Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 18


"There is me," Iona chirped, "and wait until Heaven shows up. Forty-eight hours without her Zane-fix and she's going to look forward to dismembering someone," she added with a pleasant sincerity. Vivian looked to me skeptically.

"It is entirely my fault," I confessed with upraised hands, "I should learn to say 'no' from time to time. I keep leading these fine young ladies on."

"Do you see why you need to win now?" Dana asked Vivian, who looked uncertain. "You are Zane's only hope of surviving the school year. You are a lifesaver."

"Oh, okay; let's get back to it then," Vivian sighed. I rolled my shoulders and followed. The second Dana gave us the nod, we attacked one another. I had hoped to catch Vivian off-guard and clearly Vivian thought the same thing.

In close, Vivian had the advantage. She got several blows into my right side and I never fully recovered. Vivian got a foot behind my left leg and tumbled me down as I grabbed her shirt. Her shirt tore, we rolled – first her on top, then me before we broke up. I jabbed, she tumbled back and regained her feet, I backed up and did the same.

Vivian tossed her ruined shirt aside and readied herself. Maybe a half dozen people in the room followed the next exchange of blocks and blows, Vivian hammering away at my right while I clipped her left shoulder and stomach. I saw an opening, tried to flip her but she pulled me down and ended up on top. She cocked back her fist to strike with her right while pinning my shoulder with her left.

I had a hand poised at her armpit and the other half-raised to block. Vivian realized she was about to clock me in the head hard; my block wouldn't be fast enough. Something passed between us at that moment. I hooked her under the arm, flipped us over, and landed on top. Vivian twisted her arms but I twisted my block into a wrist hold and pinned the other when she attempted to break the hold.

For that second, I had her pressed to the ground, our breasts heaving from the exertion.

"Okay," she said softly. I immediately let go of her wrists and got off of her in all haste. I offered to help her up and this time she took it without hesitation. We stood there, clasped hands held at her chest level, facing and studying the other's features.

The cheering broke out the moment the freshmen student body realized the fight was finally over and that I had somehow come out on top. I tilted my head slightly because I really had to know why she let me win but I never got the words out.

"I really don't know," Vivian whispered.

My well-wishers pulled us apart and I was getting slapped on the back and kissed. I noted that Dana, Barbie Lynn, Valerie, and Mercy stood around Vivian. Valerie must have seen what really happened and wanted to know why. Mercy had probably been reminded of whose side she theoretically belonged to. Barbie Lynn would be Dorm Mother again, making Vivian her charge, and Dana was her instructor after, which explained everyone's presence.

"So, can we have our own little celebration?" Paige requested, her pale eyes burning bright.

"I have a church meeting in an hour," I frowned. Rio and Iona were in the room with us but were close to the screen entrance, giving Paige and I some space.

"We could sneak something in," Paige winked hopefully.

"You are many things to me, Paige, but you are not someone I want to leave after only a quickie," I looked down at Paige as I wrapped my arms around her. She pouted but clearly wasn't too angry with my decision. Outside her odd fascination with me, Paige was a clever, logical girl.

"I believe Heaven is going to be all over you this evening," Paige sighed. "Friday is for your Aunt Jill and Saturday is the Block Party, so what are my chances for Thursday or Sunday?"

"I was hoping to make Thursday night a sleep-over sort of thing and I'd like it if you were here," I asked. "I really don't want to commit my Sunday until I'm sure Heaven is okay. You have to admit she's had a really lousy week."

"I don't have to admit anything, Zane, but I make allowances because you mean well," Paige smiled. "I chose to accept that your loyalty to Heaven is a mirror of the loyalty you show me."

"It has nothing to do with bouncy, bouncy, bouncy?" I teased.

"No," Paige wiggled tightly against me. "That would be an irrational decision based on memories of deep sexual pleasure and I'd never confess to that." I felt her place a gentle kiss on my chest. I answered with a kiss to the top of her head.

"Now scoot," I commanded. "You are far too distracting and I do have to get going."

Paige rubbed her body against me as she moved past to the entrance; Iona and Rio came my way as I got dressed.

"I should have Mercy tied down, gagged, and blindfolded by the time you get back," Rio grinned.

That was her way of asking my permission to use my room without actually asking.

"I'll make sure Vivian is set up before you get back," Iona informed me with upbeat energy.

"Iona, since I hate Mercy Chaplain, why don't you spend the weekend with me?" I asked. The implication was that Rio would be tearing Mercy up all weekend long.

"I'd love to," Iona hugged me.

"Sleep in his bed," Rio chuckled.

"I plan to," Iona boasted.

"Lose your virginity," Rio teased.

"No," Iona gave Rio a raspberry. "Zane loves me the way I am."

"Are we going to cuddle?" I smiled warmly down at her.

"Damn Skippy!" she chirped. "I'll even sleep in the nude because I trust you so much."

"Busted!" Rio laughed at me. I groaned, finished getting dressed, and made my own way out.

Before I could make my escape from the main area, Vivian flagged me down.

"Vivian, I'm going to..." I started to say. She lifted up her phone in response.

"Your schedule is online," Vivian pointed out. "What I was wondering was why you are still using the fifth floor showers when you have showers in the Solarium now?"

"Wow, are you offering to shower with me?" I faux-gasped. "That didn't take you long."

"No!!" Vivian glared with some exasperation. "I'm trying to limit your contact with naked women."

No one within earshot was rude enough to laugh out loud.

"I could say something like 'shower with me and I'll respect your virginity,' but I'll respect your virginity no matter what," I gazed upon Vivian. "I do formally request that you allow me to continue to shower on the fifth floor. I hope you don't disregard my request out of hand."

Vivian levelly met my gaze, then nodded.

"I'll think about it," she allowed.

"Holy Smokes," Brandi whispered from nearby, "he's broken down the wall." Vivian flinched.

"No," Opal whispered back, "but she's no longer ready to castrate him in the next fifteen seconds either." That observation made Vivian crack a glimmer of a grin. I took it as my cue to run for it.

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