweat covering her body. He gripped her hip with one hand and held her in place as the other hand went to his cock, guiding the head toward the torn little rosebud. Before she could react or pull away he drove it in to the base with a single powerful thrust. It was so tight and hot. She screamed as he drove his cock home. He paused for a moment, letting the muscles adjust slightly before he began move her up and down his shaft. Both hands now gripped her hips, her breasts bouncing as he began to pound her harder from behind.

The assault on her freshly devirginized ass became more animalistic and painful. A small trickle of blood streaked his shaft as it pistoned in and out of her. His balls slapped hard against her clit and dripping wet hole. He couldn't take much more. It was so fucking perfect. He released her hip and grabbed her hair. He wrenched her back painfully as he turned her head slightly, growling out "smile for the camera slut.... I am about to cum in that tight little ass of yours. " Her own moans drowned out his voice slightly, not realizing what he had just said.

She couldn't control her body any longer. It was possessed by the forbidden lust he had awoken inside her. She was slamming back hard into his cock, acting like a complete slut. He threw his head back as he pulled her into him, burying himself balls deep in her ass. "That's it bitch you love fucking me on camera don't you. " The hot thick cum rolled out of massive torrents as it filled her. She quivered and jerked as her juices sprayed from her cunt in another mind-blowing orgasm, but this time she caught the words. Her mind raced as her body seized, she couldn't stop. She writhed as his cock emptied all the cum it could into her. He pulled out with a wet popping sound and pushed her forward slightly as he brought his hand down hard against her ass.

She looked at him over her shoulder, her eyes widened and her lower lip quivering slightly as she forced out the words. "You taped this...?" He nodded with an evil grin. He held his half limp cock with two fingers as he glared at her. His cum seeping out of her abused ass. "You... You...." She was starting to panic.

"What... what are you going to say.... I made you cum.... I made you scream... It's all on tape... and if you don't want my father to see this... you will turn around here and lick my cock clean you filthy fucking slut... Do you think he will want the woman who just fucked his son to be his wife?" He watched her as the reality of the situation sunk in. She was doomed if he saw that tape. Tears started to fill her eyes. She knew she had to do it.

She reluctantly turned to face him, and parted her lips slightly. He grabbed her head and yanked her hair hard. She yelped and he forced his cock into her mouth once again. She could taste the mixture of blood and cum coating him. The pungent odor of sex filled her as he held her head there, her nose pressed against his pelvis as he commanded "Suck it bitch, suck it clean" He moaned as she sucked lightly, her tongue moved over his cock as she cleaned it.

She sobbed softly as he pulled her off his cock. It hung limp now. He laughed and shook his head. "I always knew you were a slut... now go get clean and get some sleep... tomorrow you will see what I have in store for you."

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