tagInterracial LoveChristian Knockers Ch. 01

Christian Knockers Ch. 01


It was a hot, lazy Saturday afternoon. Carl, as usual, was sitting naked on his floor in front of the TV. The soft shorts he uses as pyjamas hang limply from the sofa. He is wearing only his faded Guns & Roses t-shirt.

He is gently gliding his fingertips up and down his erect cock. His other hand cups his ball sac, massaging the testicles. He is playing his favourite porn movie, involving some Asian woman being fucked in all sorts of positions. He generally watches a couple of DVDs during the afternoon, and keeps his cock hard the whole time. He eases off when he gets to close, then gently touches his cock to keep him hard. It has been a too busy and too tired during the week to have a wank, so his balls are aching slightly with a full load.

He is slightly annoyed when he hears a knock at the door. He half-panics as he tries to quickly grab his shorts and pull them on. He stuffs his cock into his pants, but they have a huge tent in them now. There is another knock as he repositions his erection so it comes up above the waist band, but the t-shirt comes down over both of them, hiding it from plain sight.

He walks to the front door and opens it. He sees a woman in a white t-shirt top, tight blue jeans and sneakers walking away from the door. Her arse looks very firm, as do her legs. She has long hair, done up in a pony tail.

"Hello?" He calls out to the mystery woman.

She stops and turns her head. She looks back over her shoulder at him and he sees she is Asian with a beautiful face. She smiles, turns her body and begins to walk back. He watches as her breasts bounce slightly. They aren't too big, but on her small frame they seem to poke out a bit. Her hips flair out slightly, but as with a lot of Asians her waist and hips are slender. She looks to be only 18 years old.

She climbs the two steps in front of the house and comes to a halt in front of the door. He sees her tight jeans show her leg shape perfectly. With her knees together he can see daylight between her thin thighs. He feels his cock jump, and hope she doesn't notice.

"Hi, my name is Asami. I am trying to meet everyone in my neighbourhood. You know, ask them a few questions, have a little chat," She says with a bit of a nervous smile.

"Oh?! Okay, I'm Carl," He says slightly surprised.

"Can I come in?" She asks.

Carl turns and checks the TV. It is currently paused on a close-up of a Thai pussy with a large white cock buried inside.

"Ahh, just two secs while I tidy up," Carl says nervously. He darts off, slightly hunched over, and turns off the TV.

"Alright, come in," He calls to her.

She walks into the lounge and Carl shows her a seat opposite his. She sits down.

"Do you have hard problems in this world today? Something that seems so big, there is no way you will be able to get it under control. Or perhaps some pressure that is building inside you waiting for release? Would you like someone to relieve that stress?" She asks seriously.

Carl thinks of his throbbing erection as his eyes hover over beautiful woman in front of him.

"Yes, I guess so," He answers.

"I think I know a way to help you with that. Are you free tomorrow morning?" She asks.

"Sure," He says hoping she has something good planned.

"Wonderful! You see I am very committed to my love for God and I am very committed to my church. Every member has been given 1 month to introduce someone new to the church, and my time is almost up. So I want to get in the good books and do my part," She says happily.

His erection wilts. He doesn't believe in God, and this is exactly the opposite of what he is looking for. But he decides that having a pretty young Asian up close to talk to might be better than a video. She seems friendly and smiles a lot.

"So, Asami, what made you join the church?" He asks engaging in chit-chat so he can keep ogling her. He nods and smiles as she starts to tells her life story.

He finds out she is from Japan, and has come over as a home-stay student staying with a very religious, elderly, Christian couple. She has finished high school and is on her break before attending university.

He sees her breasts jiggle slightly under her t-shirt when waves her arms around. His erection returns, but after shrinking back into his shorts it is now snaking down his shorts leg.

"Would you like a cold drink?" He asks feeling his throat drying out.

"Yes, please. Do you have any lemonade?" She says.

"Sure," He says. As soon as he stands up he realises his mistake. While his erection was able to sneak down his leg when he was sitting down, as soon as he stands up, it tries to do the same thing. His loose, soft shorts provide no resistance and, as poles do, it creates a tent.

Asami's eyes dart to his crotch, her eyes open wide and she blushes. It is easy to see the size of his erection because the material seems to wrap around it snugly.

As Carl walks off to the kitchen he can't find a way of hiding his erection without drawing even more attention to it. His cock waves around in front of him with each step. It feels quite exhilarating knowing she was watching it.

Asami feels flushed at the sight of the bulge in his shorts. She tries to take her mind off it as he heads off to the kitchen. She looks around and notices a DVD cover sitting on the coffee table under a newspaper. She leans forward and picks it up. She sees it is a porn movie showing an Asian girl, shaved sucking a cock while sitting on another one. She can't believe what she is seeing. She tries to throw it away in disgust but she can't take her eyes off it either.

He gets the glasses and fills them with lemonade. He doesn't bother adjusting his erection at all, feeling a bit naughty. He walks back in to the lounge and stops beside Asami, so his crotch is at her eye level.

"Here is your lemonade," He says.

She almost jumps in fright. She hadn't heard him come back and here she was busy looking at the back of the DVD cover at the scenes of girls being fucked. She has started to feel something stirring inside her while looking at it. Now she had been caught looking at the pictures. She tosses the DVD onto the seat beside her quickly, hoping he won't mention it.

She turns her head, making sure not to make eye contact or he will surely know and make her blush even more. But as she turns her vision is filled with the sight of his long hard cock straining against the soft cotton shorts. It is only five inches from her face. She gulps.

"Here you are," He says again. She sees him holding her glass, his hand is hovering near his crotch. She reaches up almost in a trance as her hand heads towards his shaft but changes direction to take the glass. She brings it back to her lips and takes a nice long drink.

Carl returns to his seat and sits down. She can't look him in the eye any more. She feels herself getting wet, her nipples hardening as she thinks about this guy with his hard cock sitting just across from her.

"Um, so, do you have any questions about the Bible or God's teachings?" She asks trying to keep her focus.

"Yeah, I have heard about God being angry if we 'spill seed', or something," Carl says. Asami blushes again hearing the words.

"Oh, yes. The story of Onan. Let me find it," She says thumbing through the Bible.

Asami reads the passage, "But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so whenever he lay with his brother's wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the Lord's sight; so he put him to death also."

"So, we can't spill our seed?" Carl asks.

"No. It is a sin," She says looking at the words in the Bible.

"But what if we have no control. I mean it just happens sometimes, like while I am asleep," He asks.

"I'm not sure, you would have to ask the priest," She says struggling with the images in her head.

"I don't think I can wait that long," Carl says, "Ever since you walked in the door I have been getting harder and harder. I am afraid I am going to end up spilling my seed all over the floor."

Asami looks at the lump straining against the material of his shorts. She gulps.

"I don't want to fail in his eyes," Carl says with a worried look on his face.

"I-I don't know what to do," Asami stammers.

"Oh... It's getting closer," Carl says pretending to panic. Asami starts to panic too.

"What if God delivered you to my door to test me, or test us. Perhaps he sent you to save me from spilling my seed?" Carl suggests.

"I don't know. I hardly know you, and I am still a virgin. Surely he would have sent someone else?" She says feeling confused.

"Maybe you are right. I mean we would have to be married and everything. But what are unmarried men supposed to do when they need release?" Carl says reaching into his shorts to grip his cock.

"I don't know... uh, what are you doing," Asami says surprised at his actions.

"I have to try and stop it," Carl says showing signs of extreme discomfort, "Unless there is something else we can do?"

He tugs his shorts down and kicks them off. She can see him holding his large, fat, white cock. His fist is wrapped around the head squeezing tightly. She gulps and feels herself getting wetter.

"Perhaps you can catch it, like, in your mouth," Carl suggests, "Then it won't be spilt and we don't have to be married or anything."

She imagines his cock squirting cum into her mouth and it excites her. But then guilty feelings take over.

"I... I can't. It wouldn't be right," She apologises.

"Please? You have to... I mean, seeing you caused this to happen. Even if you leave now, I am going to end up sinning by spilling my seed," He pleads.

"Well..." She says.

"No one will know, just you, me and God," He says standing up and stoking his cock.

She shifts her weight slightly in her chair as she feels her jeans pressing tightly against her wet cunt. She glances down at the DVD beside her and sees the smile on the girl sucking a huge cock. She is a virgin and has never touched a cock before. She looks back at the real cock being stroked slowly in front of her.

Almost in a sort of trance she slides off the chair onto her knees. Her hands reach up as Carl steps forward. Her hand touches his erection. She is surprised at how hard it feels but also the warmth. It is so hot she can't believe it. Her little hand can barely encircle the shaft.

Carl moves his hips forward bringing the tip of his cock closer to her lips. She opens them and brings her tongue out to lick the end. She feels the heat on her tongue and tastes the salty pre-cum oozing from the end. She pulls his cock gently and the head slides into her mouth. She begins to suck as Carl rocks his hips back and forward, rubbing his cock head against her tongue.

She can't believe she has this huge throbbing lump of meat in her mouth. Or that her nipples are harder then ever, she feels her jeans getting wet as her own cunt starts to throb. Her other hand reaches around and feels his nice arse. She squeezes it, and pulls him into her mouth.

His cock is being coated in saliva which she sucks back into her mouth and swallows. He can't believe this young Asian woman who he only just met is busy sucking his rock hard cock. He feels his ball sac is so full of sperm after so many days without release.

"Oh, God! That feels great," He moans.

He gets closer to orgasm and begins to rock back and forth faster. She keeps sucking his cock and swallowing the saliva her mouth produces in vast quantities. Then she feels him grip the back of her head with his hands. His cock stops sliding in and begins to jerk. A second later she feels a hot jet of sticky fluid fill her mouth.

She quickly swallows it tasting the salty fluid wash down her throat. Then another jet, and another. She can't keep up and feels some leaking out of her mouth. Almost gagging she pulls her mouth off his cock to see another jet spray out of the end and hit her on her forehead above her left eye. She swallows the cum in her mouth and leans forward to suck his cock again. He jerks a couple more times as cum oozes from the tip of his fat cock.

She licks and sucks as it begins to shrink. He pulls his cock out and steps back to survey the results.

Asami, still on her knees, scoops the cum, which has started to slide down over her eyebrow, and shovels it into her mouth. She wipes the cum that has dripped out of her mouth and drinks that too.

"That was amazing, Asami," Carl says with a beaming smile. Asami looks up and smiles.

"Thank you so much, God must truly be happy. He made me feel good all over," Carl says sitting down on the couch and letting his softening cock lay limply on his thigh.

"I felt good too," She says, "And it tastes good. I am glad you didn't have to sin." She finishes licking her fingers and looks down. She notices a few drops on the floor.

"Oh, no. I didn't catch it all," She says sadly, "Perhaps we can pray together so God won't be angry."

Carl feels a little annoyed at the idea, because he has just had his biggest orgasm for years. But decides to go through with it to keep her happy. He gets down on his knees beside Asami and she says a prayer.

"Amen!" They both say together.

"Well, Carl, here is my phone number," Asami says scribbling on some paper, "Pick me up tomorrow at 8am so we can go to church. Call me if you need to talk about God or anything."

He sees her to the door and watches her cute arse as she walks off home.

End of chapter 1

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