tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChristina, Slave In Training Ch. 3

Christina, Slave In Training Ch. 3


When we left Christine in Chapter 2, her husband Stanley had snatched her away from the Bakersfield honky-tonk and the cruel sheriff Cain. As they escaped, however, he made it plain that her experience as a slave slut in training was not over. Now, however, her husband would be her master. Christine had no choice but to submit since only he possessed the incriminating evidence that would prevent the Sheriff from kidnapping her back to Bakersfield. Stanley and Christine slept away the morning, and on into the afternoon, recovering from their ordeal at Bakersfield. As we pick up our story it is early evening and Christine is kneeling before her nude husband. She too is naked but for a wide black slave collar. She holds her hands behind her back as if tied, and her chin is dropped to her chest with her eyes on her master's feet as befits a female slave. Stanley is speaking to his servile wife:



"From now on my dear Christine, you will have rules to follow. When at home, unless we have guests, you will be nude and wearing this collar. On more public occasions, you will wear a skirt and tight blouse, jersey or T-shirt, or you may wear sun dresses, or simple shifts that leave your shoulders and arms bare. In any case, the hem of your dress or skirt will never be longer that two and a half inches above the top of your knee, and you will never wear either panties or bra. Panty hose are likewise forbidden. With hose you will wear a garter belt."

Stanley was enjoying his pretty wife's show of submission. Despair was written across her face as she pictured herself dressed as a common street walker soliciting trade. Even as harsh and humiliating as his orders were, however, her new Master knew that being exposed as a slut excited her. He too found the the idea of publicly shaming his wife to be stimulating. His already substantial cock grew hard as he enjoyed her discomfort. She would obey him, of that he had no doubt. More than anything else, his sweet wife and her hungry pussy lusted for the firm hand and hard cock of a commanding male.

How could he have not seen that until now? He thought himself the fool for missing her weakness for so long, but now things would be different. He had no prior experience as a dominant male, but he was quite sure he could fill sexual void in the life of his submissive wife..., and enjoy himself immensely in the process. Already he had learned to give his voice a hard tone as he laid down the law to the the lovely slave girl who groveled at his feet.

"Each morning you will suck me off while I have my coffee. Every day upon returning home from work you will strip and kneel at my feet as you are now to await my orders. When we are alone, you will keep a plastic cock in your pussy unless I order otherwise. You will use the dildo to keep your pussy wet and ready to service my cock on a moments notice. You will keep your pussy shaved, and if my tongue finds stubble there you will be spanked.

He reached down and gripping her hair he yanked her head back forcing her eyes to look into his own. "Above all, you will remember that it is my pleasure and not your own that is important. You may not cum without my permission. Except to stay wet, may not masturbate without my direction. You will not ask to be pleasured except when I direct you to beg for my cock."

"Do you understand these rules Christine?" he asked. "Break them and depending on the seriousness of your offense you will be either spanked or hung by your arms from the ceiling and whipped."

"Yes Stanley..., er ah, Master..., Sir," came Christine's stammering reply. Yes Sir, I understand, and I will obey, but what about when I am at work? I can't dress that way there. I will look like a slut...."

Stanley interrupted angrily, "But you are a slut, Christine, that is just the point, and anyway, you will look anyway I tell you."

"But my boss..." Christine began trying to protest.

"Read my lips bitch," her husband again interrupted. He was snarling and angry as he told her, "I especially want your boss to have a good look at you. You will show him your tits and pussy at every opportunity. Unbutton to top of your blouse, let your skirt ride up on your thighs and spread for him. You've always had the hots for him. Let's see if his prick gets hard when you throw your pussy in his face and let him smell it."

It was true, she did have the hots for her boss. Always had. Rick Green was a very handsome man between 35 and 40 years old with a nice build. Rick had sexy thoughts about her too, of that she was certain. He often 'trolled the bait' in front of her, talking sex, and bragging to her about his skill in the bedroom. Teasing her, he would describe in detail the many ways he fucked his wife Genieve (who he always called Gen for short).

Christine had good reason to suspect his claims of sexual poweress may well have been true. At the least, she could confirm that David really did have the nice long cock he boasted of because as the tales of making love to his wife became more lurid and personal, the bulge at Rick's crotch would grow to an impressive size. Nor was he the only one aroused by his sensual description of the tall and attractive Gen hung up on her husband's big cock. As her boss clearly intended, Christine's pussy would become moist as she imagined Gen on her back with her long sexy legs wrapped around Rick's waist. The picture in Christine's mind was always very clear. She could even see the muscles in Gen's legs go taut as she strained to pull his cock ever deeper into her cunt.

Christine had never told Stanley of how she had secretly lusted after Rick. Now she wondered, however. Was her husband telling her that he wanted Rick to fuck her. She was willing to do that certainly. She might even be willing to go farther. Christine had been having fantasies lately about having a lesbian encounter with another woman, and that woman had almost always been Gen.

A lesbian experience was not altogether fantasy to Christine. For their first summer vacation together, Christine and Stanley had taken a Caribbean cruise. On the ship they had become friends with a couple a few years older then themselves, Julia and her husband Jim. Julia was a striking Eurasian girl who had inherited the pronounced oriental features of her Chinese father. One evening after too many drinks at the bar the two wives had slipped away by themselves to an isolated spot on the sun deck where Julia had seduced Christine and introduced her to girl to girl sex.

Christine had vivid and fond memories of Julia's tongue in her cunt, and how sweet another woman's pussy juice had tasted in her own mouth. The delicious orgasms they shared that night were much too dear to give up, and the two women continued their lesbian affair at every opportunity throughout the remaining week of the cruise.

Christine's mouth watered and her pussy became equally wet at the possibility that she might wind up in bed nor only with her boss, but perhaps with his lovely wife as well. Outrageous as it seemed, she could picture herself frolicking nude on the floor with both Rick and his wife. Before her Gen lay on her back, her legs spread, her cunt swollen and open, begging Christine to eat her. Christine thought she could actually taste Gen's sex juice as she frantasized about sucking that lovely shaved slit, even as from behind Rick slid his big cock into her own pussy.

This fantasy vision was as clear as any scene from the TV. Gen was cumming in her mouth even as Rick was filling her womb with his cum. It was a picture so erotic that Christine's concentration wandered. She was hardly listening anymore to the voice of her husband droning on and on in the real world. It is not easy to remain a demure slave girl attentive to her master with such thoughts running thru her imagination.

A return to reality came quickly, however, as the phone rang. The call was from Julia, Christine's cruise ship friend and lover. Julia said that she was divorcing Jim and he had threatened to kill her. She needed a safe place to hide while her lawyer fought her divorce case.

Stanley was listening on the extention while Julia talked, and Christine thought she saw a peculiar expression on his face. Never the less he was quick to invite Julia to come live with them for as long as she might need sanctuary. Julia said she would arrive the next afternoon by car. Stanley promised he would be home from 3 o'clock on to help her move in.

Christine was overjoyed to have Julia stay with them. She remembered how good the woman's tongue had felt licking her clit, and it was all she could do not to orgasm right there on the telephone. Still, things were different now that Stanley had made her his cunt slave. Christine knew that she would not be able to resist making lesbian love with Julia, and she wasn't at all sure how that would work itself out with her new Master.

Neither Christine nor her husband were ready for bed after already sleeping much of the day away. Moreover, the news of Julia coming for a visit on top of the possibility of having sex with her boss Rick, and maybe even his wife Gen, had spun Christine into a sexual high..., a high that her husband recognized and continually stroked as they watched TV. Stanley sat nude on the floor with a pillow under his butt. His legs were spread across the rug, and his back was supported by the front of his easy chair. Christine sat between his legs on the pillow's edge with her back leaning on her husband. His arms were around her and his hands played idly with her breasts, nipples, pussy slit and clit.

They remained this way all the way thru a pair of sit-coms, an episode of NYPD Blue, then Jay Leno, and finally the beginning of the late movie. Those squeezing and titillating palms and fingers kept at Christine, toying with her, teasing her. They, and the feel of his bare cock pressing between her shoulder blades, were driving her crazy. Certainly he was aware of what he was doing to his wife. If nothing else, his finger was constantly examining the wet of her pussy. Christine was certain that he was arousing her on purpose, testing her, seeing if he could make her break the rules by asking to be fucked.

Finally she could stand it no longer. "Stanley..., Master..., Sir, please don't tease me any more. Take me to bed and fuck me"

"In which of your holes should I fuck you my pretty little slut bitch?"

"Oh Master, Please! I don't care where you take me. In my pussy! In my ass! Fuck my mouth! Anywhere! I need your cock so!"

"You know you have broken the rules my sweet, and that now I must punish you."

"Yes, and I don't care Master. Punish me if you must, but I need your cock. I will die I think without it inside me. To be beaten like a disobedient concubine will only make me hotter and want your cock that much more.

"Very well then, off to bed with you." Stanley was sweating with anticipation as he gave his instructions. "Have a dozen of my old ties beside you ready for me, then spread eagle yourself face down on the bed with two pillows under your belly. I will be along presently."

When he arrived, that was the way he found her, sprawled submissively across their bed, arms and legs wide spread and two pillows elevating her exposed ass. With the old neckties she left for him he carefully tied off each wrist and each ankle to a corner of the bed. The last one went across her eyes leaving her as blind as she was helpless.

"Are you ready for your punishment my sweet bitch?" he asked.

"Yes Sir, I've been bad, and I should be beaten..., but please Master, I beg of you, do not hurt me too much."

It was with the ping pong paddle that he brought with him into the bedroom that he spanked the fleshy cheeks of her ass. He made her count each of the dozen swats, and demanded that she thank him thru her sobbing for each burning strike. She screamed in pain at each one, but she never forgot to count, or to thank her Master for the correction of her evil ways.

With Christine's atonement, she returned to a state of grace with her master. Paddling her had made him fully erect and iron hard. He was ready to pleasure this submissive girl who had so willingly offered him her ass to abuse. Stanley laid down on top of his bound female plaything with his chest resting heavily on her back between her shoulder blades. With every movement his hard cock rubbed along the slit of her elevated and exposed pussy. His arms reached around and under his wife to grasp a breast in each hand. He opened his fingers to allow her hard and erect nipples to slip into the gaps where he could pinch them between his knuckles. It was minor pain, but one that was so magnified by her submission that it ran thru her sensitized breasts like the thrust of a rapier.

"Now, you may ask for it slut! Beg me to fuck you!

"Oh yes good Master! Fuck me now. Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me or I'll surely die."

"Do I own you Christine. Are you now more than my wife? Are you now my property to do with as I choose? Do you accept me as your Master as well as your husband?"

"Oh yes, yes and yes! I do! You are my Master. I am your slave. Do with me as you wish, but please..., please dear Master fuck my pussy now."

Stanley reached into the junction of her crotch with his, where his bone of flesh had been rubbing against her hungry pussy. Expertly her hand aimed him at her swollen slit, and with a small gasp she wedged the big round prick head into her portal. That wee gasp became a cry for mercy as with a hunch of his hips he drove his long hard member home, filling her eager sopping cunt to the very brim.

"With your pussy, Christine. Squeeze me! Bring be off with your cunt sweet bitch. Think about it. Will it to be so. With your mind, command the muscles of your cunt to work my prick. You can do it Christine. You have deep inside you the cock you begged for. Now use it."

How she tried, struggling under the intense pressure to pleasure her master. Her effort was not without distractions, however, Even as she willed the walls of her vagina to squeeze him, her husband's hands and fingers continued to maul her breasts and pinch her nipples, and her own orgasms washed away her concentration.

She had never been so intiment with a man. She could even feel the heartbeat that ran thru the long hard penis inside her. The pounding of that rapid pulse was the final straw that sent her into an animal heat beyond any previous experience. Beside herself with sexual tension, feeling herself taken as never before, she clinched the muscles of her abdomen in a desperate attempt to reward her master..., her lover. Tears rolled down her cheeks from the effort. Never had she wanted anything as much as this, but it was no use. He did not cum.

As bitter as Christine's disappointment was to her, her failure to bring him off was really of little consequence to her Master. She would learn in time and he was pleased with her effort. That he had not ejaculated only gave him the excuse to tease and abuse her further, and he began to do so with a sudden retreat of his hips without warning. As the head of that iron rod slid out from between the clinging lips of her cunt, Christine protested first with a scream and then with a babble.

Oh No! Put is back! For the love of God, put it back. Please Master put it back in my pussy. Fuck my pussy or I'll die."

The she felt the probing of the finger at her anus, opening her for...., God, he meant to take her ass. The finger left to be replaced by the pressure of a cock head seeking entrance at that puckered hole. "No, Master! Please not my ass. It will hurt Master. Fuck my pussy please. Please...."

"No Christine, you did not bring me off with your cunt. If I must do the work, I choose your ass. Beg me to fuck your ass Christine."

The poor girl could handle no more. If her master wanted to take her ass then that is what he must have. "Oh yes, Master! Fuck my ass now. I am a selfish bitch. I failed to make you cum. I have no right to have my pussy fucked. Fuck my ass! Please Sir, Fuck my ass."

A hard shove and three inches of hard penis penetrated the sphincter muscle of her rectum. The rest was a matter of unrelenting pressure as her master's hard member gradually filled her bowel. As her tissues stretched and loosened, he began to pump his hips, jacking his cock inside her anus.

"May I cum Master? Oh please let me cum Master." came Christine's pitiful plea.

Even as she pleaded for release, One of Stanley's hands left a tit and reached for her empty pussy. One finger hooked inside her as the thumb stroked the emerging clit. He held her like that for long minutes, ignoring her pleas. Finally, after taking her to the brink, he relented. "Yes sweet bitch, you may come now. Cum for your master as he fucks your ass. CUM FOR HIM MY SLUT!"

Master and slave girl reached their climaxes 1-2. He lay on her back, and his shrinking pecker was still inserted into her ass. Locked in their lover's embrace one hand was squeezing a breast, the other playing in her pussy, even as they both dozed off. When Stanley finally stirred it was to release his wife/slave from her ties and roll her over onto her side. He snuggled up to her from behind in order that he might hug her to his body and hold her breasts in his hands as they slept.



Morning came, and Stanley was awakened by Christine's lips around his cock. "You have done well my sweet slut," he told her. "After I have had my coffee and morning blow job, you may shower and get ready for work. When you are dressed, come see me for my approval."

Stanley found both his wife's mouth around his dick, and his cup of coffee, to be delicious. He fixed his own toast as his wife showered and dressed in the required short skirt and tight blouse. When she presented herself for his inspection, he ran his hands under the skirt hem to verify that she was pantyless.

"Now don't forget." he reminded her, "when you go into Rick's office, undo a couple of buttons to give him a good look at your tits. After that, find a way to let him know you aren't wearing panties."

Christine was so embarrassed by her husbands orders that she slipped into her office by the back door hoping to avoid her fellow workers as much as possible. It didn't work. She met 4 or 5 other secretaries coming out of the coffee room. Nobody said anything, not even a 'good morning' but the stares were telling. They all knew a slut on the make when they saw one.

She was not at her desk more than 30 minutes before Rick passed by her into his office. Sitting behind her desk he could not see the full effect of her slutty costume, but he apparently saw enough. He had was in his office for not more than 5 minutes before she heard him call for her.

"Yes sir Mr. Green, is there something you wanted," Christine asked demurely.

"There certainly is Christine," Rick replied, "but first close the door and lock it." Her hands shaking nervously in her uncertainty, the she complied as a secretary should. "Now then," her boss continued, "Does your husband know you are at work dressed like a cheap whore with your tits hanging half way out?"

Christine wasn't sure what she was supposed to say to such a blunt question. She decided to fall back on the truth. "Yes Sir, he does. He told me to dress this way. He said for me to throw my pussy in your face and see what you do with it."

"Well then, I wouldn't want to disappoint him. Come over here and stand beside me you little tart. He wants to know what I will do with your pussy does he? Well, let's find out. First off tho, is it wet?"

Oh, yes Sir, my pussy is very wet," Christine admitted as she moved around the desk to stand beside her boss. It was true. To be made to explain her slutty appearance to her sexy boss had set her off and her juices were already flowing freely.

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