tagGroup SexChristian College Sex Comedy Ch. 06

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 06


(How much sex can one guy have in twenty-four hours and still get to church?)

*The world is a dirty place; from its darkest hole to the most beautiful idea*

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic I'd like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)

Running Away From the Fight

"Zane," Barbie Lynn greeted me happily and swept into my arms. Rio couldn't stop grinning like a lunatic and even Iona looked pleased. I was getting ready to do some serious tonsil hockey with Barbie when,

"Zane," called out Aunt Jill sounding worried and confused. I took a deep breath and headed to the stairs were she was standing, still groggy from sleep, in her dressing gown.

"Hey, Jill, the party is over and we'll be heading out soon. There is nothing to worry about," I soothed her.

"Is that sirens I hear?' she inquired.

"I'll go out and check," I promised her and with her nod I whispered good-bye to my closest girls and headed for the front door.

As I opened the door Christina moved to my side with a questioning glance.

"I need to find out how much trouble I've caused the Kappa Sig's," I explained.

"I agree -- we need to go find out how bad the trouble is and apologize to Tawny," Christina corrected me.

We walked once more across the lawn, this time in silence. As we crossed into Kappa Sigma property we noted that most of the cars had departed already but two Sheriff's Deputies had arrived. Tawny Flores (the Kappa Sigma Chapter President), Leigh (a sister) and some guy I didn't recognize were talking to them.

"That is Richard O'Fallon, the President of the AKA Chapter," Christina informed me in a hushed tone. They all flashed us looks as we stopped close by, the lead deputy looking our way.

"That is Christina Buchanan from FFU; she's was a guest at our party, and the boy next to her is Zane Braxton, our next door neighbor," Tawny introduced us.

I waited for the other shoe to drop but it didn't. No one was pressing charges and after taking our statements the Deputies left, somewhat perturbed. Richard gave the briefest of nods before departing himself. From inside the Sorority house we could hear the noises of the sisters cleaning up.

"Well?" Christina asked of Tawny.

"I'm still thinking it over," Tawny responded. "It isn't like a bunch of frat boys are going to admit some girls from a Christian school kicked their asses. Now I need to decide what to do with you. Zane, who threw the first punch?"

"I don't know his name but he was the AKA brother who had been hitting on Heaven earlier. He and four of his brethren shoved me into the downstairs women's bathroom. Earlier he had made a grab for Heaven so I grasped his wrist, but that was as far as that encounter went and that was over an hour before the fight," I related.

"Kappa Sigma has had a relationship with Alpha Kappa Alpha for nearly fifty years. They say you started it. Why should I believe you?" Tawny persisted.

"You may not know me well and I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but do you really think I'd start a fight with five guys in a girl's bathroom?" I answered.

"Yet you still managed to win," she smiled inquisitively.

"I lay the blame for my legendary fighting prowess on Heaven who was the first to come running, and Cappadocia who was actually in the bathroom when the fight started. She's sub-captain of the Karate Team and one of the guys called her a bitch. He'd be the brother on the way to the dentist," I added.

"I'll vouch for them," Christina stated, "and for Zane. He's not in the habit of being truthful, but he's not going to blame someone else for things he's done either." Considering how tumultuous our relationship had been, that was high praise from Christina indeed.

"I believe that the sisters and I will have to vote on this matter," Tawny addressed Christina. "We will let you know of our decision in a few days."

With that we were dismissed. I walked by Christina's side as we made our exit. At the tree line I looked to Christina.

"I'm sorry," I said softly.

"Did you mean to start a fight?" Christina inquired calmly.


"Have you ever been to a frat/sorority party before?" she continued.


"Then what are you apologizing for? You didn't see this coming and you didn't force anyone to show up with you. We came to have fun, we made a mistake, and now I will deal with the consequences," she finished saying. I reached out, took her hand and she didn't pull away.

It took about thirty minutes to get all the FFU girls squared away and most on the road home. Heaven made sure to give my ass a quick squeeze as she departed. By the time I trundled Jill off to bed I'd convinced her that Rio, Iona, and Barbie Lynn could stay. Rio and Iona would share my bed while Barbie Lynn would get the one finished guest room and I'd get the couch downstairs.

I lay downstairs for some time, ruminating over the mess I'd made of things and trying to figure a way out of it, but eventually sleep overcame me. In my dreams my mind wandered over all kinds of improbable events but became focused on a fantasy where Rio, Barbie Lynn, and Leigh were looking down on me and smiling and I was sure sex would ensue.

"Zane...Zane wake up," Barbie Lynn whispered to me.

"Huh...what...am I awake? Is this real?" I muttered.

Now, two things of note; the girls were lined up leaning over the back of the sofa -- Barbie Lynn closest to my head, then Rio, and Leigh (at my waist) and that Barbie Lynn and Rio, not having any sleepwear, were wearing my white dress shirts, closed by only the two lowest buttons, while Leigh was in a thin white tank top and short cut-off denim shorts (which I would see in a moment).

It was around sixty-five degrees outside so Leigh's thick, long nipples were poking through. Rio and Barbie were proving that no matter how crisp the look, a girl always looks better in your shirt than you do. Rio's breasts were playing peek-a-boo with me, but Barbie's were clearly on the verge of busting loose with two luscious mounds of succulent flesh.

Barbie Lynn kicked up her heels and tipped over the back of the sofa and dangled her boobs over my face.

"Is this real enough for you, Honey?" she murmured to me.

"Are you sleeping in the nude, Zane?" Rio teased me. She knew that I was wearing gym shorts.

"I'll check," Leigh volunteered. Before I could do much more than prop myself up on my elbows, and bury my face into Barbie Lynn's chest, Leigh had a hand underneath my light blanket, on top of my shorts, and caressing my throbbing member (I was having a good dream).

"Poo," Leigh pouted, "he has shorts on."

"Hurry and take them off," urged Rio. "He hasn't has sex in over two hours; the poor bastard must be near death from under-stimulation!"

"Your compassion overwhelms me," I muttered sarcastically through Barbie's bounty. By some mystic convergence I ended up with a nipple in my mouth smothering further protest.

I was aware of the blanket being yanked away, my shorts being pulled down my legs and then someone standing on my chest -- gak! Barbie Lynn pulled away from me, moving around the head of the sofa and exposing me to the sight of Rio balancing on my chest and stripping off her shirt. Leigh gingerly vaulted over the back, shimmied her tiny denim shorts down exposing her neatly trimmed pussy for everyone to see.

Rio tossed her/my dress shirt aside, displaying her lack of underwear, and Barbie quickly revealed the same as she appeared once more beside my head.

"What the hell is going on?" I growled. I should be forgiven for my non-sexual thoughts because I'd had sex earlier in the evening, I was concerned over the damage I may have done to Christina, and it was my prudish Aunt's house.

"I was asleep with Iona when this horny bitch -- Leigh," Rio gestured to Leigh while rhythmically balancing from foot to foot on my chest, "came climbing through your window."

"I left it open when I came over earlier to get your clothes," Leigh confessed. What she didn't mention was how she had to scale the trellis to get to the second floor.

"She was kinky enough to put her tongue into my ear," Rio continued, "like the fucking tease she is but stopped when I turned over looking for a little hot, sweaty lesbian action."

"I didn't want to stop," Leigh protested. "I only suggested that we add Zane in."

"And Barbie Lynn?" I questioned, which caused Rio to roll her eyes.

"I figured you weren't lame enough to actually be sleeping where you were supposed to be so we went over to Barbie-luscious' room, licked her to multiple orgasms," Rio went on.

"No, they did not," denied Barbie Lynn.

"We might have if she had not been up waiting on you," Leigh grinned.

"So we came down to find you," Rio finished.

"Where is Iona?" I asked.

"We left her in bed," Rio confessed. Leigh scooted down my legs, past my knees and wrapped her hand around my cock.

I took that as an invitation to let my left arm drape off the sofa to Barbie Lynn's leg just shy of her ankle and then worked my way up. Rio drew my gaze and settled down on her knees so that I could place my right hand between her legs.

"You were going to have an orgy and not invite her?" I said, rapidly followed by, "Rio, you forgot two of your piercings," I reminded her as I playfully tugged on her lower lip piercings and elicited a throaty moan from her.

"She was sleeping," Rio groaned, mimicked by Barbie Lynn as I slipped my fingers to her vagina and pressed two inside her wetness, "and I didn't forget."

"Well, go upstairs and give her the option, Rio," I demanded. When she seemed recalcitrant I gave her rings another playful, pleasurable yank.

"Fine," she groaned again, "fine, fine, I'll go get her." Rio stretched her leg out to the floor, stepped over me, and padded off toward the stairs.

"I'm ready," Leigh panted. She began shifting on her knees toward my groin.

"So am I," Barbie Lynn moaned. She was certainly moist enough, which my fingers could attest to.

Leigh propped up with one hand on my stomach while rubbing my penis along her well-lubricated slit. I kept switching my attention between the two ladies when Rio suddenly appeared at the back of the sofa with a mortified Iona.

"Look who I found spying on us," Rio teased. Iona tried to pull away but Rio kept her hand upon Iona's upper arm.

"Iona, you can sit back and watch if you want but kiss me first," I told her. I would have preferred for Leigh to wait but she was proving to be quite insatiable and as the rest watched, she slid my shaft deeper into her cunt. Leigh raised her face up to the ceiling and exhaled loudly. Iona gazed from Leigh down to me, a strange look coming over her face.

"Zane, I..." Iona began but then words failed her. Actions didn't; she leaned over and kissed me gingerly. "Zane, I ..."

"If you tell him you love him, I'll smack you upside your head," Rio threatened. Iona stammered then fell silent.

"Zane, baby," Barbie Lynn pleaded, "some attention, please." I reached to her thigh with my right hand and directed her pubic mound toward my waiting mouth. Barbie Lynn started to mount my head, facing the head of the sofa.

"Wait," Rio grinned, "turn the other way."

As Barbie changed orientation so she was facing toward my feet, Rio led Iona around to the front of the sofa.

"Who do you want?" Rio asked.

"What?" Iona wondered.

"Fine, you face Barbie Lynn and I'll take Leigh," Rio decided.

I was still doing the body dynamics of the situation, made more difficult by Barbie Lynn lowering her love box within an inch of my face.

"Oh, I get it," declared Leigh. She quickly dismounted my cock only to guide me back into her seconds later, but in reverse cowgirl. One body then settled onto my shins facing Leigh while a lighter body crawled onto my stomach facing Barbie Lynn.

I ran my right hand over this last girl's trembling thigh, moving up toward her pussy. My left hand began petting Barbie Lynn's kitty, avoiding her clit but teasing the tender flesh around it. God the woman feels so good and in the short time I'd known her, so damn perfect for me sexually; so giving and so receptive to whatever our passions dictated.

Leigh's vagina was settling into a nice series of contractions when she began slowly rising up and down. As I licked along her folds, Barbie's nectar coated my tongue and lips. At the same time a finely nailed hand I identified as Barbie's began rubbing against my hand that was beginning to explore between the thighs of the girl on my chest. I found no piercings so I verified this to be Iona.

Though preoccupied by the attention I was paying to Barbie's sweet spot, I sensed a shift in the movements of the two pairs of women above me. Iona kept tensing, shuddering, and then moaning in rapid succession. It took me a moment to catch on that she and Barbie Lynn were making out and I was pretty sure that Barbie was massaging one of Iona's breasts.

At my waist and below the action was far more feisty. Rio was pulsating against Leigh's body, her hands so vigorous that I could feel their strumming over Leigh's breasts, shoulders, neck and face. Her other hand was down alternating between rapidly stroking Leigh's clitoris, squeezing my cock when Leigh rose up, and cradling my balls when she came down.

"Fuck me like you own me, Zane!" Leigh cried out, "Fu-...Mmmphf." That was classic Leigh, going over-enthusiastic on me. I assumed she'd been quieted by Rio's tongue in her mouth. Like an empathic cascade, Barbie began moaning her pleasure with my oral activities and Iona began humping my chest with surprising energy; I was quickly learning to grab my breaths where I could.

In a way, like any eighteen-year-old, I was happy that my long session with Leigh, Paris, and Heaven had given me greater staying power now. As a man who had to be up in five hours and was looking forward to a long day, I was cursed. It had been foolish of me to believe that this would be one little tease and tickle and I'd be done.

Leigh climaxed first, mainly due Rio's far greater experience, especially with girls. While I was getting over that sensation, those two switched places on me like I was some sort of seat at an amusement park ride. If their lips ever left each other's bodies I would have been flabbergasted. What I did discover was that Rio was clearly not a virgin and had no problem with having vaginal intercourse with me.

I was also reminded of what a smart cookie Rio could be. She'd placed Iona in Barbie Lynn's capable hands, letting her sensitive nature nurture Iona through her first real sexual coupling. Barbie Lynn had her really worked up before the busty blonde squeezed her thighs together and hit a prolonged orgasm. Though weak, she managed to coax Iona over my face where I opened her up to a new kind of sensuality -- cunnilingus.

At my first contact, Iona jumped up with a yelp. She held herself there, forearms stiff against the arm rest of the sofa, out of easy reach. I didn't want to rush her into anything she was unready for so I turned my head and began kissing her thighs.

"Zane," she moaned. "Zane ..." Maybe there is some sort of compulsion in women to say my name?

Iona and I began the somewhat awkward process of administering a woman's first cunnilingus experience, complicated by her sitting on my face. To the credit of dozens of Thai women, Iona began squirming in the first few seconds, dripping within a minute, and cumming in my mouth inside of two minutes.

"Grrr...Oh Sweet Jesus, aaaaaaaahhh..." then, of course, "Zane!" Iona growled then cried out.

Barbie Lynn had the presence of mind to lift Iona off me so that I could resume breathing. At that time I assumed that I'd done my part for the day and we'd each go our own way.

"Oh! Me next," Leigh squealed as she removed herself from my knees and took several quick steps to my head. "Hey, Lover," Leigh grinned down at me before settling over my lips.

"Get to work," she demanded as I struggled to work the numbness out of my tongue.

"Come to me," I heard Rio calling to Iona who moments later settled down on my shins. My body began getting a resurgence of adrenaline, allowing me to lick and touch Leigh until she was on a razor's edge. At the same time I felt my cock getting ready to erupt.

I had to tap Leigh several times on the thigh before she'd let me up enough to speak.

"Rio, I'm about to cum," I cautioned her. Rio responded by vaulting off my cock and after some hesitation start to timidly lick it. Timidly lick it ... Rio ... oh crap. Knowing it was Iona giving her first blowjob kicked me over the edge and I began ejaculating. Iona gagged and coughed as the volume and taste hit her lips and tongue.

Several tense seconds followed until a steadier hand and stronger lips took over the duty of milking me dry.

"How was it?" snickered Rio.

"Kind of ... salty," Iona responded after some contemplation.

"Do you want to do it again?" Rio teased.

"Oh, yes!" Iona exulted. "I think I need to get some more practice, though."

"That's Zane; he's our practice dummy," Rio joked to both Iona and me.

"Don't say that," Iona protested (my mouth was busy). "He's very sweet."

"I thought you said he was salty," Rio giggled. I couldn't see Iona blush but I had no doubt she was.

"I...that's not what I meant...Rio!" snapped Iona.

"I can give you pointers," Barbie Lynn intervened. "Come up to Zane's room after ten and we can practice." At what point did I lose possession of my physical being?

I took out my frustrations on Leigh's pussy, strumming her clit violently and tongue fucking her as deep as I could.

"Oh, God, Yes!" exclaimed Leigh. "Fuck, I'm keeping him here with me."

"NO!" vehemently countered all three FFU girls at once. It least I was desirable, right?

Leigh tensed up, spasmed tightly against my lips and nose, and then coated me with her sticky-sweet fluids. Her scream was muffled by Barbie Lynn's lip-lock, coming across as some sexual, desperate growling noise. Rio worked my rod to hardness again and kept jacking me off.

"Who is next?" Rio chimed. I repeat, when did I become a cheap carnival ride?

"I'm up," Barbie Lynn rejoiced, "unless you want to have a go, Iona?"

"No, I can't. I'm still a virgin," Iona sighed.

"That's not a problem," assured Barbie. "There are...alternatives." I was thinking that introducing Iona to heavy kissing, fingering, blow jobs and pussy-licking in one night was enough. I didn't want to break her.

"Let me get you cleaned up," Barbie Lynn told me soothingly as she rubbed her hand over my chest. She got up and headed for the bathroom while Leigh pushed up enough to let me breath freely.

"Come here," Rio told Leigh, offering her a hand. Leigh took it and Rio pulled her off me and to the blanket they'd dumped on the carpet beside the sofa.

The intensity of the following actions projected to me that while Leigh was girl-friendly (what heterosexual guy doesn't hope every sorority sister is?), Rio was a dedicated and proficient bi-sexual. Rio even had the presence of mind to gag Leigh with the sleeve of one of my dress shirts. Iona gazed down at the display stupefied; it was that whole fundamentalist -- homosexuality collision.

"Come here," I suggested to Iona. I drew her forward, clearly urging another tongue-lashing for her.

"Can I sit here..." she smiled down at me when she reached my stomach, "...and look at you?"

"I...uh...yeah, sure," I answered as Barbie Lynn came padding back up silently.

"Here, let me," Barbie grinned as she scrubbed my face clean before she turned her attention to my crotch, using hand lotion to make my cock slick and ready to be inserted into her. As she positioned herself, looking over Iona's shoulder, eyes closed blissfully, Barbie Lynn wiggled forward and backward. Soon enough she began working her way down my length, her ass like a welcoming companion keeping the hearth fires burning inside.

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