Chrissy's Trip


Part 1: Trouble in Paradise

It has been seven months since Chrissy and Miriam had their memorable first date, and things are going well. Every night Miriam is in town she falls asleep with her giant futahood buried in Chrissy's cum filled ass, and most every night she is away Chrissy heads to Futanari Palace to sate his hunger for cock and hot futa juice. However Miriam is still unsure about how to deal with her strong feelings for Chrissy and as a consequence, she is growing jealous of his trips to the club when she is away.

Tonight Miriam is away visiting a client at his villa in Italy, so Chrissy is at Futanari Palace. He is impaled on a giant dildo, surrounded by twelve very well hung futa's. He wears a strawberry blond wig, his face is fully made up. Chrissy has on a slutty schoolgirl outfit with a very short, grey v-neck sweater. Below the sweater he has on a dress shirt with a pair of plastic C cups stuffed inside, the bottom of the shirt is tied up to show off his tight, flat midriff. The dark blue and green plaid skirt barely covers his shapely feminine ass. A pair of dark grey, six inch platform sneakers with short frilled socks sticking out the top cover his little feet. He his turning around on the dong as he greedily deep-throats cock after cock, moaning like a slut. As a 17 inch long, 7 inch circumference cock fills his throat, his phone begins to ring inside his cute little purse. Through his futa cock induced haze he recognizes the ringtone, it's Miriam! He yanks the cock out of his mouth, dislodges the dildo from his ass, and quickly walks to his purse.

After fishing the phone out he sits down on a chair and answers with a happy voice, "Hello lover, how's your trip?"

Mild disappointment in her voice Miriam replies, "It's going alright, this guy has a beautiful house and a nice wine cellar. But he passed out after I fucked his ass once, now I'm horny and was hoping for some phone sex."

During their exchange, the futa that was just pumping Chrissy's face walks up next to him, waving her obscenely large cock at him. He begins to stroke it with his free hand while listening to Miriam talk dirty, he then starts to suck on the head of her cock.

Hearing the sound of a dick being sucked Miriam angrily asks, "Are you sucking a cock right now?"

With a pop Chrissy removes the futa's throbbing member from his mouth and replies, "Yeah, I was in the middle of a 12 futa blow bang when you called. This one just couldn't wait to get back in my mouth."

After a deep, pissed of sigh Miriam says, "I thought we had talked about you cutting down your trips to Futanari Palace while I am gone. I know I'm going to be gone for six days this time, but it's aggravating to have you sucking a cock while I'm on the phone."

Enraged Chrissy responds, almost yelling, "First off I waited seven days the last time you were out of town, going absolutely nuts! Second, you called me during that trip, drunk and made me listen to the weird moans of the woman you were fucking! And lastly you said back when we started dating to come here if I needed to!"

Their heated argument lasts for a few minutes, feeling backed into a corner by Chrissy, Miriam blurts out, "I think we need to take a break, just for a few months. I feel like you are suffocating me Chrissy. I'll call you when I get back in town. Goodbye."

Before he can interrupt and tell her how she's the possessive one, the phone clicks in Chrissy's ear. He looks up at the room of futa's, the one that had been fucking his face before the phone call is somehow still erect.

He walks up to her, grabs her cock and announces to the room, "This just became a gangbang, get your giant dicks back up because I need a good hard fuck right now!"

Still holding her cock Chrissy leads the confused and slightly frighted futa to the bed, he pushes her down and sits down on her huge member, his ass facing towards her. The first pair of futa's to get their cocks hard timidly step up to the enraged sissy as he angrily rides up and down on the 17 inch futahood in his ass. He reaches out and stuffs both of their cocks in his mouth, he swirls his tongue around the pulsating heads while stroking the shafts. The rest of the futa's get their erections going and approach the bed, five get up on the bed surrounding Chrissy, and begin to smack the top of his head with their cocks. Still stroking the first two he leans his head back and the five cocks begin to fight for space in his sucking mouth, rubbing all over each other and his face as they do.

Between mouthfuls of futa cock Chrissy says, "The futa with the next biggest cock please double stuff my ass."

After a moment one of them steps down from the bed, takes her spot between his legs and without hesitation jams her thick 16 1/2 inch cock to the hilt in his sissy hole. Chrissy lets out a yelp that is a mix of pleasure and shock, as the two futa's in his ass begin to fuck him hard. He continues to suck and stroke every giant member he can reach, his anger at Miriam slowly being replaced by cock lust. Moaning around the two huge cocks in his mouth, Chrissy's clitty shoots all over the stomach of the futa on top of him. A raging cock in each hand, two in his mouth and another two in his ass, Chrissy's worries melt away. This continues for over a hour, thick, long futa cocks fuck Chrissy's spasming holes, making him cum over and over again.

Her cock screaming for release, one of the futa's in his ass growls, "Gonna cum in this faggot slut's ass."

The other chimes in, "Yeah, let's drown this whore's hole with our loads."

Their massive balls smack together as their obscenely large cocks stretch his twitching sissy pussy, preparing to fill him with their hot cum. The futa fucking his face begins to groan as her cock swells as well, Chrissy's ass cums again as he prepares to get flooded with futa juice. The two in his ass cum first, their swollen sacks contract violently, sending torrents of sperm down their pulsing cocks. Chrissy can feel the heat from the tsunami of cum, as their massive cocks dance in his ass. The futa in his mouth jams her cock all the way to the hilt, her balls making a loud smack on his forehead. She throws her head back and begins to pour her sweet futa juice down his throat. Chrissy's worries are forgotten, his mind swimming in a river of cum. The thee futa's pull out of him, to be replaced by three more. They too fill his holes with obscene amounts of hot, sticky jizz. The final six hose him down, showering him with thick ropes of futa juice. As Chrissy lays there giggling and eating all the cum he can scoop up, the twelve futa's get dressed and leave. He stands, legs shaking, and walks towards the chair with his belongings. He picks up his new larger butt plug, inserts it with a smile on his face and puts on his blue thong to hold it in place. His mind still drifting in a futa cock induced haze, he walks out of the room. Chrissy sways his hips as he proudly displays his cum covered slutty schoolgirl outfit and strawberry blond wig.

Part 2: Chrissy Checks Out

As he struts through the lounge area of Futanari Palace, Chrissy sees Eva and Jennifer having a drink at the bar. They are regulars here, and he met them seven months ago while getting his ass reamed by Miriam in the park. Since then, the four of them have gotten together for dinner and sexy fun many times. As Chrissy approaches they notice him and wave, smiling at his cum covered body.

"Looks like you had a good time", Eva says with a grin.

Jennifer chimes in, "That outfit looks so hot, especially with all that futa juice on it."

They move so he can sit down between him, Chirssy's but plugg reminds him of its presence as he sits, causing his clitty to get a little wet.

After talking about the spoils of their latest trip to the mall, Eva asks him, "So, how is Miriam doing in Italy?"

Suddenly the fight comes flooding back to the front of his mind, Chrissy begins to sob uncontrollably into his drink.

"What happened?", asks Jennifer with concern.

Between sobs Chrissy replies, "She called me when I was in the middle of a blow-bang. Miriam was horny since her client passed out on her, and wanted some phone sex. As she was talking dirty to me, I got turned on and started sucking on one of the cocks. She heard it, and flew off the handle."

As Chrissy takes a big sip of his drink, Eva asks, "Then what happened?"

"We had an argument about how I'm supposed to limit my visits to the Palace while she is gone. Just as it seemed like I was winning, she said that I was smothering her and we needed to take a break", Chrissy slumps down as he finishes his sentence.

Pissed off, Jennifer replies, "I've never seen you smothering her! In fact she has been really possessive of you the last few times you guys came over."

After a few more minutes of consoling him Eva looks at him and says, "Hey, Jennifer and I are heading to Amsterdam for nine days, and we leave tomorrow. Why don't you come with us?"

"What good would that do?", Chrissy asks, his head drooped forward.

Jennifer lifts up his chin and turns his head to face her, looking right into his eyes she says, "You need to get away from anything that reminds you of Miriam. Also, you wont be sitting around waiting for her to come back."

Eva chimes in with, "Miriam really does love you Chrissy, I think she just doesn't know how to deal with it. If you're off having fun without her, she will be faced with the possibility of losing you. This thought should cause her to get her shit together."

After thinking for a moment Chrissy perks up and says, "Alright, lets go to Amsterdam.", suddenly he frowns and says, "Wait, I can't afford that. Not without dipping into my savings."

Eva chuckles and says to him, "Chrissy, you forget that we're loaded. Jennifer and I bought stock in Futanari Palace before it went global. Don't worry about money, we'll pay your way."

Chrissy jumps up and hugs them, he realizes that he is still covered in cum and quickly pulls away and apologies. They tell him that they will call him with the flight information, once they get his ticket. Chrissy walks to his car and heads home, cautiously optimistic. The next day he calls the futa sperm bank he works at, and tells them he is using 10 days of saved vacation time for personal reasons. Chrissy packs all his sexiest outfits and favorite toys, excited he waits for Eva and Jennifer to pick him up.

Part 3: Chrissy Parties in Amsterdam

After dealing with confusion over Chrissy's passport photo, they board the plane. The long flight passes, and the three weary travelers check in to a 5 star hotel situated in downtown Amsterdam, they decide to take naps before heading out for the night. Feeling refreshed, Chrissy takes a shower and gets dressed. He gets his face all made up and puts on a dark red wig. Chrissy slips into a tight, short, sparkly blue dress with a wide v cut into back that comes to just above his ass, it also has plastic C cups sewn into it. He dons a black lacy garter belt, and pulls matching stockings up his smooth, shapely legs. With a happy moan he inserts his new butt-plug, and puts on a blue thong to hold it in place. Chrissy finishes it all off with sparkly blue 6 inch stilettos, now he's ready to hit the club. He walks across the living room of their suite to Jennifer and Eva's room. Eva answers the door, her boyishly cute face is framed by her short, light brown hair. She has on a dark green v-neck halter top with a gold ring holding the middle together, presenting her D cups in a marvelous fashion. Eva has on tight, dark green, short shorts that do nothing to conceal the bulge of her 17 inch cock, white 6 inch platform sneakers don her feet.

Smiling she says, "All set I see, Jennifer is just finishing up."

Jennifer comes out of their bathroom in a tight, red traditional Chinese dress with a green and gold dragon pattern, the bulge of her 19 inch member clearly visible. It has an opening to show off the cleavage from her DD breasts, and hugs her large firm ass. Rather than tied up in a bun like normal, her long black hair is twisted in a ponytail to just above her ass, with a red ribbon tied off at the end. Red 7 inch high heels are just visible below her dress.

"Hot outfit!", Jennifer exclaims as she looks up and down Chrissy's body, "Can't wait to see what it looks like covered in futa cum."

Blushing Chrissy replies, "You two look fantastic. Ready to hit up some cubs?"

"Well first lets stop off at a coffee shop, I vaguely remember one from the last time we were here. Nice atmosphere and awesome smoking material", Eva says as she closes the door to their room behind herself.

They end up in front of a coffee shop called The Green Room, after more confusion over Chrissy's I.D. picture the threesome step inside. Oddly enough, the walls are not painted green, but there is plenty of green in display cases along the bar. After choosing a very strong indica-sativa hybrid called All Night Long and ordering some very large cosmopolitans, they sit down on a couch in the back of the shop. After a few bowls of sticky goodness Chrissy is feeling awesome, his head is thumping in time with the downtempo music playing, as his body begins to tingle a little. After finishing most of the 3.5 grams, Eva, Jennifer and Chrissy are baked out of their heads. Suddenly Chrissy hears a loud male moan come from behind him, turning he sees a guy being stuffed with 13 inches of futa cock. He looks at the employees expecting them to start yelling, a few of them look at the couple and smile, but that's it.

Bewildered, Chrissy turns to Eva and Jen, he says to them, "Pretty open minded place."

With a laugh Eva replies, "That's why the windows are blacked out, and why we had to come through two sets of doors. Pretty much anything goes in this place, especially for the next week."

Puzzled he asks, "What's happening for the next week?"

After lightly smacking Eva on the back of the head Jennifer says, "We were going to wait and tell you later, tonight is the start of a week long love festival here in Amsterdam. It culminates with a parade/orgy, they keep it off the main streets, since it gets very wild."

"Can't keep you two away from an orgy", Chrissy says playfully. He notices the bulges in their clothes, straining to get free, "Looks like you two are enjoying the show, shall we put on one of our own?", he says, licking his lips.

Not needing anymore encouragement, Eva unzips her shorts and her semi-erect cock comes spilling out. She stands and wags her 17 inch long 7 1/2 inch circumference futahood in his face, Jennifer stands and undoes the buttons running down the lower front-left side of her dress. She pulls down her red thong, freeing her 19 inch long 6 inch circumference cock.

Chrissy gently grabs Eva's pendulum of a cock, before putting it in his mouth he looks at them and says sternly, "Don't cum on my dress, I'd like to go to at least one club with it clean."

They both nod in agreement as he begins to suck on Eva's member while stroking Jennifer's with his free hand. Chrissy's tongue traces circles around Eva's cock-head, relishing the taste from the flow of pre-cum. He removes her throbbing member from his mouth and begins to lick up and down the long thick shaft before kissing and sucking on her cum laden balls. Chrissy switches his attentions to Jennifer's engorged member, he showers the twitching head with kisses before taking her full length down his throat. The couple on the sofa cheer him on, complimenting him on his cock sucking skills.

He licks Jennifer's smooth sack while milking her futahood with his throat, making her gasp in pleasure. Chrissy quickly pulls Jennifer's cock from his throat and greedily engulfs Eva's throbbing member, moaning as it slides down his throat. He alternates between their pulsating cocks for a few minutes, grinding his ass against the sofa to stimulate his hole with the butt plug. As Chrissy worships Jennifer's pole and fingers her dripping pussy, Eva sits down and rolls a joint with the remaining ganja. She makes sure to put a crutch in the end to keep Chrissy's saliva and pre-cum coated lips from sealing it up.

She lights it up, takes a big pull and passes it to Jennifer, saying as she exhales, "Smoke with your suck."

"Why thank you", Jennifer says with a giggle.

Jennifer takes a drag and passes the joint to Chrissy, he pops her cock from his mouth and takes a deep hit. He then lets the smoke slowly roll out of his mouth as he licks at both of their cock heads, relishing the combined flavors. The guy getting his ass reamed on the other sofa begins to moan out an orgasm from the hard fucking he is receiving. Passing the joint back to Eva, Chrissy begins to stroke both of their massive futahood's while sucking on the pre-cum drooling heads. Eva takes a deep drag, then grabs Jennifer's face and kisses her deeply while exhaling into her mouth. They continue in this fashion until the joint is spent. Quite stoned now, Chrissy is stroking a cock in each hand while sucking one pair of futa juice laden balls and then the other. He begins to deep throat Jennifer's 19 inch long member while playing with her balls and fingering her wet, smooth pussy. Eva strokes her raging cock while watching.

With intensity Jennifer announces, "Your throat is going to make me cum really hard Chrissy. Get ready for your sticky treat."

Chrissy pulls his head back and begins to hungrily suck on Jennifer's pulsing cock-head, while continuing to fondle her swelling sack and massage her g-spot. Her eyes roll back in their sockets as her massive balls contract in Chrissy's hand, drenching his tongue with her hot sweet futa juice. He greedily gulps down the fist blast and waits for the second. The second third and fourth blasts fill his mouth with more yummy cum from her massive futa cock. Eva realizes she's not going to last until his mouth is available, remembering Chrissy's request to not cum on his dress, she grabs one of the oversized martini glasses from their table. She carefully aims the twitching head of her 17 1/2 inch cock at the glass and begins to fill it with thick ropes of her delicious cum. After the fist few blasts in his mouth, Chrissy takes Jennifer's long member back down his throat and begins to massage it with his throat while licking her balls. This causes her to cum even harder, pumping the rest of her load right into his stomach. Once she is spent, Chrissy slowly pulls her still twitching member out of his throat, stopping to milk the last few drops of her tasty load right into his mouth.

He sits back and lets out a satisfied sigh, Eva hands him the cum filled martini glass and says, "I whipped up a cocktail for you, hope you like it."

"Mmmm, looks tasty", Chrissy says as he takes the glass from her hand.

He crosses his legs and stretches his left arm along the top of the sofa, he looks into Eva's eyes, smiles and brings the delicious cocktail to his mouth. He slowly drinks the glass of warm, sweet futa cum, relishing every sip as Eva and Jennifer put their massive cocks away. Pushed over the edge by Chrissy's enjoyment of his drink, the futa fucking a guy on the other sofa lets out a bellow as she floods her partners ass with her massive hot load. Once Chrissy has gotten most of the tasty treat, he begins to scoop his fingers around the glass, loosening what was stuck to the sides.

With a final sip he finishes the cocktail, looks at Eva and says, "Thank you so much for that delicious cocktail, it was my favorite kind."

Part 4: Chrissy in the Club

After some applause from the employees and customers of the coffee shop, the three happy travelers leave and head to a night club. They walk through the scenic beauty of Amsterdam's canals and rows of tightly packed houses, aglow in the street lights.

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