tagErotic CouplingsChristian College Sex Comedy Ch. 19

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 19


*Being dead is wonderful; you never get tired and you have all the time in the world to regret how you ended up this way*

Thank you Frontma for inspiring me to keep writing so she can polish off the rough edges.

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic, I'd like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)


Once they got over me 'borrowing' certain gear from some of the male committee rooms, the Festivities Committee fell in line with Rochelle Wellington's agenda. I sat back as normal while they hashed out how best to use the new imagery that I'd provided courtesy of the girls at FFU. At this, my second meeting, I chose to sit behind Sahara Penny, Pastor Bill's wife.

I learned she was Lebanese Christian and she'd married William Penny when he was in the US Navy, before he became a priest. There were a ton of things left unsaid about her opinion of his ministry and I got the definite opinion that Bill had left his last post because everyone thought Sahara had an indiscretion with a young male parishioner. My guess was that if a young male parishioner was involved, the cheater was that bastard Bill.

As an added insult, Sahara's name wasn't even Sahara; that was the name Bill had listed on their marriage certificate because he found her Lebanese name difficult to pronounce. Her minority background, coupled with her husband, the pastor, letting everyone think she was a cheating whore, made Sahara the pariah of this little community.

Because I had absolutely nothing going on in my life, I had to avenge Sahara. Being dumber than a box of rocks certainly didn't hurt my determination. By the end of the session I had managed to accomplish four things. I'd helped Sahara feel better about herself and know she had a friend in me. If you have ever felt alone and isolated in the world you know how good that can feel.

I had confused Mrs. Bainbridge as to my actual intentions; she thought I was cozying up to Sahara instead of Rochelle. The committee was mildly impressed that I had both shown back up and had appeared to bust my hump in contributing to their efforts at what their menfolk thought was a joke.

Most importantly to me, I had gotten a few covert smiles from Rochelle Wellington for both my help to the other members and to my efforts with Sahara. As wife of the mayor, she wasn't supposed to make waves, which included things like befriending someone the men had designated to be on the 'Shunned' list. I was forgiven for my transgression because I clearly didn't give a fuck about what any of them cared.

When the meeting broke up Kendra Bainbridge, Sahara, Rochelle and I were quickly the last ones left. I hovered close to Sahara as we made our way to the door.

"Zane, you need to return this equipment to the proper room," Rochelle reminded me.

"Sahara, why don't we walk to our cars together?" Kendra suggested sweetly.

This was the most I had heard Kendra address Sahara in the short time I had known them.

It was clearly also her attempt of a cock-block on Sahara and I, which was a fortunate misread on the situation between myself and the Pastor's wife.

"That would be nice, Kendra," Sahara replied. She reached out and stroked my elbow. "Thank you, Zane," she added with a smile.

Kendra departed, smug in her victory, leaving Rochelle and I alone.

"I'll get this equipment put away and be right back," I told Rochelle. "Could you make sure all the new files are backed up to my account?"

"Of course, Zane," she smiled warmly, and set to work. I raced to get things squared away and hurried back. She remained at the table completing her work, coat off, when I moved in behind her.

"Are we still friends?" I asked softly as I leaned in next to her ear.

"Of course," she turned her head so our gazes were only inches apart. I made to kiss her on the lips; she recoiled so I waited. I wasn't afraid I'd spooked her; she wanted passion and the sense of freedom that came for embracing a choice all her own.

The fear drained away and she completed our encounter. She was tentative at first and I mostly let her take the lead for the first two minutes until she became more confident. When the time was right I turned her in the chair and pulled her up by each hand. My hands went to her neck while hers settled on my hips.

"We have our boundaries?" Rochelle questioned me.

"Absolutely," I confirmed. "Your neck," I kissed her neck, "ear," I kissed her ear, "and cheek are all on my side of the boundaries." I had gotten as far as fondling the breasts last time around but I had time to coax her that way and was in no hurry.

"Where are your boundaries?" I inquired of Rochelle as I lowered my hands around her hips.

"I definitely think we should keep the boundaries at the waistline," she suggested.

"So you want my waistline, but was that up or down?" I smiled.

"What?" she blushed.

"Do you want to keep your hands above my waist -- say to the stomach and chest, or you could go down below the belt?" I teased. "Just kidding," I let her off the hook. Instead, I moved my lips to her face and came to a stop there.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Rochelle sighed.

"Okay," I was disappointed, "but you will have to tell me to let go of you first."

"That isn't fair," she moaned, as she pressed her body against me and rested her forehead on my shoulder. I doubted it helped her resistance when her stomach pressed against my highly aroused cock.

"Zane," Rochelle choked out, "I've been a good wife for thirty years. I'm a pillar of the community and a loyal member of this congregation. What am I doing with a man younger than my youngest baby?"

"Rochelle, I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do, but I'm not going to lie about wanting you."

"I don't think you are running away from your husband and family; I think they have moved on without you, despite all you've done to make them a part of your life. If you end up alone three or more times a week, give us a shot; if not, you are doing okay and should stay where you are," I advised.

"I don't want to lose you," Rochelle worried.

"You are not going to lose me, Rochelle. You are beautiful and that is not going to change; even if you are unattainable and I have to watch you from afar," I soothed her. She seemed to swell up with happiness in my arms.

"That isn't fair one bit," she moaned.

"Fine. I don't find you attractive; I am going to forget you the moment I walk out this door and I'll never look at you again," I taunted her. "Happy? You are off the hook."

"Maybe if you were a better liar," Rochelle looked up at me smiling, "Remember that I am married to a politician."

"Oh, then tell me if I'm lying: I want to pick you up, press you onto this table and make love to you until you scream with pleasure," I challenged.

"What about our boundaries?" she panted.

"I'm trying really, really hard to honor them but you aren't making it easy," I confided in her. Rochelle decided to change tacks. She backed away and leaned against the table, facing me, with her arms supporting her upper body as she reclined.

"We shouldn't do this," she told me, but even as she shook her head, she smiled and bit her lower lip provocatively.

I pursued her, Rochelle spreading her legs to allow my body to better press down on her. I kissed her fervently several times before she spoke.

"Stop," she whispered. "I can't." I began working open the buttons on her blouse. Rochelle rolled her head back so that my lips and tongue played along her throat.

"Ah, Zane, you should stop that," she exhaled as she gently held one hand to the back of my head as I kissed her breasts through her bra. "There are three hooks," she added as I started slipping her bra off. She pushed away from the table so I could slip her shirt and bra down. Since I had her off the table temporarily, I elected to unzip her skirt from the side and drop that and her slip to the carpet.

She was looking horribly vulnerable being so nearly naked, down to white panties, thigh high white stockings, and black shoes. Sure, she was plump in the middle and her rich, swelling breasts sagged, but they were gorgeous to hold and behold. I more than evened the playing field, stripping completely naked. Rochelle moaned when she saw me exposed and she trembled with lust. I was sure she thought about running away or running at me, but she chose something in between.

Rochelle reached forward and tenderly grabbed my penis in one hand.

"Oh, my," she gasped. I moved closer, brushed her hair aside and put my hand to the back of her head. I brought her into yet another kiss, this one longer and more passionate than the rest.

"I am going to move one step at a time," I told her softly, our faces barely an inch apart, "but I am going to take you tonight."

Rochelle's first nod was timid, but they became very enthusiastic. I rested my hands on the lush flesh just below the hips and lifted her halfway onto the table.

"I think I'm violating your boundaries," I grinned wickedly. First her eyes flared, she looked surprised, and finally she let her giggle turn into a laugh.

She gave my cock a delicious twist.

"I think we are way beyond that," she panted happily. I pressed into her, bobbing in for a kiss, withdrawing for her smile, and going in again. It took over a minute for Rochelle eventually to feel comfortable and self-assured enough to kiss me on the neck. I thrust my pelvis into her as a response.

That appeared to be what it took for Rochelle's emotional dam to burst. She wrapped her stocking clad calves around each thigh and began kissing my shoulder and chest with hungry little pecks.

"Zane," she panted as she yanked on my cock, "I haven't had sexual intercourse in twenty years."

My first thought was 'Crap, someone else trying to squeeze my cock off,' but I realized that was unfair, plus she had delivered five children.

"Rochelle, can I be crass and crude with you?" I said softly. That clearly wasn't what she expected to hear; still she consented.

"Rochelle, I know it has been a long time since you've had sex, and it has probably been very vanilla. Have you ever had sex bent over a table?" I wondered.

"No," she blushed. "I've only had sex on a bed...on my back. Isn't that normal?"

"Um, okay. I'm going to fuck you, Rochelle; I am going to nail you, make you scream and cry and beat your fists in ecstasy," I threatened her. "How does that make you feel?"

"I..." she gulped, "that scares me but..." nothing was said for several seconds.

"Damn it," I hissed, "your body is tormenting me." Rochelle gasped and trembled once more. I dove into her left breast and bit down. She pulsed against me; then I started pressing her down on the table. Removing her panties was remarkably easy after that.

I let my cock, still in her hand, rub against her slit. When her labia parted her fluids quickly coated the tip. I moved it up and down while we kissed, and I mean kissed. Rochelle kept stroking my cheek and hairline. I began pulling and teasing her nipples. A moment later I hooked her legs up until she instinctively wrapped around my waist.

When I was rubbing my member along her cunt lips we kissed. When I feasted on her nipples she moaned like a slut and arched her back to entice me further.

"Put it in me," she begged, overwhelmed with desire, "Put it in me now, please."

"Whatever you want," I whispered in her ear. Using both our hands (I got the feeling she wasn't sure what she was doing) I wedged my cockhead in between her labia and pushed.

Rochelle was snug, not tight, and certainly wasn't trying to tear the skin off my penis going in. For her part, my partner was going off beneath me chanting 'yes, yes, yes' and rubbing her body against mine. By the way she was sparking against me, I knew she was close to orgasm.

"Ugh -- ugh -- ugh," Rochelle squirmed, "Oh, God! Yes!" she exulted beneath my body.

She thrust rhythmically multiple times before gracefully resting against the wooden surface.

"Oh, my God," she gasped. "I've never had an orgasm that intense before, or had it happen so fast."

"That was all you, Elle," I grinned. "You have built up a great deal of sexual energy over the years and I had better be careful with you or you'll tear me up."

"Oh -- wait, that is a good thing, isn't it?" she asked from deep within her heaving bosom.

"What did I tell you? The bodies of true women are dynamite and need to be handled with care. My main concern is that I can satisfy you," I confided in her. She had no initial words in response, instead relying on an intense stare.

"Elle?" she panted. "No one has called me Elle since my father died."

"Would you prefer I call you something else?" I replied.

"No. It was a surprise, that's all," she told me. I pushed a little farther into Rochelle as she finished speaking. "Ooohhh," she murmured.

I let Rochelle's legs fall to the side as I gently coasted in and out of her. I gave her a few minutes of tender sex before pulling out and kneeling between her legs.

"What?" she started to mumble before my lips settled onto her cunt and my tongue rolled through her folds. "Oh, wow," she moaned.

Her clitoris was already evident so after a few generous strokes of the tongue, I tilted up and encased her clit in my lips and sucked. Rochelle bucked her hips in reaction and started up a deeply passionate groan. To add to life's injustices, I was sure no one had ever gone down on Rochelle's love box before.

Despite having already cum once, Rochelle climaxed again inside five minutes.

"Oh, God!" was her guttural gasp. Her body jerked, trembled, and stiffened before going still once more. I licked my way up her body, teasing both sides of her belly button, slobbering over her right breast, and ending up driving my tongue into a muscular dance with hers.

"Mmmm, is that what I taste like?" she panted, with thankfully a good deal of pleasure.

"Now you know one of the reasons I'll be coming back for more," I teased.

"One; what is the other one?" she grinned wearily.

"No, you don't," I responded with a kiss to her nose. "You don't get to have that kind of fantastic reaction to me then act like it was nothing."

"Oh, don't say that," Rochelle scolded me, "I know I'm not very good."

"Are you dumping me?" I asked.

"No," she exclaimed anxiously, and clutched me with her hands on my upper arms and thighs pressing on my hips.

"Why are you acting as if I didn't enjoy myself?" I questioned. "You climaxed twice and guys love that kind of thing. My only problem is that we can't keep giving you the screwing you so richly deserve. If we are missing much longer, they are going to send out search parties." Rochelle continued to hold me tight but had calmed down a lot. It did take me a moment to figure out that I needed to carry the conversation.

"How soon can we get together again?" I asked softly, which was precisely what she wanted to hear.

"Maybe we shouldn't," she hesitated, but from my experience she was playing with me.

"I know I've pushed this, Elle, but you are worth every effort. I see a sensual, mature woman abandoned by some guy who clearly didn't appreciate her finer qualities," I pledged.

"Zane, the risks are so great," she worried intently. "We could really suffer over this...affair."

"Fine," I sat up, "I'll give you up for your sake but you have to promise to do one thing for me."

"What is it?" she hesitantly inquired.

"How many young women have been in your husband's office less than five years?" I opened with.

"Two," she recalled somewhat confused.

"The one with the most seniority; tomorrow I want you to go into her office and tell her you know about her liaisons with your husband -- her boss -- the Mayor," I advised her. "Don't act angry. Instead, act comfortable with the news and put her at ease. She'll be glad to confide in someone, trust me."

"What if she hasn't had an affair and goes to my husband with this accusation?" Rochelle bit her lip in concern.

"Rochelle, you have a seriously hot body and incredible sexual energy. Since your husband hasn't been neutered that I'm aware of, he's been getting sex somewhere else. I haven't heard of a thriving sex industry in town so for discretion's sake, he is having sex with women he has power over; namely, employees," I explained.

"How did you come up with all of that?" she marveled.

"Elle, there is nothing greater in all of God's Creation than women, body and soul. I notice things that most people miss and appreciate qualities most ignore," I enlightened her. "You have a smoking body but if you weren't such a wonderful woman, I wouldn't be here."

"Ah, you make me feel ten years younger," she sighed before kissing me on the nipple and chest.

"Crap," I bitched. "That means I only have two more encounters with you before you become jail bait." That assessment made her laugh joyously.

"I've lost my mind and I don't know why," she breathed in a terribly sexy way, hardly upset at all.

"We are leaving now," I declared, "Because you are so sexy right this instant, if I stay, I'm going to hammer you so hard we are going to break this table. I'm not sure how we can explain that."

"Does the 'hammer me through the table' line work on younger women?" Rochelle teased.

"Do you want me to go grab a younger woman and find out?" I zinged back.

"No!" she insisted. "I am sure we are not exclusive but I'm sure I don't want to share you with anyone I don't have to. I think we should get together again but I'll have to contact you."

"Use Felicity's phone and have her call Rio," I directed. "She'll get a message to me."

"Are you going to...seduce Felicity too?" Rochelle inquired warily.

"Nope, that has never been my intention," I answered. I wasn't sure how to explain to Rochelle that the real worry was Rio kidnapping Felicity for a Lost Weekend of Sapphic splendor. A discussion about homosexuality and my acceptance of it wasn't in the cards for tonight.

"I want her and Lance to have a shot at happiness," Rochelle said.

"I want Felicity to be happy as well," I evaded. If she noticed my failure to mention her youngest son, she was good enough not to press the matter. We kissed before we walked out the door and left; she went home and I headed home to have dinner with Jill. We had hot dogs and green beans; Jill had a hard three days at work and she wasn't a diligent cook to begin with.


Before heading back to campus I stopped by the Kappa Sigma House. I got some rather comfortable attention from the ladies, which was a bit bizarre when it was tag-team action from two sisters I'm pretty sure are lesbians. I stopped by to see Tawny for a minute to talk to her about the block party I might still have an invitation too.

I ended up spending a few minutes of alone time with Leigh (okay, Paris is on her bed pretending to study but it isn't a tiny room).

"I know you need to go home soon," Leigh lured me in with a sympathetic voice. I let her come into my arms and while I was aware she was about to shift me I was still taken aback by her enthusiasm.

I landed back-first on her bed and she ended up straddling my crotch with her legs folded underneath her.

"Let me help you with your shirt," she grinned evilly. I wasn't aware my shirt was in the way or that I wanted it off but what the hell. I started to unbutton my shirt but she slapped my hands away. Instead, she pulled my shirt out of my pants and yanked it up and up until the top was over my head.

Once she had it over my face and my arms pinned, she stopped and snickered.

"What the...oh, come on, Leigh," I complained.

"You like to be tied up, admit it," she teased me.

"Is your webcam on?" I countered.

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