tagErotic CouplingsChristina: Shave In The Sun

Christina: Shave In The Sun

byChristina Samuels©

It was shortly after noon on a Saturday in early June when our contractor finally finished work on the long-awaited, (very private) deck off our master bedroom. The weather was unseasonably warm, and I was more than looking forward to starting work on my no-tan-lines tan. Little did I know that Aaron had other plans...

* * * * * * * * *

Aaron and I stood in the driveway and watched as Norm and his two assistants loaded the last of their tools into the pickup, and piled in.

"I'll have my daughter send you the bill first of the week." Norm said.

"Sounds good to me." Aaron said.

The motor started, and Norm pulled away from the curb.

"If anybody wants me," I said, "I'll be enjoying my new deck!"

"Not so fast." Aaron said, "While you were out running errands, Lori delivered an express-mail envelope for you. I think you better open it first."

The wicked smile on Aaron's face told me that the contents of that mysterious envelope were probably going to postpone the start of my tanning season.

"Okay. Where did she leave it?" I said with a wink.

"It's on the kitchen island."

I followed Aaron into the house. When we reached the kitchen, he picked up the envelope and handed it to me. "I didn't realize all the fringe benefits of having a friend working for the U.S. mail: no postage."

"Imagine that. Open it."

I pulled the tab and opened the envelope. Peered inside. I turned the envelope on edge and dumped out the white poker chip. That same wicked smile. My thoughts darted back to that cold, snowy Saturday night last January. Out of boredom, I had accepted my darling's challenge to a game of ultimate strip poker. I had forgotten how good Aaron was. How bad I was. I'm still not sure what possessed me to agree to be his genie and grant him three wishes in exchange for one last chance at victory. I'd lost. Or had I won? So far I had only granted one wish: an evening with a $2,000.00 an hour call-girl (me). I fell into role.

"What is your wish of this humble genie?" I said with a giggle.

"To shave your pussy." Aaron said, "There's a sheet with instructions. Take it out. Read."

I pulled out the neatly typed page, and began to read: "Genie, your tasks of preparation are simple. First, go to the kitchen and retrieve the silver tray. From there, go to the bedroom, open the bottom drawer of your dresser, take out the satin bag containing the ropes-of-bondage and place the bag on the tray. From there, go into the bathroom and get a towel, washcloth, shave cream, my razor, a new blade, and scissors. Place these items on the tray as well, and take it out to the deck. Return to the bathroom, fill the basin with hot water, take it onto the deck, remove all of your clothing, and sit upon the pillow set in the corner."

"Your wish is my command..."

* * * * * * * * *

It only took me about fifteen minutes to gather all the items on the list and get ready for the fun to cum.

"Beautiful genie," Aaron said, "you have done well. Now for the fun part. If you will place yourself upon the chaise, we can get started."

I stood, then lay down on the lounge chair. Aaron tugged opened the drawstring on the velvet bag and took out three lengths of the soft-cotton rope. With the first, he tied my wrists together, then looped the free end around the brace that supported the top of the backrest, and drew my arms upward, above my head.

With that task complete, Aaron picked up my right foot and wrapped one end of the second rope four times around my ankle, finishing with a square knot.

A smile; and a wink.

He set my foot gently on the deck next to the bottom leg of the chaise and tied it there. He repeated the process on my left. I looked up at the bright blue sky dotted with cottony white clouds. The sun felt good against my bare flesh. The warm breeze teased my exposed pussy.

"I'll be back in a moment." Aaron said.

I closed my eyes and settled back. My mind began to wander. The sounds of children laughing snapped me back to reality. Cautiously; almost fearfully, I looked around. The wide boards that closed in my treetop sanctuary rose a little less than four feet above the deck. The space between them was small; about a half inch. If I focused, I could see Jannelle's three kids playing on their swing-set. 'Can they see me?' I wondered.

Her youngest jumped from his swing and pointed in my direction. "Look!" he yelled.

I froze.

"There's a hawk!"

I looked up, and watched the red-tail soar overhead. Jake's twin sisters stopped chasing one another to watch as well. For what seemed an eternity, the hawk made circles in the sky. Eventually, he drifted off. The kids continued to stare in my direction. "I wonder why Aaron and Chris built their deck like that." Jake said, "With those fat boards, they can't see anything!"

A squeal only little girls can make. The twins resumed their game of tag. Jake returned to the swings. I heaved a sigh of relief.

The sliding-glass door opened and Aaron returned, carrying a bottle of sun screen and my favorite vibrator. He pulled the chair next to me and sat down. Without saying a word, my love squirted some of the sun screen onto his palm, then expertly applied it to my face. That done, he dispensed a larger dollop and massaged it into my arms. A trail of lotion snaked down my right thigh. Yet another down my left. Sensually, Aaron worked both in, cumming teasingly close to my pussy: time, and time again. Another dollop onto his palm. He scooped it up with his fingertips. Deliciously, they glided over my calves. Two tiny trails on feet. A gentle touch took care of them. He moved up: drizzled a bull's-eye around my bellybutton. He smiled, then slowly, oh so slowly, massaged it in.

Another smile. He lowered himself to me. His lips circled the nipple of my right breast. His tongue traced the crown of my areola. Lightly, he raked my nipple with his teeth. Hot, little kisses; coupled with long, cooling licks teased my sensitive flesh.

A final kiss square on my nipple.

The process repeated on my left.

The sun. The attention. The anticipation of things to cum had me more than hot. I didn't need to look: I could feel my pussy lips begin to swell. Had my darling so much as slipped a single finger inside me, I would most certainly have cum.

Two more trails of lotion. That feathery touch, working it in to my well-tended breasts. I moaned my approval.

Aaron used the towel to wipe the remaining lotion from his hands. "Are you ready for me to relieve you of those annoying curls?" he asked.

"Umm hmm."

He picked up the scissors, then using the fingers of his left hand, deftly pinched-together a small tuft of my maiden curls and pulled it taught. As slowly as humanly possible, he brought together the blades of the scissors. One by one, I could feel my curly, auburn locks fall away. When the last had succumbed, he laid the clump of fallen soldiers on the silver tray and selected another.

The sound of Jannelle's voice telling her little ones that it was time to go to the store gave me an unexpected rush of excitement.

Another tuft fell away. Then another. Then another. The cold steel rested against my full outer lips. With great precision, the last of my maiden curls were shorn. Aaron smiled. His eyes sparkled with lust. He laid aside the scissors, picked up the vibrator and switched it on. He brought the quivering tip closer and closer to my right nipple. With a featherlike touch, he traced the inner space of my areola, occasionally brushing my now, super-sensitive nipple. The feeling was exquisite. Each pass made my nipple grow harder. Thicker. Longer. To my pleasant surprise, that lusciousness that is orgasm began to wash over me. I could feel a fine trickle of cum seep from my pussy. The look on my face told Aaron of his success. He reached down and coated his fingers with my com. His gentle touch coated the space between my nose and upper lip with the sticky sweetness. My head filled with my own scent. Probing fingers slid deep inside me and collected more of my nectar. I watched as my love hungrily licked them clean.

My right nipple ached from all the attention. My left was next. With the same featherlike touch, he began to trace the inner space of my areola. As before, the pleasure-some vibrator would occasionally brush against my desperate nipple. I struggled against my bounds. The feeling was even more exquisite than before. I could scarcely stand the deja-vu. The ropes held me. With each pass, my nipple grow harder. Thicker. Longer. A quick finger-fuck pushed me over the edge. My love brought his cum-covered fingers to my lips. I eagerly licked them clean.

"Time to finish the task at hand."

Aaron switched off the vibrator and placed it on the tray. He picked up the washcloth, soaked it in the basin, then wrung it out. He laid the cloth across my stubbly pubes and gently patted it in place. The moist, warm heat felt good against my skin. I watched as he shook the can of shave cream. As he removed the cloth and applied the greenish gel, then massaged it in. The lather built, covering all the necessary spots. He picked up te razor and began to shave me. The first stroke started at my hip bone and drew across the upper reaches of my pubes. He rinsed the razor, moved further down and drew across again.

"Genie? Do you know what I'm going to do to you once I've finished shaving you?"

"Make mad, passionate love to me?"

"Fuck your ass."

I held still while Aaron brought the blade along my inner thigh, stopping perilously close to my pussy lips. His strokes were short and precise. In no time at all, he was lathering me for the final pass, with a fresh blade.

"Have I told you lately that you have a beautiful pussy?" my lover asked.

"Always." I replied.

Skillfully, Aaron reversed his angle-of-attack, to begin removing the last remnants of my once-proud bush. His strokes were long, and fluid. After each, he rinsed th blade, then studied my waning womanhood, plotting his next move. Our attention was focused on my pussy. His: on the stubble remaining. Mine: on the nakedness revealed. It had been ages since I had last taken razor to myself. Even longer since the last time Aaron had taken charge.

My love, picked up the washcloth and wiped away the remaining traces of shave cream. I raised my head and stared at my very naked, prepubescent-looking pussy.

"Now for your ass."

My sweet quickly released my ankles and wrists, then adjusted the chaise so that it lay flat. "Get on your knees, Genie."

I turned, and knelt, my weight resting on my hands. Aaron took a tube of K-Y jelly from his pocket, removed the cap, placed the opening against my backdoor and filled me with a generous amount. His talented fingers worked their magic on my tight little hole. I began to relax. He began to stretch me. First one finger. Then two. Then three. Gently, he finger-fucked my ass.

"You have been such a good genie," he said, "you are more than worth your weight in gold."

He withdrew his touch from my primed ass and stripped off his shirt, shorts and boxers. I moaned my delight as he slipped the vibrator deep into my pussy and switched it on.

The head of his cock pressed against by asshole. He entered me easily. His left hand stroked and caressed my breasts. He withdrew all but his full length, then gradually fed me all he had. The feel of his thick, coarse pubic hair against my butt cheeks was excellent. He slid his hands back to my hips, then took me for a slow ride. His thrusts were deep, but not too deep. My darling knew just what I liked, how I liked it, and instinctively, how to give me what I needed.

Each stroke was a bit faster than the last. With the vibrator humming away in pussy, and Aaron's fabulous cock filling my ass, yet another wave of orgasm wracked my being. He quickened his pace. My butt relaxed even more. He took me fast and easy. My breasts swayed wildly with each thrust. I wanted to scream my delight, but didn't, remembering where I was; and who might be listening.

My darling picked up his pace even more. Wave after wave of orgasm washed over me. I was in heaven. The sensations welling within were overpowering. I was cumming harder than I had in ages. Then, without warning, my sweet pulled his glorious cock from me. His thick cum sprayed over my back. I raised up on my knees. Aaron's semi-hard cock nestled in my butt crack. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight. He kissed my neck. Again. Again. Again. And again. Aaron stood and nodded toward the bedroom. I followed. He laid me back on the bed and treated me to the best oral loving I had experienced in ages.

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