tagGroup SexChristian College Sex Comedy Ch. 08

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 08


*He who said 'Live by the sword/die by the sword' wasn't into empire-building*

Thanks to Frontma for another dandy job editing!

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic I'd like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)


"Zane, what's up?" Christina said by way of greetings when I returned to campus that night. Despite the gang being alone, the group of us gathered in tightly together.

"I had an interesting talk with the Chancellor today, as you all probably know. Among other things, she told me she knew Heaven's secret and she'd expose it and my relationship with her, bringing about my humiliation," I informed them. There was a hush amongst us.

"What...what did you tell her?" Heaven asked fearfully.

"I told her to go right ahead," I replied. A murmur of displeasure went through the group, except Christina, who stared intently at the ground, and Heaven who looked like she was going to cry...or kick my ass.

"How could you do that to me?" Heaven whispered. Before I could answer, Christina chuckled softly.

"Heaven, the key phrase here is 'humiliate him'. Zane isn't afraid of the whole world knowing you two are together. She's severely underestimated him and his ability to differentiate between lust and friendship."

Heaven looked to me for verification. I gave her a kiss on the lips before saying,

"Christina said it better than I could, but she knows what I meant."

"Besides," Hope added, "now that Zane is here, Heaven, you get grandfathered in, so to speak. You've been here three years so they have to let you graduate."

Heaven look to me with some kind of new curiosity. Once again I almost wish she'd kick me instead.

"Heaven?" I questioned her. She bit her lip.

"Can we have some boyfriend-girlfriend time?" she asked me all of a sudden.

"Damn, Heaven, I thought we agreed to share Zane?" Chastity teased her.

"Along with letting the poor guy get some sleep from time to time," Hope agreed.

"Can we get together tomorrow, Heaven?" I begged my transsexual lover.

"Make sure you get Barbie Lynn's permission," Faith joked weakly.

"Screw this," I groaned, "I'm getting a clone."

"That's enough, ladies," Christina announced. "Zane, thank you for the information. It gives us some things to think about; good night." Heaven rushed up and kissed me hungrily before joining her departing friends - ravenous little minx.

I've Never Done this Before

I made my way to the dorm and proceeded quietly to the fifth floor, saying goodnight to a few girls along the way. I was pretty sure the door being locked guaranteed me a bit of alone time. Clue number one that this was not going to happen was the soft fluttering glow from the top of the stairs followed by the faint scent of roses and wax.

I was trying to figure out what Barbie Lynn had planned when I came up to the landing and saw Brandi and Opal reclining on the bed and staring at me, illuminated by the light of a dozen candles.

'Oh, fuck,' I thought, 'Brandi -- leg shaving -- rescheduled from earlier this evening, plus Opal hoping for a three-way later. Damn it!'

I must look somewhat put-out because when Brandi addressed me she was cautious.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yes, absolutely," I responded. "I need to get some hot water, some towels, and we can begin."

"We brought up the towels and hooked up a coffee maker for the hot water," Opal said.

"Great," I summoned up as much enthusiasm as I could manage, "let's see what I've got to work with." I walked up to Brandi, taking off my shirt. As I came up, Brandi swung her legs off the bed and spread them to either side of me. I sat cross-legged on the floor, taking my shoes and socks off. Before slowly and sensually removing her shoes and socks, I made sure to massage each calf.

"So, what kinds of tools are being provided?" I questioned her.

"We have shaving cream, a safety razor, a multi-purpose moustache trimmer," Opal presented to me.

"Trimmer?" I questioned. Instead of speaking, Brandi stood up - which kind of put her crotch right in my face - then slowly wiggled down her panties until she stepped out of them and tossed them aside.

"I want a rose," Brandi informed me with some passion as she lifted her skirt and exposed her pubic hair for my sculpting pleasure. I was at a total loss of what to do so I went with what came natural; I leaned forward and took a lick. Brandi was already quite worked up, juicy and succulent to the tongue. She leaned in and began running her hands over my scalp.

With Brandi's skirt draped over me, I had an epiphany: I was not alone in this. I grabbed my phone and made a rather interesting phone call -- my mouth was working on Brandi as it rang.

"Zane?" Leigh said.

"Mmmm...Leigh" I responded as I switched from lips to fingers in Brandi, "I need a favor."

"Sure, babe, what is it?" she replied.

"I'm...well...shaving a girl's legs and...pubic hairs...hold on...Mmmm...I have never done this before and I don't know how to do a design," I asked.

"What do you have to work with?" Leigh inquired while I dipped in deeply with my grooved tongue, bringing forth a throaty moan from Brandi.

"A safety razor, shaving cream, and a moustache trimmer," I answered.

"No silly, what does the area you are working with look like; thin, thick, hairy, or sparse?" Leigh asked.

"I...oh, hold on," I replied. I turned the phone around, clicked it, and sent a freshly snapped picture.

"Zane, did you just..." Brandi gasped. "Oh, God!" she then giggled. "You did, didn't you?" I upped my licking game to assuage her worries, which only made her moan louder and rock her hips.

"Zane, where are you? What are you doing right now?" Leigh snickered, knowing the answer.

"Honest, Leigh, it is school work," I shot back, then "Yes, Brandi, I've brought in a consultant." This brought in more giggling from both sides of the conversation.

"Zane, if you can tear yourself away from her muff, start shaving her legs and I'll call you in fifteen minutes with what the girls and I can come up with," Leigh chuckled.

I reluctantly left my station beneath Brandi and poured the hot water into a basin with cooler water until it was barely uncomfortably hot. Setting things by Brandi's feet, I grinned at her.

"This will be better with the skirt off," I told her.

"This will be easier if everything is off," Opal added eagerly, then explained with, "You wouldn't want your shirt or bra to get wet."

'Shirt or bra to get wet?' I doubted that was where Opal's mind was at. Opal wanted a chance to ogle Brandi's naked body before closing in for the kill; my mind ran the same way. I was a tad curious, wondering what Brandi thought of Opal's continued presence but not so much that I was willing to risk the moment for Opal.

Using a steamy hot cloth to coat Brandi's legs turned into a really erotic act. Once I covered the right leg, I went back and removed the first compress and applied the shaving cream. Brandi's legs were 'so hairy' I was pretty sure they hadn't been shaved since...this morning; Hell, the damn things were so smooth they were reflecting the candlelight dancing around us before I even started.

I was three-quarters up the left leg when Leigh called back.

"Hey, Stud, how is your latest victim doing?" Leigh teased me. I popped off a photograph of Brandi below the waist in response.

"Lucky bitch," Leigh squealed.

"Hey, Zane!" shouted Paris over the connection. A few more "Hey s" came over the phone right after that from girls I couldn't identify.

"Come on, girls," Leigh growled playfully to her Kappa Sigma Sorority Sisters, which was followed by a chorus of "Goodnight, good luck, and see you tomorrow."

"I'm sending you a rose design that should work for you and it's to scale," Leigh informed me. Sure enough, I looked at my phone and saw there was a beautifully done rose on some girl's pubic mound. It looked very realistic and I told Leigh so.

"That's because it is real, Dummy. It is a sister at Colorado State," Leigh responded.

"That was nice of her," I told Leigh. Leigh laughed loudly.

"Nice? No, we showed her a picture of you and traded a night with you over Spring Break for the picture and the help," Leigh chuckled.

"Seriously? I wasn't aware I was that good looking," I sounded incredulous.

"That's why we love you, Zane -- you are smoking hot but don't act like it; that and your big cock, your dynamite stamina, and that awesome sexual prowess," Leigh faux-sighed over the phone while I lowered my head in shame. I kept shaving, though, because I didn't want Brandi's skin to get cold.

"Where am I going to meet my savior?" I asked Leigh.

"We are still working that out," Leigh replied. "Tawny doesn't want to give you up for the entire time so we may need to fly a group of them down to Florida when we go." Great, now I was spending Spring Break in Florida -- which city, I didn't know yet.

"Of course I will honor my commitment to the Kappa Sigma's," I assured Leigh. "I can also help with airfare if needed."

"We never doubted you, Zane; now get to work and warm that poor girl up...I mean work her over," giggle, "I mean, do your duty and make her look lovely where it counts," Leigh finished.

"Thanks, Leigh, I owe you. Can I get a picture of my muse?" I inquired.

"I'll give her your phone number and you two can talk it out," Leigh responded.

"I'm okay with that, we should get along; but I'm off now so goodbye," I finished up. I looked up at Brandi and flashed her the picture and let her study it.

"That looks cool...and she's a red-head," Brandi noted. Opal snuggled up behind Brandi on the sly and looked over her shoulder.

"Well, now we know who to watch out for when we follow Zane down to Spring Break," Opal pointed out, "Or at least we know what she's like down below." I decided that working on Brandi was my mission for the night. A hot compress to her private regions was my opening diversion but as I lay the cloth down, I slipped a hand back to her cunny and slowly began to play with her lips.

Brandi lay back on the bed, propped up by her elbows and resting against Opal's thighs and stomach, laying her head between Opal's breasts. Opal was on her knees behind Brandi and was reclining to let Brandi stretch out. As far as I could see, Opal was down to wearing her socks and skirt and that was all. I worked two fingers into Brandi's virgin slit; three strokes in and one up to clip the clit.

I waited until Brandi's nipples were both fully erect, perky, and a deep, dark pink. I sprayed out the foam, cut the foam down to a manageable level and with the picture in one hand I began my shaving experiment. God favored Brandi because it turns out I am a prodigy with a small razor. Brandi's design was virtually identical to the girl's from Colorado.

She was so enraptured with the whole procedure, she missed Opal's hands slowly sliding down her shoulder to her chest. Opal traced her fingers under Brandi's perky breasts, unnoticed except by me. When I finished, I took Brandi's hand and directed her toward my mirror on my wardrobe. She rose up on her knees and looked over my handiwork and cooed.

"Zane," she turned and jumped me, "this is fantastic. All the other girls will be so jealous," Brandi squealed ecstatically. I took her by her knees and drew them toward me until I was back between her legs.

"Do you want to go now or is there something more you want me to do?" I asked in a darkly sensual and seductive voice full of passion. Brandi grew quiet and uncertain so I took her tit into my mouth, held it in place, and flicked my tongue over its stiff nipple tip.

"Ah, ah, ah...Zane," Brandi moaned. She bit her lip and rolled her head back until she bumped into Opal, who was moving back behind her again.

"Hey," Brandi responded dreamily to Opal, as if suddenly remembering she was with us.

"Hey, yourself," Opal purred in return. She moved a hand between Brandi's torso and the arm she was using to support her reclining figure, to the side of Brandi's breast.

I pressed one hand between Brandi's legs and began rubbing that spot right above her hooded clit, bringing about further sexual confusion on her part. She started panting and licking her lips while shifting her gaze from my eyes to Opal's. Finally, her lips remained open and Opal knew it was the moment to breach the space between them.

Brandi stiffened and I waited for her to rebel but when she didn't, I compounded the pleasure of her embrace with Opal by increasing my teasing and pulling with my teeth on her nipple as well as rubbing one finger around her clit and slipping it into her hot cunt. That did the trick because Brandi freed one supporting arm up and wrapped her hand around Opal's head and pulled her deeper into their embrace.

For her part, Opal matched Brandi's passion with unleashed desire, stroking her hand around from the side of her breast into lazy circles closing in on the nipple. We kept this up for several minutes until Brandi began squirming. She ended up flopping onto her back with Opal splayed out to the side on her stomach, still kissing her lips and face.

Instead of following Brandi's body up, I returned to her sweet pussy and led off with a rapid tongue-fucking that brought a quiver to her thighs almost immediately.

"Oh, Christ," Brandi gasped as she arched up once, then twice, before desperately grasping my pillow and screaming into it. Great, another screamer; but at least this outcry was shrill and tingled the toes instead of shattering eardrums.

I sat back on my haunches as Brandi continued to twist and writhe on the bed. Opal gently tickled Brandi's nipples, keeping Brandi's orgasm going on and on, but I saw the opportunity in this. I located an unused hot compress to clean my face then snuck over to Opal and ran a hand along her ankle.

It took Opal less than a second to judge my intentions and eagerly spread her legs to allow me in. I had played with Opal before; she tasted great and responded with barely constrained excitement every time. I began placing little kisses along her inner thighs, half way up from her knees. By the time I placed the tip of my tongue on the junction between her thigh and cunt, she relented in her assault on Brandi and lay back fully on the bed.

For nearly a minute the room was filled with the faint echoes of Brandi and Opal breathing heavy and my licking and lapping Opal's pussy; she was really juicy and thick to the tongue.

"Hey," Brandi said in a sultry voice. I peeked up and saw she had rolled onto her side and was looking down at Opal with a romantic gleam in her eye.

"Mmmm..." Opal moaned with a serene smile on her lips -- a very happy girl.

"Your nipples are very puffy," Brandi continued as she poked Opal's left nipple with her fingertip. Opal answered that with a coaxing touch to Brandi's stomach along the bikini line. "Can I?" Brandi asked Opal, her eyes flitting from Opal's eyes to her breast. Opal nodded.

Brandi engulfed the top of Opal's breast with one 'pop' sound. The way her cheeks moved around, Brandi was whirling around both flesh and nipple in a rapid motion. Opal's other hand reached over and put gentle pressure on the back of Brandi's head.

"That's a good girl," Opal cooed. Brandi looked up, beamed affection at Opal (so I was later told), and switched to the farther nipple.

I slowly pushed Opals legs up by the back of her knees and lengthened my tongue lashing from above the clit to the tip of her anus, which made Opal squeal and shiver.

"Ooohhh...I'm so loving this school year," Opal exclaimed with bated breath.

"Me too," nipple-lick, nipple-lick, "Slurp, slurp...so good," Brandi added.

Opal began losing the ability to talk coherently, drew her legs so far back she was pressing Brandi into her, and began thrusting her hips up to my mouth. I switched my full attention to sucking and nibbling her clit and slipping two fingers into her tight virgin pussy.

"Hey!" Brandi gulped as Opal grabbed her by the shoulders and began pulling her up.

Brandi was clearly confused so I took a moment to see if I could help. Opal was trying to maneuver Brandi into a kneeling position...

"Sit on her face, Brandi," I guessed. "She wants to lick your pussy."

Brandi looked back at me somewhat uncertainly, to which I responded with a reassuring look; then she giggled and started straddling Opal's face.

Opal went after Brandi so hard and fast the girl yelped and bucked up, but Opal's grip on her thighs allowed her to keep her lips locked tightly on Brandi's cunt.

"Ayaya!" Brandi gasped out as Opal licked furiously and Brandi rocked back and forth like a nude princess doing dressage.

I let Opal's legs come down slightly because I discovered another task for my hands. With my left hand I reached underneath Opal's thighs and began teasing her butthole. I used my right to part Brandi's cheeks and do the same with hers. Brandi looked over her shoulder, gave me a smile, and kept rocking. Opal trembled slightly but pushed her reservations aside.

The first hint of anal penetration kicked Opal over the edge and she had a whole-body seizure as her orgasm rocked through the three of us. Brandi pulsated even harder on Opal's convulsing face, virtually propelling my first finger's digit up her ass. She squealed delightfully.

"Zane, that's wonderful!" she screamed. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Yessss!!!!" and she went off, with no pillow to shelter our environs this time.

Brandi toppled over and I had to grab her leg to stop her from tumbling off the bed and onto the floor. She was still gasping and panting too much to articulate a response, though thankfully she didn't struggle. I sat there stretched out for several seconds before Opal became aware enough to help me pull Brandi back to safety.

I sorted Brandi out to one side with Opal on the other and settled between them, all of us staring at the ceiling in various states of sexual recharge.

"Is everyone okay?" I managed to ask after a few deep breaths.

"No," Opal murmured. I groaned, imagining what else I would have to do to get her to go to bed when Opal reached out and stroked my cock.

"Someone hasn't gotten what they've wanted tonight," Opal purred as she rolled up onto an elbow and looked down on me. I let her work me over for a while but when I made a move toward her own love box, she slapped my hand away.

"No, Zane," she scolded me. "I'd like to be able to walk to my room, not crawl, so behave."

As I nursed my slapped wrist, I noticed that Brandi had rolled over and was looking down at me and what Opal had returned to doing to me.

"I...can I?" Brandi asked tentatively, extending a hand to my member.

"Sure," I smiled warmly.

Brandi touched it, drew away rapidly, then touched it once, twice...and on the third effort managed to wrap her hand around my shaft.

"It is so warm -- no, hot...and throbbing. I've never held one before," she whispered in an almost worshipful moan.

"Our boy Zane is actually quite big," Opal grinned like a predatory cat.

"You've," gulp, "held a few penises?" Brandi wondered.

"No. But several of us girls measured him while he was...preoccupied and checked online for references. He definitely qualifies as larger than most," Opal chuckled playfully.

"You measured me in the shower?" I grumbled indignantly. I would have been angrier except that as Opal stroked up my cock, she would intertwine her fingers with Brandi's stationary hold, rub my cockhead, then stroked back down. Fuck, that was awesome. Somewhere along the way Brandi began pumping the top of my cock while Opal kept up on the bottom.

Sometimes when you don't imagine life can take you any higher, you get tossed a stepladder. Opal leaned in and licked the slit of my knob. Three passes of the tongue later, Brandi leaned in and gave it a try. Do you know you can tell the differences in the girl by the texture of her tongue? I'm learning new stuff every day (and night).

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