tagErotic CouplingsChristening the Townhouse Pt. 01

Christening the Townhouse Pt. 01


A short start to what I hope becomes a longer story. I hope you enjoy.


I had just bought a large townhouse in an upmarket inner city suburb, it has views across a park and out onto the Swan river and beyond. It was an upcoming area back then so prices were not totally stupid as they are now. However they were not totally sane so it was to be used as an investment property and the real estate guy had been able to find a client already who was looking for a fully furnished 3 bedroom house in the city. It was an overseas company that wanted its a house for an executive and his family

Anyway the house was now fully furnished and my friend and I were staying there for a few nights before it was handed over to the real estate to manage. I was waiting for her to arrive. She was a friend but also a friend with benefits on the odd occasion.

The main bedroom is pretty big with a full size ensuite, balcony and view across the river. It is situated on the 1st floor, the house has 3 stories plus a basement garage, a great house for entertaining, now I sound like I am trying to sell it to you, back to the story.

So my friend is 10 years younger than me with a cute elfin face, hazel eyes, shoulder length blonde/brown hair, cute pert breasts and cute hot ass with a petite build.

I was sat out on the balcony overlooking the river when I saw her car come past and turn into the laneway where the garage is accessed from, going downstairs I heard the door moving and her car pulling in so I went down the stairs and into the garage. She was just getting out of her car, she had a long coat on and her hair was down, she looked gorgeous.

I took her overnight bag up to the bedroom, she followed me up the stairs. Placing her bag down I looked across and she still had her knee length coat on. She looked me straight in the eye as she kicked off her shoes and started to slowly unbutton the coat.

She shrugged it off to reveal that apart from black lace boyshorts. I was transfixed, hypnotized, etc etc. She walked over to me, We embraced and kissed, a deep passionate kiss, our tongues against each others lips, and swirling together as our kiss progressed to a deep closed mouth kiss as I took her in my arms and pulled her close to me, my hands slowly moving up and down her back from the shoulders to the small of her back.

Our kiss broke and she pushed me back to the sofa we had in there, I sat down and she climbed on kneeling astride me, she took my head in both and leaned fully against me, her breasts up against my chest and my head slightly back as she put her lips against mine and slid her tongue into my mouth, my hands went to her hips and held her tight as I moved her in a slight circular motion. I pulled her towards me and she broke the kiss and raised up a little. I put my head forward and kissed her beautiful pert small breasts, she leaned into me as I opened my mouth and I sucked on her nipple. I moved my hands to her wrists and held both her hands behind her back with one of my mine, I placed me other hand on the side of her face, she licked and kissed my thumb as I licked, kissed and sucked on her breasts and her nipples. I pulled her back a little and released her wrists. I put one hand on her breast and softly playfully squeezed it whilst I was running a finger from my other hand over her lips and chin softly, her tongue giving it an occasional lick, I then gently pushed 2 fingers into her mouth and she immediately closed her mouth and sucked on them, her tongue licking them in her mouth.

I moved my hands slowly down her side to her hips and then slid them underneath her ass and lifted her up a little, i rubbed and squeezed that deliciously sexy compact ass, her breasts once more at my face so I kissed and licked them all over, occasionally stopping to suck one of her nipples. Her hands were on my head pushing my face into her breasts as she moaned gently with delight. after a few mins she pulled away and got to her feet on the lounge, she stood over me, hands against the wall to steady herself and inched forward so her sweet shaved pussy was just in front of my face, she was still wearing her black lace boy shorts.

I sat up and she leaned forward her little, her legs spread. I took hold of her hips to steady her and began to softly lick and kiss her through the material of her underwear, she was wet already and soon I was gorging myself greedily on her, the soft feel of the lace and her on my tongue, her wetness on my lips and chin. I slowly pulled down her underwear and placed my mouth back on her, my tongue softly licking at her clit as she moans, I pull away and she begs me not to stop so I lick her all over, pushing in at her opening as she moans. I reach behind her and grab her ass cheeks and squeeze them as I suck and lick her clit. I bring one hand round and rub at her opening with a finger as i softly resume licking her, slowly pushing a finger inside her, teasing her with it.

I look up and she has one hand on the wall still and is softly squeezing one of her breasts with the other. I take my hand off her ass and rub her clit with it as my other hand continues fingering her, I lick at her upper thighs, licking, kissing and sucking them.

I put my mouth back on her clit and work her hard, 2 fingers in her pussy now. I can tell she is getting close to orgasm. I take my now wet finger and use her own juices to lubricate her tight asshole and as I apply pressure to it and just get the smallest penetration she explodes with a strong orgasm, I immediately grab her hips and steady her, I push her further into it as I go crazy on her clit with my tongue. As it subsides she slowly lowers herself down again and we share a long deep kiss, holding her tight in my arms...


To be continued... Please let me know if you enjoyed or have any suggestions.

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