tagErotic CouplingsChrissy: Challenge Accepted

Chrissy: Challenge Accepted


I was spending the weekend with Chrissy while James was spending the weekend on an important assignment in Chicago. Ever since James' birthday when his wife persuaded me to fulfill a fantasy of his, I've become a frequent visitor. James seemed okay with it when I came over, especially if he knew I'd be spending the night and allowing me to take liberties with Chrissy. Chrissy enjoyed taking care of her man and me. When James found out that he was going to spend the weekend in Chicago for work, he decided that I could spend the weekend just to ensure Chrissy didn't get lonely. I wasn't sure if it was really his idea or if Chrissy used a Jedi mind trick to persuade him.

The Friday of, I drove James to the airport. It was an hour trip and we had plenty of time to talk about other stuff. It felt welcomed in my mind because the last thing I wanted to do was allow my horniness to screw up my best friend's marriage. I think James realized that too because halfway there, he asked me what I was going to have Chrissy do for me while he was gone.

"I'm going to have her walk around a nun's habit and not touch me all weekend," I responded deadpan. I held my tongue for a few moments before I started laughing. James started laughing with me.

"Dude, why did you do that?" James asked. "If I wasn't okay with you fucking her without me there, why would I let you spend the weekend?" I glanced over at James before smiling.

"Chrissy is special, man. I don't want to..."

"Fuck up my marriage?" I was stunned.

"Dude, she is my wife and we vowed that she would always be. Believe it or not, Chrissy and I talked about this shit way before you entered the picture. The one thing I can count on you for, Nick, is that you are respectful. You know Chrissy is my wife and you are not going to steal her from me. I know that. So stop with the fucking guilt trip already, okay?"

I took a deep breath and smiled. This was going to be a fun weekend.

When I arrived back at their house, Chrissy was still in her lounging clothes. She had her brown hair up in a twist. I noticed her cheeks were red, but not from rouge or blush. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her C-cups were just being held in by her black tank top. Her ass was covered by a pair of sweatpants. Although she dressed up that way just to watch the kids, she still looked like a dime to me. I snuck up behind her and kissed her neck.

"Mmmm...that was so unfair," she cooed as she turned and kissed my lips. As much as I wanted to have her right then and there, her kids were watching. So I started helping her play with them. The rest of the day was mostly the same. She read to them while I made lunch. I played with one while she changed the other one's diaper. I was having fun being domesticated.


Dude, you ask. Where's the fucking? My dick is getting deflated here with all this domestic bullshit.

My answer? Patience. In real life, you don't get to fuck the hot MILF any time you want to. You have to work around her schedule and in the real world, her kids come first. So stop being a prick and read on.

Hit start.

It was getting close to mid afternoon when Chrissy stretched her arms out as if she just woke up. I could see the youngest of the two rug rats was already nodding off.

'I'm going to put this one to sleep, Nick. Could you keep an eye on this one?" she asked. "I need to lay down for a bit."

"Sure." Her oldest and I were building blocks by then as she took the younger one upstairs. It was about twenty minutes before the oldest started sounding like he was sleepy. I carefully picked him up and carried him to his room where I laid him on the bed. It was almost like magic the way his eyes closed. I then snuck out of the room and walked right by Chrissy's room thinking about my television options.

It was then I heard the tell tale sound of her vibrator. It didn't take long for my mind to conjure up the naughty image of what she could be doing. I softly knocked on her door. I could hear her telling me to come in as she moaned. I slowly opened the door and crept in.

The first thing I saw on the ground in front of the bed was a pair of black panties. They had a pink Batman logo on them. I then allowed my face to rise and saw her toes curled up. Her legs were bent and I got a good look at her wet pussy as the pink vibrator was gliding over her lips. Her tank top was bunched around her mid section as her nipple rings glinted in the sunlight. Her mouth was partially open and her head was back on the pillow.

I took a few moments to strip out of my shorts and t-shirt before I went to the head of her bed. I leaned down and planted my lips onto hers as she moaned. Her eyes opened and gave me that naughty glint I loved so much.

"Do you like what you see, lover?" she asked.

I responded by sliding onto the bed. My cock was poised to enter her lips before she heard me whisper, "Not yet."

She looked at me with a questioning look before I started to stroke my cock. She licked her lips as she watched me. My hand started sliding over the head of my cock as the precum formed. She stuck out her tongue, almost begging for me let her taste my precum. I wanted to tease her more.

"Show me what you do when you need to cum," I whispered. She started slowly moving her toy barely out of my sight as she kept moaning.

"I want your cock down there," she whispered as I watched her take the length of her vibe in there.

"Fuck!" I thought to myself as I started trying to slow my stroking. It quickly became a game of who was going to cave in first. She kept moaning louder, begging for me to slide my cock in her mouth. I kept stroking my cock willing myself not to cum. It was getting too much to bear.

Finally, I grabbed the twist and pushed my cock into her open mouth. As a reflex, she started to suck as I pushed my cock down her throat. I started fucking her mouth while her toy fucked her pussy. It wasn't long until my resolve totally crumbled and I thrusted down her throat to make my protein deposit. My eyes closed for a moment before I pulled out.

I could see some of my cum was on the edges of her lips as she moaned loudly with climax taking her. It was beautiful, erotic. I wanted so much to capture that on film, but the image before me was too majestic for words. I then watched as she took her toy and brought it to her lips. Her tongue snaked out and started licking it from the base to the tip before she started sucking into her mouth like another cock. I fell to the bed mesmerized until she reached over and started stroking my cock.

"We have more to do," she cooed as she took the vibrator and slid it back in her pussy. By this time, she was on her hands and knees with her mouth back on my cock and her hand pushing the vibrator into her pussy from underneath. She started going down on my cock almost driven while her pussy was getting buzzed. When she felt my cock hardening in her mouth, she let it out and looked in my eyes.

"Fuck me please, Nick," she whispered before she turned her ass towards me. I then watched her take the vibrator out of her pussy again. I crawled onto my knees and started to slide in before I saw her slide the vibe in her mouth again. I plunged in deep and heard her moan. I started with slower stroked prior to reaching forward and grabbing her twist. It came apart in my hand and I was pulling her hair.

"Fuck me!" she screamed as I started pounding her pussy. I felt such euphoria inside her knowing that it was clean, that James's cum wasn't in there before I started. I started getting ideas for the weekend as she kept moaning. I then felt her spasm on my cock. It was like clockwork because I started filling her pussy. As I fell back on the bed, I saw her pussy lips open and my seed seeping out before she flipped on her back. She smiled at me.

"Mmmm...I needed that. Still worried about this weekend?" she asked. I responded with a smile.

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