tagLesbian SexChrissie and JuLee Ch. 02

Chrissie and JuLee Ch. 02


If you read Chrissie and JuLee chapter one you know that our first encounter was a result of Chrissies break up with her Fiancee. She has since married and is very happy.

It was early summer of 05 Chrissie and I both had been very busy and had not seen each other for several months.

She called me on a Friday evening and asked if I would like to go shopping on Saturday.

Not being one to ever refuse a shopping spree I immediately agreed and Chrissie said she would pick me up the following morning.

Saturday morning Chrissie arrived to pick me up and as usual my husband was working in the garage and he told her I was upstairs dressing. She announced herself and came up to my room.

I could not believe my eyes, she was stunning, perfect hair, makeup and clothes.

She was dressed in very tight and very short yellow shorts which emphasized her beautiful ass and a halter top that allowed no doubt as to the beauty of her breasts.

"What do you think?" she said.

I was almost speechless but replied, "you look good enough to eat."

"So do you," she said.

I, not wanting to be outdone also put on short shorts and a halter top and we left for the mall. "I'll drive," she said, and off we went.

The mall is about 30 minutes from my home and my first question was "What happened to you?"

She answered, "great marriage, great sex and a great life."

"Thank you God," I said to myself.

I placed my left hand on her upper thigh and asked "How did you get such a great tan?"

"I have been going to a tanning salon twice a week," she said as she squirmed in her seat.

Chrissie reached down and unbuttoned her shorts and said "check this out," she then took my hand and slid it inside her shorts.

"Your'e bald!" I said as I started to pull my hand back.

She held my arm and said "don't, because my pussy is not only bald and wet but I'm also very horny."

"Why so horny?" I asked.

"Ken is on a fishing trip at Tahoe, and I have gone four days without fucking," she answered.

"You're in this condition after only four days?" I asked.

"It's your fault, you've turned me into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac and I love it," she said.

"I'm sorry," I said as she pushed my hand further inside her shorts.

"Dont be sorry, just fuck me," she said.

I slid my middle finger between the swollen lips of her pussy which were dripping wet and she moaned loudly.

"Don't crash the car!" I said as she threw her head back in orgasm.

"I won't," she said regaining control of herself.

"Lets shop and get home so I can fuck you," Chrissie said as she buttoned her shorts.

We arrived at the mall and attracted quite a bit of attention from male and female shoppers as you seldom see tall Asian women dressed in short shorts and halter tops publically.

First stop was Macy*s where we bought some items and then to Victorias Secret (naturally) where we spent about $300.00 between us.

We agreed to try everything on when we got home.

We had a quick lunch at the mall and decided to drive home without any more shopping as we both had other interests.

The drive home was fast since we both were eagerly anticipating our private fashion show and other activities.

The entire trip we talked about sex and more sex which caused both our pussies to become soaking wet.

We arrived at my home and as usual Dave (my husband) was on his Saturday pilgrammage to Home Depot. We immediately went upstairs and unpacked our purchases and started undressing.

Chrissie hands were shaking and she was having a problem unbuttoning her shorts.

I unbuttoned them for her and slid them down her very beautiful legs exposing a completely shaven pussy, which as I said before "Looked good enough to eat."

I knelt down and began licking her thighs and stabbing at her clit with my tongue.

She parted her legs enough to allow my face between them and I mouthed her pussy as she moaned loudly.

Chrissie pulled me up and said "Lets finish undressing so we can do this right," as she pulled my top over my head.

We stood face to face naked as we kissed and fondled each others bodies.

Still kissing we lay on the bed in a strong embrace, it was as though we were one person.

I rolled over on my back as Chrissie licked and sucked my nipples which were by now rock hard.

She very slowly began moving down my body with her tongue and hands finally arriving at my mound.

She parted my lips with her tongue as she slid a finger into my cunt.

"Fuck me, please fuck me," I shouted as her tongue entered me and lapped at my juices.

I raised my hips to allow her tongue deeper into me as I became lost in passion.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth to mine and we kissed deeply exploring with our tongues.

I could taste my juices in her mouth which made me even hotter and all I wanted was her tongue back in my pussy.

Chrissie was on top of me as we kissed.

She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear "Someone is coming up the stairs!"

"Fuck it!" I said as I rolled her over on her back and rotated my body so my mouth was on her pussy.

I began sucking and licking that glorious pussy as she writhed on the bed.

My legs, ass and pussy were on and around her face as she licked and sucked me. She ran her tongue from my asshole to my cunt as she sucked me dry with her mouth.

Chrissie parted my legs saying "I can't breathe!" so I moved a little allowing her some air.

At the same time I glanced up and to the right and saw Dave watching us from the doorway.

"Why don't you join us?" I said, noticing the front of Daves pants stuck straight out from a huge hardon.

Dave answered, "Thats ok, you guys seem to be doing fine without me." He then turned and left.

Chrissie bolted up and said "Oh shit," he saw us, "Now what?"

I answered, "Don't worry about it, he knows about us and it's no problem for him."

We immediately resumed our lovemaking and after about two minutes Chrissie had lost all her inhibitions.

My face was again between Chrissies legs as I savored the taste of her cum as she did mine.

"Ah, Ah, oh God, suck me, lick me," Chrissie said as she held my head tightly between her thighs.

I then sat up and put my pussy on her mouth as she probed her tongue into my cunt.

"Oh, oh, I love your tongue, deeper, deeper, fuck me," I yelled.

I must have cum three or four times before I collapsed on the bed exhausted.

Chrissie and I laid on the bed kissing as I slid a finger into her wet cunt withdrawing a large amount of her juice and offered it to her mouth which she eagerly lapped up.

She reciprocated by doing the same for me.

"Do you think Dave is pissed at us?" Chrissie asked.

"No," I said, "this won't bother him at all."

"Why would'nt he join us?" she asked

"This was the first time he saw us and was probably embarrassed being caught watching us," I said.

"I wish he had", she said, "I have never been in a threesome, but would sure like to."

"They're wonderful," I said, as I rubbed the cum from her pussy on her nipples and then licked it off.

"Do you think we can ever have a three or a foursome?" Chrissie asked.

"Nothing is impossible," I replied. "Where did you get that idea?"

"Ken has often said how he would like to fuck you so I could watch, and I think it would be great," Chrissie answered.

"Funny thing," Dave has also said how he would "love getting in your pants," I said.

"Sounds like a plan," Chrissie said, "lets work on it."

We got up and took a long shower together kissing and washing each others bodies. We stopped long enough to wash each others pussies with our tongues draining the last few drops of cum from them.

We never did try on our purchases that day, nor has the threesome or foursome happened yet, but when it does Lit readers will be first to know.

Best from, JuLee

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