Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 02


"Here we go," I cautioned her, "I'll be slow and gentle. We are taking our time so don't worry about tensing up – I'll deal." She gave me a nod, then went back to tempting fate.

I was finding more and more to lust over with Barbie. When my right index finger brushed her pink star, she didn't flinch one bit. She kept her rotation going and I slipped in a finger without much protest or resistance. I let this finger slip in and out for a minute, sinking in deeper every few thrusts. To distract her, I moved my left hand between us and slipped two fingers into her pussy.

That, along with the touch of my penis, got her off. Barbie bounced harder so I was forced to put a third finger in the way of my cock penetrating her, plus I pressed the knuckle of my thumb against her clit. For a second Barbie Lynn seemed at a loss of what to do, but one look at my parted lips, panting from the excitement, convinced her to feed one magnificent nipple into my mouth while she played with the other one before my eyes.

She teased me so I stuck a second finger up her ass. Barbie bucked and moaned but if she was in any pain, she hid it well.

"Do you want to know something?" she struggled to say, hovering over me. I nodded. "It took a grand total of seven minutes for the last two boys I was with to cum all over my tits. I don't know how long we've been going at it but Lord Almighty, I'm so happy I was given this dorm. This is going to be the best year ever."

"I'm working on it," I gasped as I twitched and pushed my fingers around. "I'm glad you are my Dorm Mother."

"Oh, oh, oh, oh...the other girls are so jealous that I have you," she panted. "They wanted to know what it would take to steal you away."

"I hope you understand that I want to stay here with you," I groaned.

Barbie Lynn stopped moving for a moment, accepting me and my honest desire.

"Put it in," she begged.

"It will hurt," I assured her.

"I don't care," she looked at me hungrily. I pulled my hand out of her cunt and rolled her to my side while still keeping my other fingers pumping in her ass.

Maneuvering around so that I had her head on my pillow and ass sticking up took some thought. I pushed a third finger in quickly. Barbie gasped audibly, pulled away instinctively, then caught herself and pushed back against my hand. She whimpered and choked back a sob. I withdrew my fingers and covered my cock with some hastily scooped glob of Vaseline.

Barbie looked back to me in quivering anticipation. Before she spoke I lined my cock up with her anus and started pushing. Barbie Lynn shut her eyes, bit her lower lip and smiled lustfully.

"Oh!" she groaned, as I slipped past her anal ring. I knew enough to hesitate before the next push, then the next.

"Please," she whimpered. I stopped moving. "Please give me all of it," she completed. "Don't hold back." I pushed harder not waiting for her to adjust.

"Aaahhh!" she cried out. I stopped and she responded with a, "No, no, no, Zane...please don't stop."

"I don't want to hurt you," I groaned.

"It hurts a lot but I like that you are the one doing it to me. Please, I want you inside of me, all the way in," she whimpered. I pushed all the way in steadily until my crotch pushed her scrumptious ass cheeks apart. As I rested for a moment, I felt Barbie Lynn's fingers reach between her legs and start to massage my balls.

I pulled back while she moaned loudly, her cries echoing throughout the massive glass covered chamber. Despite the low lamplight around my bed, I realized now that we could be seen from the solariums on the roofs of the other dorms. There wasn't much I could, or would, do about that now.

I started a slowly intensifying pace in and out of Barbie's ass and she met me with the thrust of her hips and a sensual moaning from her throat. I could tell she was pushing one set of fingers into her snatch while the other worked over her clit. Once we were in total symmetry I slapped her playfully on one ass cheek.

"Oh, God...Zane, do it again. I've been bad," was Barbie's lusty declaration. I smacked down across the other cheek. "Harder, Zane, I've been really bad." Another spank and, "I've been much worse than that," she panted. SMACK! and a yelp. "That's it!" she gasped. I kept up the spanking and each blow made her anal muscles contract, virtually grabbing and twisting my cock inside her.

"Aaahhh...Jesus Loves Meeeeeee!!!!" Barbie Lynn squealed as her strongest orgasm to date overwhelmed her and then me. I'd never felt that kind of empathy with another lover like I was feeling with this blonde enchantress. Barbie bucked up against me, slamming her ass against my crotch with painful ferocity as my seed plunged into the depths of her bowels.

Barbie Lynn, now virtually sitting in my lap, crested orgasm after orgasm as the heat of each burst of my semen burned new pathways of ecstasy inside her rectum.

"Oh...oh...oh...oh," she stammered as her fluids flowed down our legs in a slow steady stream. "Please, Zane ..."

"Yes?" I panted.

"Promise me...promise me we'll do this again," she gasped as she now pressed her sweat-slick back against my upper body.

"Again," I thrust into her, "and again, and again," I promised. Barbie Lynn put one hand around to the back of my neck and the other, leaning forward.

She drew me into her and we slowly arched forward until the weight of our bodies tumbled us to the bed. Barbie's outstretched arm touched the mattress first and absorbed most of our momentum. Still, I ended up pressing on her and I soon propped myself up so my weight wouldn't suffocate her.

As I stationed myself there, panting along with her from our mutual exhaustion, Barbie rolled over so that we were once more face to face. She had this beatific happiness about her that I doubt I'll ever forget.

"I...I was afraid I'd regret this...and you," she grinned lazily.

"Do you?" I questioned.

"Yes. I regret I didn't take you back to my room and do this yesterday. I regret that we have to go to early classes tomorrow. I regret having to share you with nine hundred other women. And I regret you weren't here with me two years ago," she murmured heartily.

"I'm going to sit here and bask in my over-stuffed sense of accomplishment," I faux-gloated. "You do a guy's ego good."

"Speaking of over-stuffed...can I please, please have one more...please?" she begged playfully.

"You are my Dorm Mother and I really should try to keep you happy, so..." I related with feigned reluctance.

"That's right," she giggled, "you really need to keep me happy. Please show me how you plan to do that."

After another serious exploration of our sexuality, Barbie Lynn curled up against my chest, making this deep cat-like rumbling noise.

"Do you always talk to Christina over breakfast?" I inquired.

"Yes, I always do. If she asks about you...I...I'm going to tell her the truth," she answered. I didn't ask what that would be so she did. "Aren't you worried about what I will say?"

"No. I trust you, Barbie. You'll tell her what you need to tell her; truth, lie, or evasion, it is all your business, not mine," I explained.

"Well, I'm going to tell her in every minute detail what you did with, to, and for me tonight, and I promise you she's going to race back and change her panties," she sighed happily.

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