tagGroup SexChristian College Sex Comedy Ch. 05

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 05


*Giving can make you richer while keeping leaves you only with what you have*

(Frontma, you are the best as always)

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic I'd like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)


Before we departed Rio raced back to the room to make some last minute adjustments to her attire. When she came back out all the conversation stopped and every one of us stared. Where could I begin? Rio had three earrings in her left ear and two on her right, the bottom on both sides being ivory skulls with red ruby eyes. She had an obsidian gem glued to her forehead just above her eyebrows.

Her right eyebrow had a simple silver ring, but the one in her left nostril was a tiny pentagram. Her lip ring was a on the left side; a double loop. She'd taken off her bra and her nipple piercings, linked together by a chain, were clearly visible underneath her shirt which she'd tied tightly right below the breast line; her bra was now AWOL.

Her belly button ring has an onyx teardrop attached. As she walked up to the group she stuck her tongue at the others exposing her pewter tongue barbell. She skipped over, breasts bouncing, and hugged me before leaning back and pumping her fist up in the air.

"Free at last!"

"Ten, eleven, twelve," counted off Chastity quietly.

"I have fourteen," Rio grinned lasciviously to Chastity. More than one girl began doing the physiological implications of that claim and I doubted they were thinking about her toes.

"At least if we all end up being arrested one of us will be unrecognizable," Christina commented.

"Is ... is that one of your classmates?" Jill muttered, clearly blanking out the old Rio from her mind.

"For better or worse she's one of us," I boasted. Barbie Lynn, sticking close to my other arm, gave me a desperate, quizzical expression.

"She's one of my students," Barbie told Jill. "She's one of ours still seeking redemption."

Before Rio could be more of a smart-ass I gave her hand a hard squeeze and while she grinned mischievously, she did hold her tongue.

"Okay, ladies, let's go," I announced. We all started migrating toward the door.

"Where are you going?" Jill asked.

"There is a party next door," Christina provided.

"The Wiccan lesbians?" Jill gasped.

"I was wrong, Jill," I evaded. "They are a sorority house, not Wiccan lesbians. They invited us over tonight for a little school mixer."

"Well ... as long as it is just you girls," Jill hoped. I nodded and headed out the door.

"That wasn't very nice," Christina scolded me once we had gathered outside and began moving toward the Kappa Sigma house.

"If I told her it was a sorority house she would have worried but been unable to do anything. This way she didn't have to worry," I explained.

"You have the Devil's Tongue," Christina chided, but she had that smile and gleam in her eye.

"And how," Barbie Lynn snickered. Something passed between Barbie Lynn and Christina but I missed it. My group spilled through the trees that separated the properties and headed for the front door.

Storming the Gates

Two guys had parked their car and were coming up the walkway when they saw us. They did a double-take before looking at each other utterly confused. We lined up at the door first and after I knocked a bright-faced girl, most likely a newly-minted pledge, answered. She took a look at me, smiled, then that smile faded as she saw the passel of women behind me.

"Hi, I'm Zane; we were invited," I offered.

"Oh!" he eyes lit up, "you are that Zane. I thought ... well, we heard you were bringing a guest or two. I ... can I check with someone?" she babbled.

"Sure. Can we wait inside?" I suggested. She nodded and we all started filing in.

Our arrival sent ripples through the house. Apparently not many girls crash a sorority function and since most of the guys present were expecting unfavorable odds, the social dynamic had shifted.

"Zane," Tawny Flores greeted me. Being the Sorority President it was her burden to figure out what our fate would be. "When you said you could bring some friends, you weren't kidding."

There was a pregnant pause before I remembered my manners.

"This is Christina Buchanan, Senior Class President of FFU," I presented our 'Queen'. She and Tawny shook hands, two alpha females testing each other. I started further introduction but was cut off by Tawny's question.

"How do you know the Senior Class President of FFU, Zane?"

"Zane didn't tell you?" Christina marveled. "I figured he would have bragged about it." Seeing Tawny's uncertainty, Christina gave a clever smile and clarified, "Zane is a freshman at FFU."

"But that's a ... All ... how did that happen?" Tawny inquired.

"Zane's turning out to be a very clever boy," Christina grinned knowingly to Tawny who nodded back as if I was a mere mortal amongst titans.

"Please enter, ladies," Tawny said. "Come meet the Alpha Kappa Alpha president, Christina," she continued. "The rest of you, have fun."

It took all of five seconds before the first AKA hit on one of my companions. By the time I made my way to the pool in the back where the music was starting up, it was just me, Barbie Lynn, and Iona. When a tall athletic black student came up and asked Barbie to dance, she turned for my approval which I quickly gave.

"Iona," I whispered to my final FFU lady, "you are here to have fun so relax."

"Can't I stay with you?" she said softly.

"You are with me every other day of the week," I pointed out. No sooner had I said that when another guy came up and asked her to dance. She left me looking somewhat fearful.

I went over to the 'bar' and got a cup of beer but before I could turn around a pair of hands from behind covered my eyes.

"Hey stranger," the female voice addressed me, "I see you delivered on all the hotties."

"I'm glad you appreciate them, Leigh," I replied as I reached up and took hold of her hands.

I turned around, keeping her hands high so that when I faced her I could place them on my shoulders. I let go and snaked my arms around her waist. While Leigh was still taking in her circumstances, I leaned down and kissed her. I pulled back a quarter-step and her lips parted slightly in surprise which allowed me to kiss her again in greater depth, this time lasting several seconds.

"Wow," she panted when our kiss ended, "you don't waste much time."

"That was a 'thank you' for the invite," I informed her. "Somehow I didn't think a card would suffice." Her eyes grew smoky like awakening volcanic pools of desire.

"Show me how well you can dance," Leigh asked playfully. She led me to the pool's edge and I did my best to not look foolish while she came off as devastatingly seductive.

I was having a lot of fun with Leigh until a second girl, Carly by name, tried to break in. A little tug of war broke out and Leigh staggered back over the lip of the pool. I grabbed her at the last moment and kept her from falling in. Tipping there at the lip of the pool, I smiled and said,

"That was close," to which Leigh smirked and pushed me in.

I reached out and snatched her arm as we both tumbled into the water. Leigh squealed as she plunged into the cool water while most of the other students laughed at us. I helped Leigh out and followed her up so that we were both standing, dripping wet, in the warm late summer air.

"Come with me," Leigh urged, as she took my hand and led me into the house. "I'll get you something dry to wear."

We squished up the back stairs past several amused couples until we dodged into Leigh's room. She immediately started to strip down so I did the same, soon leaving us naked. Leigh walked up to me, rubbing her hands along my hips and chest.

"Why didn't you come by for a swim?" she inquired.

"I had some home issues to work out," I admitted. "Aunt Jill is a bit uptight, but she's getting better, and thank you for that too." Of course, having her so naked and so close wasn't doing my attempts at sexual control any good.

"Is that for me?" she said with a toothy grin, looking at my crotch.

"Actually, I'm turned on by your roommate's 'Hello Kitty' comforter," I joked. "I'm a freak that way." She pouted and started to stroke my cock shaft with one hand while circling my head with two fingers from the other.

"Are you sure about that?" she teased.

Words clearly weren't working so I decided to use the hands-on approach. I started by kissing her, wrapping my hands around her ass and picking her up off the ground against me. When Leigh reached her hand up around my neck to steady herself I rested her cunt on the tip of my penis.

"Oh," she gasped but didn't protest, so I slowly lowered her down, easing my penetration to a comfortable rate.

"Holy Crap, you're filling me up," she murmured as her legs squeezed around my waist. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," she chanted as she slid down my length until she was nestled tightly against me. For a minute we remained joined and unmoving as her vagina contracted and expanded against me as she sought equilibrium between my girth and her control.

When Leigh was prepared she gave me a nod signaling her readiness. I squeezed her ass firmly and slowly brought her up to the top then slid her down again. I repeated this several times before something occurred to me and I broke the silence.

"Leigh, I totally spaced on a condom," I apologized, but still kept penetrating her.

"Screw it," Leigh breathed huskily. "I'm good and if you give me something, I know where you live." I began picking up the pace, lifting her quickly and letting her bounce back down hard. "Zane," she added, "I just want you to know I don't normally do this -- ah, fuck!"

"I ... oh, well ... I'm sort of a slut, Leigh. I do this a lot," I responded.

"You had better be good at sex, then," she sighed.

"I'd like to think so," I answered.

"That was ... rhetorical Zane. I saw the way those FFU girls looked at you, like we Kappa Sig girls were poaching on their territory," she moaned playfully. "It is really sexy."

Slap, slap, slap -- by now our rhythm included me rocking my hips up and her squeezing me on the downs stroke with her thighs. Leigh was gasping out every curse word I'd ever heard in every conceivable combination plus some words I didn't know existed as our sex intensified. Finally she slammed me into her closet door so that every time we ground together the door creaked.

Somewhere along the line the burn in my thighs and arms began to register with my hormone-stoked mind but the fires of lust kept me standing and humping. I was beginning to think I'd crash to the floor when Leigh's face lit up with passion and fear.

"Put me down, Zane, put me down," she urged quietly.

It took me a second to register the request and another to start maneuvering so that I could disconnect us, but that turned out to be a moment too long. Leigh hadn't been in pain; she had been on the verge of orgasm, and my jolts were the final straw. Leigh screamed loudly and in a way that could not be confused with anything but a woman coming to fruition.

"Zzzzzzzzzaaaaannnnneeeee!!!!" she howled in a wall-shaking sonic explosion. Damn, she had to use my name, didn't she? We spun around and collapsed on the bed, Leigh on top for the nonce. She was still going off so I figured 'what the hell' and rolled over on top of her and went back to pounding away. Leigh's head was thrashing from side to side violently while her body trembled with the aftershocks of her detonation.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck ... harder," she rasped out. As Leigh looked at me hungrily and began tearing kisses from me with bestial fury, I was beginning to think I'd short-circuited her higher brain functions. Her motor control skills were a function above par as her tongue, fingers, and vagina could attest.

"Oh damn," she gasped, "oh fuck, oh damn ... ah, ah, ah, ah .... Aaahhh!!!!! Fuck!" she groaned out before screaming her lungs off, shouting out my name again.

She was driving her pelvis up against me, clawing at my shoulders and back, and kissing the hell out of me yet I still couldn't come. Leigh's eyes blinked then focused on me.

"Are you trying to kill me?" she panted. I shook my head. "Why haven't you come?" she tried next. I had no good answer to that but Leigh rolled me over and started a slow but accelerating bounce, Cowgirl style.

"I'm going to make you cum, you Bastard," she grinned ferociously. I admire a girl who likes a challenge but seriously, Leigh had seemed like such a sweet girl.

"I'm going to own you, Zane Braxton," she growled as she continued to rock my world. "You can fuck the rest but you are coming home with me," she declared. Huh? Where did that come from? "Make me your bitch!" Ex-squeeze me?

"Leigh?" called a worried female voice from outside the door, accompanied by a sharp knock.

In a life approaching normalcy, this would be the point where we wrapped up in the sheets before the door opened; unfortunately, I was in Crazy Town. Leigh kept pounding me hard enough to make the bedsprings squeak.

"Oh, God," gawked a fellow sorority sister as she opened the door and looked inside.

"I ..." had nothing that came to mind that would obfuscate the situation.

"He is so fucking good," gloated Leigh as she kept riding me. Her 'sister' stepped into the room and shut the door.

"Hey, can I get up now?" I inquired.

"NO!" they both shouted at me.

"You need to keep it down," the newcomer insisted. "They can hear you over the music by the pool," which meant they could hear Leigh, not me.

With her message delivered I would have expected the second lady to leave but she didn't.

Trying to change things up, I grabbed both of Leigh's wrists and pushed them behind her back. Leigh toppled forward allowing me to push her arms together and grip them in one of my hands. I used my now free hand to bring one of her breasts to my mouth and I took a nibble.

"Make me scream," she begged. Been there -- done that -- been warned from doing that again.

"You," I addressed the as-of-yet-unnamed sorority sister, "get me the sash from her bathrobe and her pillowcase." She looked at me with confusion. "Do it!"

We kept going at it like wild animals until the girl came back with the sash and shook the pillow free from the pillowcase.

"Here you are. What do you want me to do with this? And by the way, I'm Paris," she got out.

"Paris, bind her hands behind her back with the belt," I instructed. Paris looked skeptical.

"What about the pillowcase?" she questioned.

"I'm going to gag her with it," I explained. Leigh looked frightfully turned on by the prospect.

"I'm not sure about this," Paris worried.

"Do it and then you can join us," Leigh offered; Paris almost bound my hand to Leigh's wrists, she was moving so fast. Paris gave me the pillowcase and I held it up for Leigh to bite down on which she promptly did allowing me to tie it behind her head. If nothing else, this was a learning experience for having fun with Barbie Lynn later.

"What do I do?" Paris asked eagerly.

"Strip," I commanded. As she was doing so I pulled Leigh off and positioned her at the head of the bed, face down and knees propped up on her pillow. Paris came to me; I pulled her into my lap and we started kissing.

First Leigh growled in frustration, then she started groaning in arousal as Paris and I got into it. When I felt Paris was ready I bent her over and directed her toward Leigh's rear end.

"What?" Paris wondered.

"Taste her," I told Paris. She leaned forward and gave Leigh's pussy a good solid kiss, followed by a lick as Leigh moaned in response.

Paris put a hand on each of Leigh's buttocks as a prelude to diving into her sister's favors. They developed a back and forth vocalization as Paris pushed Leigh forward before rebounding back.

That part of the threesome off to a rocking start, I took an identical place behind Paris. She shuddered and spread her legs a little wider as I took my first taste of her.

"Mmmm ..." she exhaled as I went from teasing her lips to dipping my tongue into her depths and twisting it among her folds, inserting a finger into her cunt just below. The clitoris came next, followed by slowly darting my tongue toward her anus.

"Aaahhh ... wow," she moaned as I first touched it. When I went back down she actually twitched her butt and tried to lower herself down to catch my action.

Ahead of me I could hear Leigh starting to go off again, muffled somewhat by her gag. Paris was preoccupied so I figured it was an opportune time to kneel behind her and insert my penis into her nicely snug pussy; for a moment I was afraid she was a virgin. I tried to moderate my progress into her but when I passed the halfway mark, Paris shoved her ass back against me.

"Ugh ... ah ... that's ... fantastic," Paris moaned as I flexed my member inside her vagina. Leigh mumbled something that I assumed was in the affirmative. A series of pushes and shoves were getting us into a good cadence to the point I finally felt my gut beginning to tense in preparation of my own climax; then the door opened.

"Zane," Tawny stated with steely resolve. Both Leigh and Paris separated and rolled to their sides, staring warily at their Sorority President. I was sort of left on my knees with my pecker at attention.

"I told you," Christina retorted smugly to Tawny, as if I was some prized pet.

"Thirty-three minutes," Tawny noted on her watch. "It took him thirty-three minutes to bed two of my girls. That has to be some kind of World record." I had to think fast.

"It's all my fault. I fell into the pool, pulling Leigh in with me, and when Paris showed up..." I fumbled through.

"...She fell into bed with you while simultaneously losing all her clothing as well?" Tawny taunted me.

"That explanation works for me," I shyly agreed.

"Zane, why is Leigh tied up and gagged?" Christina noted.

"Rumor has it that Leigh is a screamer," Tawny informed Christina.

"Oh...I think we can chalk that rumor down as confirmed," Christina smiled.

"Can we get dressed and forget this ever happened?" I suggested.

"The girls can get dressed, Zane, but what are you going to wear?" Tawny smirked as she kicked my pile of wet clothes.

"Leigh, why don't you go over to Zane's place and ask his Aunt to give you a fresh set of clothes," Christina asked.

Paris was rapidly getting redressed but when I crawled around her to free Leigh's hands she turned on me, pressed me to the mattress and gave me a serious oral assault. Leigh removed her gag, Paris sat up to resume dressing, and then Leigh took her turn kissing me before I could rise.

"Enough," snapped Tawny to her two horny sorority sisters. Soon enough both ladies had left, but not before Leigh turned and mouthed 'catch you later' to me; I was left trying to decide if that was a promise or a threat.

"Do I get something to wear now?" I pleaded.

"No," Tawny responded, taking a seat at Leigh's desk and looking me over. Christina came over and sat at the head of the bed (I was still down by the foot).

"So, Zane," Tawny mused, "does this happen to you often?"

"No...well, actually, yes," I muttered in embarrassment, "though this is my first three-way since coming back to the States."

"We could have another one right now," Christina stated, her voice husky with desire as she reached for my hand.

I'm not sure what look of surprise/horror must have come over my face because both Christina and Tawny burst out laughing.

"At least you don't assume you are 'all that,'" Tawny chuckled.

"Oh, he has his egotistical moments," Christina informed her, "isn't that right, Zane?"

I took that moment to cover my crotch with Leigh's pillow, which seemed only polite. Tawny waved her hand majestically.

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