tagGroup SexChrissy: Confession

Chrissy: Confession


(Greetings gentle reader. This episode of Chrissy takes place after Chrissy:BBQ. Thank you to those who read my stuff and give me supportive feedback. Also a huge thanks to hissub1111 for inspiring me with the ideas that Chrissy does. Please enjoy and vote.)


As James walked out onto the deck, Mae and Chrissy were sitting with me talking. James cleaned up a little, as if he sobered up a bit. He sat down and soon had Chrissy sitting next to him cuddling him. "So what were you three talking about?"

"Well, buddy; we were discussing how to make things fair for you."

"What do you mean?" James asked.

I started, "Well, it seems kind of unfair that Chrissy and I have so much freedom since your birthday and we were trying to come up with a way to make it fair for you."

"Okay," James said hesitantly.

"So we're trying to come up with a way to even things out. Mae would love to spend time with you to even things out."

As Mae blushed, James said, "What if I was okay with the present arrangement though? I mean, you've been helping Chrissy out while I have my trips. I don't feel slighted."

"Maybe, but honey I want to see you happy," Chrissy chimed in. "I mean you've had my ass only since we've been married. Maybe I want you to spend some time with Mae."

"Why, baby?"

"So we can share her."

There was a silence over all four of us as we all watched James. It was then Chrissy started confessing.

"Baby, I haven't been honest with you. Nick's cock is the only one I have had since we talked about how to spice things up and you letting me play. What I haven't told you is that Mae and I have been doing things also. That's one reason I hooked Nick up with her. I also have had fantasies of watching you and Mae make love also. Do you forgive me, baby?"

There was a deafening silence as James started smiling. "Took you long enough, baby," he said as he laughed a little. "I knew about Mae for a while now and was unsure how to tell you. You do realize that Mae and you wear different underwear, right? I saw a pair of hers a while back and just wanted to wait until you told me."

Chrissy's mouth hung open. "You knew for how long?" she asked as she started playfully hitting his shoulder.

"Oh, since before Nick and Mae started dating. I found the panties after one of your nights with Nick and I put two and two together. I must admit though, baby, you have excellent taste."

Mae started blushing as I looked at James. "So you're okay with..."

James interrupted me. "I gave Chrissy permission to play a long time ago. That's why she recruited you for my birthday and why I have been allowing you to fuck her senseless when I haven't been around. The fact that she found a beautiful woman that you two have shared isn't a bad thing at all considering. I am also happy that instead of hiding things, you're choosing to be up front about it. Now, how long until we adjourn to the bedroom so I can have some payback, buddy?"

Not another word was spoken before all four of us stood up simultaneously and walked at a brisk pace to the bedroom. As we neared the stairs, James cleared his throat.

"I just had a brilliant idea. Let's stay down here where there's more room."

We all agreed and started removing clothing by the time we hit the couches. As both James and I stood there, Chrissy knelt down next to my cock. Mae looked stunned for a moment before she knelt down and started to slowly stroke James' cock. I watched in silence as Mae slowly opened her mouth and took the head of his cock between her lips. James' hand immediately went to her head as Mae looked up at him and smiled. Her face started to bob slowly onto his shaft until she started getting really into sucking his dick.

After a brief moment, I felt the familiar sensation of Chrissy licking and sucking me off. I looked down and saw her smiling eyes as she inhaled my cock. I looked over at James as I watched his eyes close and his head lean back. I knew from my own experience that Mae's mouth was a pleasurable place to be and could only imagine what going through his head while she fellated him. Chrissy's mouth stopped moving as I looked down at her. She then took me out of her mouth before she spoke.

"I need your cock inside me, Nick. I want Mae to lick your cum out of my pussy while I lick her pussy clean of James'."

As I sat on the couch, Chrissy straddled my cock and slid down on it. The sound of her moan caused Mae to look around and watch her partner in crime fucking her husband. Mae looked up at James and the two started to copy what we did. Soon, my girlfriend's tight hairless pussy was absorbing my best friend's cock while his wife was riding mine. I saw as James had his hands squeezing my girlfriend's tits while she rode him. Then there started to be a moaning war between Chrissy and Mae. As each girl started moaning more, I pushed Chrissy off playfully until she was on her hands and knees in front of me. I then slid into her pussy from behind as I grabbed her hips.

I watched as Mae slowly slid off of James and rolled on her back to slide under Chrissy as James moves in front of her. I started to see the tell tale signs of Chrissy licking Mae's juices off of James' cock while I felt Mae's tongue along my shaft. This was too much for me to take as I started moaning how I was going to cum. Mae's tongue along my balls sealed the deal and I came inside Chrissy's pussy. It was a brief moment before I felt Mae's mouth on my cock cleaning me off before I watched Chrissy unlock from James. I sat back on the couch and watched Mae lick Chrissy's pussy while I heard James fucking her. It wasn't long after that James filled my girlfriend's pussy and I watched Chrissy's head bob down to clean her out.

As James and I sat back and watched, we saw the wanton display of the two experienced female lovers pleasure each other in front of us. I watched as Mae began to slide her tongue in and out of Chrissy's honey hole as her hands grabbed Chrissy's hips. I only wished I had the strength to get up and watch what Chrissy was doing to Mae. We were rewarded for the show with Mae and Chrissy's cries of pleasure as they both collapsed before Chrissy rolled off of Mae. I knelt down and stroked Mae's hair as I saw the blissful smile on her face.

That night, I slept with my girlfriend in the guest room while Chrissy and James slept in their room. It was the first time in a while I was in the guest room to be honest. As we lay there the next morning wiping the sleep out of our eyes, Mae kissed me on the cheek before she started to whisper.

"Nick, when you said you loved me, were you being honest?"

"Yes," was all I said before I took her head into my hands and gave her a slow, deep, soul-filled kiss. I had no idea what the future held in store for Mae and me...or even Chrissy and I. At that moment, with her lips on mine I didn't care.

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