tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChristian Loving: Shechem

Christian Loving: Shechem


Reuben laid back in the couch, mindlessly watching sports highlights on ESPN - remote control poised to switch the channel should annoying commercials or PGA updates surface. He simply wanted a little peace and quiet to end his day. In the back of his head, Reuben knew it the thought was a pipe dream. Matthew would return from the library at any minute eager for the sloppy details.

Sure enough, his roommate walked through the doorway. He kept a friendly smile at Reuben - who returned it likewise as the door was slowly pushed closed behind him. No sooner did the doorknob lock into its divot that Matthew asked the question nagging him all night. “So man, how was she?”

Reuben chuckled, shaking his head as he reclined on the couch. “Man, I’m under the impression you think I know how to handle women!”

“C’mon dude!” Matthew said in excitement as he made is way to the living room. “Try and see this from my perspective for a moment. I know my roommate is striking out in the female department. I also know about Eva. We heard Eva and her roommate suggest that they might be up for a foursome if things his off right. I saw how she was dressed before I headed off to the library.”

“I can do without re-reading Nietzsche for the hundredth time already,” Matthew said in frustration, letting his backpack carelessly crumple to the floor. “That dead fucker ain’t getting any clearer. Don’t tell me I spent four hours nose deep in that book for you to go away empty handed!”

“Okay,” Reuben began, setting the television on mute and casting the remote aside. “So, she was obviously coming on to me. You saw that. Well, after you left, we were sitting down together watching some film on the tube, and she’s rubbing up against me.”

His roommate pulled up a chair from the table and sat counter to Reuben as he continued to tell his story. “Her legs are silky smooth man. Her skirt was slowly riding up on her. We’re doing our little small talk, dropping innuendoes here and there, and she takes my hand and puts it on her leg. I mean, like, right near the crotch! I didn’t realize how worked up she was - it’s like her pussy was breathing on me down there she was so hot!”

“Oh my god - are you serious?” Matthew replied laughing aloud.

“Yeah! It was nuts! She was going on about how her last boyfriend hadn’t treated her right, and couldn’t satisfy her when she wanted, despite her ‘fully satisfying’ him,” Reuben said, miming quotes in the air with his hands. “And she’s purring as I move in to get closer to her - breathing slightly on my ear and doing that thing women do with their eyes, you know?”

Matthew was intrigued. They'd both met Eva and her roommate at a house party - fortune favored them as Reuben charmed her and Matt won the hand of the other. The highlight of their conversation was that the two women had made out in the past. An easy ploy to work over men, and this time it worked flawlessly. At the time, she was still with her ex-boyfriend, keeping Reuben in the wings. Eva had recently broken up with her ex when she ran into Reuben that night, and was ready for the rebound.

“So we start kissing,” he continued, “moving our hands across each other’s faces, her body pretty well pressed against mine. Fucking great kisser. She works her lips and does feather touches with her tongue, like no woman I've ever kissed before. Anyway, we’re making out, and she’s dancing her fingers all over my body. I’m caressing the side if her chest, feeling up her breasts...”

“Are they real?” Matthew interrupted. Reuben grinned from ear to ear, slowly nodding in the affirmative. Matthew swore aloud, rejoicing that they had found a natural pair of great tits.

“Anyway,” Reuben drew out, continuing his story. “Her fingers make their way to my pants. She starts unbuttoning them, and I’m like, ‘whoa, where are you going?’ She goes, ‘ Have you ever been sucked off by a woman with a tongue stud?’”

They both started laughing. “I didn’t even answer! She just pulls down my pants and boxers, and of course I’m stiffening up by then. She pulls it out, starts meowing around it, and then takes it in.”

A small moment of silence passed between them before Matt continued. “Is it really that much better?”

“Dude, you have not had a blowjob until you’ve had it done with a tongue stud!” They roared in laughter as Reuben continued. “I thought I had stamina. I’m an experienced guy, I can control myself.”

“You’re a master of the trade, master of your domain!” Matthew bantered back.

“That’s what I thought! Fuck no! Maybe I’ve just never had it done that way before. But, no - she’s a pro. That’s the only explanation! She starts off teasing the head while she’s got her lips around my shaft. Then she takes me in all the way; and I mean all the way! She keeps it there for a while, and then she presses her tongue up against the underside of my cock and slowly pulls back out! It drove me nuts - I almost came right there.”

Reuben continued. “She’s sucking me in ways I never thought possible. And she’s keeping eye contact with me the whole time, humming that sensual hum like you see in pornos. Ahhh - I was in heaven man - I don’t know how I held myself together. She sucks me up until I’m ready to come, and then she says, ‘No, not yet. I want you to suck my tits first.’ She takes her shirt off, and puts them in my face.”

Matthew was ecstatic. They'd found a wanton bombshell. “So, then what?”

“Well,” Reuben whimsically responded, “I enjoyed myself on them.”

“Fucker,” he said again in his friendly jealous tone. “So what? You just gorged yourself?”

“Well, that long hair of hers is brushing up against my face. She reaches one of her hands around the back of my head. It was as if she was guiding me on her chest. So, she must have been looking down at me for a while as I, well, gorged myself at her bounty. Fuck - I sound like a pig!”

“You are a pig! We’re all pigs. So please, continue.”

“She eventually throws her head back - I felt her hair literally fly away from my face. She’s moaning - she’s loving it. I feel her other hand go down along her body to start playing with herself. So I figure, hell, why not join in? I reach my hand down there, and the next thing I know we’re both mingling around down around her pussy. Each of us teasing her lips while taking turns dipping in and out.”


“Oh yeah,” Reuben replied with a sly smile.


“No shit! I have a tit in one hand and a pussy in the other,” he said, gesturing with his hands. “It’s great. I’m squeezing her tits, giving them little nips - and she’s all for it. Her purrs are getting a little more intense, and she’s defiantly getting wet down there, you know?”

“How are you holding up?” Reuben’s roommate interrupted.

“Well, I’ve got my boner aching from that blowjob. If I didn’t have her tits in my face, I’d have to fuck something. But we’re bringing ourselves to a climax, so it’s all good.”

“Anyway,” Reuben continued, “She starts lightly purring my name. ‘Reub, Reub!’ Fucking sexy as hell. I pull away a bit to look up at her and she looks down at me and goes, ‘I need it Reuben, fuck me!’”

“So I lie down while she crawls up, and she’s got her eyes locked on my cock. I still don’t know what she was looking for, because I'm average, you know. Maybe she was looking to see how hard I was - or hell, maybe she craves hard cocks.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, how modest of you. Keep going,” Matthew said not much caring for his roommate’s tangents.

“Whatever, she’s looking at it all the way as she slides onto me. Her look was sexy as hell though. Hungry eyes all the way. She’s not the tightest. She’s probably been around - but damn she knows how to work it.”

Matthew listened on as his buddy continued to recount the night’s events. “She’s groaning and yelping as she works her hips - and she’s milking me good. We do this for a bit - I’ve got my hands groping around her waist, and she asks if she’s a dirty girl.”

Matthew broke out laughing. “Holy shit! Damn ... why do you always get the kinky bitches?”

“Dude,” Reuben cautioned. “So I say ‘yeah, you’re a naughty girl.’ That gets her all wet or something, because she just starts pumping up and down on me. She has the smacking sounds going, and I don’t think I can hold out much longer. Then she goes, ‘I’m being a bad girl, aren’t I daddy?’”

“And she’s already calling you ‘daddy?’” Matthew’s disbelief of his friend’s good fortunes continued as Reuben thought of how to conclude his story.

“So,” he said after a pause, “I just lay there, I don’t know what to say. She keeps going on, like, ‘Oh daddy, make me feel all better. I’ve been a naughty girl father, forgive me?’ And, I don’t know what it was, but I couldn’t take it. I flipped her so she was on her back. Then I started to come.”

“Whoa, whoa! Did she get off?”

“I doubt it,” Reuben said with hesitation, a quiver hiding in his voice. “I mean, she started cooing and all, but I pulled out, and came on her stomach.”

His roommate’s eyes flickered from fascination to panicked confusion in a heartbeat. “Her stomach?” Matthew reiterated in disbelief.

“Yeah. I know. It was stupid. But she did dab her fingers in it and taste them for a while before we cleaned up.”

“Yeah?” Matthew thought for a moment, trying to salvage what he could from his buddy’s botched efforts. “Well, you did play along with her. From what you're telling me, most jocks I know wouldn't last fifteen minutes with her. And she wanted to play with you, so you excited something in her. I guess not all is lost.”

“I know,” Reuben acknowledged, disappointed by his own actions. “But she’ll still be coming over this weekend. She said that much at least.”

When he rested on his bed later that evening, Reuben thought back to her. He thought back to the look on Eva’s face as she called out to him as ‘daddy’. Her words echoed incessantly inside his head. It was those words, and the image of Rachel skewering herself on his meat, that surprised Reuben. His own stepmother, whose belly was growing large with his child. He came early over Eva because the imagery still had an effect on him, and he lost his concentration.

He sidestepped that detail with Matthew. He didn’t need to know. Nobody did. As it had all summer and into this semester, the very thought haunted and consumed him. The sandman was generous in letting him doze off early that night - but not without flashes of Eva and Rachel satisfying themselves though him.

* * * * *

Reuben’s head was in the clouds all day. Coupled with the reminiscence of his fuck last night, his mind was swimming about tomorrow. Plenty of work still lay ahead of him. He had to sweep, vacuum, tidy and organize as much floor space as possible in the house. Planning for this upcoming house party was becoming more difficult than originally anticipated. His roommates were helping out, but even they were lagging in their duties. Matthew’s internship was taking up more and more of his time. With the basketball pre-season camp well underway, Jude was spending more and more time in the gym. Often times Reuben would come back from his lab studies late at night, just to find them resting in front of the tube. Not that he couldn't blame them - he just wanted some relaxation time of his own.

Besides, that was not his only concern. He was also juggling how he could accommodate Dinah coming over to visit him for the weekend. His sister scored well on her SATs, better than his scores. Discussions with the family towards the end of summer often circled about which universities she should consider attending. Cost, separation and the usual barrage of questions surrounding the decision arose. The possibility of going to the same college as her brother surfaced, and now she was taking it into more consideration by coming to visit it this weekend. Reuben had welcomed her to crash at his place during her stay, forgetting about the party that same weekend. Now he was in a pickle.

After mulling over the issue further, Reuben decided Dinah would stand to gain a deal of insight as to how the college life operates. Seeing how students party, even if it involved a little underage drinking and regrettable behavior, would go a long way to preparing her for her own college career. Then the next two days he would show her around campus. There were plenty of pamphlets and information about what fields of study and classes were available. He imagined dotting around the various buildings, visiting the various research facilities his campus provided. He recalled his own excitement when he realized just what his university had to offer in addition to the stereotypical Animal House lifestyle. He was sure he would find it a blast.

He was sitting on the porch reading Thoreau when the familiar beaten blue Chevy pulled into the already cramped driveway. He saw Dinah through the windows, putting away the maps, junk food and CDs that accompanied her for the trip. Gathering an assortment of odd ends she made her way out of the car. The force with which she opened the door showed she did not realize just how close the neighboring house was to her car. Thankfully, she managed to stop the door from slamming into the house’s side. Her eyes darted around for a brief moment to reassess the situation. Eventually she slowly squeezed her way out without her purse or other belongings, reaching back in to get them before closing the door behind her.

Dinah also managed to stumble over the extended root of a nearby tree in making her way to the house. Reuben simply shook his head, visibly holding back his chuckles.

“Shut up,” Dinah said. The look on her face indicated she could spin stories about him in a heartbeat.

It was good to see her again.

He helped his sister unpack her belongings. Dinah was somewhat taken back by the rustic look of the house’s interior, but quickly grew to admire how her brother and his roommates adapted to its cramped quarters. Matthew later introduced himself to her. Despite the sense of urgency for the night’s festivities, Dinah began to feel surprisingly welcomed for the weekend stay. Once she squared her stuff away in Reuben’s room and they discussed the sleeping arrangements, the siblings headed out to grab a bite to eat.

Reuben pointed out the various hot spots for students as they walked deeper into the college town surrounding campus. Dinah’s energy swelled at the mention of the campus. Her speech quickened as they discussed what areas they would visit tomorrow. A skip developed in her pace as he mentioned visiting the Botany department’s public greenhouses. She certainly was taking in the youthful college atmosphere, dying to experience anything it could throw at her.

Over their sandwiches, the two discussed how things were at home. The family was good. It had been decided that Reuben’s room would be converted for when the baby arrived. Fortunately, the baby was not due until February. Reuben would have time to clear out any personal things when he returned for winter break. After that, their parents would transform it into the baby’s room. Reuben already missed the comfort of knowing you can always go back home, to old friends and places. Such is life though, he thought. He was still welcome though, and knew things could be much worse.

“I have these to show you,” Dinah said, reaching into her purse. “Dad and Rachel went a little wild at one of the baby stores a few weeks ago. They bought all sorts of crazy things.”

The pictures she handed him showed a variety of odd things: celebrations for Dinah’s eighteenth birthday, random photos of her friends, then the series that showed off a handful of baby trinkets. A crib, baby clothes and baby monitors soon littered the photographed images. Even diapers could be seen in the mix. Reuben knew his parents were excited over the new child through his phone conversations with them. The photos proved how taken in they were.

Dinah began remarking how annoying the baby talk and mannerisms between their parents had become. Reuben softly chuckled at her remarks as he reviewed the pictures. He came to one of Jacob and Rachel in eveningwear - undoubtedly for the corporate party held every fall where his dad worked. What struck him was how much Rachel’s belly had grown. For being early in her second trimester, she was exceptionally big.

The picture mesmerized Reuben. Her form in the photo looked so healthy. Despite being pregnant, she retained an alluring figure. Her breasts had increased in size. Her gown left much to the imagination, but it did not deter Reuben. Seeing her dressed up, knocked up, was doing something to him. His eyes outlined the fullness of her breasts, right down to her enlarged nipples readying to feed her young. The form of her tender and precious body in her evening dress burnt itself to his memory.

Soon enough his stepmother was naked in his mind, the glow of her fertilized and growing body making Reuben less aware of where he was. He envisioned her lying on his bed, as she had when he first came into her. Only now her belly protruded, her breasts enlarged with milk for her child. He imagined reaching over her radiantly alluring form. Whereas once he'd glided his hands over her fit abdomen, they now followed the contours of her pregnant belly.

With his thumb and index finger, he gently pinched her engorged nipple. The mere touch sent Rachel into moaning as her nipples yielded their milky reward. He passionately rubbed her sensitive, luscious nubs. Her liquid ambrosia continued to flow. Feeling it between his fingers as it trickled down her breasts drove him mad with lust.

Holding back no longer he treated himself to her yielding tits. Tasting Rachel’s nectar dribbling into his mouth now solely occupied his mind. The sensation of her bud squirting its precious milk was divine. Reuben’s lips suckled on her breasts, relishing every drop. He could feel his stepmother hold the back of his head to her breast as she continued to nurture him.

In an instant, Reuben startled himself out of his seat. The back of his mind heard his sister calling his name, only realizing it a few heartbeats late. It was once he registered that he was fantasizing about his stepmother - his pregnant stepmother - in a busy restaurant with his sister, that he literally jumped in his seat.

Dinah’s perplexed yet amused look suggested he had merely zoned out for a little bit. “Reuben, are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” he responded, gathering himself together and reorganizing the photographs. “I, I just can’t believe how big Rachel is.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s something, isn’t it? She’s probably gonna be as big as a house before all is said and done. It’s gotta be twins or something.”

He shot his sister a look. “Twins?”

“Well, I would imagine, given how big she’s gotten. Not that I know much about looking pregnant. Or anything for that matter. Just a guess.”

“So they’re only expecting one child, right?”

“Yup,” Dinah enthusiastically replied. She noticed her brother seemed surprisingly relieved.

* * * * *

Back home, Reuben prepared himself for the night’s festivities. While taking a shower he reflected on the photo of his parents. Was that his child growing inside Rachel? Was his stepmother carrying his child? The idea, which seemed so exciting and perfect in the early summer, left him fumbling for a way to cope with its ramifications.

Rachel discussed the matter with Reuben once the truth was known. It was imperative his dad be seen as the child's father, regardless of who actually impregnated her. There was no mistake about that. Given the phonological similarities between Reuben and Jacob, there should not be any visible way to tell. The child should be healthy too. Although Rachel and Reuben committed incest, they were not genetically related.

How would Reuben bring himself to look at the child? How could he go home and casually act as if Rachel’s newborn was not his? Rachel’s showering of maternal affection would be natural upon its birth. What about his own? How would he be able to control his emotions of being its father without letting their secret out? Something inside him urged him to be by Rachel’s side, to be the father figure the child saw when it first entered this world.

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