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Christina Reviews A Mix


At the end of a five-hour session, Christina Aguilera's talent rep phoned the studio and told Cal to call it a day. None too happy, Cal shut the session down and signed Christina out. Then he went out back to smoke, leaving me in the booth to burn back-ups. I was there for a while with my back to the glass, listening to the tracks we'd put down through cordless headphones. When Cal didn't come back, I shut off the lights in the studio, thinking Christina must have left through the fire door with her agent.

As I pulled the phones back over my ears, there was a knock on the booth door. Before I could get up, Christina poked her head in from the dark studio.

"Hey." She said. I stared, stunned. "I'm in the dark here. Are we done?"

"Yeah," I looked around for Cal. "Your rep called and told us to shut down for today. She didn't call you?"

Christina came fully into the booth now, closing the door behind her. She was wearing a sleeveless midriff top and tight cotton pants with pinstripes. No bra straps showed on her shoulders. Her hair was short and dirty blonde; no extensions today. She was dressed for comfort.

"She probably assumed one of you would tell me." She crossed her arms. Her fingernails were painted black. Her hands pressed beneath her round tits. I hoped she didn't notice me staring.

"I'm sorry," I managed, "I was probably supposed to do that. The producer left and didn't tell me anything. He was pretty steamed."

"Will he be back?"

"I . . . I think so. I don't know when."

Christina arched her eyebrows and walked toward me. She sat down in Cal's chair and wheeled close. I met her intense gaze as she came forward; her lips were parted in a small, suggestive smile. Sweat beaded on my neck; I grew instantly hard when Christy laid her hand on my thigh and leaned in to speak to me.

Her dark and heady perfume was intoxicating.

"Can I hear?" She said.

I only managed to nod. Christina took the phones from my head and I pressed play. She listened for a few seconds, tapping her fingers on my thigh. I looked at her nipples poking against the fabric of her shirt. Finally, she took the headphones off and set them on the hardwood floor.

"Is that your mix?"

"It's Cal's and mine."

"I like . . . your part."

I began to respond, but Christina's hand moving up my thigh was paralyzing. Her fingernails scraped gently along my inner leg. She looked me full in the face as she cupped my balls and squeezed a little.

I must have looked like a trapped animal. Christina smiled and laughed a little.

Without saying a word, Christina sank from her chair to her knees. I helped her pull my fly down and open my jeans. I sighed as she brought out my erect cock and began tugging on it. She smiled and I shivered as she began to lick my balls.

She lapped gently. She opened her mouth to suck. Her tongue swept over my balls, to the base of my dick, swirled around the head as she jerked me off; with a last slip of her tongue ring over the head of my dick, Christina took the shaft between her soft lips and, exhaling lightly, took all of me into her throat at once. My balls were on her chin. She held the base of my cock tight between two fingers, sucking hard and massaging me with her lips as she began a slow slide upward. Her other hand was on my balls, lifting them and rolling them. At the head, Christina dropped faster. She began to bounce her head on my prong, her tongue spiraling, and I couldn't believe the sensations that welled in my balls and my stomach.

Jesus, could she suck a dick. Her tongue ring flicked the right spot on my cockhead. She was murmuring a bit as she sucked; she loved it, loved my cock in her mouth, the weight of my nutsac in her hand. Maybe even the scent of the slight bit of sweat down there. Her hair flopped as she bobbed and swallowed my dick deeper. Two bangles clacked together on her arm. I put my hand on top of her head and pressed down gently, feeling simultaneously ready to cum and as if Christina could go on throating my prick forever. I rode the wave and felt orgasm building up. My balls were swelling.

Sensing that I was about to cum, Christina rose out of my lap, her lips popping off my dick, and she tugged her pants down. She stepped out of them, still in her socks and shoes. No panties. Of course. Her sex was bald and glistening wet.

Christy kissed me briefly on the lips, saying, "Let's get a better listen." Then she turned and straddled me.

I put my legs together. Christina guided my cock into place with her hand, sighing between closed lips as I sank into her wetness. Her beautiful, hard round ass was on my lap. Slowly, she pushed herself onto my dick; her pussy was virgin-tight and warm. But she was no virgin. As she rode me to the hilt, Christina's cunt muscles worked on the shaft of my prick, squeezing as a hand would, rippling over it and sending tingles up my spine. When I was finally buried completely in that sweet pussy, Christina reached and picked up the headphones. She slid them on, pressed play on the board, and began to grind.

She went right into it, lifting herself on the balls of her feet and dropping onto my dick again and again. I could hear the music through the headphones. The chair creaked and I grabbed Christina's ass with one hand. My other went up her shirt to cup her tit and pinch the hardened nipple. I was pinned to the chair with that amazing, muscular ass grinding in my lap, Christy's pussy engulfing me, sliding along my prick. Little moans escaped her, rising in pitch. I gripped her ass now, thrusting into her as best I could. She leaned back, her cheek against mine, shoes knocking against the floor. Her hand was between her legs, playing with her clit and squeezing my balls.

I held Christina Aguilera as she impaled herself on my long cock, near screaming now, shaking. She bit her lips, arched her back, dug her nails into my thigh. We were the only two people in the world. Everything was her soft flesh, her exotic smell, her pussy clenching. I was grinding into her. I moaned against her neck and fucked her up out of the chair, feeling the rush as my balls contracted.

I seized up and shot into her. Christy did cry out now, as my seed filled her, as her heat rushed out over my dick and balls. My orgasm was explosive. Everything in me erupted into Christina. I shook and held her tightly by the waist. My whole load was spent and I was seeing stars as I began to relax. When it was over, I leaned over to kiss her.

But she wouldn't. She rose off me slowly, allowing me a good look at her ass. Impulsively, I gave that ass a slap and she giggled. The she turned and picked up her pants, wrapping her hand around my quivering cock one last time; then she put her fingers in her mouth.

"Thanks," she said, pulling her pants on.

"No problem." I said. It instantly sounded stupid.

"See you next week."

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