tagGroup SexChristian College Sex Comedy Ch. 09

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 09


*Domestication may be our second greatest accomplishment, exceeded only by Fire*

Thank you Frontma for editing yet another one.

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic I'd like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)

Making Mistakes

"Back up, all you horny bitches," Rio growled. "Clearly he's on life support." I would have asked her to be more polite but my only real desire was to crawl back into bed at that moment. I must have looked like hell because everyone actually did what Rio ordered, and I'm pretty sure Opal could beat Rio into next week if she desired.

As it was, my ladies stood watch over me with a compassion and tenderness most of them couldn't have imagined holding for me a week ago. I showered, and by unspoken consensus, Iona got to towel me off and fixed said towel around my waist so I could go back to my 'room'. That warm fuzzy feeling got my fires going where hot water had failed. I probably saved us a whole lot of headaches too -- for them anyway.

Rhaine, Mercy, and one other of her group were leaning against the far wall when I came through the bathroom door. Without being obvious, I let the door shut then slammed my heel against it.

"No more games," Rhaine gloated, as the three of them came off the wall. Bump, bump, bump came from the far side of the door. Rhaine looked at me with curiosity, not sure what that noise was.

Lucky for me, the first person who would have followed me out the door was Iona, thankfully blessed with good hearing, and despite smacking her face into the door, she managed to both not curse and to keep the others quiet when they walked into her.

"Was there someone in there with you?" Rhaine interrogated me. I arched an eyebrow.

"Yeah," I grinned. "Lots of people love to wake up and get wet before 6:00 a.m., but why don't we go in there to make sure? Answer me one thing, though; what color is your bra?"

"That's none of your business, you pervert," Rhaine shot back angrily.

"I'm just saying that if it is white, you are going to look pretty naked when I get you under that showerhead," I smiled lasciviously. It wasn't hard; Rhaine had a tight, hot body and if it wasn't for that bitchy personality...wait, am I looking for even more sex? Someone please shoot me.

Rhaine had clearly heard something and was trying to make up her mind if she could both check it out and keep me contained when I decided to change her train of thought. I gave an exaggerated sigh, took off my towel, threw it over my shoulder, and headed to my room.

"Put...put...put...put that towel...back on," Rhaine stammered.

"Why? There are not supposed to be any girls out on the fifth floor at this hour. It is all mine, according to the Chancellor herself," I said over my shoulder. "Now, are you coming along or do I get to shut my door in your face?"

"We don't care," Rhaine tried to recover the momentum, "we have a key."

"I don't believe you," I accused her as I stopped and kept looking over my shoulder. Barbie Lynn must be right, I have a really fine ass, because that was what they were all staring at.

"Well, I have one," she taunted me as she brandished it in my face -- from ten feet away. I just had to beam a smile her way.

Her key was silver; mine, which hung around my neck on a light chain, was bronze, as were all five of the original keys. Someone was giving out copies of my room key; what a bunch of fuck-nuts. I turned and walked right up to her, which entailed backing her into a wall since she was trying to backpedal away, her eyes torn between my fiery gaze and awakening erection.

The other two made to grab me but were flummoxed by my lack of clothing. I took the opportunity to press myself into Rhaine, who was giving me the deer-in-the-headlights look, ran a hand along her jaw and curled a lock of hair. I tickled her cheek with that lock, causing Rhaine to blush and her eyes to flutter.

"Thanks, Rhaine. You are helping me out more than you know. If there is anything...I mean anything...I can do for you, let me know," I softly growled with a wolfish hunger to her, but still loud enough for her companions to hear. I stepped back and strutted away again, my semi-rigid rod swaggering back and forth.

"Let's go to my room," I laughed.

"Weren't we supposed to hurt him if he tried anything like that?" one girl whispered.

"But he was naked," responded Mercy quietly. "What would happen if...you know...we touched...IT?"

"We are not going to your room with you," Rhaine shouted at me.

"Fine, suit yourself, because it isn't like I'm going to avail myself of any of the three fire escapes that lead off the roof," I chortled. "Also, touching IT can lead to blindness and sterility in the elderly under twelve and children over 65," I purposely attempted to confuse them. Children over 65...sometimes I need to show the whole world that I'm not getting enough sleep.

I was still laughing at my screw-up as the door swung shut. At the last second I failed to hear the 'clunk' of the latch hitting home, though I was already to my bed, when I heard the first hesitant footfalls on steps. I was well into my morning meditative trance, lotus style, when Rhaine crested the stairs. My eyes were shut but I could tell by her sharp intake of breath where she was and what she was staring at.

"Put on some clothes!" she barked. I remained blind and silent. "I said 'put on some clothes'," she repeated. I hardly had more reason to do so now than I had a second ago. "Put on your clothes," she now sounded petulant; no response. We remained silent for almost a minute -- I normally remain still for ten minutes -- when she said the magic word. "Would you please put some clothes on?"

"Please?" I responded, cracking open one eye. "Come over right now and give me a kiss; then I'll get dressed. Otherwise, you have to wait nine more minutes while I remain in prayer."

"Prayer?" whispered Mercy; strangely, I prayed to the Christian God when I meditated, drawing upon Psalms and the Songs of Solomon mostly.

"I will not kiss you; you sex...sex...sex fiend!" Rhaine shouted with disgust. I closed my eye and went back into my own little dream demi-plain.

"Get dressed," she insisted once more. I could keep this up for another eight and a half minutes. Finally, in frustration, she stalked up to the side of my bed, the other two in tow. "If we need to, I'll escort you straight to the gymnastics facility where Coach Gorman can administer another lesson in humility."

Since I hardly felt humiliated by our last encounter, I felt no necessity to slip out of my Center. My carpets were thin cast-offs from an earlier college epoch so they hardly aided any stealth attempt. Rhaine walked up to me, weighed her options, then pushed me lightly.

"Get dressed, Zane," she said, neither convincingly angry nor commanding.

That didn't work so she repeated the phrase and pushed harder. The third attempt used more strength but got the same results. Rhaine decided that her problem was in the application of force, not her message, so to increase her push, she placed a knee on the bed and pushed harder.

"Get dreee..." she squealed as I fell over, grabbing her wrist and pulling her with me.

I leapt on top of her even as she rolled from her stomach to her back. Rhaine's eyes were wide as I dove in for a kiss. Her lips were locked shut so nothing more happened. She was still struggling for words when Mercy and the other girl grabbed my arms and yanked me up and back.

"Get off of me," Rhaine shouted, a little too late to be effective or believable. Experienced leg-breakers usually keep their victim's arms up or to the side; they never stick them between their thighs. As it was, I was being pulled back on my knees, pinning Rhaine's shins to the bed and my hands merely inches away from their pussies. Was it Christmas already?

So much of life is about leverage of one kind or another and in this case, the leverage was all in my captor's favor, so I needed to change things up.

"Let go of me!" I shouted, struggled, and slipped my hands higher up their thighs. I'm not going to win an Oscar but I did make Rhaine smile at my feigned discomfort, to the point she propped herself up and grinned wickedly at me.

"Now you are going to do what I say," she gloated.

"Oh, I don't think so," I grinned right back. I rolled my arms in my shoulder joints and launched my upper body toward Rhaine. For those fans of physics, when the shoulder goes down and they've made the elbow a pivot point, then the lower arm goes up...science is my friend.

I rolled my fore- and middle finger into one stiff rod and prodded Mercy's and her partner's perineums. They yelped and pulled back, drawing my fingers onto their slits and along them until I flicked their slumbering clits. Their faces flushed crimson as they stumbled back and released my arms. This allowed me to descend on Rhaine unimpeded. Her mouth open in a surprised 'O', our lips met and then our tongues touched inside her mouth.

I was quick enough to wrap my arms around her before her back hit the bed.

"Mmmmm" she protested inside our oral embrace. "Mmmm" she mumbled, before..."mmmm..." she ended up moaning. I was a bit curious why Mercy and the as-of-yet named accomplice weren't all over this, breaking us apart, when I felt Rhaine's legs move from beneath me, to up my sides until they crossed over my ass and locked me in.

"Is that...your...I'm not sure what to call it...penis?" she whispered between kisses. How she had become oblivious of her cohorts was beyond me.

"I prefer the term cock," I responded with great gentleness but with a hungry stare, "but if penis works for you," I added with a slow, steady, downward pressure with my hips upon hers.

Rhaine groaned from deep within, her head lolled back, and her eyes became somewhat unfocussed.

"Ooohhh, yes," she mouthed, barely audible.

"Rhaine?" Mercy inquired.

"Get...get off of Rhaine," the third girl said weakly. "Please?"

Since she said please, I obliged. I flipped us over so that Rhaine was on top. I'm not sure how happy the girl was because Rhaine showed no haste in dismounting me, though we did stop kissing once more.

"Would you...would you please get dressed now," Rhaine panted. I would have been more impressed, and able, if Rhaine hadn't been humping me at the moment. Clearly, my cock had wedged itself right against her panty-covered love box, her lips divided and her clit rubbing along my shaft.

"You really are quite beautiful," I complimented her, as I brushed some loose hairs out of her eyes. Her face softened and she gave me her first compassionate smile. She also ground down on me harder, biting her lip as she did so. The two companions decided something...technically, it could be called a rescue mission, but I never really figured out who was being rescued as they grabbed my arms that encompassed Rhaine.

The unnamed girl grabbed my unresisting hand and pulled it to her chest and kept it pinned tightly there. Mercy made even less pretense of actually helping out. She grabbed my other hand and put it in her lap. This would have been minutely more believable if her skirt hadn't 'accidentally' ridden up her thighs so that when I curled in my fingers, my hand slipped between her thighs.

Any guess as to what happened when I flexed them again? As best as I could tell (I was still dealing with a face full of Rhaine), she had raised her closest thigh to block her friends from seeing what she was doing and was thrusting my hand into her crotch like it was some sort of fleshy dildo...with the 'finger-tickler' function.

Heavy breathing, five seconds grinding my hand in deep, fifteen seconds figuring out that I was working my fingers underneath the elastic bands of her panties, twenty-two seconds. After that, she spread her thighs open slowly and as wide as she hoped she could get away with without being caught. She remained absolutely still as I slipped two fingers underneath her virginal armor and into her cream-covered labia while rubbing my thumb against her clit from the outside.

Back to Rhaine: "I hope...ugh, ugh...you have learned...ugh, ugh, ugh...oh, God...your lesson...ugh, ugh...and we won't...Oooohhhhhh...have to force ourselves on...oh, yeah...ugh, ugh...you again." By this time, Rhaine had soaked her panties so thoroughly that she was making squishing noises as she rode me.

"If you give me one more kiss," I grinned at her, "I'll do what you want and get dressed." I've rarely seen someone so arrogant and conceited so utterly baffled about what they should do. Obviously, if she kissed me and I stood up, we would stop having 'safe sex,' but she was truly, in her heart, trying to enforce her will on me too.

"Fine," I saved her, "if you kiss me until I surrender to you, I'll go quietly and do what you say all day long." At no time was it ever discussed between us what it would take to make me surrender; she never gave me the chance. She grabbed my head with both hands and proceeded to suck the air out of my lungs and use her tongue to wrestle my tongue into submission.

No-Name Girl wasn't humping me like a kitten on speed or pretending I was blind and her cunny was Braille -- imparting knowledge by touch; she was playing the nervous virgin. I gave the slightest nudge toward her left breast -- she stopped me. I repeated the motion and she stopped me again. On the third try, she controlled my gradual migration over her breast and centered my fingertips over her nipple.

Mind you, I still had a face full of Rhaine so I couldn't see what I was doing, but I've had sex on moonless nights and I've even had sex blindfolded once (we both were and it was really fun), so I had some experience at sexual navigation by touch alone. I didn't grab, grope, or shake her orb around; I palmed the breast and slowly contracted the hand up, letting the fingers and thumb bring the areolas and nipple into a tantalizing squeeze -- then re-extend hand and repeat.

Her nipple was pretty average but it soon made an appearance, so on the seventh stroke, I migrated my hand toward the middle of her chest. She groaned in disappointment until I tapped on two of her buttons rapidly before going back to the breast. She understood right off the bat and that shirt got unbuttoned in three seconds flat. Another squeeze and I rolled like a gentle breeze back to the sternum, under the shirt, and to her surprise, under the bra, and started tweaking the nipple and letting her breast roll in my palm.

You know, it would be easier to tell my friends from my enemies if they weren't both trying to fuck me to death. I guess all my girl-'friends' do it out of love; my enemies are trying to bring me closer to God...as long as I get there from outside the campus grounds. There are a million worse ways to die and I shouldn't complain; the most important point is that I do have friends after all.

Making the Most of Punishment

I had barely gotten Nameless to suck two of my fingers and my thumb to slippery goodness and returned them to working her nipple when I heard someone not on the bed speak.

"Do you think we have enough footage now, Iona?" Rio purred in a lethally seductive voice.

"In the words of the immortal Rio Talon," Iona recited, "these bitches are toast."

Dedicated readers will recall how I once claimed that I didn't live in the real world; I lived in Crazy Town. I still do. Rhaine rolled off me, into Nameless, and they clutched each other to avoid tumbling off my bed. (I have a newer, far bigger bed on order for the very reason that I'm tired of lovely ladies nearly taking headers off my favorite sexual encounter spot.)

Rhaine was bosom to bosom with a girl whose shirt was wide open with one boob pulled out of her bra. My hand was yanked free in the exchange so I rapidly pushed myself into a semi-reclined position. Why was I not getting all the way up, you ask? Reference: Crazy Town - Mercy decided that being secretly included in a sex video was a huge turn-on.

She started riding my two fingers like they were a mini-cock and she was going off like gangbusters.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes...aaaaaaaaaaaahhhahhhhhhh." Mercy's whimpers kept rising in volume.

"Oh, here it comes," was Barbie Lynn's assessment, based on deep personal experience with me.

"Aaaahhhhhhhh," Mercy continued with even more vigor.

"Don't you worry, Barbie Lynn," Rio patted her on the shoulder, "she's not nearly as loud as you are."

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh," Mercy's whimpers became hiccups as I redoubled my efforts on her clitoris.

"She's no Leigh either," Opal pointed out.

"Ai, ai, ai, ai, ai, ai," Mercy began yelping louder still.

"What is he doing to her?" Brandi gasped in wonderment.

"Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba," Mercy's diaphragm began building up a terrible tension deep inside.

"Ask him to show that to you in the shower tomorrow," Opal sighed, reliving her own tactile experiences under my care. "I'm not fixated on his cock; if I can't have it, I'll settle for his hands and mouth on me whenever I can get it."

"MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!" Mercy's head rolled back and she howled at the ceiling, killing all conversation in an instant. Silence hung over the room.

Mercy started to fall forward but I caught her and let her drop onto my chest. I held her close until I felt her breathing start to come under control. She pushed up enough to look at me with eyes brimming with tears.

"I'm ruined," she told me in a tired, raspy voice, then put her face into my shoulder and began wailing uncontrollably.

I stroked her back and hair with my free hand. My other hand was covered in Mercy's fluids, and while some chicks might get off on being covered in their love juice, I doubted Mercy was into that kink; and besides, she was in her school uniform.

"You are fine," I cooed. "No one is showing that video to anyone so you are safe. You are one of us and we'll protect you."

That last bit was pulled 'outta my ass' so to speak. Every one of my friends up here had their own idea what our relationship was about and I could hardly speak for any one of them, much less all of us.

"Speak for yourself, Numnuts; I'm going to sink these skanks," Rio growled.

"Rio -- please," I requested in a calm and tender voice. She glared back with ill-concealed rage.

"Do you have any idea what these bitches have been doing to me and the other freshmen?" Rio spat back.

"Only the vaguest. And I am not saying they shouldn't make amends but there are two things we should consider," I began.

It is a testament to how close Rio and I had grown that she permitted me to continue talking uninterrupted.

"If we turn them in, we are precisely the type of people they think we are, immoral degenerates. This is supposed to be fun and liberating; if we start breaking people because they cut loose, actually express themselves and have fun, we become what they are and what we despise. I'll leave first," I told her.

"Also, as strange as it sounds -- probably more to you and me than anyone else on campus -- we are Christians," I continued. Rio scoffed and clearly thought I'd lost my mind -- or sold out.

"You don't bend, Rio. You know right and wrong, and while you often choose wrong, you don't make excuses about it, and I've never had a better friend because I know you mean what you say and say what you mean, no matter how cutting," I explained.

"You have clearly lived a socially deprived life..." Rio taunted me, but her words cracked under her emotional turmoil "...if I'm what you consider to be a good friend, you stupid bitch moron cocksucker."

"Let's put it to a vote," Iona volunteered the notion.

"I think that's a good idea," Barbie Lynn stated, with Brandi and Opal agreeing.

"Fine, whatever," grumbled Rio.

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