tagNonHumanChristina, Monster Huntress

Christina, Monster Huntress


It was just another sunny day on the island. The tropical breeze blew as the waves crashed off the coast. The island itself was not inhabited by people but by a thing that many tried to go catch, and mainly died trying. It was known to the pirates that first encountered it as the monster of the isle. Now, in present time, it still walks the island, looking for the next meal.

A helicopter landed in an open field and the rotors shut down. Two women climbed out and looked around. The main woman was Christina, better known as the monster huntress. Her partner was Jessica, her understudy. Christina was about twenty six, dark complected and hot. A nice body was shown as she stood in tight jeans and low cut tank top showing her cleavage for the D cups under it. Jessica was about eighteen, skinny, tanned and had C cups. Her curves were there as she had just a bikini top and shorts on.

"Well, no time to waste. Lets go kill this thing and go home." Christina said holstering her pistols and grabbing her machete.

"Okay lets do this!" Jessica said pulling a tank top on and gathering her gear.

They had heard of the island traps and thought nothing of it. They walked into the jungle and began their search for the monster. Jessica covered the rear and Christina was out in front looking around and looking for tracks in the dirt.

It had been a couple hours, they decided to take a break and sat down on an old fallen tree. Christina drank some water as Jessica poured some over her head and soaked her blonde hair. They looked and listened, not a single animal sound. No birds flying, no lizards, nothing.

"This is creepy. Can we just go?" Jessica asked.

"No, we are here to kill the monster for our customer. He bought this island and has paid us in advance." Christina said.

"Damn it, why me?" Jessica joked.

"You love it. I have an idea but I'm not sure you'll like it." She said looking at the ground. "We need to split up and find this thing before night." Christina said.

"Okay, we got the radios, lets go kill this thing!" Jessica said surprising her partner.

They separated and went out into the brush, now alone. Jessica went towards the hills as Christina stayed in the jungle area. Both didn't realize he had been watching them all along and was waiting for them to split up. He smiled and ran towards the hills. He wanted the blonde first.

Jessica got to the hills and looked around. She wiped sweat from her forehead and looked up the slightly steep hill. She began to climb up and made sure she had good footing. She found a hole in the hill and shined her flashlight in. She looked as a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her. She was struggling as she gripped her gun. She was jerked hard and her upper body was now in the hole. Her legs kicked as she screamed. He now had both hands and was trying to get her ass in. He yanked and her shoulder popped. Jessica cried in pain as it dislocated. He reached the hole and dug it out around her pump ass. He gripped her cheeks and pulled her in. Jessica was now in the cave.

She stopped and sat up, he was gone. Just as fast as he appeared and trapped the now dirty blonde. She looked for her flashlight, it was missing and so was her pistol. She stood up and crept by the light of her Zippo. She slipped and slid down a wet rocky hill on her ass. She screamed as she landed in ice cold water. She came up and looked at the dimly lit cavern. She swam to the edge and climbed out.

She stood up as her body dripped water. She breathed heavy and was a little worried. She walked to a tunnel and looked down it, it was pitch black. She turned and there it was. She went to scream as he grabbed her throat and lifted her off the ground.

She saw its evil face, large teeth and red eyes. She felt the claws of his hand as it dug into her flesh. She looked as fur covered his body and then saw the erect dick. Her eyes widened as she saw the size. He grunted and tore her top off and revealed her nice tits. Then her shorts and thong showing her shaved pride. She felt him sucking her nipples as he lowered her to the cock and rubbed his head on her pussy.

"No please don't, I'm not here to hurt you." She said as he smiled and shoved her downwards onto the large dick.

She screamed as it tore into her tight body. He pinned her to the wall and thrust hard and deep into her skinny body. She cried as he made it hurt. She then began to feel something change, her body began to betray her mind and her eyes opened as her orgasm kicked in. She felt her juices flowing as he pounded her harder making her squeal and moan. He then tossed her to all fours and was getting her doggy style.

Her tits swayed as he rammed in and out of her little body. She arched her back as her cum flowed around the dick. He grunted and kept going making more and more flow out of her. She was now in awe as he fucked her. She was flipped to her back and her legs were shoved behind her head as he dug deep into her. She was still letting her body over rule her thoughts as he had his way with her.

"Never...had a woman...been on my island!" He said filling her up with his cum.

Jessica looked as she was getting blasted off the cock by the pressure. The head was so big it jerked her to a halt and let it fill her up. She cried as she watched her belly expanding with the cum. She coughed as it filled her stomach, then her chest. He smiled as her tits grew as he continued to fill her up. She tasted the cum in her mouth and shook her head. Then she opened her mouth and it was like a fountain as it shot out of her mouth. The cum drenched her face and body. She choked on it and fell limp as the cum finally stopped. He pulled out of the dead girl and grinned.

"One down...one more to go." He said walking away.

Christina walked around and realized she hadn't heard from Jessica. She tried to radio her but no response. She stopped and listened. She was now hearing a walking noise. She crept to a tree and hid. He appeared and her mouth dropped. She saw the monster. He stood seven feet tall, had fur, and sharp teeth. His red eyes was scanning the area and she saw his dick, still erect. Jessica's thong hanging from it. He had hung it for Christina to see. He stopped and sniffed. He turned to the tree and smiled as he leapt. She wasn't there.

She was running towards the helicopter. He laughed and whistled. She stopped and hid again as he walked out.

"Your friend said you was not here to hurt me, yet you run. Too bad for the blonde that my cum had been saved for years. I got some for your sexy little ass if you want to try it. I bet you are surprised I speak. I once was human but was changed into this by a woman many, many years ago. So you can say, I have been missing my women and when I get one, I fuck them senseless." He said. "I eat humans only when they are dead, but to eat a woman as she quivers in my mouth would be great. That is what I got in store for your sexy ass." He said leaving.

Christina sat wiping the tears away as she thought about her partner. She pulled out her pistols and went to kill him. She got to where he was and tracked him. She followed the foot prints and ended up on the beach. She looked up and down the sand and nothing. She realized he had tricked her. She turned as he appeared in the brush. He smiled as she starred at him.

She began to fire at him as he went to rush her. He was hit with every bullet and fell to the sand. She reloaded and crept up to him. She aimed at his skull as his hand flew up and grabbed the waist of her jeans. She lost balance and fell to her ass. He was dying but wanted her. She felt the jeans ripping and looked to see her pink lace thong getting revealed. She scooted back and was now only in her thong. She fired as she felt his claw rip her thong open and her pussy was now easily accessed.

He looked and smiled as his tongue shot out and into her body. She fought as it began to fuck her. Her top was removed and her tits were out and bouncing as she struggled with the tongue. She saw him trying to get up and knew if he did, she was dead. She aimed and fired. His tongue was blown to pieces. He screamed as it was detached. She felt it lashing around inside her body and pulled it out. She tossed it aside and fired again. She put ten bullets into his head, he stopped moving.

Christina stood up and looked at him. She went to leave and the tongue moved she stopped as it almost flew at her. She went to move but it rammed up into her again. She was lifted at least a foot off the ground when it reentered her wet pussy. She cried as she landed on her back and it made her wetter. She couldn't pull it out this time. She crawled to the edge of the water and put her hips and legs into the cool ocean water. It splashed around as it fucked her. She finally get the lube on it and pulled it out of her. She tossed it into the ocean and a shark took it. She stood up and began her way back to the helicopter.

She saw the monster laying there as a bird flew and landed beside it. More and more animals appeared. She picked up her weapons and got to the chopper. She was upset about Jessica, but it was the way of life for the monster huntresses. She flew home and went onto the next monster hunt.

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