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Christina Also Sucks


English is not my native language and this story, believe it or not, is just fiction.

* * * * *

After a lot of controversy discussions and insults the Latin Pop Queen Christina Aguilera invited the Detroit Rapper Slim Shady a.k.a. Eminem born as Marshall Mathers in a bar to end their fighting once and for all.

The meeting was Christina's idea and Eminem wasn't sure what to expect. They shook hands and Chrissy began: "I never really understood why you're so angry with me, but that's not the topic tonight. The reason is: I want you to stop talking dirty about me. My suggestion is: We bet and no matter if you win or I you stop talking about me in interviews and songs. The bet is: Who can drink three tequilas faster - don't laugh, I exercised that the whole last week - and if I win you go to any TV or Radio station I want and tell the whole world that I'm a nice and beauty girl and that you feel sorry for giving me names."

"And if I... and when I win?"

"If you win..." she hesitated "if you win I'll be your slave for a day."

" You mean... a sex slave?" Eminem was smiling.

"Whatever you want."

"OK, you'll be the slave of me and a few friends of mine Friday and Saturday."

"Two days... damn."

"Oh, it's uo to you. I can write a lot of songs about you."

"OK, on your conditions, order the drinks."

They started drinking and of course Eminem won without a doubt.

"At my house at 6 p.m. and until Saturday evening you won't leave. Wanna know what to expect?"

Chrissy nodded. The white Rapper led her to the men's restroom into a cabin. "On your knees, baby." She got down. Eminem opened his pants and took out his cock. The Latina grabbed and stroked it until it was half erected. Then she opened her mouth and put it in.

Christina moved her head back and for, letting the dick sliding in and out until it was over and over with her saliva. She took it deep in her throat forcing the Rapper to ejaculate. She swallowed everything.

They went back to the bar. "Don't forget Friday, I'll wait for you." Eminem left the bar, Christina nodded and she smiled.


It was five minutes to 6 p.m. when Christina Aguilera rang the door bell of Slim Shady's house in Detroit, Michigan. The Hip Hopper himself opened the door and led her in a small room with a table and a chair in the middle.

"I thought you'd back down. But I see you are a brave girl. Take off your clothes and put this on." He pointed at a transparent skirt and a transparent blouse. "No bra and slip,I expect?"


She changed. Then Eminem took a scarf. "We'll do a little welcome sucking."

"OK, I can do that blindfolded", she smiled. "Ha, ha."

When she was blindfolded Eminem took her hand and led her in a room from where she could here several people mumbling. Two people put their hands on her shoulders and pushed her on her knees. She heard zippers opening and pants dropping down. She had no idea how many people there were.

Someone took her hands and led them to the first cock. She stroked it twice before placing it in her mouth. She recognized this dick as Eminem's. It was of an average size, nothing you could make fun of.

She sucked hard and fast right from the beginning and it didn't last very long 'til the Rap Artist began to moan and finally shot his load into her throat.

At once she was forced to the next cock which was pressed against her closed lips while swallowing but immediately penetrating her mouth when she opened it for a moment. This dick was much bigger, about 8 1/2".

Again she worked very hard and soon she felt him ejaculating in her throat. But it was to much to swallow it all and therefore it ran out of the corner of her mouth, dripping on her blouse.

Durinng the next hour she still had to suck four more dicks and sperm was all over her hair, face, chest and belly even down at her pubic hair.

She was still kneeling in front of the crowd taking a deep breath. "One more", she heard a voice "but think a little different."

Christina's hands were grabbing the two butt cheeks of the person in front of her. Slowly she moved her head forward expecting the seventh cock of the evening. Her tongue groped her way until she reached the person's skin. She could feel a little hole what had to be a belly button. Therefore she moved her tongue down until she tasted pubic hair at first then the opening of a female sex.

Even that was not new to the little Latina, she had sucked pussies a few times before so she continued licking without hesitation. Her tongue shared out the cum which was still on it. She felt two hands on her head and a woman started yelling: "Oh, oh yes. She's good. She's so good. Oh, is she good."

Christina's face got splashed with the woman's juices and happy that she had satisfied the whole group Christina collapsed on the carpet.

She heard the crowd cheering. "You can take off the scarf now." So she did. She needed a few seconds before she could see something, the room was very bright.

When she could see who were standing there, her jaw dropped: Eminem, Kid Rock, Fred Durst, Carson Daly, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and Eminem's ex - wife Kim Mathers.

"Oh my God, that'll be a hard day tomorrow. Seven persons, you're not serious?" she looked at Marshall Mathers.

"No, calm down. Most of them have to leave. It'll be just you, Dre and me tomorrow. Now take a shower, Kim'll show you where the bathroom is. Then you should go to bed."

40 minutes later Ms Aguilera laid in her bed thinking of what had happend today. During her oral performance she reached two orgasms while taking a shower she had to masturbate. Now she wae tired like hell and waiting to fall asleep.


Christina felt hands on her breasts. They pinched her nipples making them hard immediately. Slowly she opened her eyes. Eminem was lying on her now kissing her breasts and her mouth. The Latina groaned. She spread her legs and Eminem inserted his cock into her wet cunt. He was pushing fast.

Chrissy grabbed her finger nails into his back. She was breathing heavily. A strong climax built in her body. She just waited for Eminem to let her explode. The Rapper penetrated her cunt deeply and both collapsed together.

"Get yourself ready, Dre is waiting for you in the living room." She put on the skirt and blouse and went down.

"Good morning, sir."

"Hello dear. Slept well?" She nodded. "Do you have any wish, sir?"

"Oh yes, I need a morning sucking."

Christina was used to that now, so it didn't take very long and the Dr was satisfied. With semen dripping from her chin she was told to cook a meal for the three persons.

She hesitated. She wasn't a good cook, but... .

The next two hours she spent in the kitchen trying to produce anything eatable. During that time both of the Rappers came for a quickie fucking Christina from behind.

The fucking was alright but the cooking nearly caused a break down. "Where's the telephone?"

"To whom you wanna talk?"

"Pizza service." The Rapper had to laugh. "It's over there", Eminem pointed at a corner of the room.

30 minutes later they were sitting together and talking. "You are enjoying this?" Dre asked.

Immediately Christina shake her head: "No, what are you thinking?"

He was smiling at her.

"Maybe... a little bit. But I have to leave in about an hour - a promo gig - so if you two want to have some more fun..."

"You are definitely a bitch", Eminem said. "And?" the Latina asked back.

Dre was naked sitting on the couch. Christina pulled down her skirt and blouse and began riding him. He could slide in her pussy at once his lips were kissing her tits. She sucked Eminem's dick hard, then he knelt behind her leading his pecker into her back door.

Even to that the Latina was used to and it caused no problems.

The three moved together and they felt a giant orgasm building in their bodies. It last not long and they were exploding together all of them groaning and moaning loudly.

Later that day Eminem and Dr Dre were watching the interview Christina was giving on NBC.

"So, Miss Aguilera, how is your present relation to Slim Shady?"

"Well, it was hard work, but I think I earned some of his respect in the last days."

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