tagBDSMChrista's Dilemma Ch. 02

Christa's Dilemma Ch. 02


When Christa opened the door, I immediately knew there was something wrong. Her lips smiled but her eyes didn't. I missed the warmth I had felt yesterday.

She took my flowers, brought them to the kitchen and returned with coffee. She didn't bring the flowers back. She said, "Thank you for coming, but please let's forget what happened yesterday. Let's just remain friends."

I was surprised. "Why?" I asked.

"Let's not waste our beautiful friendship for a fling."

I chose my words carefully. "It would not be a fling. And you know that. I've longed for this for a long time. I have the feeling you want this too. You are very special to me. There is no other woman I would give myself to that way, so submissively, so unconditionally."

She watched my face. I could feel she thought I was just flattering. "How about Linda?" she asked, a bit aggressively.

"I might have given it to her, a few years ago if she had been interested. Now I am glad she wasn't. It's just not the kind of relationship we have." Thoughtfully I added, "She is my wife and I do love her. But that doesn't mean that my feelings for you are not sincere."

Christa looked at me somberly. "You don't understand. It would destroy our friendship completely. And after two of three times you would get bored and we would never see each other ever again."

I wondered what she feared most, our friendship being destroyed or our new relationship appearing just a fling, a whim. I guessed the latter.

I decided to be completely open and honest with her. "I have suppressed my feelings almost my entire life. I can't do that any longer. I have known you for seven years now. I remember seeing you for the first time talking to your colleagues about your visions. I remember thinking you were cut out for being a Mistress.

"That day, I didn't dare dreaming of being your toy or being capable of meeting your standards. There was no doubt in my mind, however, that you would be a tremendous Mistress for the right slave.

"Since that day, I have learned knowing you as a very nice, kind and warm person and a trustworthy and loyal friend. I also believe you still have that other quality I saw that first day, seven years ago."

Christa was silent. She seemed somber, and sad; she even seemed angry. After a while she said, "You still don't understand. You don't know what real submission is. You don't know the meaning of really having to suffer."

Again I chose to be completely honest. "It is true I am inexperienced. It is also true you could destroy me in less than an hour. However, if you could work up the patience to teach me, I would become the ultimate toy or slave you have always dreamed of."

"You are stubborn, and arrogant, and stupid," she said. I also saw a glimpse of a smile for the first time today."

She said, "Please forget all of this. Don't visit me next week. See me in, let's say, a month, just to have coffee and be the friends we have always been. Please don't visit me next week."

I didn't respond. I just didn't know what to say.

She added, "If you do come here next week, you won't find your friend. You'll find a sadistic and cruel woman. You'll find a very demanding woman who won't let you escape in any respect. I will tear you apart bit by bit."

I relaxed. "Thank you!" I said from the bottom of my heart.

"You stupid fool," she said.

She stood up saying, "Come, I'll show you the door." At the door she gave me three kisses as usual. "Don't come here next week," she said.

"See you next week," I replied. She didn't hear me. The door was already closed.



I was in front of Christa's door. I waited a while before I pressed the bell. I felt the nerves in my stomach. I had never been this nervous visiting my friend Christa. Finally I pressed the bell.

Christa was gorgeous, as ever. She had also changed. Something was different. I couldn't put my finger on it. "Hi, great to see you" she said. "Come on, in." She led me to the living room. Her way of walking had slightly changed too, I noticed. She moved elegantly like a cat. She showed me a chair. I sat. "So you came," she said smiling. "Stupid fool," she said, her smile getting brighter, dazzling.

"I need to know," she said. "Are you here of your own free will, completely voluntary?"

"Yes, of course," I said. I took a paper from my blazer. Until now I had not been sure if I would give it to her, but now it seemed the right thing to do. "I wrote you this. I would be happy to sign it, if you allow me."

She started reading it. I knew the words by heart. I had written, "Hereby I, Ton Brown, declare I surrender completely to Christa Wilder.

"Christa may use me as a toy in every way she likes. My submission will be entirely. I will accept whatever she does to me, no matter the consequences.

"I offer Christa my body and soul. She has the full rights to torture me or control my body functions. I am entirely at Christa's disposal, for her pleasure only.

"I make this statement of my own free will and I am mentally healthy to do so. I shall accept all consequences."

Christa was delighted. And yes, she would like me to sign it right now and here. To add to effect, I sat on my knees when I signed and dated the statement. Christa took the paper from me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She walked to a nice photograph above a cupboard at a prominent place in the living room. It was a beautiful picture of a tree in the autumn. She took the frame from the wall, removed the sheet of glass, turned the picture over, placed my statement on top of it, replaced the glass and hung the frame again. I blushed. I hoped she was just teasing me. I hoped she would remove my statement before she would have guests.

Christa smiled. "Thank you very much! I love this! Thank you. This should be rewarded with a present for you too." She took something from a drawer and showed me a steel collar. It looked quite massive. It had a padlock and an inscription. I read, "toy ton, property of Christa Wilder".

She said, "Let me put this on you." She did. It felt as massive as it looked. "Thank you for being my toy," she said and she gave me a kiss on my nose.

She took me to the quest room and asked me to undress. When I was undressed but for my steel pants, she looked far from pleased. "What's this?" she asked. "Where has the seal gone?"

I stammered, "Erm... I had to remove it to clean the glans. It has been eight days since you sealed it. I didn't want to come out in a rash."

Christa shook her head. "You told me you were inexperienced. Well, you indeed have a lot to learn. I doubt if you're talented enough to become my toy. If it hadn't been for your nice statement I would have sent you away right now, but you are going to pay for this anyway."

She inspected the belt carefully. "At least it is a Nextsteel belt as I thought."

I was surprised. "I didn't know you knew this much about chastity belts."

"I didn't. Google is a blessing and Mr. Wende is a sweety." I was surprised Christa already knew Nextsteel's owner. Christa asked me to get the key. I got the key from my bag. Christa removed the lock. And then she surprised me again. Instead of removing the belt she produced another lock and before I realized it, I was locked again.

Christa smiled, "I know you find it difficult to wear the belt. I was going to break you in very slowly. You have spoiled that now. You are going to pay for your indiscretion."

She asked me what my longest lockup had been and my longest time between orgasms. I told her the truth. I used to have a plastic chastity device. In those days it was common for me to be locked for a month with only short releases now and then, only to clean my privates and then be locked again. In my new steel belt I had never been locked for more than four days. However, my longest time without an orgasm had been eighty-five days. I was proud of my self-control; it had taken a lot of practice.

Smiling Christa said, "Congratulations, you are going to break both records by far."

Like the first time I had to convert the room by moving the table and the flower box to make it possible to tie me up. This time Christa added a spreader bar to keep my legs apart and an open-mouth gag. I felt much more restricted than last time.

Christa touched the lock of the chastity belt. "It's a pity I don't have the key here. It came with two keys, one of them is in a locker at my work, and the other is in a vault at my bank. It might have been nice to play a little with my privates." She saw my privates as hers now, she owned me entirely.

"But maybe, I can anyway." She poked her finger into my right ball. The pain was overwhelming; it was worse than a kick in the balls. I feared she would rupture them. I would have collapsed if I hadn't been tied up that well.

Christa obviously enjoyed herself. "Great to see you chose for the tube with ventilation holes. It will be nice to stick a few needles into them. Unfortunately I don't have needles here, so toothpicks will have to do."

To be honest, feeling those toothpicks pressed into my sensitive glans was bad enough.

Christa stood up. She stood in front of me, quite close. For a short moment her breasts brushed against my chest. Then she put her hands just below my armpits. Her thumbs stroked gently over my nipples. While she kept caressing my nipples she touched my lips with her tongue. It felt great for a short moment. Then the pain became overwhelming. It was as if needles and knifes were stuck into my glans. I groaned with pain.

"What is it, dear? Don't you like this?" Christa asked. She inspected my tube. "Oooohh, this is great! Your glans is being pressed through the holes. It is coming out through them from all sides, and quite far too. This must be a lovely feeling to you."

She continued stroking my nipples and licking my lips. I tried to concentrate on her hands and tongue, and ignore what was happening in my pants. I didn't succeed.

"I am in a dilemma here. I can't give you full CBT..." I knew she meant cock and ball torture. "..and I can't torture your nipples either because that would make them less sensitive to the gentle approach. That would be a pity. So I have to think of something else."

She left the room and came back with a whip. It was different whip from the one she used last time. This one looked even more frightful. It was a whip of at least a meter, and at the tip was a kind of leather cord of the same length.

"No, I don't have a collection of whips," she said. "I only have the old riding crop you saw last time and this one I bought when I thought my husband, my ex now, was interested."

Christa's mood suddenly changed. She didn't seem to enjoy the situation anymore. Her smile was gone. I think she didn't see me anymore. It was as if her view was totally inside her. Her voice sounded bitter when she said, "It was his own idea, damn it. He had said he wanted to be dominated, that he had dreamed of it his entire life. All men are the same." The bitterness had become stronger. I felt quite uncomfortable. "I believed him, the fool I was. I even bought this whip for him. I never got the chance to use it. It was too much for him. He was just a fantast. I hadn't become his mistress. I had become a puppet on a string playing his dirty scripts. I swore I would never take a slave again."

She smiled a small smile. "This time it will be different." She caressed the whip. "This time it will be played by my rules. It will be my fun." The smile had broadened. It was as if she saw me for the first time since she had brought the whip.

Then she whipped me. She didn't hold back, this time. She hit me as hard as she could. The whip hit my chest. I had tears in my eyes. "Good boy," she said. The warm soft voice contrasted with the aggressive hit.

She hit me again. The pain was unbelievable. She walked around me. She hit my back. She didn't stop. Sometimes she waited a few seconds before she hit me again. Sometimes she hit me four or five times as fast as she could. She hit my back, my bottom, my legs. I soon got disorientated. I didn't see or hear anything except for my pain and her warm, teasing voice. They were two different sensations competing for my attention. It was as if Christa was inside of me. Her soft, warm voice, her teasing, her sadism, her lust.

It took a while before I realized the hitting had stopped. She sat on a chair watching me, smiling. "Hi there, how are you doing?" She had still that warm, nice and seductive voice.

She removed the gag. I couldn't say anything. My jaws hurt. Christa also removed the spreader bar. "Be careful," she said. "Put your legs together. I'll untie you slowly. Get down on your knees first. Sit down." I was still disorientated, dizzy.

Christa sat down again on her chair. She stroked my hair. I laid my head in her lap. She caressed my aching back. "Thank you," she said. "Thank you for the pleasure. I am proud of you."

I couldn't help crying. It was not only because of the pain. It was relieve I had finally found what I had been looking for my entire life. I felt so grateful to Christa.

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